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3 Ways. (Black Ember Forge)

3 Ways. (Black Ember Forge)2 Nov. 2019
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The Black Ember Forge:

The Black Ember Forge: http://bag.gg/BlackEmberForge

"Forge is a Three-Way commuter pack with the ability to transform to a Backpack for comfortable and efficient load carry, to a Soft-Brief for business, and then to Shoulder-Bag for casual carry.” AND A TRAVEL BAG!



0:00 Intro

1:07 Black Ember Forge

2:24 3 Carry Modes

6:08 Travel Bag Expansion

12:35 Access & Organization

23:58 Materials & Feel



0:07 Onnit 15lb Mace: http://bag.gg/OnnitMace

1:07 The Black Ember Forge: http://bag.gg/BlackEmberForge

4:44 Pakt Travel Bag Info List: http://bag.gg/PaktTravBackpack

4:57 Tom Bihn Synapse & Synik: http://matterful.co/bag/synapse/

8:18 Peak Design Packing Cubes: http://bag.gg/PeakPackingCube

Nomatic Packing Cube: http://bag.gg/NomaticPCube

FAVORITE PACKING CUBES: https://matterful.co/carry-accessories/#packingcubes

9:30 Aer Dopp Kit: http://bag.gg/AerDopp

FAVORITE DOPP KITS: http://matterful.co/carry-accessories/

9:34 Nomatic Packing Cube: http://bag.gg/NomaticPCube

FAVORITE PACKING CUBES: https://matterful.co/carry-accessories/#packingcubes

11:23 Voigtlander 10.5mm f/0.95 Micro 4/3 Lens https://amzn.to/2C9HpLf

14:14 Velomacchi Pouches: http://bag.gg/Velomacchi

15:45 FAVORITE POUCHES: https://matterful.co/carry-accessories/#pouches

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More from their website:

Forge is a Three-Way commuter pack with the ability to transform to a Backpack for comfortable and efficient load carry, to a Soft-Brief for business, and then to Shoulder-Bag for casual carry. The Forge completes your modern wardrobe with elegant functionality.

The FORGE is also a 30 liter, one-bag travel pack. Tucked away in a hidden zipper, there’s a small-strap. Give that strap a pull and the FORGE expands instantly from 20 to 30 liters. That adds enough room for several days of clothing, footwear and toiletries. The Forge is compatible with rolling luggage handles, features a TSA compliant fully protected and suspended laptop sleeve.

Featuring our waterproof Microhex textile, and YKK Aquaguard zippers, the Forge is a multifunction pack for everyday use that will keep your gear safe and dry. The Forge is a clamshell style pack, that means it unzips 360 degrees, so you can see all your gear laid out and well organized right in front of you.

Designed with logical gear access in mind, the Forge has all the organization needed for tech-centric lifestyles. External fast access for essentials like: Keys, wallet and phone, soft and protective pockets for Laptops and tablets, generous easy access pockets, and hidden zipper pockets for secure items.

The FORGE features a “Butterfly Back-Panel” that makes shoulder strap storage simple, and more importantly allows room for our ergonomic 3D shoulder-straps. For optimized comfort and load carry: two layers of the same EVA-Foam found in the best running shoes make for an especially comfortable and supportive harness, while an airflow back-panel keeps you cool and dry in the summer heat.

Like all Black Ember products the Forge benefits from our high-precision proprietary construction. All textile components, including our waterproof, 3-layer, Microhex textile are laser-cut for precise assembly. This construction yields a super durable, over-engineered pack with a blacked-out, minimal and stealthy aesthetic.

Comments (100)
S Marsh

So I appreciate the review and have been a Black Ember backer since their very first Kickstarter. However, I'm TRYING to like this bag. When not uncompressed into 30L mode, in the 20L mode I find there really isn't that much space inside of the bag due to the central bulk. It allows for a few very flat items with one or two bulkier, tube like items in the middle. This is the main reason to take the central panel out of the Citadel series, which I have seen pretty much everyone I know who has one do. 

