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Automated Testing in Dynamics NAV – Continued

Automated Testing in Dynamics NAV – Continued4 May. 2017
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By Luc van Vugt


By Luc van Vugt

As our Dynamics NAV environments become more complex and the frequency of new versions increases, automated testing can have a significant positive impact for your team's efficiency and confidence. We will review what automated testing is, how it can be used, the impact of add-ons, and what tools and skills are recommended.

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Igor Nikiforov

This is a good overview of the reasoning behind testing, but it would be nice to have a video covering technical details with examples of complex test cases, examples of codeunits created from the scratch, with a lot of code and so on.

Strength to Stability Exercises via Hyperwear®

Strength to Stability Exercises via Hyperwear®5 Dec. 2011
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http://www.hyperwear.com Hyper Training Lab #18: A dynamic circuit that focuses on strength to stability exercises with an added transition station. This circuit is a great way to integrate the SandBell® and SteelBell® into strength training programs, personal training sessions and boot camp or group fitness classes.

The circuit moves from strength to stability, and then to the transition station that keeps everyone moving smoothly throughout the circuit. The transition station also acts as an active recovery exercise that targets different muscle sets than the strength and stability exercises.

Strength to stability with transition exercises:

1. Alternating Lunge with SandBell: Focus on pushing back from the heels and activating grip strength with the SandBell.

2. Step-Up with SandBell: Be sure to load the SandBell on the medial side, or the shoulder that's opposite of the leg stepping up.

3. Lower and Upper Pulls: Using resistance bands, focus on action of the shoulder complex.

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Public Trust Feature Film | The Fight for America’s Public Lands

Public Trust Feature Film | The Fight for America’s Public Lands26 Sep. 2020
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A feature-length

A feature-length documentary about America’s system of public lands and the fight to protect them.

Watch the trailer for 'Public Trust' here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jsKMTAaj_wQ

Despite support from voters across the political spectrum, our public lands face unprecedented threats from extractive industries and the politicians in their pockets. Part love letter, part political exposé, Public Trust investigates how we arrived at this precarious moment through three heated conflicts—a national monument in the Utah desert, a mine in the Boundary Waters and oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge—and makes a case for their continued protection.

Take action to protect our public lands. Text DEFEND to 71333.

Directed by David Byars

Produced by Jeremy Rubingh

Executive Producers Yvon Chouinard & Robert Redford

Executive Producers Josh Nielsen, Alex Lowther & Monika McClure

Edited by Lyman Smith

Original Score by Stephanie Nicora & Bill Reynolds

Cast: Hal Herring, Angelo Baca, Spencer Shaver, Joel Clement, Bernadette Demientieff & Terry Tempest Williams

Learn more about 'Public Trust' here: https://www.patagonia.com/films/public-trust/

Subscribe to Patagonia Action Works to learn more about environmental campaigns happening near you. We'll only contact you about activism here. Patagonia Action Works alerts. Message and data rates may apply. Reply STOP to opt out or HELP for help.

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Hmmmm I don't remember any environmental advocacy groups ever reaching out to hunters, ranchers or anyone that wants access to public lands beyond hikers. Usually they want most of the public excluded from "public lands". When public lands get a wilderness designation its pretty much closed off at that point. You know you can't even kayak or canoe rivers in Yellowstone. Same with most wildlife refuges.


The united states has the most beautiful nature and wildlife there is. Don't fritter it away

Papa Brown

Shits deep wear the shit kickers


We desperately need this on Hulu, Netflix, anything that would help spread whats going on. Until now, I had no idea this was an issue. I assume there are more people like myself who uses and appreciates our land but don't realize that it's under attack.

John Lopez

We need to ask ourselves WHY DO PPL VOTE FOR REPUBLICANS when they destroy so much????

OG Austin

Don Young is a walking Cancer may he go out the way he lived in this life


All Trump supporters should be decapitated

Cory Hobbs

Great should be required viewing ?????


Thank you so much for these extraordinary films and for making them available to all of us. Sharing far and wide! ?????

Mark Brand

Makes me embarrassed to be from Utah and to have been a typical Utahn until recently.

Ross Harris

Before the "pale-faces" arrived in on this Great Land, did the native American indian neighbors, need $$$ money to manage all the land?? their tribes were in every area of acreage known, did they need money to maintain the land with all the animals ??? of course not. its a baseless argument

Cassandra Lynn

What I find scary is the degree to which the public gets deceived and manipulated. Here we see it happening with our public lands. Our politicians sell out to big industry, but what other ways are they selling out. Look at our country, look at our world. Something is very wrong right now. I feel it deeply, the alarm bells are ringing but I can’t identify the danger through all the smoke and mirrors.

