How many chin ups a day

How Many Chinups Can I Do???

How Many Chinups Can I Do???18 Sep. 2020
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Have you ever wondered how

Have you ever wondered how you stack up compared to a world champion? After watching this episode you can compare you max chin up numbers to mine.

And be sure to let me know if you beat my max. That will give me some motivation to try again?

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Comments (9)

Your social media is getting up there man... good job

Joey Goguen

Honestly have never done a chinup i need a bar i'm sorely lacking in that department .I just wanted to say as well you would maybe like some parallettes if you never tried those .Best wishes with the training.


This was great. Good reference point


Thanks I really like this! Other ‘fighter benchmarks’ that I think would be cool: pushups, deadhang, and plank.

Wade Stoss

Youre in fight camp? Who ya fighting?

Cazzo Volante09

Bro do you train neck? If yes make a video on it because I want get crazy neck

Liran Shoham

Gabriel started doing pull ups at the timestamp of 1:07 and finished at 1:40, thats a time to failure of 33 seconds for body weight. of 70 (probably).
Thats not very good, an advanced trainee should take 60 seconds until he reaches momentary muscle failure.


Like the idea here champ. I’d say roll with the challenges ??

Chris Poggi

Love the fight challenge idea!