For me, the layout of the pockets is cumbersome at best and not so much designed for storing things effectively. E.g. in the center section, the main, medium sized pockets one might use for stashing chargers and cables don't have closures on the top of them to keep things in place when accessing from the long side. The zippers are on the smaller pockets along the short edges of the bag, meaning the bag has to be opened farther. I also find the larger zippered pockets towards the center of the bag to be too large to be effective for small items, but too small and too flexible to be effective for smaller tablets, etc. There are no small pockets in the back section for storage of these same things but in the section where the laptop sleeve is. Therefore, the bag requires the back section to be opened and the middle section to be opened all the way just to get a laptop or tablet out and operate for any length of time. I also think they really should have included a sleeve for a tablet, not just a large laptop sleeve. The middle section slash pocket has nothing to secure the interior like the back section laptop sleeve.

And to me the big flaw is the side that opens. Most folks I know and everyone I am observing at this coffee shop right now, when carrying a backpack on one shoulder, carry it on his/her left shoulder. If one tries to go for a quick access, this puts the entire bag upside down from the left shoulder, though right shoulder carriers should have no issue. It also puts the overall opening/access to the bag behind an individual, rather than towards the front, making it less secure from an awareness and theft standpoint, in my opinion.

Most likely I'll use this bag for one bag travel over a weekend or short business trip, but I am struggling with liking it for day to day carry. It does look good and the build is definitely up to their very high standards, but it feels like the prototyping period they normally go through to check functionality was skipped. It's definitely better for access than their first generation bag, though. (full disclosure: this is very similar to a comment I left on another review)

However, I am interested in your thoughts about using the bag for a while.


Maaaaaan, what an epic review. This was more than I could ask for.

Is this bag actually waterproof? I couldn't find info about it on their website.

Greg White

+1 to the Peak packing cubes. I usually use the big one ("medium" by their assessment) for all my travel with my Minaal carry-on, but I just got the "small" packing cube as for my next trip, I'd like to fit my Peak 5L sling in my bag to use as a camera packing cube/sling for my daily carry. I think it'll be pretty doable to travel with the small one and I'm excited to get even more minimal in my travel set up.

Oliver Dotcom

this bag would be ideal WITHOUT all of those different organization pockets. Like a goruck that expands.

A Prado

You seen the bags by Recycled Firefighter? The THE BATTALION 24HR backpack looks like a good competitor to the mythical Goruck GR1. Would love to see a review


I like Keanu Reeves more and more over time too! Thanks for the review Chase.


Yussss I’m glad this review finally happened! The first thing I commented on when it went to Kickstarter was “Please get Chase Reeves to review this bag and send him one!”

Chinmay H

Finally black ember heard their backers.


What size is the peak design packing cube? Medium?

Nico Hormazábal

Looks amazing, the black camo is so sexy, I'm almost regretting preordering on Kickstarter the black one. I'm curious about the weight though, but with decent shoulder straps shouldn't be a biggie.

Luis Lozada

This looks like the spiritual successor to the Topo Designs Commuter Brief


The outside access pocket at the front needs two way zippers. What if you have the bag vertically? All the items in small contraption compartments will fall out


Are the new shoulder straps(compared to the older ones from other models) better then the old "lifejacket" ones?

Philippe HAN

This pack seems like a copy of the mandarina duck nomad from years ago now what do you think Chase?

Mackenze Grunig

Great video! I just put in for preorder for February! I love their Citadel R2 for my GoPro but wanted this for the long weekend bag.

Christopher Rines

Hmm, it’s the first backpack first bag I’ve considered buying instead of the Pakt One. Since I prefer duffels 90% of the time I’d almost certainly use this as a duffle but it sure is nice the other 10% of the time to have the backpack mode. I wish it wasn’t quite as expensive but it looks like one of those few bags that are. I also don’t like buying it and having to wait 3 months to get it. I understand why they use this ordering system across their product line but I’m not a fan.

One question, how big is the laptop compartment? Does it easily fit your 15” MacBook? My laptops a bit bigger but not by much but if the sleeve only just fits a 15” MacBook I guess it’ll have to be a pass. Thank you! :)

Nathan Galperin

had to look at your icon to make sure i was watching the real chase reeves

Leslie Smith

I got the July pre-order for the bag. I needed a waterproof bag to deal with the rainy seasons in SE Asia on my bike commute. Not many choices with a cool look like this bag. Was going to get the MW Rhake, but it has too many external crannies to retain water. Imma use the hell out of this bag when it arrives.