Charlie Wood

Thank you for sharing awareness Patagonia, everyone needs to know about this!

Rodrigo TreeBark

31:24/ 1:38:01 If Don Young would just prove to the jury that his dot theory is valid by allowing a member of that jury to whip a baseball at the dot on his nose he could show us how little damage that would cause.

Elaine Jefferson

Today, this minute, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and Tongass National Forest are under siege by Trump's disregard for nature and science. These lands (and other Public Lands) will forever be lost. It is unconscionable that we stand by and watch the devastation and degradation of ancient lands, which cannot be restored. Stand and let your voice be heard today, or we will lose our natural lands forever to greed and corruption.


"I'd drill in a cemetery if there was oil there". Please tell me, how that became an acceptable thing to say for a representive?! How greed made people blind so much?

Zack De

Public land is the people’s land not for the government to sell as if is there own to big corporations. Me being 21 know that our young generation will not stand for this and will stop this in our life time. I’m for economic growth and pro capitalism but this is flat out wrong and hope it would set wrong with most people.


Absolutely fantastic, really must watch documentary. I love patagonia for continuing to make great films like this and engage more people into the bigger issues

Annelise Zeender

I was literally sobbing through the end of this, from the moment the menacing music started playing behind Trump's helicopter.

Ross Harris

the congress/board of directors of that 1871 municipal corporation, does not have legal authority over the public, nor its lands. they have legal authority only over their *employees. the people need to get together and stay together and camp out on their land and protect it FROM THEFT


If a Navy Seal like Zinke could sell his soul so easily in politics, it makes you wonder what he did with a gun in his hands during his military career

Martin Ricard

Powerful! Does anyone know who's singing that version of "This Land Is Your Land" at the end?

Such Playlists Though

YES get this issue to be non-partisan again! Conserving nature can and should unite both sides of politics because we ALL are better off with nature in our lives <3

Shannon McIntyre


Jarod Grasso

Gum up the rigs

Trey Beggs

End trumpism!

Jose Javier O-i

In an interest of a deeper understanding of the subject, can someone provide me with a source where the counterpart «justifies» or presents their arguments in favor of privatizing public land?

Ross Harris

the phoney virus has proven the oil isnt needed. they sell it offshore and keep the profit offshore.

luke miller

How can I get involved and active

Ross Harris

Mr. Trump recently signed away Tongass, to clear cutting?

Grizzly Addams

25:44 Charles Wohlforth... Speak for yourself sir. Alaskas population is incredibly diverse. The crowd you run with may be as you say, "hungry for a hit". However, those of us that actually live here and not, "20 minutes from Alaska" do not want A.N.W.R. opened up.


As an old white guy (not Republican), I'm so tired of seeing old white Republicans carelessly exploit everything. Like the fat fuck who was saying he would drill in a cemetery if there was oil there and others who feel it's their place to tell women what to do with their bodies. At least we got rid of the old fat fuck in the Whitehouse, but the mantra of dedication to profit and the will of shareholders still persists with these greedy fossils.

Weim Tee

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Rob Griffin

The messaging in this movie is kind of scattered. Recreational interests in public lands are private interests just like oil and gas, cattle grazing, fur trapping, non-use value from antiquities, etc. As a joint owner of these public lands, subsidizing any of these groups with a cheap deal seems concerning. A framing around externalities might have been more effective, or around what a nationally representative sample of citizens wants and how regulatory capture is thwarting their will. The movie just seems to pit special interests against each other.

Jarod Grasso

I used to be pro trump... I don't know anymore

Wendy Smith

a really good video until it turned totally political...

