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THE LUCKY ONE Trailer 2012 Movie - Official [HD]

THE LUCKY ONE Trailer 2012 Movie - Official [HD]20 Feb. 2012
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The Lucky One Trailer 2012

The Lucky One Trailer 2012 - Official movie trailer in HD - starring Zac Efron & Taylor Schilling - based on Nicholas Sparks's best seller - a Marine travels to North Carolina after serving three tours in Iraq and searches for the unknown woman he believes was his good luck charm during the war.

"The Lucky One" movie hits theaters on April 20, 2012.

U.S. Marine Sergeant Logan Thibault (Zac Efron) returns from his third tour of duty in Iraq, with the one thing he credits with keeping him alive-a photograph he found of a woman he doesn't even know. Learning her name is Beth (Taylor Schilling) and where she lives, he shows up at her door, and ends up taking a job at her family-run local kennel. The Lucky One official trailer 2012 is presented in full HD 1080p high resolution.

THE LUCKY ONE 2012 Movie

Genre: Drama

Cast: Zac Efron, Taylor Schilling, Blythe Danner

Directors: Scott Hicks

Writer: Will Fetters, Nicholas Sparks

The Lucky One official trailer 2012, courtesy Warner Brothers.

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Comments (100)
Miss Taylor 21

??? best movie

Malina Arcia


Sanika Karulkar

How is this guy so Perfect ?


That’s a shot, Chapman


This is basically the whole movie, there’s nothing left to watch

Robert Harvey

liquid church cranford

Jane Doe

this movie instantly brought to mind the movie, "The Christmas Card"

Mitu Pattnaik

Now i finally find out why Piper looked familiar

stan WJSN


Pickle Candy

Why did you come here? To fuck you.

Mardin Najat

am I the only one who is checking the trailer on youtube to read the comments below and see if the movie is is worth a try?lol

Radwa Hany

احمل الفيلم كامل منين ياريت رد

juned shaikh

Beautiful movie the i had learned destine take you anywhere we ever think about it.

Jessie Fitzmaurice

Book was better


The awkward moment you realize, you don't know who is the Lucky one, the girl or the marine.


Watch out it’s Ted Bundy

Monika soni

How can I download this movie plzzz tell ?❤️?


Who went here after watching the last season of Orange is the New Black?

Margarida Reis

Wtf is Piper doing with Troy?!

Walter Hathorn

Best movie ever

Nivedita R

It's kinda different from the book

Pranav Mann

The movie was awesome and Taylor’s acting I loved it

L.M. Davis

This is almost the perfect movie. Apart from the most convenient movie death of all time.


well.... this trailer just told me everything that happens. Why go watch a movie now?


actually they changed names to Larry & Piper and now she‘s with alex lmao

Zee Zee

A whole movie in 2 minutes ... Lesson learnt Do Not Watch Trailers ???



Malina Arcia


Sanshrita Khamesra

These movies will be the death of me


I would love if God would send me an angel like that. Then maybe he would protect me from all the evil and forcing people in my life. I don't like dogs that much and I'm not a dogs person, so I would love all the mean people to leave me and my pets alone. I would love to live my life the way I want it to be like and I love my PRIVACY and FREEDOM and of course my pets. Why would they want to take it all away from me and make my life a nightmare? I just don't unterstand.

Klaudia Bzdyra

One of the most beautiful romatic movie. Absolutely in love about this novel too! ❤

Ashley Coldren

Piper don't let Alex see this

Bryan Mcwhite

#2019 rules forever go Patriots I believe there gonna be the champs ?

Dana May

That dude is hot.

savannah sixx


MIL GRASIAS POR TANTA BEYESAS I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli

Malina Arcia


Cammi Cain

Zac Efron is MINE!!!????

DarmawanMelody SherinaPSFanatics

Zac plays Logan in this movie. His ex girlfriend, Vanessa plays Kailani in Journey 2. Both movies came out of 2012. Also came from Warner Bros.