Arthur Hedderly-Smith

Do you think there's a place in this bag where a packed-out Peak Design Tech Pouch could live happily? My go-to for travel + daily carry is that pouch. It has all my cables + dongles + a battery + laptop charger + when I'm travelling I can fit a Nintendo Switch Lite in there for those long flights. But it's a pretty hefty brick. Those items perfectly fit 100% capacity without squeezing anything in, but it's large. Could that live in this bag?

Darren Bickell

Love the review another down to earth show - excellent bag multi use - Terminator or Predator me thinks Predator....

Xue Han Neo

Glad to see that Black Ember included a velcro to the pocket above the pen pockets in the front organization compartment. The 3 other pockets in that compartment are still very flimsy to be useful in backpack mode though.

I was the first to complain, about items dropping out of that compartment as it was upside down in backpack mode, in their kickstarter campaign.

Look forward to them solving another design issue of making their backpacks lighter when empty, for their future backpacks.

Daniel and Tess

Hey Chase what is the brand of your t-shirt? Fits you really well.

Noah Connor

no joke its like the 6th time iam watching this video
I literally saved 300 Euros for this backpack... just to realise that they dont ship it to austria iam genuinly sad.

Can i have yours

Please ?
ill pay the shipment sir


What is the weight? Can not find info on their page. Thank you


I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS VIDEO FOR SOOOO LONNNNG ! I’m so happy they finally sent it to him!! ?

Kompoj Oat

I have been waiting for this


No one talking bout how much it weight?? It’s almost the weight of other 40L burly backpack

Ben W

Almost bought this but too many pockets and weight. Also agreed the laptop should be easier access. Wish they just made a stripped down version of this.

Demoin Mokratie

300 I could expend, but its an extra 100 bucks shipping+taxes, just to get it to Germany.?

Jacob Thebault-Spieker

I've been pretty sure I need this bag since I saw the Kickstarter, your video just solidified it. I noticed it's not on your Matterful.co Hybrid Travel bag list, and I wondered why? Is there something you dislike about it?


DOF is too shallow, everything looks out of focus. Dope review that bag looks great.

South Wind

Hi chase,
thanks a lot for this great review, this bag seems to be very useful ! I’m a motorcyclist and I’m looking for a waterproof backpack… Can you tell me if this bag is still waterproof when it is used as a 30 liter bag ? Do you think that the material used to extend the bag is waterproof ?

Mike D

I have seen videos where the laser cut holes for straps stretch over time....any feedback on that?

Jonathan Kim

Great looking bag! I just bought one on the website. I tried following your link but got a 404 error. But I did go to the Forge product page, added ?rfsn=1079387.e6a79f at the end of the url, refreshed and placed my order. If you have an affiliate relationship, hopefully that worked.

Bakul Matiyani

What is the difference between the two materials offered on this bag? Are both options waterproof?

Don Jr.

Chase, I torn between this backpack (BLACK EMBER FORGE) and a fully custom YNOT - MAGNETICA. 
Please help me decide, I need your opinion because you were able to see, touch, and hold both backpacks :)
I’ll be using the backpack for my university and I ride my bike to commute. 
It will be a daily carry backpack.
I’ll list things that are important to me from greatest to least. (1 being the most important)
1. Aesthetics - I’ll be getting multi-camo
2. Size - slim profile when empty and ability to expand; Some days I’ll be storing extra clothes in for the gym
3. Weather resistant
4. Organization - ability to hold a water bottle, laptop, iPad, textbooks..
5. Back support - rigidness and airflow (I live in Hawaii = Humid weather lol) don’t want a very sweaty back haha.
6. Weight of backpack
7. Price - not an issue.

Yes, I watched both your reviews on the YNOT and Black Ember :)
I appreciate your help!



Matt Johan

Any thoughts on the Forge-20 version. Seems like a solid daily carry.

S Pryce

Forge 20 review?


Omg this is amazing

Ten Little Canvases

I was literally yelling “Where’s the snacks?” and my husband asked if I needed him to go to the store. “Umm no, I’m talking to Chase.” “Of course you are.” Another great video!

