Navy seal physical screening test

Navy SEAL Diver Physical Screening Test

Navy SEAL Diver Physical Screening Test4 May. 2011
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Courtesy: United States

Courtesy: United States Navy

Assignment to BUD/S is conditional on passing the Diver/SEAL Physical Screening Test (PST). Prospective trainees are expected to exceed the minimums. The minimum requirements are 500 yd (460 m) swim using breast or Combat sidestroke in under 12:30 with a competitive time of 10:00 or less, at least 42 push-ups in 2 minutes with a competitive count of 79 or more, at least 50 sit-ups in 2 minutes with a competitive count of 79 or more, at least 6 pull-ups from a dead hang (no time limit) with a competitive count of 11 or more, run 1.5 mi (2.4 km) in boots and trousers in under 11:30 with a competitive time of 10:20 or less.

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i read in a forum this guy did the 500 yard swim in 6:06 minutes. Fucking machine....breast stroke ftw?


way too loud


12:45 for 1.5 miles isint to hard but then again it is just the bare minimum u need to even qualify.


awwww gay....short shorts


@NightnGales The ones he's talking about in the video are the bare minimums. You have to be above and beyond.

Andrew Vit

@shootcentermass I dunno, man. I could do the exercises listed in this video every day for a week, no problem. I think anyone in reasonably good shape could keep up, but I'm sure there's more to it than just this! :-)


8 min swim, 100+ pushups, 100+ situps, 20-25 pullups, and below 9 min on the run. that is what you want, not very easy

meski youski

thats average people on my high school swim team were swimming 4:30 to 5:20


He must have been tall which gives an unfair advantage.


im in PSTs right now and the scores on here are bullshit you need to be able to post better scores than this to join like a 9:30 swim at least 65 push-ups, 70 sit-ups, 10 pull-ups, and at least an under 10 min mile and a half. but this isnt a garuntee either so my advice, go till u puke


@werdnativ This is a test you need to pass just to make to BUDs... that's where most people quit

Clarence Davis

Those are nice standards. APFT we were authorized a rest position, at least.

Hunter Stout

@recordbreaker5 this is just to get ready for BUDs training, more than 3/4 of the people who make it to buds will leave or be kicked out because they cant fulfill the tasks needed.

Igor Vitorovic

its not navy seal its navy diver school.

Brian Bing

@NightnGales Do you get to wear goggles during the swim in the PST ?

Andrew Vit

Wow, none of these are really very difficult. I guess it gets more demanding as they train up though.



James Mims

i think its a 25 yd or m

The Outlaw Josey Wales

Lol! This is just the screening test;) Imagine the most stressful underwater training. How fun does drown-proofing sound to you? I have the utmost respect and admiration for any man that get through this training. I am so proud of being an American! God bless these men that are able to finish the extreme training needed to protect your family and my family and our wives and all loved ones.

James Mims

usually sidestroke


8 min swim, 100+ pushups, 100+ situps, 20-25 pullups, and below 9 min on the run. that isn't easy


@werdnativ This is a test you need to pass just to make to BUDs... that's where most people quit


I am trying to fit the other requirements mentioned in the video, but I have one question... do they use an Olympic pool, or a standard 25 yd pool? (I am guessing an Olympic size, but you never know)


a 9:30 swim, 65 push ups, 70 situps, 10 pull ups and a 10 min run are not good scores. You want to be as successful as possible, get at least an 8 min swim, 100+ pushups, 100+ situps, 20-25 pullups, and below 9 min on the run.

Christopher Hernandez


this is just the test, and there are certain scores that need to be hit. Advertising for seals will tell you the scores aren't as hard as they are to encourage people to take interest but when you enlist and go to get a contract, you need incredible scores. 8 min swim, 100+ pushups, 100+ situps, 20-25 pullups, and below 9 min on the run.


sounds like a pretty easy screening compared to other schools out there.


12:45 for 1.5 miles? This is NOT a SEAL PST standards. wtf you have to do 10:30. And that won't guarantee a spot since everyone is competing to get into buds.

Physical Screening Test

Physical Screening Test18 Dec. 2014
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The Navy's special forces

The Navy's special forces Physical Screening Test. This is a test that can be taken prior to, or after, going through boot camp in order to apply for a special forces (SEAL, SWCC, EOD, AIRR, Diver) contract in the Navy.