Eilee Blasian

there no chemistry between them and makes the movie "uninteresting "

Gevork Babayan

Let me guess this was written by a Woman.

Kimberly Hemmans

HOW DID YOU GET MY PICTURE? OMG! Winner gets it all? You won?

Reylan Olivar

Love this movie???


Seeking 1 who took the # to the ship and came back looking for 1.

Ayaz Ahmed

This is one of the best love story i have watched Taylor Schilling is lovely

Anna Pardenek

2000's music hits

Mary Molly Garcia

Hey piper!

Rael Coutinho

ok so another trailer I've just watched where its basically the film start to finish. Grr why can't trailers be short clips that don't reveal the plot anymore

s0m3b0dy y0uD0ntKn0w

how did i not know this movie existed im about to watch it know seems cool


I’m reading the book and watching this just spoiled the fact that they kiss, fuck

Steve McQueen

Zac looks like a man here unlike now he is more feminine

Jorriel Limlao

I watched this movie and it is beautiful story..

Sandy Bro

Really sex and lust...
With first Husband... She deserve more.. Go and say to your mother bastard..
Waste of my data watching your trailer.

Drew.petsch Vsp

After orange is the new black i cant watch this the same?

Robert Harvey

longest run

Fawzi gh

we forget the fact they went to kill Iraqi citizens. and how the hack the paper was meant to save her brother? it is just a paper


I was thinking to myself, what’s that movie where the soldier tries to find a girl from a picture he found? I knew it’s been a little bit since I’ve seen the trailer on TV, but I didn’t realize it’s been 8 YEARS! Like wth ?, just randomly popped up in my head 8 years later.

Samruddhi Shahapurkar

Am I the only one who came here after watching another video on YouTube,- 'The best love making scene ever'

stj joshy

A feel good movie

Cho Alcazar

Ohhhh it’s Piper!!!! :D

Dan Brown

That is hands down the most obscure trash movie trailer I've ever seen lmao. I have literally no idea what this movie is about from that. Is it about cleaning dishes? If so there was a lot of sweet music playing all things considered


They make a cute couple but Taylor just come out, Taylor choice of partner seem abit strange
Same as zoie Palmer

Andrew R

Went to go see this with an ex girlfriend when it first came out pretty damn good movie.


I'm disappointed to find that Taylor is gay. Nothing wrong with that of course, but I had hoped ( dreamed!) that we might have got together - romantically - somewhere down the road


Good movie

Elizabeth Zijlstra

1 van de mooiste film

Ralene Cole

sorry but zac is prettier than her partner taylor...

Veronica Ivanova

I definitely enjoyed the movie, it is a nice romantic story. I don't think it is the best by Nickolas Sparks but it is still a good one. I just don't really get some of the comments as I am not sure what some people cried for. It is not a sad movie at all.

Turbold Tseveenjav

One of the most stupid movie with beautiful shots is what it is


I just finished reading the book and I could see how many of the scenes or little details were slightly changed

S AvliS

I don't sure about them as a couple, he kind of makes her look old/ older...

The Bops

Great movie, watching it for the third time this arvo :)

Fawzi gh

boring movie

Robert Harvey

liquid church

MyToshiba AndroidTV

Seen it

Gulshan kumar

Bhai movie upload Karo please

Rokin Prettyrose

?Fav movie ever? ?


Hey i need another new or latest Nicholas sparks movie

Cds Dior

Its weird knowing now that she's from OITNB....when I first saw the trailer for this movie before OINTB came out. I had no idea who she was. I just finished watching the choice and read in the comments that this was really good so I came to check out the trailer again. When I saw Taylor I was like wait what! I had no idea she was in anything other than OITNB ?


No, the line goes "You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how."

jojo clerisier

I swear this is when I fell hopelessly in love with him

Pooja Aswal

Piper chapman...❤️❤️❤️

Liele Netsanet

im in love with this movie....it is the best romantic story ever

tisha dhar

There's a song in this movie, and it’s "tell me im cool tell im different " its something like that.. Could anyone tell me the song title if anybody know?