Cam O'Brien

So much for saving money...


Can the handles be taken off?

Super coverage. Appreciated ?

Rashad Robinson



you are amazing - thank you so much for those reviews.


If they got a Black Friday deal... I’m on it

rafael reyes

Hey chase, great review as always but the video is out of focus, can’t really see the details of the backpack.

Jason Torres

Thanks for the great review! Will thicker laptops fit in that compartment? I have a Dell Precision 7520 for work and it's at about 1.3 in. thick. Looks like there's some depth on that compartment??

Abteen Z

I loved every moment of this video. It exactly feeds my backpack madness.

Noah Anderson

New pouch vid at some point..???

J -united

heii man witch back pack from black ember would you get? the citadel or the forge?


I like the asides about life.


Maybe i missed it but is the expansion material equal to other outer material on a bag?


I thought I bought a forge20 backpack and I got a "portfolio measure" the measurements are very bad for a day-to-day backpack. When ordering the size change to the normal forge backpack, I was rejected and offered; in short 5 months to solve the problem, it turns out that the wait with arrival delays of more than 2 months is not enough to have a more friendly treatment. the quality is indisputable. but if they call themselves a small company. It will take a lot of work for them to become a great company "in every way."


Sigh... no weight listed on their website. Black Ember, please add weight to spec details in your website, for potentially international travellers. The pack looks great though, price comparison to some of the other brands I’ve been coveting? - but it all comes down to weight, for carry on weight restrictions on my side of the world.

DevOops World

New headache. Pakt one vs this one?!

Jeff Hsiao

I finally got mine and I love it!

Jay Aez

Loved the intro my duuuude! keep evolving!


thanks for the review Chase. I wish this was up when their kickstarter was running, I’m kind of regretting canceling that and went with another bag that was timing in parallel. This is a great video that showcases that their pledge page and now their product page was insufficient. Love from Malaysia. ?

Harley Neal

No hip belt - no mas.

Dee Lopez

Hey would love you to review the boundary supply sling, I want to see if it’s worth it

Minoru Iwasaki

Can't decide if I should order this bag now, or wait for your bag collab w/ Pakt...


what's the difference between the forge and the forge max?? is it just accessories/straps shit like that?

777 K

Can you check “kodiak leather” bags?


I was initially a supporter but couldn't justify it since I had so many other packs. Glad to see your review though!

Neil oppa

I'm between this one and the nomatic travel pack. They both go from 20L to 30L. I feel like this one has better straps and better material. The nomatic looks like it's way more functional though and they do have the lifetime warranty if something breaks on it. I was hoping this video would have had a small comparison to the nomatic.


Worst customer service ever! I bought it in November and was planned to arrive in January, it is shipped to arrive in March. On top of the price of the bag + shipment, plan to pay the customs 115eur for Europe! Thanks Black Ember, never again!

Alessandro Russo

Love your reviews man. However, i have to say that "they are really thinking" doesn't have any sense since they haven't included a water bottle dedicated spot. In 2020 that doesn't make any sense at all

Fred Weston Smith

@chasereeves best YouTuber around. Keep killing it ??????

Izaac Tajan

This is a thought I'v had many times about a "one" bag but, how heavy is too heavy? I got rid of my 34L GR2 because it was too heavy. This seems like it's approaching that "too heavy" marker especially with all of it's drag-doodads-danglers. I'm not sure you can get something versatile enough to take in a torrential downpour AND have it be light weight? The AER Travel Pack 2 in XPAC seems pretty close to that compromise but like you I don't like to be told what I use a pocket for so the shoe pockets have always kind of bugged me. Maybe the Chase Pakt will come close? The Forge seems like a solid pack with just a little too much dangle, especially if you consider adding their very Mountain Smithesque chalk bag water bottle holder...more dangle. Most of the Forge's pockets seem engineered for the briefcase style of carry which seems like a missed opportunity? Any thoughts on this Chase, or community-at-large?


Chase, great reviews, appreciate the info. Question on the black ember forge...are the backpack straps removable?

Victor Kao

Chase, I've been researching this bag so appreciate the review. I've also been researching the Tom Bihn Tri-Star. Any input since you've had the benefit of seeing and using both?

