Five mile run

2016 Spring Lake Five Mile Run from RUNNING National Broadcast Series

2016 Spring Lake Five Mile Run from RUNNING National Broadcast Series9 Jun. 2016
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The 40th running of the

The 40th running of the Spring Lake Five Mile Run in New Jersey is celebrated by over 12,000 on this beautiful course with a start and finish adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean. The race marks the beginning of summer on the Jersey Shore.

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Steve Starr

I cannot believe this race is up to 12,000+. Insane.

5 MILE WALK -Keaira LaShae

5 MILE WALK -Keaira LaShae1 Jul. 2016
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Do this 5 mile walk

Do this 5 mile walk everyday for a great cardio workout!

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Vernonica Williams

I've did your 3 mile workout & decided to challenge myself I made it through THANK GOD!!!
I want to thank you as well!!! I love the panels on the wall & you get that House it's a big purchase however it'll be yours & you can personalize however you like you GO GUURRLL CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
Keep the videos coming!!!❤?

elham bglari

Does anyone know how many calories we burn with this exercise?

asmau galadanchi

I think the talking is distracting

Radelyn Salapantan

Oh my gosh.. i want to go to Jamaica.. i love this

No Name

If you ain't sweatin' while doing this workout ( even with 2 lb hand weights) you ain't doing it right. After workout challenge: watch this workout after you've finished and take a shot of your favorite liquor everytime you hear Keaira say, "Wooh!"

Gabrielle Milsom

Wow that's hard!! Could be because I'm senior but I will be back!

Phoenix Blacc

This was a bit much for me and I am a seasoned walker. I used the hand weights, but maybe I need to go lighter. If you are not extremely coordinated this workout may be too advanced for you.

marion van de sande

I can t hear that houw for an hour and on so i mute and put my own music on,after 5 month of lesley this is a real challenge

Booty Call To Bride

I gotta go faster because I didn’t hit 10,000 steps! This was a great workout!

Iris Roquet

Love routine ? thanks!

Deahra Shelton

Play other tracks from yo album ??‍♀️

Berenice Bunk

Good exercises

Shakira Mckoy

New subscriber!! DAY 11 of 30. Btw...what's the link for your hair braid?


Sorry this isn't 5 miles and it was boring not having a cadence or anything to help us keep up with reps etc. She talked a lot and rambled on and some moves we did for too long for what the movements were. Then there was a long break in the middle where she talked about some protein shake that was unrelated to purpose of video. I stayed till the end for support etc but girl please next time have a format. Thanks for posting anyway and I do like your workouts just not this one. It definitely wasn't 5 miles though...


I will begin this tomorrow! The heat and them bugs are just horrid!

Ga Belle

Love the ?

Azize Gunes

Im in my 2nd trimester of my first pregnancy. Been doing some at home workouts but needed a challenge and found this. I absolutly love it its my second day doing it and burned almost 500 calories and took 7000 steps. My goal isnt to loose weight but rather maintain my weight gain. Will definitly do this workout postpartum to loose the baby weight

Joelynn Marsh

I enjoyed this video, she put so much energy into it. I tried not to take any breaks, if I had to take Breaks I would pause the vid .it was kind of hard for me, but I'm gonna keep trying, and Hopefully I get a good results

Carla Stevens

Made 5 mile with you travel all around the world looking like a super model( in my mind)..

elena fiorellino


Kris Wil

Such a great workout!! I couldn’t believe it when I made it to the end! ???

Ann Loves

Yooo this workout is what I’ve been looking for ! ❤️ I love it

Feel Me

! ? !


I'm 400lbs and I have limited mobility but i sat in my chair and marched along side of you making modifications as needed Thank you so much. I needed to push myself in the chair today. BTW, your living room was amazing scenery! Love your energy and encouragement!

Dana Mule

Still one of my fave working workouts!

Cynthia Reese

Lord!!! This was a workout hunty!!!??? but I did the whole 5 miles.? Praise Jesus!! Lol

Anna Q

You did this 4 years ago...you knew we was gonna be quarantined in 2020 huh? Lol
Love this workout so freaking much!!


Girllllll I just did this workout and everything burns. Yesssss I needed this bad. Day one on getting myself back together ❤ This whole 2020 put me in a funk. Thanks for this motivation

Kiya D

I did this today & still was drenched in sweat.

Durodola Folagbade

Haaaaaa is very stenosis

Thomasene Hicklin-Gill

Did you forget to put link for the shake you were drinking? Can someone help, please and thank you!

