Lateral def

Dolphins def Pats 34 33 miracle double lateral TD final play;Bill deserve criticism Undisputed

Dolphins def Pats 34 33 miracle double lateral TD final play;Bill deserve criticism Undisputed11 Dec. 2018
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adeoya kunmi

gronk playing free safety ?

Pink Baboon

That’s what happens when an 80 year hippo at safety.

Proximal and Distal

Proximal and Distal4 Oct. 2011
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As part of the Fitness

As part of the Fitness Theory component of fitnes leader training, there are many concepts that potential students must learn. We have created a number of tutorials that will allow the student to learn these movements and their practical application into a fitness setting.

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AlMusallam Tv

Ive always been mixed up between proximal and distal but after seeing this i think i understand that proximal means Closer to the midsection and distal is there farther part from the proximal


thx bitch

Paul Dumars

she's hot

stephanie prempeh

Sums up the whole thing , beautiful

chris ward

How to work out while standing still.




Work it out

rainy day

it ia agood vedio


The fuck is this...slow down lady.

culero connors

Didn't understood shhieeeeeet!?


LOL read the comment section to find out everyone had the same feeling

Definition of Poisson's Ratio - Strength of Material

Definition of Poisson's Ratio - Strength of Material11 Sep. 2013
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This video explains the

This video explains the complete definition of Poisson's Ratio with the help of an example, Stretching of Rubber Strip. It also lists the values of Poisson's Ratio of different engineering materials. The video is a part of the Strength of a Material subject that deals with the Analysis of Stress and Strain in different loading conditions.

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Ashok Kumar

best till now

vishnu rajan

it helped me,to score 1 mark..thanks 

All in one Vlogs 2M


Muhammad Hussain

today in 2020 i watch this video .... its awesome

Saurabh Garg

Cork has almost 0 poissons ratio

Sourav Sahoo

4 years and now I understand Poisson. Yay!

aravind reddy

Cork's - zero

Sr Khan

For cork its 0
Wrought iron and steel .3
Concrete .15
Rubber .49 to .5

Mateusz Maciejewski

How to remove the rectangle covering the table at the end of the film?

Blake Melling

Straight to the point and effective

George S

Poisson ratio of cork is zero, not 0.5 as shown at the end of the video.


Cork has poisson ratio =0

Rajanbir Singh Ghumaan

good explanation.

Akash Arul

explanation in Tami

Harsh Kumar

good lecture

Aditya Mantri

short and straight to point


Thanks. Short and wonderful animation.


This is by far the best short and concise video I’ve seen on this which actually made me understand the damn concept...

gmail account

Poisson ratio of cork is 0.5

guruprasad kancharla

short and sexy



Karthick Raja

Neat video ever seen

Just Owl It

Cork has 0 Poisson ratio

ganesh reddy

Why are you taken -ve why not +ve

Jordan Michael

Simple demonstration of a simple concept. Very good video. Thanks for posting


For cork Poisson ratio zero

Farid B

"Poison's ratio" haha

Sumit Saraf

Poisson Ratio for cork is Zero not 0.5.... Please update..

madhawa priyashantha

thanks you

Shyam Sharma

really helpfull...thank uhh..?

Snore Lax

I got edumacated by a dragonfly.

Ramshiya ms Cs

An mistake cork paississon ratio is 0

Rajanbir Singh Ghumaan

if u have any video on plastic range of materials please tell.

Freek Jansen

I am poisoned.. help me!