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Mitchell Henderson



Let's clear up the ignorance here. Every pst around the country is ran differently. Those push-ups, sit-ups, and pull-ups were complete horse shit. The CSS form was equally as bad. No you don't have to wear boots and pants to get a SEAL contract. That's required in boot camp at 800th division not when trying to obtain a contract.

Zack Fraser

The form on all this is so lenient. The Air Force past test is much more strict on things compared to this. It seems like they allow you to do whatever you want on this.

Wyatt Tilley

I did the PST yesterday for my first time. Never swam down and back in a real pool before..
Lets just say im surprised I even finished it.
Our pushups we had to touch our chests. On situps, my elbows had to touch the top of my knees. You think you can do like 10 pullups but after all that stuff, I could do like 5! So embarrassing!
The 1.5 miles run was the easiest I have to say. Then we ran half a mile back as a 'cooldown'.
Hardest thing i've ever done. Will never smoke again. Rofl

Kyle Draper

Im going for SWCC. I can do the swim in 8:40, run 7:45, 77 pushups, 56 sit ups and 17 pull ups. Hoping competition won't be too hard for a contract!

J Melson

Didn't see one single full extended push-up from that whole bunch. I'm sure they learned in basic though!

Aiden Fielstra

Holy shit was this hard to watch. I think one person had proper form


Is this how the pst is really run? Like can anybody testify to whether or not they were this lax?

Hugo Acuna

Uhhh did you really say navy special forces??? Lmao you mean Naval Special Warfare? Sure the naming conventions may not seem like a big deal or not but they're usually a good indicator on whether or not someone knows wtf they're talking about...

J UMjesus305

good jobs navy swcc join

Kale Wilson

thats not seals,the seals run the 1.5 miles in long pants and boots the navy swcc are the ones that run the 1.5 mile in shorts and tennis shoes

Gabriel Huffman

I don't even know how one push-up was conted

Alton akabigpoppa

gay music

Brent Childree

Awsome video. Working on my swim for the pst


1:23 when the instructor has his back to you, 2:10 when he turns back around.


Does anybody know if i can do freestyle technique for AIRR swim qualification ?

Ryan T

Thank god I chose diver, running sucks, my swim time is 6:50 as best

Kimberly Johnson

Why did I only see some of them only do 6 pull-ups wtf I thought min was 10

Andrea Rivera

What if you can't do a pull up? That's gonna be my weakness.

justin gog

those push ups are sooooooo pussy and not right

jonathan edelman

if im correct does swim have to be done in a combat side stroke/breast?


The best part is that you never know which, if any, of these sons of bitches is gonna make it.

matt 23

when these guys get to NAB, they are in for a rude awakening. How can the scout team/motivators be allowing this garbage?


They did their swims wrong it looked like, looked like they were using freestyle. Should have been using Combat Side Stroke

Not Your Typical Vegan

zero fucking pushups done

Ross Anderson

what division of swonec is this?

Kyler Tingley

Only person doing it the correct way that I seen was the guy in the white shirt, everyone else's form was off for pushups and situps

Kona Garage

For the swim test the only thing allowed above water is your head. These guys would have failed the first test.


I’m at 95 Push Up, 88 Sit-ups, 11min Run and 16min on the 500yd Swim FML I can’t swim for shit


Wrong push ups, horrible sit ups, and pull ups had to be to chest to bar. I bet none of those guys has ever trained well before...

Alfonso Flores

So everyone in this video failed pretty much lmao


I saw a total of about 9 real pushups... Who's running this PST?

Zach Lambert

Nothing like swimming to some djent.

Johnathon Carter

I've been working out for the pst for months, I feel so much better after watching this, I'm at 10min 1.5mile, 67 pushups, 78 sit ups, 15 pull ups, all of which I have a much much better form then a lot of these people

Dylan Hiatt

No masks for swim at PST

Koa Sharpe

Took my first pst last week. If I didn't have perfect form on the PUs and SUs I got a fucking ear full from an ex seal. And those pull ups? Holy shit. Take the pst with my spec coordinator and those 20 pull ups you're bragging about are more like 4.

Tex Vid

Not a single push up or sit up were done that day. Form is way more strict when taking PST’s with a mentor

US Navy SEAL Training - Physical Screening Test (PST)

US Navy SEAL Training - Physical Screening Test (PST)3 May. 2016
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A clip of the US Navy

A clip of the US Navy SEALs Physical Screening Test (PST) undertaken by aspirants to get into the Navy SEAL training programme and also by candidates during the Navy SEAL programme.

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