Steve m.g

I have the black ember modular backpack, and it's great, but I find myself lusting after the forge. Nice that the made the laptop holder, not just a sleeve, I think that's the weakest part of the backpack. If you have a 2018 MBP the laptop sleeve can be a little too tight: the orange bar of death. Pretty sure the multi-cam color isn't waterproof like the black version.

iñigo Etayo

Are u going to make a review of the new Boundary Supply Duffel??? It will be great, maybe a comparison between that one and the peak design duffel. Thanks Chase ur vids are totally awesome!!!

travis branum

Dang I'm loving this bag but so wish it was about $100 cheaper. Still might be my next bag for travel.

Mike Matteson

Trying to decide if I need this. Do you think that those compression straps are necessary when you're just carrying the bag around? Like, does it get floppy without them? I hate a sloppy bag.

Colin Small

Is it reasonable for a daily carry bag? Work, cafe, etc. I'm trying to pick a new bag that will mostly exist to go to and from work with a laptop but would be nice to do light business trips with (2-5 days). I've been looking at cpl24 and the halfzip but this looks so versatile and I cant make up my mind. Tom bihn is awesome but I just can't ..

J Leong

Chase, I see the forge-max too on the website... what's the diff between the forge and the forge max?

Alessandro Russo

Great review man! I've been waiting this video for so long, however.... Elon Musk is absolutely behind this one XD.. Too expensive, though.
Love that, it will be mine one day.


David Seward

Chase, I’d love to hear you thoughts on the laptop access for EDC use, i.e. speed when arriving/leaving your desk at the office. I too don’t like those buckles over laptop sleeves, but overall this doesn’t seem to have just one quick “slot” zipper, like Peak Design’s top-access, or something like the front zipper on this very bag. I feel this is the bag’s only biggest oversight. But I preordered anyway (!), black with the ‘coyote’ compression straps. Totally taking a chance because there aren’t any photos of this colorway anywhere.

Good point on the fabric of the black bag, and I kind of wish I had the fabric you demonstrated. The black is Microhex, and camo is Cordura fabric.


damn so many choices... I love the look of this bag and the aer travel pack 2. I've done the top loading thing, but it starts to get annoying...
I am looking for the one bag to rule them all (for me). For EDC/daily cary and short/longterm one bag travel.
im a big guy, quite the minimalist and DONT cary camera stuff, but nearly always MacBook 16" and a hydroflask 24oz...

what bags would you recommend in your top3??? or if you had to pick one for the rest of your live?

Im currently carrying my Fjallraven raven 28 for many years, which I find too small for short/longterm travel, it is decent/okay for edc/daily....

Jorge J. Torres

I’m looking for a camera backpack, almost decided on the Peak Design V2... but I’m drawn to the look of the Forge a lot more that I’m actually considering it as a camera bag using the pouches in the Forge as lens storage!!

John Morris

Great job bro! Been waiting for your review on this.

Pentastic Life

Its my birthday. Please send me this bag. Thanks!!!

Stacey Forget

"frumped down to the bottom of the bag." -C. Reeves.


that backpack strap design is genius, i don't doubt well see many bags rip that off in the coming months. it's one those things that you don't realize was obvious until you see it.

Mikhail Sinanan

How would you compare the materials to AER Travel Pack 2?


Do you have a workout routine with the Onnit Mace?

Riaan De Winnaar

Predator bro. Terminator is future cyborgs.

Evan Kart

Hey man! Great job on increasing the production value! It honestly made me excited to get into the video! Your doing a great job! Keep it up!!!!


after this vid I will go for mystery ranch even the bag doesn't have creative pockets but yes I have a pouch.

Frédéric Jeugnet

I stay focus (hypnotise?) during all the video because of this amazing stuff and you ! Great job. And keeping me focus with my Middle English is more than a challenge. ?

Billy Ruben

I always that you were being euphemistic when mentioning "business papers." Threw a curve ball at me in this video.
But yeah...I guess imma need a tech pouch, too. It just now clicked.

