Marine corps boot camp workout

New Marine Corps Boot Camp - Recruits Training - United States Marines

New Marine Corps Boot Camp - Recruits Training - United States Marines5 Jul. 2020
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New Marine Corps Boot Camp

New Marine Corps Boot Camp - Recruits Training - United States Marines

United States Marine Corps Recruit Training, commonly known as "boot camp", is a 13-week program of initial training that each recruit must successfully complete in order to serve in the United States Marine Corps.

All enlisted individuals entering the Marine Corps, regardless of eventual active or reserve duty status, will undergo recruit training at one of the two Marine Corps Recruit Depots (MCRD): Parris Island, South Carolina, or San Diego, California. Male recruits from the 8th, 9th and 12th recruiting districts (areas west of the Mississippi River except Louisiana, and including parts of Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan) are sent to MCRD San Diego. All recruits from the 1st, 4th and 6th recruiting districts and all female recruits are sent to Parris Island. Those desiring to become officers attend training at Officer Candidates School at Marine Corps Base Quantico, VA.

Footage from Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island. Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island (often abbreviated as MCRD PI) is an 8,095 acres (32.76 km2) military installation located within Port Royal, South Carolina, approximately 5 miles (8.0 km) south of Beaufort, the community that is typically associated with the installation. MCRD Parris Island is used for the training of enlisted Marines. Male recruits living east of the Mississippi River and female recruits from all over the United States report here to receive their initial training. Male recruits living west of the Mississippi River receive their training at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego, California, but may train at Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island by special request.

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Comments (61)

Me:joines the marines 10 hours later; How do i leave?


My 3 year old would have a field day at their little training parcour!

Blackout games

I cant wait to join the marines when i can hopefully i can get into infantry

leggomyeggo 0

When they were fighting at 46:24 the DI said, "HES GOT YOUR LITLLE DEBBIE CAKE" LMAO

Hello There

The beginning:It was at this exact moment they knew.They f#cked up.

Tamika Mcfarlane-L

I must be late but now I fully understand why all the forces be shouting. Great training. You all are Amazing, thanks you all #onelove #Givethanks


23:31 What the fuck was with the change in tones with this guy ????

Thinh Thach

im ten right now my mom says i should join the marines like my dad and grandpa and my other family memebers its like a family thing she said that i should go for 20 years when im old anought but now im thinking should i really waste 20 years of my life?

Marvin is not my name

I wanna join the Army but I’m afraid that my ADHD will get in the way

Kendra C

I’ve never seen sit ups done like this ?

cierra brock

That recruit touched his face at 11:07 but at least he got away with it lmao

Biscocha BellZ

Can't understand with all that horsed voice yelling ...

Zxc Asd


Troy D.

I wish, I wanted be Marine.

Branden Drummond

33:42 there’s a burp


The best part of the Marine Corps is boot camp. I wish I can go USMC boot camp then SOI and then go to RASP without going to USMC fleet

Scott Pollock

At 10:00 why does he say stop touching your face, is that like a rule in the Marine Corps and if so why is that?

Vin Vin

Boot camp is ez ITB is harder ?


So did they have to do chin ups or pull ups? Because I saw them doing both


I wanted to join when I was 25 years old, and I was asked by the recruiter why did I wanted to join at such an "old age?" I was like, well, since you put that way; I lived a little... Any further questions? At the end of my interview I wasn't allowed to join due to a tattoo I had in my forearm, apparently it would show, and that's not allowed. I have nothing but respect for Marines, and all other military branches.


Someone should’ve come out of that gas chamber looking at the other recruits going in and scream “Not the bees! not the bees! Aggghhhhhhhhhh!” ?


you see, I really want to join the marines. I’m just scared I won’t understand anything they say and get in trouble for it- ?✋?

Kim_Chi 119

Thank you

Yevonne isom

My dad is a army and he shoot. To bab guys in the head


that one di was so chill like I forgot he even was one?

Joseph Roybal

The DI's have government issued vocal chords

Luke Thao

Recruit: AUGHHHH!!!
Recruit: AIITE SIR!!!

Kaleb Steiger

I want to join the marines but I’m scared I might get the urge to laugh

Tom Brown

I'm too fucken old to be a recruit.

Abraham Maldonado

person: joins the marine corps
voice: ight ima head out

Alex Love !

I'm curious, What exactly are the recruits going through at the start of 22:43 ?

Unknown music

I dont get what reasons do people have to go to a place where you literally are going to have to lose your dignity, shower with bunch of people, do exercices when u dont want, respect people u dont like, have very few time for yourself, and literally be controlled like a robot and get paid 450$ a week ?, I’d never

OOG Darryl

OOG kc. By the way the drill instructors they could hit you also like I said I was an Air Force.

Enrique Correa

I wish I was back into shape right after graduation

Everyone_Knows_It's ButtersThatsMe!

Rip R Lee Emery.