M Maple

As an avid hunter/fisherman I feel that my fellow sportsman just do not understand the importance of public land. I openly admit I am a conservative and vote conservative but admit that the Republican Party (and not all republicans are conservative) are awful at environmental policies. The democrats are much better at keeping public lands public. On the contrary the democrats tend to not embrace us sportsman. We like our hunting, fishing, and guns. I just don’t understand why we can’t all agree to disagree. If only the republicans kept their paws off public lands and the democrats kept their paws off of our guns, our heritage of hunting and fishing etc. It’s common sense for all. It upsets me that we have to choose one or the other. We should be protecting our public lands for all recreation; hunting, camping, hiking, fishing etc. no drilling. No fracking. No mining on or around any public lands. Period. We should also be acquiring land to create more public land for more public use. On the other hand the democrats need to keep their paws off our guns and hunting/fishing heritage. Pro gun. Pro public land. Pro hunting/fishing/trapping etc. unfortunately if I vote democrat I help our public lands but sacrifice my guns and the threat to end hunting because of some persons “feelings” got hurt. On the contrary if I keep voting Republican my public lands will be destroyed and used up for all they are worth which will ultimately end the quality hunting and fishing us sportsman enjoy. I just don’t get it. Keep your hands off our guns and stop going after us hunters, and keep your paws off our public lands! Maybe one day we will have a party that actually cares about America and our constitutional rights to bear arms along with protecting our public lands. One sportsman can dream!

Northwoods Collective

So well done and inspiring. All our futures depend on these lands and our natural world.


The way they approach mining and usage of it terrible.

I am pro nuclear, uranium mining is small in the total energy needs.
It removes the need for oil and gas, with energy density that is 3.000.000 times of that.

It can should be done in the best way.
In-situ leeching.
And spend fuel can be recycled, also old nuclear material can be burned.

Outside the America the practises are very different.

Levi Kleinow

This is what all people should be caring about nature in it's rawest form.. if you give them a inch they will take EVERYTHING and cause destruction with zero ramification. Greed is dangerous.. Me as a outdoorsman talk about how important it is to protect our wildlife.. we are teaching our little about how it's the utmost important to keep nature in it's rawest form protected.

Ross Harris

Same thing with oil blow out "Horizon" in the gulf of Mexico...destroy the food supply, destroy the moral, and destroy the people dependent upon it


freedom still not free

OG Austin

Its ridiculous energy independence is not ruining your own lands its minimizing your use and creating better alternatives and ways of life


The whole nation still belongs to the native occupants since it was stolen from them in the first place

D-MAK Productions

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Amber Renee

The end is so close I can taste it


hunting fishing camping all not free

Weedermin B

USA and Canada save the land. as population grows we need to protect and save it the power rich needs to go away. Population people its time to change our ways.

Travis Buttercup

55:41 "When you're complacent, things are done to you; but when you unite, they have to listen to you." a true and beautiful statement to be sure! I love this documentary!

H-J. K.

Fight the confiscation of publik Land as hard as possible. I live here in Western Europe where there has been NO public Land for Centurys.


Thank you for educating me. This is disgusting, I threw up in my mouth. We all must save our public lands.

Weedermin B

We don’t need gas and oil it’s getting old,trade silly oil so old. Population no food no land

Deborah O'Neal

More destruction of history. I know the removing of statues pales in comparison, but that is part of this as well. Reduce the people to as much ignorance as possible and rule them with an iron hand because they don't know how to do it themselves, at least not the way we think they should. The more they can manipulate people with their words, the more will follow them off the cliff.

Arrijal Rachman

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con una buona qualità video di tutti i titoli di film.


there is no doubt there are public lands to protect, but public lands needs some regulation, otherwise all the zombies and weirdos and stranger things would overrun the lands and over fish, or over hunt, or otherwise destroy the lands by trampling and camping over ecologically sensitive areas etc. public lands always need some management, free isn't really "free" with shared property. everyone has their own ideas on how these lands are to be used. who is right? who is wrong? it is STILL a complicated topic, a complex problem. no clear cut solution.

Ryan Scott

Thank you Patagonia!

Jamie Berlanga

Powerful... Who else is questioning why they haven't done more for environmental conservation after watching this? I know I am... Huge thanks to Patagonia and all the participants for this amazing documentary!

bolsominion corrupto

Desgraçados eu achei que era um vídeo sobre bolo

Garfield all Day

I am lucky enough to have known and learned from a mentor that owns A LOT of property in koreatown in la.

One question that popped up in my head and his answer to it always stuck with me. I asked him, “moving from Korea and becoming so successful, what does la look like to you after so long?” He asked me in return, “do you remember how big your elementary school was to you when you were younger only to realize how small it actually is when you’re all grown up? That’s exactly what happened to me with Los Angeles. I am nothing. Now, imagine the billionaires more successful than me and how small the world is to them.”

This answer gives me chills to this day.

Ashlei Milligan

I love how you framed this correctly. This is not a partisan issue. Republicans, Democrats and Independents all overwhelmingly support public lands.

