John cena arm wrestle

Alberto Del Rio challenges John Cena to an arm wrestling contest- WWE Smackdown - November 15, 2013

Alberto Del Rio challenges John Cena to an arm wrestling contest- WWE Smackdown - November 15, 201316 Nov. 2013
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Bhinder Telecom

IAM John Cena fan

hi hi

john cena look cool with his hat bruh

Doctor's of The felaigh fighters

Haha he got beat under O_O 2 SECONDS Edit: O_O I MEANT 1.5 SECONDS WOAH

Lilian Badel

Go jong cena


That was funny ????️


He should’ve arm wrestled with his broken arm to make it more fair.

Chwenchy Rupis Ke MoMos

The world knows who is the legend...well that sucker couldnt even beat jhon's arm??



Andy Taylor

John cena is a legend

John cena Vs Mark Henry arm wrestling

John cena Vs Mark Henry arm wrestling17 Dec. 2018
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Vimla Singh


Babu Bhaiya


Roshni Singh


John Cena vs Shaquille O'Neal

John Cena vs Shaquille O'Neal6 Nov. 2018
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Comments (32)

Why is Shaq arm wrestling all alone. The reporter must be crazy supporting Shaq like that


Who was shaq arm wrestling?

hgf hj

Cena is better

minute man

John cena never showed up

Sam Owens • 11 years ago




Totally related / Lyrics

This is the weirdest interview i have ever seen ?


Cena is Basically won..

Kuya Mo Cis

I'm really looking forward to see the table break

J Walker

humble cena calling it a draw

Dan Kelly

So basically john let shaq tie? Lol

pablo Flores

1:15 Shaq thought they was gonna bring out a big o book from the back for him??

Sammy Chowdhury

Cena is the best

Sunny A

In case of arm strength, Cena should be stronger.

John Daniel C. Rosas

Shaq almost cry


Shaq is the strongest non armwrestler besides maybe Khaled that Devon Larratt has gripped. Shaq would destroy in a real match

Will Richardson

Shaq was using his strong hand. They go right Cena probably wins easy.

Eddie Fiocca

John cena gonna go bald early

Phantom James

Even when arm wrestling, Cena kicks out at 2

Kam The Kid

who was arm wresting shaq i couldn't see him??

rocking rambo

Boom shakalaka

Abskhairoun Mamdouh

When cena said Shaquille O Neal size, I didn't think it'll be THAT size

Anton Puno

this duo is fire

Kane Andrew Gaballo

John Cena looks like a shrimp besides Shaq

Isaiah Malagon

Them captions are slow as fuck

Kiss Me Im Slytherin

Shaq almost have a 100 pounds on Cena , doesn't he ?

Dindo Constantino

John cena or lebron and late kobe for shaq

Adam Smith

Shaq makes Cena look so short.

jason sims

Cena dead lifts 500 lbs but can't win this arm wrestling match?


Jesus Christo ... did anyone think the glass table was going to break?


John cena is balding. Its sad to see him age?

CarCar LikLik