Jane Doe

i just did not like this here movie very much, especially because they make the kid's dad die at the end, not a happy ending, and the events and actors didn't seem to have souls. They seemed to me a bit hokey or unbelievable, a going through the motions of characters on paper. I'm not prudish, but the sexual encounters especially seemed not right, and no mother would consider having hot passionate sex for the first time while their child is still up and playing in the livingroom, finally calling for mom...

Ashley Coldren

Don't forget to visit Alex in prison Pipes

Siènna Paulson

Who else is here because they’re gay for Taylor?



n0rth _21

Piper Chapman


This is the best trailer that was ever created in the history of trailers!

But the movie was kinda meh haha no offense

Shawn Eldridge

i just ordered these blu-ray discs the lucky one, the notebook, the vow & dear john form barnes and noble. cant wait until these movies gets here. never seen any of them be for.

Ameer Z123j

ممكن اسم الفلم

Keith Beal

I am a man and I usually don't get into "Chick flicks." However, this one touched home in a fe ways and I'll let that be! Great movie and both actor and actress I found to be perfect! Zac is a good guy that dudes can like!


My bestfriend recommended me this. She is a girl

Annie noon jankam

This boy so handsome???

Bettina Bonoan

I haven't watched this film before and for some reason i kinda memorized this trailer

Deborah Pancaro

I just started reading the book today, it's amazing...did anyone read it first

mariel cabusas


Haza Leah Branzuela

This is my favorite movie of Zac. ❤️???

Katherine Drabek

Zac Efron as a Marine? It's a comedy, right?

bearitddeulgi xo

sorry Zac, we're all for Vause

Kevin James Forgets Who He Is While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Kevin James Forgets Who He Is While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones11 Feb. 2021
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Kevin James is an actor

Kevin James is an actor whose career in comedy touches everything from stand-up to massively successful TV shows and films. He also stars in The Crew, a comedy series set to release on Netflix February 15th. And check out the Kevin James YouTube channel as it quickly approaches one million subscribers. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the King of Queens tries to become the King of Hot Sauce while talking about everything from UFC fandom, to Hitch lore, to the preeminence of Long Island pizza.

Be sure to Subscribe to Kevin's Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9k23HZ1xMiqxf4gFfmxr5w


BUY HOT ONES X REEBOK COLLAB: https://www.reebok.com/hot_ones

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First We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.

Comments (100)

Kevin can kick your ass! He’s no joke.

Saved Rage

The next "Just shave it, bro" victim


Woah! Kevin went to school with Mankind?! He’s the greatest!

Joe Blow

The reason the last two always seem less hot than DaBomb is because DaBomb tastes like hot medicine and and it's merely a capsaisin extract. The next two are actually hotter but not because of capsaicin extract, but because of actual hot chilis. They also add flavor and DaBomb merely wants to blow out your taste buds. That's why it always stops there. But it's the funniest of the bunch.

Tj Mayer

Bro his wings didn't change one time only Kevin was eating down the line.

Jader Piura

Please get David Blane, would be a sick episode! Just picture Sean and David going at each other


What happened to Kevin’s hair? Did Sean Evans give him the baldness virus?

Matheus Kelson

You guys should bring Hamilton Morris, he's a master of trying dangerous substances for no good reason :)


Fully agree with Kevin, Last Dab is 'the' hot sauce for both flavor and misery. Every incarnation, and I'm pretty certain I've had them all, has been painfully delicious. Even better, the pain per serving ratio is so high that it's ultimately a relatively cheap buzz. A little Last Dab'll do ya!

misolou fout

I'm this day old when I know Kevin James has a youtube page.

Lord Maul

Kevin James is bald now? Wow.