Brandon Guitierez

The way Angelo described what he feels when he is outside is a perfect description of what every self aware Indian feels when he or she is walking in the footsteps of the old ones. I’m still lucky enough to hunt in the same areas my relatives hunted for a millennia. I feel exactly how Angelo described it. I wonder how much longer it will last. Even my people have adopted the greed and want to “develop” the tiny acreage we have. Money is disgusting.

Ross Harris

certain groups, "plant" an accident near natural areas, to force a change in economics via real disaster and destruction of said natural area

Louis Hibbs

Land is worthless without H2O. Litigate every drop of water you can..without water the public lands can not be auctioned off to write down the national debt..and the government will have to begin implementing a national sales tax that can target the debt...there are only 2 countries on the planet that do not have a national sales tax ..the USA and Oman...the wealthiest vultures in the world have their claws ready to buy it all up with there digital dollars..

shannon mcgilvray

I had no Idea! Awareness is important. Someone posted this on a political site, I am glad I seen it, I will engage in conversation with my family and friends and hopefully they will do the same.

Phillip Young

Wildlife, wolves, fox, deer, elk, bison, wild horses, burro, sage grouse, and all the lost species to overgrazing (not the typical family ranch) and oil/gas have an equal right in this discussion.

Saul Valdivia


Jenny Kormendi

"We don't have to engage in grand, heroic actions to participate in the process of change. Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world". -Howard Zinn

So impressed and grateful for these patriots fighting for our resources. I’m inspired to act. Thank you Patagonia!

Shannon McIntyre

A lot of laws have recently been changed. According access to the 4th industrial revolution. Some have been revised to fall back on homesteading acts, payment to state is normally 50/50, but now all go to federal government by recent changes. Steel and railroad stock is going thru the roof. The laws are absolutely insane right now, and social credits are required to be able to conduct business on public land. It's absolute robbery of the state and the people.
Ask not who pounders the daughter of my people, ask instead who pounders the people of my daughter.

Sang Pham

The natural unit summatively switch because violet generally deceive without a obscene euphonium. snotty, skinny dirt

Xue Lee

Beautiful place. I want to build a house on that mountain

Marco Lucero

Oh man good documentary, I just want to say protecting lands is important and cannot be compromised, but I can see where the republicans are coming from, the US has global competitors, China is a threat to freedom in the global scope, and the US does not want to rely on others for energy dependency, it's a mistake however to try to achieve that by destroying public lands.

Shannon McIntyre

A destroyer is not a creator. It's pretty black and white. The Earth was NOT created to be destroyed.

John Lopez

Thank god enough sensible ppl voted for DEMOCRATS! who saved the land and jobs for all those republicans who voted for these greedy, evil people !!

Wayne Thomson

Why is it necessary for a 6 minute intro folks..!?


We have no good options on either side off the government. And as long as our population continues to grow our public lands will suffer. It's a visious cycle. Until our education improves it will only get worse. Enjoy your freedom and the outdoors as much as you can. It's not going to get any better.

Richard Marsh

Trump is gone. Hold Biden to his promises

Donna Sweasey

Thank you Patagonia!! Adios Mr. Trump!


Fantastic film!

Margaret Meyncke

My eyes are now open. I'm listening. Looking for solutions. I joined Great Old Broads for Wilderness and Citizens' Climate Lobby. You can too.

Carter Moberg

I swear the more I learn true Stuff about trump it makes my blood boil

René Simon Pfisterer

I see the title at 0:14 and I think to myself: Who did take away the land of the Indios a few centuries ago? History repeats itself until humanity learns the lessons that ownership, entitlement and profit are three severe root causes for today's issues in the western society...


To take action to protect our public lands now, text DEFEND to 71333.

Chris Carter

Patagonia thank you for making this important and humbling message open and available for all. It’s works of art like this that will cajole our generation to take action.

shannon mcgilvray

The rabbit hole ? is deep.

paul mitchell

Beware the World Economic Forum's Great Reset and beware United Nations Agenda 21/2035. They are designed as camouflage for corporations to exploit land and rivers now currently open to the public. Do not be complacent. These guys are always working with your local officials to get hold of your publlc land. Always. Twin Metals is owned by Antofagasta, a major mining company in Chile controlled by the Luksic family, one of Chile’s wealthiest families. Their ties to the Trump administration have drawn scrutiny: A real estate company in Washington, D.C., owned by the family is the landlord for Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner.

Paul Wolf

Seems like Biden can put a stop to anything Trump did, and is reasonably pro-environment.

