Hardest hitting football players

Jalen Catalon: Hardest Hitting Safety in College Football

Jalen Catalon: Hardest Hitting Safety in College Football19 Dec. 2020
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Don’t sleep on Cat.

Don’t sleep on Cat. He’s only a freshman ?

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Himothy Stanfield

Not harder than Paris Ford

Samuel Meredith

He is a better safety than a condum

yetor K10 benton

Another Steve Atwater from Arkansas in the making. Receivers better keep their head on a swivel.

Polar Bear

He was like the college Sean Taylor

Jimmy The waffle

He a dawg fr

John Jordan

He bout to knock the living crap out of TCU receivers

Joseph Giles

And not a single LEGITIMATE targeting call

Ty McClendon

You thought Jamal adams was glitchy in madden wait till catalon enters the league ?

James Billingsley


Douglas SL

New kam chancellor ?

TC 501

Lets go bowling baby. Were not done yet #ARK

Asazian on Absurdity

Catalon is the epitome of the term 'Got Dat Wood!'


He’s a dude!

Braxton Smith

I’m first

Kendall Bowman

I went to Mansfield Legacy with this guy, team hasn’t been the same since he moved on to college

John Butler

Best in the SEC...The Best in the country. If he doesn't make all SEC Freshman 1st Team and Freshman All American than that sorry as hell

Steven Rogers

Year 1 complete! ? Status achieved! ???

Michael Crabtree

Denver broncos pick this guy up in the draft.


Dude went my neighborhoods HS he’s a local legend here

John Jordan

Where did u get that background music from

cherno jammeh

Unfortunately most of his hits will be penalties in the NFL. Dude can ball though

Brian Hammer

Why des the footage look like its from 95'

Patti Reacts

Going to be a Top 5 Draft pick!

Glen Dlugach

First team Freshman All American! Proud he is a Razorback!!!!!!!


Future 1st rounder right here ?

Ronald Peters

Now if the refs will let him play he will be a darn good safety for the razorbacks.

Kidz Bop 38 is Straight FIRE!!

I'm a Vol fan, but this guy will be absolutely scary in 2 years. Reminds me of a beefier Eric Berry.

Saxson Vaa

0:27 honestly the catch was more impressive bt still a good hit


I remember I went to the Arkansas vs LSU game and at 1:43 they called that targeting what a trash call

Doink Z

This is gonna be recommended to someone a few years from now lol

Razorbacks rule

Should be with the Kansas city chiefs

Razorbacks rule

Can't wait to see him next year

Razorback TD

Amazing player!! Most talented on our defense IMO

Charlie Courvelle

Let's get some j marsh highlights hate to see the big guy go

Chuck Alvarez

Dude is a straight baller. Glad we have him.


such a beast. Only a FRESHMAN... crazy man.. crazy.

TC 501

Best safety in country

Savioun Johnson

He should be over here with the national champs???ROLL TIDEEEE

Ramel Garcia

Future cowboy? watch list. They need db's and yunno jerry jones wouldn't mind grabbing one from his alba mater.

Mark Drouin

Future nfl star. Wish we had 10 more like him.


prob the best player on that team

Blood Diamond Entertainment Ricky V

This young man is a SAVAGE!!!!!???

Chase Young - Scariest Player in College Football ᴴᴰ

Chase Young - Scariest Player in College Football ᴴᴰ12 Dec. 2019
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Chase Young Highlights

Chase Young Highlights (2019-2020)

chase young highlights hits ohio state defensive player of the year college football pump up jk dobbins austin fields jeff okudah playoff clemson lsu oklahoma

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Ryan Heath

Hail to the Redskins.

George Stack

Chase by name. Chased by Chase.

Julian Crouse

"Chase young?" He sure dont look young ?

Gavin _ Langelier29

This edit was sick

Richie Morton

I’m convinced that that team was one of the best college football teams ever

Francesco Ruggiero

Holy damn, with the helmet he looks like The Predator

Jason Rivas

Aaron Donald/Dedrick Henrry

NewJumpCity Josh

Sigh... my cowboys gotta see this dude at least twice a year AND Travis just retired. Yikes.

diseal the goat

Go bukeys baby


Great vid but trash song smh


Chase should have won the Heisman. I know Burrow was a great QB but Chase was the best football player in america.

Just Max

Man this kid was a beast at The Ohio State University, I watched every single game he played. Some of the hits gave me the chills


Drafted #2 overall tonight


Trash music

silk the shocker silk

1 problem with him when he hits the QBs he looks like he pushing them down mostly with chest with OPEN arms....cant do that with NFL QBs

Yo Kolbee

Will he be better than nick bosa


Chase Young is only a part of the dominant defense, the linebackers and safeties are lethal as well

Jacob Spivey

He is over rated he really not that good

Cameron Potts


Josh Holzinger

His speed of the edge is unbelievable

Eli Dent

Ima be better then chase young just listen for Eli I will be at Alabama crushing Ohio state

Pierre Bennett



Was an absolute pleasure watching you ball out young man! Hope and forsee nothing but great things for you Mr Young! GO BUCKS!!

Henry Blickenstaff

Easily the best defensive player I’ve ever watched in college. This team was ridiculously good, imagine Jeff Okudah only being your second best defender.

Bizzerk TTV

Do a sick edit of jadaveon Clowney

Hunter Davis

Would you rather have Young, Joey Bosa, or Nick Bosa??