Big City Commute

Thank you! Can’t do my walk outside today due to a heat advisory, and I enjoyed working out with this video!

Camiel Francis

Jamaica in the house!!!!!!! Yesssss girl you arw working my body, pretty good workout

kholoud al jehani

احد يترجم


Yes!! I love this!! Thank you so much! & forreal we JUST bought a new house & I'm tryna get some of those vant panels, too! They're awesome ?


Thanks for doing this video. This has really helped me.????❤️

Lori A

I discovered you today!! I love you already!! This workout was so great I am ready to do it again for a second round. I better not go to far, may not be able to move tomorrow.?♥️

Cay Dub

So, this morning I had already done a Sydney Cummings leg workout (weights) , followed by a Sydney Cummings cardio kickboxing workout, when I remembered that I had promised to walk 5 miles this weekend as part of a children’s cancer benefit. ??‍♀️

I live on a street with a lot of public parks, so I didn’t want to walk outside because it’s hot and people drive crazy during a holiday weekend on my street. So, I searched “5 mile walk” on YouTube and found this video. And then I realized I recognized Keaira from a Pop Sugar workout I had done in the past.

Anyway, I skipped the weight movements, but just marched /walked around my house and in place and really enjoyed the music and her energy.

Thank you for helping keep my commitment! My legs are officially DONE!

Chris M

Just completed this workout for the first time., sweaty & exhausted, but I finished. I had to put the weights down for miles 3 & 5.

Femi 8

This walk workout was amazing! I felt good mentally and physically afterwards. Thank you!?????

Felica Moore

yes i did it how many calories did you burn

Maria A


Farzana Soud

You are awesome

Lisa Carter

Just did this as a rest from hip-hop Tabata. This was fun

Rachel Philip

Did not get name of protein drink, she was taking

Queen Tiyi El

Your workouts, your energy, your passion for what you do, your love for your family is everythang! My life has changed so much since I've been following you. Sending love and blessings to you in 2K20!

Kathy Ferguson

You look awesome I love your walking tape

Charlene Riley

How many calories would i burn at 233lb with this video?

LL15 Baiocchi

You are amazing!!! Just found you and will be coming back for more! Loved the workout!

Laura 16

Sooooo.....this my 2nd time doing this workout. I couldn't do this in my normal workout space (the living room) so I used the treadmill......AND TURNED IT IN TO AN INTERVAL WORKOUT!. My high intensity speeds were 3.1-3.2 and my low intensity was 3.0. You will be surprised by what a difference this small increments make! Enjoy!

Maria Isabel Campañia

Saludos desde Ecuador Gracias! :)

LaCharmine L.A. Jefferson

I was excited to see a walking video by Ms. Kearia LaShae. After "watching" the video at work, I shld have expected no less than this power packed, hip hop inspired, powered up "Walk". LOL. I'm adding this to my exercise playlist.

Phenomenal Faith

Here in 2020... for the lil situation we all goin through ????

Avril Skeete

OMG! I thought this was gonner be like a walk in the park; was I in for a rude awakening. This was a tough workout and I had to pause it just to get a breather and write my thoughts. That COVID weight has slowed me down tremendously and I see that I have a lot of work to do to lose the extra weight. Thank you for you workout video Keaira I sure do appreciate all the hard work and dedication plus you are so much fun to work out with.


I always burn well over 600 calories with this workout, I love it!! I do this at least 4x a week and definitely see the results! Sometimes I feel discouraged, thinking I don't really feel like doing it, but then I remind myself that the rounds seem to go by much more quickly with every round! I love this so much and so thankful to have it! ?

Yolanda McBride

I absolutely love this! I am about to do this right now. ❤

Geraldine Pierre

Looks nice and simple??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

LaTanya Hamlett

today i tried it with your booty bands.


I did this walk while listening to Girl Trek's Black History bootcamp (Google it, anyone can join!) this morning. Although I had the video muted, your energy came all the way through! Thanks so much Kierra!!!!


good workout, don't like the song tho....sorry girl! :). (probably cause it played the entire time, but I get the whole thing around copyright music)

Shauna Brown

Omg completed this workout in its entirety for the 2nd time. I give myself props because after 30 minutes I felt so tired but I made it.

Sharlena Tyler

Thank you for doing these videos Kierra. Im losing weight and im now off insulin. I thank God for you. You are such an inspiration and very talented. Love you????????