Michael Karlsberg

Lost me at $300 hahaha

Jules-Frederic Nerestant

Lovely intro! That onnit stick gave me a terrible John C Reilly in Scorcese's Gangs of New York flashback, no lie. The bag is goregeous, I was sold by the thumbnail. (I write my comments in the first minutes usually.)


I am very interested in three-way carry bags. Can you also do a review on the LARGE BRIEFCASE JLB from OGIO?

John Morris

You related to Keanu?


You should review some bags by Defy. They have some cool, high quality bags that are made in Chicago. I think you would like them.

Mike Matteson

Heck yeah, pouches. You GOTTA think about pouches.


Love the b roll. And lets get you in focus.


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Comments (16)
Tim Borders

I didn’t know you were livin in St. Louis. My drill crew has been working around Alton for 3 weeks now. Great video brotha. ?

Jeff Fox

Great advice

cody bunker

Fail forward fast. Plan as you go that way you actually get started.

Caleb Smith

What shoes we wearing in first half of the vid??

Kendon Shaw

Love this Matt. Great for me to hear right now. Got a business and fitness right now. Jumped in to my first CrossFit comp in January with my wife. Didn’t feel “peaked” or anything. But we had fun, did pretty well and are excited to make more progress. We gotta just remember that. Just make progress. Cheers Man! ??

Dustin Combs

What I didn’t know I needed. Thank you.


What's the watch? Panerai?


Get those tires rotated my guy.

Shan Collins

Omg, Slides? You are holding out on us!

Michael Santa Maria

Did you move?

Matt Howie

Every new video or podcast we learn a little more about Matt and the business. I'm loving it.

Juhani Kottalainen

I was quite strong but thought I still suck if Im gonna compete so I waited and trained till I had a health related accident and ended up in a hospital. Now for some reason I still havent got where I used to be and my strength is 70% where it was when I thought I sucked but now I said fuck it and Im gonna compete in one month. If I had not waited back then I would done even better. Just fking start...Dont overthink

Daniel W

Awesome content mate, I like the way you put the message straight up not fairy dusting. Keep it up.

Jet McMasterson

Thanks, Matt. You always seem to know when I’m procrastinating.

Bo Espinoza

Based on “The Grove” and Kentucky looks like you’re North of CWE... I spent a Koo minute out thurrr... a lot of great things to see and experience. Keep your head on a swivel and GET SUM

Nathan Montgomery

Are those the BOSE earbuds? Been looking for a new pair that won't fall out of my ears as easily as the Apple ones. Great video, man. Loving the Monday E-mails.


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Cat Man

Congratulations brother wish you the best

Matthew Hames

It’s a Fuck Yes! I believe in you brother. If you ever want to adventure in San Luis Obispo, CA.... you have a place to stay and a like minded guide at the ready. Keep pushing I’ll be listening and watching! You inspire me.

Nick Cominos

Are you selling that all black trucker hat in the store anytime soon? Have checked a couple times but could never find it, would love one. Super dope!

Steve C

That's awesome that you're building out your own space again. Looking forward to the new content from the new location

Iwan Vickery

I’ll start by saying I enjoyed the video and content but....
What was that degrasier high/delemetri background music?!!! Doesn’t suit you dude.

Brandon Barnes

Just ordered a ton of stuff from your store including a wolf banner. It’d be pretty DOPE if you signed it!!!


This is DOPE! Pun fully intended


Yo matt, what sun glasses are those? Need to pick me up a pair!!

Mark Smelly Bell

This will be awesome. Congrats Matt and Team Hate.

Zach Even - Esh

This is awesome, I’m excited to see your gym my bro ??

Mr. L

You deserve it bro ??

Sheldon Dunlap

I know this is hella random, but I’ve been following and supporting for a long time, actually met you at Summer Strong 6 way back in 2012! Anyways, since you’ve lost weight you’ve always had a beard, have you ever wondered what you’d look like clean shaven now that you’ve lost weight. Clean shaven fit owl?! Lol


Missed the garage gym days so this will be cool to sorta go back to. Good luck!

Jon Oliver

Great message! You got this.

Tyler Goerbig

Why he get divorced?!?!?!?!


Lookin forward to more content man! Opened up my own studio this year, excited for you

Ben Froedge

Love this. Couldn't have come at a better time. Thanks for the message man.