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11) Car Card / Waybill System in Action

11) Car Card / Waybill System in Action29 Oct. 2018
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redbirdtony2010 sent me here. I am a new sub for you. Thanks for posting the operations video. I will reference it when it comes time to try some ops on my layout. Thanks, Randy.


Kevin great looking layout love switching operations

Jerry Sats

Hi Kevin , coming over from Redbird Tonys channel . This is a pretty neat way to have fun running your railroad . Do you write up a new card every time or just change the orders ?

Ralph Greenwood

Kein-I subbed up!! Great ops and nice layout!

Pete N

Hi Kevin, I'm Pete a new subscriber sent over from the 'NOT BAD' show. I'm recuperating from a lengthy illness and am looking forward to getting back into model railroading hands-on. I enjoy the time spent switching cars to and from various industries, etc.

LJR - Loweville Junction Railroad

back again, Tony made me do it! LOL I am already a subscriber! ... linda ????

SP blackwidow

Liked and subbed. Here from Tony's channel. Layout looks good.

LJR - Loweville Junction Railroad

Great tutorial on how to use this system, very interesting! Thanks so much for sharing this, linda ????

Jeff Allen

Hi Kevin..Another Redbird Tony subscriber..I want to use those micro mark cards as well..they add alot to operations..

Ray Knapp

redbirdtony2010 posted a real nice shout out for your channel! Nice video Kevin, I'll have to give the waybill system a go one day!

Trenton Lee

Tony sent me to the channel. Great video good explanation of the car cards. Can't wait to binge watch your channel.


the card system looks easy enough.. just have to check all the boxes.. all the time,, drop off's are in your hand,, but many more places to check.. I just saying this.. so if i ever get this on my system,, I might remember.. lol .. great job..

bnsf n-scale

tony sent me over like the explaination on the car cards system. i follow you

Cloverdale Rail

Hi Kevin redbirdtony sent me over to subscribe to you, car card system looks neat I must try it

Mr Simulation

redbirdtony sent me to your channel. we also meet at the Decatur train show.

The Crooked River & Eastern RR

Hey Kevin Redbird tony sent me over. I was already subbed. But I liked your video. Very neat system. Thx for sharing

Gérald Ratté

Hi Kevin, just added you and sent here by Redbirdtony2010 for his contest, wonderful layout.

Georgia Sun Belt

Hi Kevin, Anthony, new sub. 15-minutes not long. Understood how you used the system in the video but, I need a little more education. As cars move around the layout to new industries; do you continuously make new cards? Seems tedious! I need to learn moreabout the waybill system. Your layout looks nice!!!

Jacob J

Redbirdtony2010 sent me here. Help clear up and refresh my memory. I also sub you

Otto Bettcher

Hello Kevin,new subscriber from Redbirdtonys channel.your waybills look a lot easier to use than the Micro-mark cards.

Joe G

Tony sent me over to your channel, Car cars are great, easy to use and they give a nice operational feel to the ops session! I like how you have your cards set up!

Geneva Solvay Railroad 7066

Hello Kevin new sub to you
My names s jim
I use kato unitrack on part of my layout

Hastings BNSF N Scale Modeler

Thanks for the demo, have never done switching but it on the to do list. I was previously a subscriber, but made it here today based on recommendation from redbirdtony - two great channel views in one night.


Wow..awesome video Kevin..like the car cards..redbirdtony sent me here and I was already subscribed.. thanks for sharing and keep up the great work.. Lance

South East Railfan

Howdy Kevin. Tony sent me over. Those car cards are sweet. Thanks for sharing.
Cheers from the M&S

sheral crowe

tony sent me over like the car cards system

southern 207 hobbies

Tony sent me and very beautiful layout


Hi Kevin, well I’m glad Rebirdtony introduced your channel. Thanks for for sharing. - Drew

Creative Rails

Hi Kevin, I am your newest subscriber sent over by Redbird Tony. I really like that car card system, I always used 'ship it' now I'm using a different system that I'll be showing soon.
Great channel,

Indian Head Valley RR

Tony sent me and I was already a subscriber. I did tap the bell . I really did enjoy your video. The Way bill system you have implimented on your railroad looks easy and fun I am considering doing this for the Indian Head Valley RR. Thank you for sharing... Wilmer-IHVRR. Not Bad!


Redbirdtony2010 sent me to watch your video I was already subbed to the channel also a great video keep up the great work


I'm glad I found your channel, it's great. I subscribed thanks for the video-Russell

Ron Piskel

Hi Kevin, Redbird Tony sent me over to your channel. I’ve been a subscriber for a while. I appreciate these videos on setting up and using the car card system. Thanks and keep up the Great Work on your channel.

GRE 2057

Redbirdtony2010 sent me your way (new Subscriber to your channel) I did tap that bell. same system I got except mine is from the real railroads. Thanks for sharing with us! Jesse

Randy's Rock and Roll Railroad

Hey Kevin, enjoyed the switching demo with the car cards and Tony sent me back again lol,

Otto Bettcher

hey Kevin Tony must not have seen my comment before when I subscribed.Please make sure that he has seen it ,Thank You

Grandpa Rails

redbirdtony2010 sent me. This helps me understand car cards more, thanks for the video. John


cool, redbirdtony sent me. But i have been here before. lol.. is there something i needed to say.. you have a great channel... good choice by Mr Tony


Kevin... redbirdtony sent me over to watch this vid... i couldn't understand why i wasn't getting notified of your uploads.. then i noticed i never hit the bell... so i did now & hopefully i will get all you notifications of when you upload more content... i am still on the fence about the car cards but am considering to start using them... great op session... thx for sharing.. vinny


Redbirdtony 2010 sent me over to sub you, watching your video makes me wonder because so many people seem to do switching ops these days, I gotta wonder if anyone still just runs their trains

NS5107 aka ChazCo

Hi Kevin, Great video. I have seen other videos on card cards, but I understood this one better.

Murphy 7575

Loved the video I have never used mark cards but looking forward to using them in the future Redbird Tony sent me over but have see your videos and talk to you about going to the next Decatur train show

EJ&E Jeff

Hi Kevin! I've been subscribed for awhile, and enjoy your videos, and I'm back to comment for Tony's contest,and watch again!

Nancy And The Spirit Of Colorado RR N Scaler

Hi kevin Redbirdtony2010 sent me over to hear and he had a great choice in a channel loved the video and great idea for operations I might use this system when my layout is up and running!!! I will need to go through your videos and have a look love your layout thanks Tony for the channel suggestion!!!


Well, I was already a subscriber, and have watched some of your previous videos, but redbirdtony2010 told me to watch this video, so I did. I never thought about using way bill car cards before for my switching ops, but I might just go buy some now, after watching your video. You made it look so easy to use. Thanks.

T-trak modules? I'm thinking about building a future N scale layout with T-Trak standards? Thanks again. Roy H.

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Welcome to Reboot Rockridge10 Feb. 2017

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Todd McCreary

Wow. Float spa sounds relaxing.

Lauren Carducci

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Amanda Putnam

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