S Coleman

I attempted to do this, first time. Age over 50


I recently found your workout and decided to walk-it-out with my 2lb weights this morning September 19th, 2020. I reached 7,869 steps and finished two bottles of water by the time the workout was complete. I'm slowly getting back into my weight loss journey so my two pound weights felt like bricks from time to time. Overall thankyou for sharing this workout, your back panels look absolutely Beautiful and I'll be back for another session of this workout with you Monday morning September 21st, 2020.


The way she gently flipped those braids back during the cool down...Queen!

Sherry Blanchard-Lowe

I have been doing this workout for 1 week and I love it. Ms. K. you're fantastic! This workout is set at a nice pace. As the pace increases the more, you feel your body gain its super body. Thank you, Ms. K, I am 56 and I love your fitness workout program.

Wanli Yu

This is exactly what I'm looking for!!!??

Jae Graham

I'm a 46 year-old man text pretty fit I just needed to add cardio to my workout and you rock it was fun it wasn't easy I like it I would do it more often thank you very much for this video young lady

Kathy Ferguson

Love the panels !

Margie Fly

Beautiful Living Room ? Great workout ❤️ God bless you ?

Brandi Thompson

Fun but challenging workout

Jessica K.

This is a great workout! It's definitely a stress reliever

AhShah Aranha

This is just what I need today. I can move. I'm alive! Thank you Keaira!

Phyllis Brown

just found this channel and video-- mixing up my indoor walking/workout routine. This will be on my save list. Your energy is fantastic!

Janet Fry

Did this workout for the first time! Love your energy. Will be checking out your other workouts. I must say I am a sweaty mess ?

Colette Williams

This video popped up in my feed so i gave it a try and only got up to passed 3 miles. Let ME tell you i was sweating and arms tired, I will be doing this wrkout at least 3x a week

Milena Deneno

This was the much fun I’ve had doing a step workout ever! Now the song is stuck in my head so I’m gonna be dancing around the house all day!!
Thank you so much! 10/10

laxmi adep

It's gud workout to do it at home without equipment. I really enjoyed doing it. I did twice this workout a day almost 10 mile 20000 steps. I lost half kg weight. Really amazing ❤️ thanks

Amma Blake

Guuuuurl!!!!! I didn't get 10,000 steps out of this (although I will surely get them and more as I completed this workout first thing in the morning) but I did burn over 700 calories!!!! THANK YOU SIS!!!!

Valencia Jackson

Awesome workout!!! I felt great the whole day!!! Thank you so much for the encouragement and great energy!!!❤??


Finish!!! day 1


I love this workout. Thanks!! ?


Woooooooaaa! This workout is nice!!!! ?? ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️??

Ms. Fuller Ed.S

Great workout after 10 times though... had to play my own music

fatera hasan

I am doing a 100 day transformation challenge, Gonna to do this workout for next 100 days. Today was day four, 20 pounds to go!

Tonianne Venezia

I really enjoyed this workout! It was a great combination work out! I pushed it and did the whole video at same pace as Kieara and loved it! Took a shower after work out and my muscles just melted. Now laying in bed my arms are feeling a little sore but, ready to do it again tomorrow:)

tracy r nelson

I like this

Leilani L’amour

This is fun and your energy is amazing! Thank you ??????

Kathy Ferguson

This is great while in covid19 thank you!!


Great workout found during quarantine!

Seachelles 7

This is a fantastic workout! Love the upper body arm work. I HATE push ups and have a wrist injury but I can work on my arms and feel the burn with this workout.

Your panels are awesome


Hi, I lost 20 kilograms with diet. Now I have to work out to tighten. Do you thinks this video would be enough? I am waiting for your experiences ??

Angel Darrah

Do you have any new wall videos! This was nice I loved it you make it fun! Gorgeous living room

Tamika Queen

Congradulations on your new house as I know this was 4 years ago.

Kelly Ratt

This is the challenge I've been looking for, thank you for posting this video. I was almost tricked into doing those quick little dance moves you put in. Lol made me laugh.

Adeola Adewale

I literally found this because it was raining outside today and I couldn't go walking. When I tell you, this was like meeting up with a close friend and just having fun at the gym. I really loved this workout! Great job Keaira!

lavonne carrick

After viewing this for a few minutes I think I like Leslie Sansone Videos better because she breaks up the routine with different moves. This one seems boring, same footwork throughout the whole thing I don’t think I could do this for 5 miles.

Kizzy Maynard

You're no joke. Great work this far. Sheesh lol

Felica Moore

hi got
to try this today how many pounds of weight you got?


So glad I came across this workout, my arms, legs and butt are burning. Just what I needed. thanks!