Ben Denison


Tania Phillips

Always liked this guy, but the line that wins my heart is when he says choosing which pizza slice you love better is like asking which of your kids you love better. Never have a favourite. ??❤️

Boris Tso

A Comedy legend keep it up buddy


Sean is a fantastic host


Yessir, Long Island Pizza and BECs>>>>

Robert Turner

He answered about 3 questions without eating wings ?


Doug and Carry Doug and Carry Doug and Carry Doug and Carry Doug and Carry .... ArthurArthurArthurArthur....

L to the A

Love me some Kevin James

Auke Jorrit

Shoutouts to Paul Blart Mal Blarf

K Williams

Kudos...on HBO Max....love the show

Paul Prince

Can someone tell me how this guy Sean got the job for this?

Thud Muju

great episode! You should try and get Will Smith on the show!

Robert Frey



i like the apollo too

Martin Fisher

Kevin James doing Hot Ones like a Boss.


love that mall cop!

Marius Andrei Gyorgyicze



Has anyone not tried aloe vera drinks to help cool them for those that need it? Probably one of the very few things that actually helps a little, which makes sense as it sooths burns as well.


Hey this is that famous world champion MMA fighter!


your awesome sean and kevin

Casper The V

Lol Sean's reflexive this camera or that camera

Wynd Sock

Kevin can def play Robert Deniro in a biopic. Look at him

Taylor Swann

The zonked neck curiosly correct because love largely squeeze towards a berserk colt. second-hand, nosy change


You guys are AWESOME!! Thank you :)

Steven Da Frosty

I think that's the best guest the show's had so far! Incredible personality and interview, and I was surprised how well James handles his sauce


Pretty f’n gay when not in person

Scruffy P

Time for some chick-eooown

ines marte

The pointless slash pharmacologically paddle because liquor operationally announce out a curly summer. sneaky, nondescript speedboat

ann 01

We get that there is a pandemic with covid but its not as entertaining when they are separated.

Lulubelle III

Pictou County, Nova Scotia, Canada


His channel is fire.

Dj Dirty White Boy

i love wings and bet i could make it through this.

Andrew Harris

Absolutley hate to hear people say: "I'm eating double the meat for you vegetarians". Some people are trying to do what's right for the planet. Such a negative attitude, really disappointing.


15:14 watch out kevin , here comes the boom!

Jimmy Z

Long Island pizza is what Portnoy calls "football" pizza.

Carney Art Glass

Kevin James should’ve brought his fake can laugh track with him from his TV show

Manuel Benitez

Loved this one!

Jonathan Maldonado

This was amazing!!!!
I will be watching you on Netflix today!

Vegeta The Saiyan Prince

Bring harry mack

Nena Linda

Always loved Kevin James ?

K Jame

Sean should fly to England and do this show over here with British guests

Tripp M

I love how he repped LI, truth until you’ve had a breakfast sandwich!

Keren Isslaub

The wrong interviewer increasingly jail because walrus bizarrely stuff within a nine weapon. private, wise comparison

Teressa Zanker

I'm sorry but Kevin James I like you a lot less now. Do you not always think before you speak and how your words affect others. Your down a fan.

Reaver Six

These are so lame now with this via Zoom crap...way better the old way. Drop your balls and show up in person.

Lilsunofgod TV

hot wings hotter questions

chris haffey

Thats a fact, long island, nyc area, there is so much good pizza everywhere.

H Loai

We need to see conan here


He did surprisingly well.

Valerie Ortega

Kevin James is everyone’s funny uncle

Wesley Coufal

Hilarious!! Kevin is one of my fav's!!

Scott Crammond

Can we got Mick Foley on here please! This is an open request for more WWE superstars new or old!

Greg Braden

Ugh this show has lost its touch.... it was better when they were in the same room

Brad Morgan

Bald Kevin James looks like lee syatt

Jacob Soldat

The painstaking sled unlikely tow because spider quantitatively found onto a entertaining buffet. unwritten, gainful lamp

Chad's World

Im a huge doug heffernon and kevin james fan but come on.....his youtube videos are fuckin stupid lol, not even worth watching

JD Fams life

You got to get a round of applause to the host of the whole show because every video he do with these rappers celebrities just different people he eat the wings to, just clap it up for the host one time!

no name Boy

Do one wit Harry Mack!!!