Mike Reyes

Ahhhh man been out for 5 years and going Army lmao. Was an 0311 lol going to be weird having to go to Army bootcamp and not be yelled at and just wayyy laid back compared to the Marines. Will I even get IT’D in the Army lmao

Guru Gawd

Are these high school kids ?

Basics for Life

Omg....um tonsil inserterted....now that's a mthhfcng....mill drikl

John Joyner

Woke garbage has infected basic training I see.


Me: wants to joins marines or army
Also me: hella scared imma do something wrong and get in trouble


7:18 lmao

Basics for Life

If you were smart they couldn't handle it and not hear your cause and destroy u

ruben Padilla

Well my recruiters make me go all the way up on my sit ups. Seems like that's not a requirement lol

Doc Cholo

Dang, they get to shoot M16s with ACOGs? Pretty dope.

Noel Williams

How the way I see things if you let them brain wash you into a Totally different person when you leave Boot camp, basically you are not really yourself anymore and shows how weak your mind is, my best friend Alex when he left boot camp he was the same old dude I knew.


I love seeing my future on this channel


Yea I'd fail. Sit Indian style? My knees would be useless 5 mins in.


What year are these clips from

Rianna Anderson

So I do not see or hear any women in the video until the gassing and afterwords. Do they have separate training? I would think not. I’m just wondering. It could also be because I’m just blind.

Issac Taylor

Anyone else here gonna go through the DEP?


15:05 ??

OOG Darryl

OOG kc. 47 yers ago. My drill instructors fresh from Vietnam it was devastating I was only in the Air Force they would tell you in Boot Camp when we finish Boot Camp you going straight to Vietnam believe me everybody was crying. Wooden Barricks no air condition

Antonio C

16:15 they’re both gonna say step together got it?
looks at DIs

Jeffrey B Alexander

Go to bitchute/PLC watch the videos what they are not telling you 1. 2. 3 . Do not get the vaxx you could be targeted for destructio

Kyle Palmer

I think the video is excellent. Where else are you gonna go to test your nuts?

Patricia Mathis

My son likes a month and he will be officially a Marine. His goal is to go to recon school. We are from Arkansas and we love to take those long shots on Deer so he should be ok if he gets the chance. Ooray Recruit Billings Golf Company 2nd Marines Platoon 2147...Semper Fi...

Aqua Puff

Telling them abuse and mistreatment isn't tolerated? Things seem to have changed, unless I'm mistaken?

Nehei Roberts

23:44 my sheep at 6 in the morning


I’ll be shipping out in August 27th, 2021 doing telecommunications (0612 I think) and looking at this stuff makes me want to go earlier, the only thing I’m worried about are my pull ups (I can currently do 5 total).

Christopher Rodriguez

Damn this is C Co Follow Series 2017...??..1005 from 0:01-2:49


They skipped over alot of shit

2020 US Marine Corps Recruit Training, BOOT CAMP United States Marine.

2020 US Marine Corps Recruit Training, BOOT CAMP United States Marine.9 Jul. 2020
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United States Marine Corps

United States Marine Corps Recruit Training.

BOOT CAMP United States Marine 2020

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Comments (43)
Reetchy Le Monde


Evan dezmen

who else about to go to paris island soon?


Hey Boy! You in Marine boot camp now! Life as you knew it is OVER! Huh Huh Huh Huh! God Bless all the DI's, and God Bless all you new Marines!! OOH RAH!! Semper Fi !!


I don’t know how to swim , should I consider ?

Antwan Stevens

Man I wanted to join the military since I was a little kid. But lotta things happened to me that hindered me like mental illness etc but mysteriously It came to be I was mis diagnosed. I still struggle with depression n anxiety but Im feeling like fuck it I'ma still join to prove to myself anything is possible if I put my all in it. And continue boxing.


February 16th baby

Sammy Hernandez

Stab it like you mean it brother

Gustavo Duron

Can’t wait to leave shipping out January 11 oorah ????

Am i cat ?

Salute from indonesia for US Marine Corps. Hurraaa ✊ ?? ??

Said Rivera

Not screaming enough!!!

Peppa Pug


Malik Ore

I leave June 14th 2021 to go to MCRD San Diego

Sutton Wagar

It’s nice to see it’s not all futuristic I would like to see a robot try to do what’s these men do oorah

SamDemon 21

I'm planning on joining the marine corp in 2021 but what if I don't know how to swim. Do they teach you?

Alan Moreno


titanus creature44

My brother ewan parra is there right now in camp Pendleton 1st battalion

Rob Ackerman

Repelling gives me flashbacks during my freshman year, when I went to a leadership camp where it had active and nonactive drill instructors.


Watching this since I’m meeting my Recruter tmr


i might go Marines in the a few years cuz navy bootcamp was fuckin boring lmfao. mf's only yelled when they got mad and we mainly stood at attention and marched and nobody gave a shit lmfao. i wanna do this shit not fuckin stay in a compartment all day. we only went outside to march for a bit or to go to classes

Will Outlaw

Trump said U.S. Marines are "suckers and losers".


Ah. To by young and relive the experience again.