10K (6.2 Miles) Indoor RUN | SIX MILE One Hour RUNNING at Home Workout

10K (6.2 Miles) Indoor RUN | SIX MILE One Hour RUNNING at Home Workout26 Mar. 2017
260 257
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It’s always an estimate (based on your weight and intensity), but approximately 550 - 600 calories.

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Comments (100)
scarlet diaz de chacon

Thank you so much


My calves!


Paula---- this was a great challenge. I've completed two 10k's. Yet, I had to dig deep to finish. 768 calories later and I'm done. Too bad we can't add photos because I want to share that I was able to sustain a solid cardio/fat burning heart rate throughout the workout. You are truly inspirational!!!! Thank you!

Mush is fine



This is all what I was looking for.!!!!!!!!thanks!!!just walk or run. Nor jumping. No dawns. Lefts, rights. No thanks

Helen P

This was awesome!!!!!!!
I've been running for a long time and done everything from 5k to marathons but have in the last few years with a young family, injury, shift work and focusing too much on times etc; I really lost my way with running. I really want 2021 to be the year I kickstart my running without the pressure and just to enjoy it again like I once did. This was a great workout. Very relaxed and easy to do at home when I can't get out due to childcare. Thanks Pahla. Look forwardto doing more. Plus its the first time I ran barefoot and it definitely made me feet work more so will be great for strengthening. Thanks once again, Helen in sunny UK

Kleiry Nuno

When you think you have 20 minutes in but actually have 5 ?

Karen Sager

I just wanted to add to the discussion about steps versus actual distance. I base my outcomes on calories burned. When I go walking or running outside, I burn an average of 100 calories per mile. When I did your 5 mile run/walk, I burned 522 calories. I think you are spot on as far as distance. :)

Elke Royal

Did this tonight on the treadmill as part of my program to work up to a 10K. I did the hour and came to 5 miles (running and walking), which was the goal I was looking for. The biggest hurdle for me is still the time commitment. I did NOT want to get on the treadmill tonight because I knew I would have to be on there for an hour. I did it, but it’s a struggle to talk myself into it after a full day of work

Ricky-Heather Johnson

I finished the whole distance...thanks to my new running partner. Thanks, Pahla B...

Joan Leslie-Jones

Made it all the way (yaay!) and I did it after taking off from my fitness routine from Thanksgiving to New Year. Training now for my second 1/2 marathon. Thanks Pahla for training me to complete my first 1/2 marathon using only your videos! I'm thinking of doing this video two times in a row and work my way up the three times in a row since it's winter and icy where I live. This is amazing indoor training. Thank you Pahla!!

Be Lucky

M 23 yrs ..but I HV never did running n attempted this...I took one-two min brks after every 10min running..
But I did it..it was challenging but I did it.
I realized m really old ? that I can't evn do this...
I was fully drenched in sweat after this workout...
Thank u mam for such a wonderful workout

Glaiza Elevado

i like how Pahla makes it seem like she's also with us. thank you,Pahla B. I will do this later (i joined a virtual run so I really need to)

Kh Chinglemba

It is hard to run at a same place. Easy if we go up and down or run in a little space. I do workout for 1 hr 9500 steps (according honor band 5)..

Larissa Zannese

Thank you so much for this! The first 2 miles I wanted to quit so badly but you were so encouraging that I kept going! Then I did the next three miles with some music, then did the last mile with you!!! This was awesome thank you so much! Loved it!!!!??❤️?❤️

Lady in Red

Love your channel and working out including running. Can you please do a video on a 20 k run?

Calm Down Kayla Apostolic Pentecostal

I've run this with you step for step! Yesterday was my first video with you. Similar. Always thinking of that potato chip. And also I did my first 5 k AFTER I ran my first 10k haha


Yeah! This was the second run with you! Thanks!

Kimberly Porch

I did it I did ran whole way , last 20 was a run and walk. Soon and very soon I should be able to run the full 10 K. Yay!!!

sudeep chavan

Successfully completed.. feeling happy

Jala Sudhakar

My thighs are huge it benefits to me

Nkechi Juwah

@Pahla B Fitness. Your workouts make me smile while I am doing them. Thank you so much for keeping us fit. Your fan from West Africa.

Andrea Paterson

can the speaker PLEASE speak more slowly, I have an hearing problem and am feeling BOMBARDED. Because you speak too fast, I don't understandl so bye you wont see me again.

Helen P

How many calories do you burn in this workout Pahla please?