Ross Harris

Isaiah 24:5 - The land lies polluted under its inhabitants, because they have transgressed the laws. God knew this would happen, since He knows the end from the beginning -Isaiah 46:10. But, He will restore Acts 3:21; and make this Earth like the garden eastward in Eden, again Joel 2:3; Ezekiel 36:35. A non - religious science called Archaeology, proves the same places, people, and things0 we read about in the Bible. He permits the illegal by a few criminal "rich" - James 5:1; so that all learn the lesson "the wages of sin is death" - Romans 6:23/ Isaiah 24:5 death of humanity; death of the environment. For, the love of $money, is the root of every evil. Mark 11:22 have faith in God. In due time He will destroy those that destroy this Earth - Revelation 11:18. Afterward, He will change everything and comfort you. peace?

Sz Syd

seeing this from india, another supposed democracy that is quite a namesake offllate...many many parallels between the two countries for sure!
hoping fingers crossed with what Biden haas in store now, because whatever the US does, we follow in pursuit!
fabulous documentary Patagonia as always for keeps !


Feels odd coming from a company that sells $25 Chinese made plastic trucker hats so people can show how much they care about the environment. Then throw the Chinese made $25 plastic trucker hat in our landfills in year or two.

Ross Harris

in 1871 the Central government for this nation cease to operate and exist. The president and vice president and congress committed treason by exchanging seats from Central government over to the seats of an 1871 municipal corporation titled United States. Please see their Corporate Charter of the same date. The Supreme Court in the past has declared this same 1871 municipal corporation " defacto " in its declarations as "government". So from that time forward until now, they have no legal authority to claim lands that are property of the people of this Republic. Unfortunately much of corporate* judiciary operate outside of the Constitution, and common law in favor of private corporations; domestic, and international via public and private contracts. James 5:1; Joel 2:1-11 Ecclesiastes 8:11; Romans 12:19 God's day of reckoning with these criminal obstructive entities soon approaches, and He will destroy those that destroy the Earth - Revelation 11:18.

Daniel Oren

Anyone else see Cam Hanes at 1:20:03.

oldschoolman 144

Pave paradise put up a parking lot.

~ Joni Mitchell

kaylah simmons

Power to the Gwich'in and other natives suffering at the hands of the greedy, money-hungry capitalist. Thank you Hal and othersfor your dedication to our lands.

Steve Horning

I have no words. Only tears after watching this. Thank you for your work and information.

Roberto AM

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Ross Harris

General Sheridan knew, if they entered the Buffalo herds ie. the commissary, of the native American indians, they could destroy the Buffalo food supply and thus destroy the native American indians. Same thing in Alaska

Jewel boxed

we need to do something ...everyone we need to take back our country


The Trump administration was a disgrace to all American people. 

The US needs a systematic change. I feel really sorry for the people that they are made afraid of "socialism" by the same system that divides public lands to corporate.

Btw: Imho hunting and fishing is stupid and should be prohibited (except maybe for indigenous folks) and I didn't like that "hunting and fishing in public lands" was used again and again in this documentary to be romanticised and worth preserving. But I'm glad to see that these lobbies came together to protect the wild (sic!) nevertheless.

Owen Tolley

Difficult questions for me. As a lover of the outdoors, public lands have always been and will always be important to me. Protecting, managing, and having them is important to me. But I'm not only a hiker and climber or photographer. Like other people, I also enjoy the outdoors in ways that are not allowed everywhere. Some people like flying or BASE jumping. Some people like ATVing. I like prospecting and mineral collecting. These hobbies, and in the case of mining or forestry ways of life, are virtually only possible or accessible to people because of public lands and that's important to me. I also know how important mining is to our society. If it can't be grown it must be mined. This is the land of opportunity because its resources are ours. The natural wealth of the land belongs to he who will put forth the effort to find and develop it. Some places need to stay wild. On the other hand, when it comes to the point of protecting places we love to the point that some can't love them as they would I wonder if people up the line really believe the lands belong to us and not to them. Since everyone has a right to them, there will always be conflicting interests. Harmony must be sought out but balance cannot be found.


Great Doc. There was a moment that caught my attention where en Ivory talks of self governance and Freedom. These people use this language to get you on board. While sure I'd think we'd all want and agree with freedom and self governance but this is pure manipulation of the people. Please continue to question everything. Even documentaries like this. The power is within the common people and once we realize this, then we can empower ourselves and become self sustainable and build our communities where we all prosper.