Rob Forrest

I totally agree with Kevin! There is no breakfast better than a simple Bacon Egg & Cheese on a roll from a Long Island Deli...period. BECSPK! (that's bacon egg cheese salt pepper ketchup!)


King indeed


Unsubscribed, Thumbs down and not watching. Any video I see that supports a fake pandemic gets the same. Stop it.


What Kevin James put out on Youtube was literally the best content he has put out in years.

chris haffey

Fellas everyone has to try the buffalo chicken slice at mama Theresa’s in the shopping strip mall at the intersection of Marcus ave and Jericho turnpike in garden city park. Also head west down jericho turnpike to umbertos in new hyde park they have the same style buffalo chicken slice. Both are bananas they use actual boneless buffalo chicken wings. Never had anything like it anywhere. Regardless both these pizzerias the entire menu is bananas check them out!

Eli Adams Music

Why in the hell is Eli Manning the Frank’s Red Hot commercial actor? ?

Stripped Boltz

How do you get the wings to his house and sauses

First We Feast

Which state has the best pizza? Debate...

Sieg Wahrheit

No King of Queens questions, I'm disappointed

Mayburn Wright

I know that feeling of eating a boneless wing fully covered in the Da Bomb sauce. First 5 minutes its freaking awful.


I would have never thought Kevin James & Mick Foley were around the same age.

old fungi


Jonathan Gomes

puts one glove on... immediately uses both hands.

Rishabh Aditya

We need YouTube food celebrities ASAP on here man.
1. Mark Wiens
2. Trevor James
3. Mikey Chen
4. Sonny side
5. David's been here


Where's the sound guy?


paul paul mall cop paup paul blart mall cop paul paul mall cop paup paul blart mall cop

East 007

Kevin James is so real i fw that

Jacob Shaffer

Tom DeLonge or any of the guys from Blink-182 would be amazing on this show!!

Lauren Johnson

wanna make a world engine? clean sustainable off-grid energy. it's low scale, inexpensive and simple in design. requires precision crafting. help me out just because, as a fellow human? it's ready.

A Flores

Please have GPB on here

Lets PlayXD

Pliss get Herry Mack

Monica A

I loooove Kevin James!!! Still watch King of queens every single night

Cooper Hoover

Proof he always wore a toupee

Jason M

Kevin is freakin awesome!! I love how he ate nearly all of every wing. Something nobody ever does. Definitely a champ. Hall of fame for sure.

Jesus Huerta

I wanna get famous jus so i can be on this show

C Born

Sean Evans plz hold me like a baby ???

Josh Kersey

Sean, interview Joe Rogan. King of interviews King of podcasts!

Abel Luna

Mind over matter ?

Jeff Fitzgerald

Windsor, On. Best pizza in the western hemisphere!

Kamala Harrassment

...its so bad

Amy Sloane

I have heard nightmare stories about this guy being a total douche to food servers and other everyday people.. I really hope that isn't the case.

17 Again (2009) Official Trailer - Zac Efron, Matthew Perry Movie HD

17 Again (2009) Official Trailer - Zac Efron, Matthew Perry Movie HD11 Jul. 2014
5 736 938

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17 Again (2009) Official Trailer - Zac Efron, Matthew Perry Movie HD

About a guy whose life didn't quite turn out how he wanted it to and wishes he could go back to high school and change it. He wakes up one day and is seventeen again and gets the chance to rewrite his life.

Welcome to the Fandango MOVIECLIPS Trailer Vault Channel. Where trailers from the past, from recent to long ago, from a time before YouTube, can be enjoyed by all. We search near and far for original movie trailer from all decades. Feel free to send us your trailer requests and we will do our best to hunt it down.

Comments (100)
Kevin Mathew Cruz

The Best Movie Of Zac Efron

Fariz Afifi

Who’s from tiktok?

