Monster muscle review

Energy Drink Review - Muscle Monster Energy Shake (Strawberry)

Energy Drink Review - Muscle Monster Energy Shake (Strawberry)7 Jun. 2014
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Today's Review is for

Today's Review is for Muscle Monster Energy Shake, Strawberry flavor.

It's review #99, chances are I'll completely forget about review #100 until after it's filmed.

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Three Tailed Rooster

Today is the anniversary of the first time i watched this video. Came back to it today like an anniversary hotel. It's just as special as the first time.


Im a newer fan of the channel but I yelled out "THE TIE!!", haha.

Laura Elrod

Your tie

Andrew Oliver

Dude, you seemed really exhausted.


"After that I'll review water"
You weren't lying, you did eventually review water.

To be Announced

Reminds me of the Adams Family.

the gaming giraffe

Your the best HAHAHAHAHAH Choclate

Zachary Shem Harrison



I liked the strawberry energy shake I don't why people hate that flavor.

Muscle Monster Energy Skake Banana Review

Muscle Monster Energy Skake Banana Review16 Sep. 2015

Trying Muscle Monster

Trying Muscle Monster Energy Skake Banana

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William Burnett

Man I wish they had those in Canada I could try them out!



A quick review of Colossal Labs Monster Muscle Protein

A quick review of Colossal Labs Monster Muscle Protein18 Aug. 2016
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Hey guys, this is a

Hey guys, this is a quick review of Monster Muscle Protein from Colossal Labs. Thanks for watching and please like, share and subscribe!




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Melody Danielle

I thought this sh1t was nasty. Tasted super chemically and I had to mix it woth hot water for it to even mix. Good if you're on a tight budget but I'd rather splurge the extra 5 bucks and get somethingthat doesn't make me gag.

Rico Suave

Their N.O. Monster Pump is really good! Got good results from it!


Great Review, Great Name.


I used to get the 10 lb tub until they jacked the price Sky High


It is sweet, but as a CHOCOLATE LOVER...I LOVE the WONCA CHOCOLATE...

Jamie Rainey

I Dont think you added the suggested Mount of water. Probably why it's so sweet


(batman voice) : vicious vanilla

Rico Suave

I heard it takes 1 hour to breakdown the chocolate flavor

jn jh

ebay protein'
is it legit?