Illuminate Music

You should do one of these but on Ryan Kerrigan

Joey Bonfante

Remember when nick bosa and him were both on the same line together? Scary

Official JohnWick

Welcome to the skins young


They brought back the shell shock song??

Donovan Cavender

Hate Ohio st but he good

Mac Ritter

"Like Barry Bonds in 2001" So.... he's a cheater? haha


7:35, this moment is so badass

wesley wichers

I mean, his name is terrifying if you take it literally lol

Taylor Behnke

Sick video I'm a little late to the seen, but just subbed. Good stuff

Demetrius Banks

I'm so glad we (Washington) drafted This Beast. ROY 2020

Samuel Munoz

Ohio st. Best player wears #2 on offense and defense

Fire and Alt Roblox

Tell his ass to meet me in Washington 1️⃣V1️⃣. ?

Rhee Akilang

4:58 bro yall saw that?


if I was a QB, this nigga would be my worst nightmare???

Keino Smith

Lol...the NFL....doing him ..bad..

Brandon Bailey

Kinda gives me clay matthew vibes just at d end

Steve Thomas

go buckyes

Harvey Adair

this is nothing on rugby they’re just grabbing there is no hard shots whatsoever


As a Skins fan i'm excited to see him rush the passer this coming season. I like his matchup vs Runyan Jr, whose dad played for the skins. He beat him and got there a split second late but the coverage was very lax. How many sacks did Chase lose out on cause the coverage was ass. Sometimes he even gets there right as the qb finishes his drop and is winding up. He can bend to 7 yards flat to get the qb he's unreal and he gonna do it in the NFL can't wait.

yurd kidd

Yall dont understand how hype i am for this man to come to washington ?


Who’s here after Chase being drafted to the Redskins?


This guy ain’t human. He could play in the SEC
If you disagree then you’re just crazy


whats the intro called?

Tyvon Toles


Jason Dembik

They should put him on offense im sure he could make some big boy plays

BH Ravage

Predator ?


He look like my created player on madden?

Micheal Jones

Clemson fumbled

Jeremiah skatesalot

Washington Redskins got a 3 down defensive end ?

Sky Herz

What's up with the stickers?

Kay Kay

Imma admit I don’t watch football ? when I heard this dudes name I thought of the villain from Xaolin showdown

No Fame Here

He so consistent, future Hall of Famer!

Don Amero

As a Washington Redskin fan, it's been 30 years since the last time I was this excited!

Eli Dent

Guys it’s crazy how people think chase young is so good my man is trash

Gregory Williams

Who's idea for that corny music.it messed up the ability to enjoy the video.
Fact:stoped watching halfway through

Ahmed Huruse

Omg thank you redskins for not fucking this up. Can’t wait man.


don’t hate me here, but i think ohio state was good enough to win the championship against lsu last year

Football LegendHD

Imagine being a elite QB and seeing this dude coming off the edge

Joel Barrientos

Song name pls?


I hate seeing really talented players go to trash organizations

Dumb -_-

Chase when he’s young: ??
Idk I don’t watch football.


Chase Young eats offensive linemen for snacks.

michael johnson

0:41 this song ?????

Allen Milton

I can tell you how someone gains 20 pounds and stays mostly muscle over a summer

Alpha Bro

Chase a SACK Young

Jalon Luque

Dudes raw af but plays to high, if dude gets low your for sure gon have a problem

Robert Bouchardt



Trevor ducked

xd Mxko

I like the edits but these songs are wack asf

Heavy Papa

I still think he should’ve gone Number 1

Feed Zeke21

You can take the number 2 off his jersey and line him up any side and going to know every time where he lines up on the defensive line because he’s always the first one off the line. His anticipation and first step off the line is amazing.

James Plays

I know his dad this is not click bate so please don’t start hating

Will Kershaw

i'm from the UK and have recently got into watching football, can someone explain why the guys in front of him are letting him get past so easy? are they not aloud to hold him off or push him back?

Darien Farmer

Hey what is the first song? Or did u make it?

peyton games262

Wonder when they're going to drafted him probably going to be on the Titans Ravens Rams Cardinals Saints Cowboys or Seahawks

Juan Garcia

Chase Young is a beast but some of those offensive linemen were just.....


The play where he holds Taylor back with one hand is absolutely ridiculous

Juro Klappstuhl

If this wouldnt be college, but nfl, and not chase young, but clay matthews, you would see a compilation of roughing the passer.

Shift Ryder

Ohio state will always remember him #chaseyounggreat

Duane Marshall

Chase (Red Wolf)Young.

unknown soilder

is it me or they have a very easy schedule?


This guy is a freak! Can't wait to see him in the NFL!

Khitan Wang

what the song begin 00:42?


I LOVE this guy!! I only follow Washington because of him.


HTTR ????

Honduran Nene

O - H!!!!

PJ White

Welcome to DC, young Man. #HTTR!!!



Carter Penchion

He’s the human version of predator

Eli Dent

Chase young will never be a legend people overrate hit like he’s trash he ain’t nothing but a coward

vyber Vybin'

Washington waisting his talent

Casson Nelson (Student)


Jake Saylor

Chase Young is the next Nick Bosa.

Josh Christian

You could line him up at a dozen positions on either side of the ball and he would probably be the best at his position.

The Hardest Blindside Hits On Defenseless NFL Players

The Hardest Blindside Hits On Defenseless NFL Players10 Sep. 2020
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Comments (3)
mc vinni

amazing tackles


quality is horrible

eastwood brown

One or two of those were possibly targeting.