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Golf Specific-Body Weight Workout

Golf Specific-Body Weight Workout25 Sep. 2014
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www.HansenFitnessForGolf.com- In this workout video, Mike demonstrates exercises using the number one piece of equipment you own... YOUR BODY! These exercises can be done right in the comfort of your own home, and will greatly help to improve your golf game. Each region of the body is targeted, and should be done as often as possible to incresase strength and endurance. For more great Golf Specific workouts like this, be sure to check out our website!

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6 Resistance Band Exercises For Your Golf Swing

6 Resistance Band Exercises For Your Golf Swing24 May. 2019
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Paul Musarra

Love the rip trainer

Historia Reiss

Great drills! This improved my golf swing a lot ✨

Socal Sean

Love this channel

GolferRon 72

Great exercises. One question where can I find the steel hardware and anchors.

Mark Adams

Great routine, could definitely feel it! A quick question, how many sets of each exercise should I do, and how many times a week should I do this routine?


Mike, Great set of exercises using our GolfGym PowerBandz available at https:GolfGym.com. I love the squat press up. I will be doing that one today. All the best Ken Pierce creator, GolfGym.com

How to Use the Gym Equipment to Improve your Golf Game!

How to Use the Gym Equipment to Improve your Golf Game!13 Jun. 2013
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www.HansenFitnessForGolf.com- Here are just a few basic exercises that you can do to improve your golf game and your overall health with the equipment at the gym. Mike touches on a few machines at Dove Canyon Country Club that are great for your golf game.

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There are several ideas for how to play golf better
Practise your golf swing in slow motion
Position your feet properly
discover the best body posture
(I read these and the reasons they work from Gavs golf tactic website )


Thank you so much. I´ve been looking for something like this

Cade Dibadj

Great content. Best on YouTube!

Peter Rodriguez

great video. thanks