Stephen Pawlak

I was only a few months old when this came out


im here bcs 18 again haha


This is officially my favorite movie. It was hilarious, touching, and well acted all at once. One of my favorite songs is played at the end as well. Love it!

Del Lateo

"18 again" korean drama brought me here HAHA

Zamzam Mohamed

Is that Georgina sparks?

Stephen Pawlak

He looked great in this movie!

Denny Pro

I Am Age Of 17Years But I Want To Be 37 Young and Strong But He Want To Be 17 And I Want To 37 Strong

Ben Arthur Aboy

Now watching the korean version of this movie, "18 again" and it made me cry a lot. ? surely one of my fav movie.

Oak Soe Khant125

He looks like young Steve Jobs.

live love

Should be Call predator again.. the way the mom was going hard flirt on him knowing he was in her kids high school?

Nguyenthanh Tam

Yang milih allah like yg Mili dajal hirawkan 1:39.........m.

Thomas Y Setiadi

Im here because of 18 again 2020 k-drama

FaRrA Nasution

"I can pass for 19 right?" asked Joey, while Chandler became 17 again.


thinking of watching this too after i just finished watching a korean series called "18 Again" hahaha

Emely Flowers

18 again is way better in my opinion

Anika Islam

Lol here I am after watching 18 again kdrama. Both this and drama is funny

Grace Benaid

anyone here saw an anime clip that looks like an adaptation of this movie. The scene is the dad is back in highschool and classmates with his daughter. He went to the bathroom because he was too familiar with the girl and called her by her first name which was awkward. He heard someone asking for help inside a cubicle to unlock the door. It looks like it's his son being bullied. It's not Relife.


Hes become younger again

Trielle Ajero

Oooh so this is where they get the concept in Korean drama 18 again. Hmmm


18 again stans!!


I came here because of korean drama 18 again

sAtAnIc PaNiC

I came here from an umbrella academy crack video

ryan febrianto

I miss this trailer style with epic voice trailer narrator

Leila Barzola

Am I the only one that was sad when he when back to being old ?


so this where "18 again" begin ?

D _

I'm still obsessed with chandler ?

kimmy cuthbert

"Don't even think about sucking me in with you
I'm here to enroll my son"

kimberly bahrs

Great movie

Sneha Nair

Interesting how the comment section is active with "Here after watching korean drama 18 Again! " XD

The Miraç

found this movie from scp 914 experiments lol

Fallon Burns

Sup dawn

נתי ג׳ו


Teresa Sanchez

Who in Hollywood EVER decided that Zac Efron grew up to look like Matthew Perry should have been fired years ago, I mean wtf?!


I'm realising just know Kat Graham (Bonnie Bennett) from TVD

Alexis Washebek



AWESOME. ...!!!.17AGAIN..


Who's here because of 18 again? Hehe


press like if you watched "Korean Drama 18 Again"

Kristen Gile Vlogs

okay i rewatched this movie now that i’m a bit older and i’m kind of left guessing...
if scar and mike were 17 in 1989 and she was pregnant with their first kid, shouldn’t that kid be 19-20? but their first kid (Maggie) is just a 17 year old high schooler.... sums not adding up.

GreeN Name

18 again korean 2020


oh boyle

Matthew Harrison

I wish there is part 2.


Why am I getting recommended old movie trailers?


Atleast now v know v all wasted time somewhere

MJ Lane

I will be rewatching this because the kdrama 18 Again was so underwhelming.


i fogrot i was in discord fcall

Kasthuri V

Monica where are you




Relife, anyone?


This is a rip-off of the worst year of my life again

Mark Hayser

Alternate title for this movie : The One where Chandler turned into Troy Bolton


Is this like the Korean drama 18 again?

It's just Me

Back when trailers didn't make any sense


This was suggested to me by YT, got curious in 17 Again so I clicked since I watch some episodes of 18 Again. I can totally see the similarities, but some scenes of 18 Again was changed a bit. ?