Paamjeet Kour

Thanks so much pahla God blessyou


I'm not in the mood to go on my usual 11k today so this is perfect! I can have my cheat meal today without any guilt. Thank you :)


Working out inside makes sense to me! I tried this work out and it was super great! thumbs up . . .

Llibres Cuina i música 7

Thank you so much for make our isolation stay home more easy.
Kind regards from spain.
I was so afraid to stay at home with the kids and husband for fifteen days and no make any excercise. With this run I fell much better and more positive to fight coronavirus.

micha forever

Thank you Pahla ♥

Rohans Farm Cottage Mulshi #farmhouse

Today I managed 23.1 kms stationery run in 2:26:43 . Thanks for this great activity

Kim Ngo

I did it for the first time

Andressa Tartarini

Can anyone tell me how many calories does this work out burn?

Becky& Sparky

I’m trying to run from England to kazhakstan in three weeks at home


I follow you now for a few years. Since one month 4 times a week 10K or your interval running videos. Thank you so much Pahla for all your effort and videos here on you tube!! ?

scarlet diaz de chacon

I love your channel and I'm subscribed

Amruta Pawar

Thank you Pahla

Jaya Devi

Omg how is that possible????? Great n I salute you lady!!!!!! I'm shame of myself as I can't do this exercise like yours. Cheers lady!!!!?????

Nora Su

Good for the young ones, Iam 61 years of age, I can't run, can you make a video for the adults who cannot run

T. Pasha

I plugged this workout in my phone and started watching the 1-hour run of london. I’m hooked now. Thank you so much, Pahla. This is the most fun I’ve had exercising! ❤️

Hannah C.

I just want to say thank you so much. I’ve been feeling not as motivated to exercise these past couple of days so I decided to give this a go. This is the first time I have ever ran before so I took longer breaks but I’m so proud of myself regardless. Thank you once again!


I do this 5 hours

Sara Holt

Wow, I loved this workout!!! My feet are aching! I am a long-distance runner, but I heal strike, so this was a great reminder of having good form!


my calves are ON fire after doing this yesterday, i did a lot of foam rolling and stretching last night but they are still sore. somehow i need to use my whole foot strike instead of the balls of my foot. when I'm outside i actually tend to heel strike which I know is not good

sherian stanley

Enjoying doing these work outs in my garden, when its sunny. Am from England. So wont be long before I'll have to do them indoors, as it's always raining in the u.k.

A Stewart

On the couch watching her run??. Might try tho, gotta burn these thighs so that I don't get the "quarantine 15"

Yokesh manoh

Completed thank you

Diana Gomez

♥️♥️♥️♥️thanks love your videos?



Anna Stedman

Your skirt is so cute!
I did this workout today 5 minutes walking and 5 min running.
My watch shows 4.1 miles and 7105 steps. I am slow but I finished!!❤

Pamela Ann

I ran to your 5K video before your 10K video. So that was a 15K?

darshana borawake

Ur amazing!! loved running a 10k with you.✨


I just came across your channel. This is something great to do, especially when the weather is bad. I have to ask, do you remember where you got your running skirt/short at? I love it.


Train a 10K run with you is so much fun! I felt so agitated about 10K until I picked up this video. I realize the right attitude is not to feel tense but relaxed during the run. Also thank you for sharing your helpful tips and experiences. You're the most encouraging and awesome trainer that I've ever met.

Chiedza Munyuki

Yaaay this is so awesome .that i dont have to leave the house. Thoroughly enjoyed myself.imma keep doing this .thank you Pahla

Bek W

Killer B love all your workout it really is rexlaing ☺☺

Anand Kumar

Managed to run for 1 hour outside today. Don't know how many kms. But feels good.

C. Stephanie M.

I just completed this due to it being just way too hot to run outside. While I didn't clock 6.2 miles, i clocked 5.74 miles, i matched her pace and was at times faster, i wonder if her mileage is accurate. lol. I appreciate this video and appreciate how much running in place improves your abs compared to movement running. love it. thanks

Anand Kumar

I managed to finish this. The stiffness in the calves have gone away. Does this mean I can run a 3-4 kms outside? Thanks for this series. this has been very helpful.


Running on the spot without changing it up seems a bit boring

Gloria Cheng

Thank you, Pahla! Another day and I did it. Thank you for being so real and honest to share about mistakes that you make.
I love that your exercises make me think. Good for my brain. Looking forward to Day #7.

Beberly Arthur

Thank you so much Pahla B.

I am enjoying it. As I already started walking and running 3months ago.