Gilbert Lopez

Congratulations to my son he shipped out yesterday oorah ??

Zagatho Dorime

3 years ago was the best time to join the marines. It was far more difficult. 2020 recruit training is too easy.

marky boy

Watching these till i leave in 18 days (august 17th 2020)

Jeremy Howard

I think the DI's would make a killer metal album

Kaylee Cotton

My mom won’t let me join the marines what do I do .. I wanna surve for our country ????????

It’s Jose504 xD

What if Someone doesn't know how to swim?

4EP lattaboii

I remember watching a bad ass video here on YouTube about marines in 2020 but they took it down smh that video really hyped me up to join lol

ComedyCast With Joe Zachary

I’ve been thinking about joining but not sure if I have what it takes more mentally than physically. do a lot of new comers feel this way or is this thought enough to prove I shouldn’t even attempt joining?

Brayden Delong

Where is this at? Paris Island or San Diego

Mark Meadows

Some of these drill instructors/trainers are the same ones I’ve seen from boot camp videos from 2012-2014. How long do drill instructors stay in the USMC?

Jackie Guerrero1315

My boyfriend is over there right now
Edit: he's coming home in 5 days !!!
Edit again: They won't let him leave and go home because or covid. So he's in Florida right now. I hope I can see him soon ❤️

Nona Miloslavsky


Just Gigi

i cant wait to join the United States Marines!


May 24th

Sutton Wagar

It’s nice to see that boot camps haven’t become all technical and all like futureistic


How long does boot camp last?

Ray Tas

What are they chanting?

Foresaken RoyalLano

Just off this video found the motivation ?? great footage


My brother is over there rn
Its nice to see the training they do while they are there


Does anyone know how deep this water is

Joey Murdick

I ship out today. I’ll lyk when I get back I’m not gonna be one of those people who disappear for 3 years and never say if they made it lmao.


Marines are cool but navy seals is where its at. Bud/s is a real training program


8 451
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Welcome Elite Squad, to

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Comments (30)

Do you pt and work out everyday at bootcamp

Hector Bonilla

I leave to boot camp on august 3 FUCKINGG NERVOUS AF


Leaving in 8 weeks

Dalton N. Mantz

#1 tip- go to bootcamp. It's not that difficult

Rosio Flores

They let you in with all those tattoos?

Jary Hazard

I’m a male . 5’5 130 pounds. Am I too small to be a Marine?


I ship the 30th this month ? (Parris Island)

Art Mcghee

Please understand what this young Marine is saying with your hope of becoming one of the worlds finest, do your homework first. Get outside and run, run, and continue to run to get those lungs and cardio system in the best shape before getting there, also be prepared for boosting those brain cells for a little thrashing, it well make life much better and easer to cope. it's call Bootcamp.
Art McGhee
P.I, USMC Ret 73-93

Monke’s EAS

You’ll do many things you haven’t done before, like shooting, rappelling, swimming, GAS CHAMBER! WW2 flashbacks

Ghost Most

Dont be a pussy. Just fucking go.

Jordan Long

I leave in 3 days. Cant wait to get slayed.

jose abreu

I miss it a lot Kilo Company 3th battalion platoon 3029, ship days January 6,,2020 graduation date April 3th 2020 Paris Island, the motivated Island!!

Bryan Andrade

Tip for anyone that's in actual shape before you go, find a buddy and compete for how many times you can get ITd in a single day. Get paid to work out boys

Drey Ko

Ship out on January 4th 2021

Cj Cullar

Leaving may 24th. I’m scared no lie but excited

Dr. Dentist 676

My grandfather was a staff Sargent in vietnam, and suffered PTSD until 2012 when one day it got to him to bad and he passed, then my dad served 4 years in army as artillery , I want to go to marines. Should I keep the Army tradition going or change the tradition?

Cadesu M

Leaving on the 20th looking forward to the challenges along the way.

Joey Murdick

I leave in 6 days

Andrey Samuels

I leave in two more days I ship the 30th of Nov.

Javier Acosta

I'm so fucking pumped for bootcamp is that wierd everyone tells me I'm crazy even thou I have heard that it fucking sucks


i was interested in joining but im 5'9" 130 pounds do you have tips to prepare before i pursue this career

Mike Allan

$50 says this dude was never in the corps

g gamba

Another tip for anyone is learn to open a combination lock fast and calmly to overcome a Drill Instructor yelling at you.

jka 121

Are you able to take lots of pairs of socks while hiking?

Luis Gutierrez Espinoza

Will they pick on me more if I bring my phone? Going July 20th

Zach Beck

Yo have a good day! aight...aight...

Jim D

Enjoyed this so much? Especially the comments about the guide! Semper Fi from a guide who made it 20+ years but still gets way too apprehensive when visiting Parris Island...

matt moose

Never look into the DIs eyes! Don't be eyeballing the area private.

Justin Martin

I literally thought the thumbnail said learn how to eat ass

Kaleb Vera

Leave June 22nd idk if I’m nervous or not I just want the title MARINE