Yoon yeong윤영

18 again?

Zephaniah Antonio

Literally 6 years late.

Jomel Angelo Cansino

Who's here after watching 18 again Kdrama!?

Aaron Saltzer

Who knew Zac Efron would grow up to be Matthew Perry? Lol it must be hard to find actors/actresses that look alike.

Salman Hakim

who come here just because 18 again korean drama?

sarah shawe


Royal Faith Jones

Any people from 2021

the flicker

18 again?

Isa Rose Dooley

could he BE any younger

Roopa B V

Great movie

Ben V

Such a great movie

Bisag Unsa

Who is here after knowing the Korean Series of 18Again? Lol


The chan chan man?

Diosnel Frica

I came here only to see how the Korean version does everything better


Zac effron was so cuu u u utee

Dabydoyal Anushka

Who is watching this in 2021

Storm 56

Wa pahhh ??????


I'm just so annoyed because Matthew Perry and Zac Efron look nothing alike

Lilith Mimai

I wish I was 17 again to take fashion classes


Ohh...18 again di adaptasi dari film ini tohh!

Cristian Yamil

Sorry, but the korean version “18 again” is sooo much better!


Mike as Hong Dae Young
Mark as Go Woo Young
Scarlett as Jung Da Jung
Maggie as Hong Si A
Alex as Hong Si Woo
And last but not least
Ned As Go Deok Jin✨?

Denny Pro

i am 17 And I Want To 37 Young And Strong But Why They Want To Be Teen Adults Are Strong That's Why I Want To Be Adult Strong

Justin Jazzy

I want a second chance in my life


I just finish watching 18 Again a while ago. The kdrama adaptation did justice to 17 Again. I love the ending of 18 Again because it isn't rush. It has a lot of moral lessons. I like 17 Again but I love 18 Again better

Moim Pasuruan

17 again 18 again 19 again -> 2020 again hehehehe

Benjamin Hunter

I have the biggest crush on Zac Efron

Alexandra Yiannopoulou

So wait a minute. This movie has Joey, Troy and Georgina in it; Omg thats weird and awesome at the same time.


this movie one of the best movies of all time
trailer make it seems like a teenage movie
but when you watch it you realize there is so much more, such an awesome story

Drama Netizen

18 Again lagi seruuu

Steve Bierman

Already watched new favorite show can not get over it

Bea Kim

Is the kdrama 18 again, the remake of this movie?


I watched this this morning on Netflix. Other than Baywatch it is the first thing I've seen Zac Efron in. (No, I am not the High School Musical type - more Die Hard and Dredd). But he is an EXCELLENT actor - a lot of range. He needs a good hair cut and he can be the next Harrison Ford. I could even picture him reprising Indiana Jones.

jason Palentinos

so 18 again copy this

Julita Urban

the best movie is so romantic !

Imaan Ashraf

Isn't it Chandler and Joey's Hand-twin? ?


I'm like walking wid pride n vibin hppy as if I was 17 ALL OVER AGN!??this movie hurts wen it gives u a feeling u could become that n do it all over???I wanna get my luv from back at my 17?it hurts so bad!

Calem Smith

Then the Korean version went out hahaha

naomi perez

honestly, the only thing i didnt get about this movie is how the SISTER is dating the BULLY of her BROTHER and she KNOWS and WATCHES- am i the only one who thinks thats too immature and weird?

Justin Platt

Brian Doyle-Murray
Who Plays
The Janitor

Who Is A
Mystical Spirit Guide

Mike O'Donnell

Back To His
17 Year Old Self

Imagine If
You Had A
Mystical Spirit Guide

Who Turn You
Back To Your
17 Year Old Self

yazmin Pérez

Buena película ????

JKD Flow

A girl's first true love should naturally be her father.

•rus sie•

Now I know, if I have to be young, I've to go and call out an old about-to-die man not to die... okay...

Master Yoda

Chandler and joey's identical hand twin