This is my first week and I'm very honest. I'm addicted to 10ksteps a day. As I am aiming for 25k a day to I do this run twice now.

Your my inspiration. X ??

John Diengdoh

Love you ❤️❤️❤️


Like does indoor running really work? I've been doing the 5k one for like a week but idk

Don Roff

I've been performing this workout weekly for a few months now. Today, I ran 7.1 miles within the hour, so my time is improving. At age 53, I'll soon be running my time like I did when I was half my age.

uma pipdika

Is this realyy 10k run?

Natalie Phoenix

This was good! My body needed to move, but my brain could not focus well. This helped me pull it together. Thank you so much!

Helen P

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this workout. Thank you. Would you consider doing an indoor half marathon challenge video please?

Roxas Sora

I'm late but I feel great.


I used to jogg 5 mile's but I stopped now that I'll be turning 44 year's old on May 23 I want to be in shape again it was workout I did it I went all the way I love your video it was fun I feel good Thank You ???


Did this today....made it to the end-my pace is lower than it used to be, but I kept going to get to a full 6.2. mi (Woo hoo! !! ) I used to obsess on pace, but I am just running and enjoying the workouts, doing the best that I can with where I am with my fitness level am happy with just being ABLE to run at all. So glad I found your workouts!!! So fun!

Maitreyi Srinivasaraghavan

i've been doing your 5ks daily and my monthly goal was to run a 10k. I managed the full distance without walking breaks, (1 water break with 10 minutes left) I honestly didn't think i'd do it. Thank you so much for making me push myself and do things i didn't think i'd be able to do. ❤

Jazmine Payne

i have never felt so accomplished in my life.. thank you!

Corrie fowles

Ok... that was hard. I only got 4.8 miles according to my fitbit. I did have to walk a little more than I wanted to. My body was done by the end, but I'm going to try this next Sunday and see if I can get more runs in instead of walks.

Zeze Atiaksheva

i did with you run thank you

Sunita Pandey

This is my first day with running ?‍♀️ time I did it with you at home running ?‍♀️ finished with you feeling good thank you ?

Debbie Taylor

How can I t be 10k ? I was jogging at the same pace as her but when I do it on a treadmill It takes me 1 hour and 15 mins

Debbie Taylor

Me too but my calf was hurting bad.

Kirty Orum

Hey, what a wonderful run,enjoyed !!!!

wissam jouni

Challenge done today ! Great thx

DiAra Tabor

I only got to ten minutes??


u are my guru my motivator ma'm thank you best video on youtube.u inspire me.lots of love and respect to you from India.

Alexys Becerra

I've earned my vegan pancakes this morning!! Thank you Pahla! I broke things up a little with side steps, backwards steps and a traipse through the house. What a great way to spend a rainy morning in before my HIIT!

Sooya Han

my mother and I do this every single day and she is 54 years old! Thank you for doing this kind of video, it's helping many people ❤️❤️ especially in the quarantine #staysafeeveryone #pleasewearmasks

Neetu Agrawal

I am a finisher ....yay !!!

Aditi Tiwari

I completed it ?
This was exhilarating. I'm so glad I found this video.
Thank You

Nicole Sheehan

Iam 25 can still do ti

Tamás Tóthi

Why shoud I do this?

Melike Sert

I burned 739 calories!!!????

Donna Dobbs

Once again, Thank You for these great motivational runs!
The tip about thinking that I have a potato chip in my hands was priceless!
My hands used to be balled up fists! Lol!??

Maya Qureshi

Maximum how much calories we burn through this 10k

Teach Yourself - STEM

Just finished this, thanks :)

Diane Leveque

Lockdown from Coronavirus? No worries! Great run with Pahla B!

Nancy Arida

I did the full distance, the first time ever running this long! Absolutely loved it :D

Sakura Hana

hi pahla' ı am doing this 1 hours videos on everyday since 10 days :) my weight 59 and height 162.how many calories ı burned in 1 hour?

Darth Mcgee

I mirrored you, counter says 8921 steps and only 3.91 miles. Great workout but one would need to almost double your pace to reach 6.2 miles.

Thuy Luong

awesome video, love it and I can run on my day off. Thank you

Incredible life

Pahla does this exercise bulk up your calves?

Manal Ramzan

Can i loose weight by this exercise???

rangarajan iyer Swaminathan

This is the ultimate indoor run during covid times when its tough to go for outdoor run...Kudos ????

Amy Fidelino

That was fun, Pahla. I also prefer to run barefoot indoors. Thank you.