Lose 100 lbs in 3 months

Losing 100 Pounds in 3 Months. 31 Day Water Fast. Day 22.

Losing 100 Pounds in 3 Months. 31 Day Water Fast. Day 22.22 Apr. 2019
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I plan to lose 100 pounds

I plan to lose 100 pounds by my birthday July 5, 2019 by fasting. Follow me as I fast for days on water only. This is my reset to getting back to good health and wellness. This is my vlog as I break my chains to food addicition and other unhealthy relationships. Like and suscribe?? Walk with me???

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ace boogie

U doing just water

Entertainment Channel OZ

well done brother

jubrieel Jones


Black TransParent

All gas no breaks! Aye. Hell yeah.

Appreciate you sharing!
I'm about to go on a 100 day fast. I'm so ready.

Smoothie Queen

I’m 3 35 pounds


? I cant fast due To health things im so sad. Not just my health but my future baby. Im so fat and ugly.

waterfasting anonymous

congrats!!! I'm starting a water fast tomorrow (prolly only 2 weeks maybe 3)

My Name is

I started my fast by doing juice fast. I only drank water and juice from fresh veggies and fresh fruits... as my body start adapting to this I started water fasting and I lost over 100 pounds in 6 months... it probably would have been more had I not cheated several times. Somedays I would give in to fast food but you know what God is stronger then my wants! Have faith in God and have him in your life he will help you get to your goal!!!!

jose parra

Good job brotha! Hope your fasting and weight loss worked out well for you.

Ahmed Hassan

Well done bro

Smoothie Queen

When I eat I eat by six times a day

Artavius Blue

Love when you said if I can do anyone can great mindset

G Yes

I literally just keep starting mc survival worlds and I keep getting caught up with the game and lose track of time when I fast, and I just keep losing the weight

Izzat Danial

I dont understand. did u fasted 3 months straight? or just a month with water fast and continued with other diet plans?


Gon then

Smoothie Queen

I’m trying to lose 100 pounds

Furious Stylez

Good job u probably lost all that weight because ur a eagles fan keyword LOST cowboys4life


How do you do your water fast ? I’m looking to start my journey next week. Any routines ? Ingredients to the fast ?

Hope Glory

He sounds like NAS

Smoothie Queen

Thanks for this video friend

Luuve S

I literally had to say this to my family yesterday. You didn't care what I ate when it was unhealthy, but ALL OF SUDDEN you care what I DONT EAT lol. My aunt just looked at me and totally understood. Once they got on board, the weekend was awesome.

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Dman 52 Drones

DW ! Proud of you brother ! You're doing great , keep it up . Nice shirt in the thumbnail ! ha ha ! Stay safe and well Dan .

WhiskeyWoman 5


Leslie Calvert

Don't get to thin..women like a man who can carry them i f they bust their asses...just saying :)


Good for you Dan, and good for everyone that cares about you. Big steps in living a much longer and more vibrant life. Right on!


This is badass dude! It's been great to see watch you learn to get healthy, keep it up! I lost 30 impossible pounds of stress weight this year. I almost feel like me again. I'm doing intermittent water-fasting every day since August. Nothing drastic, just eating healthy every day forever. It's good to be mindful. Anyway, love to you and Florida! ✌️???

Patriot RC

I am literally eating 2 frosted
pop-tarts while watching this.

Dronerise Photography

You're looking good brother.

Mel Mel

You're eating that rabbit food!

Leslie Calvert

It's important to think of our bodies like machines basically...the better you take care of yourself..the more mileage you're going to get out of yourself guys...dan you look amazing man..keep up the amazing work :)


I gotta get there too. I m feeling my pounds and need to loose weight as well

Tametrius Hunt

My mark starts now

Fit Taku

I’m so proud of you ?????? After losing over 50kg/ 100lbs in 5 months I realized When it comes to weight-loss so many people want quick results so they easily give up. When you gained all that weight, it didn't happen over night . its the same when losing your weight. Never give up. Stick to your goal and Be Patient with yourself ???

Mel Mel

Where's your mask?

Tomas - Aerials

great advice dan ..looking great bud

Jose Rodriguez

Who is that skinny ass dude? My wife is loving your progress. And believe me I would take that opinion REALLY to heart. Keep it up! I too need to love a few pounds. Let's go live dude. I'm ready.

Torrey Giovanna

Proud of you

PD Tech

Good stuff Dan! ???

Mel Mel

This should have more views


Thank You ?

Bob Casey Aerial

Genuine and sincere. This was a good vid Dan The Man. I hope you inspire others to lose those extra pounds. #StayReal #StayUp


Keep up the great work Dan. You looking good my brother ???????nice flight


Dude good work. The told me I was diabetic a year and a half ago. I wasn't huge but I was at 278lb and my sugers were skyhigh. I cut out a lot of the sugers stopped with the soda completely. I'm now down to 225 and holding (I'm 6'2" and large so ideally I need to loose maybe 10lbs to be extremely happy) and the blood sugar test normal now, but it wasn't easy. Hang in there I know that you will hit your goal.


When you decide on doing something it seems like you jump in the deep end and get it done. It shows in your fpv flying also. You're smooth flowing Style seemed to be intensified over the water.

Aakanksh M

This has viral potential, I can feel it


Thank You so much for this ‼️ & great job ??

Siam Fpv

Good job Bro ?

Michael Blade

Your a power of example brotha keep up the positive vibes Dan!


Mmmmm after watching this. Im going to pound down a BIG MAC.lol. oh & fries dipped in sweet n sour sauce. Yummy numm numms.

Mike Herbach



Now is the perfect time to hit the iron!