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Body Reset Diet Review & Experience | Vlog | Vogue Bandwagon |

Body Reset Diet Review & Experience | Vlog | Vogue Bandwagon |28 Mar. 2018
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Results are at the end of

Results are at the end of the video of The Body Reset Diet by Harley Pasternak! Easy to follow diet to kick start your metabolism and lose weight without any heavy cardio! All of the links are below, good luck!

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Comments (7)
Sogo Smile

You are glowing, and very pretty. I am going to try this method, thanks for sharing.

Lizete Avila

do you keep your dog tied up outside? dogs are family and belong inside!

Parkswifey Parks

Hey!! Just found you and I’m starting this tomorrow so wanted to see if you have any tips! Some of the snacks I can’t find , especially the type of crackers he talks abt!

The Sexxyguru

Just think if you walked before & after work how much you could of lost wow! You did amazing just off the meal plan , this is great ??

Samantha Rucobo

Loved this! Was curious if you been able to maintain the weight loss? I really want to try it!!

Cheryl Springtime

Thanks for sharing your experience..I ordered the 2nd edition of the cookbook that will be released at the end of June 2020.

Kristi Bergman

Loved this video! I feel inspired to be healthier ? I’m a new subscriber! ❤️That soup seems sooo yummy and easy! I have a channel too and would love to be YouTube friends! ??

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This One Thing I Do to Stay Motivated & Balanced | VLOG14 Feb. 2021
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Comments (15)
Classic Bricks

Great vlog, you have an excellent camera for this, nothing is blurry and it focuses on everything it's fantastic.


Oh wow, you work for sportrx. I follow their youtube channel too haha

Charlie Williams

Nice video!

Izyz Productions

Yay! Are the blogs back??

King Lun Yiu

Mike, u make a good day

Nathan Bricks

Finally the vlogs are back! Love it!?

Ethan Ho

i guess this is one of the back logged vlogs, happy valentines, hope you have a great one

Brick Star-Warsboy

Yeah more vlog, btw happy Valentine's day to everyone


I've always loved your vlogs. Good to see you do one today.

Darren Ward

Great Vlog.

Nikoleta Lazarevic

Great video ?

Shun Technic Bricks

Yeah! Cool vlogs!

Bob Builds

Love the vlogs :)


1:55 I think those are called lichens, but I'm not sure

Goofy Brick

I love these vlogs....disconnecting from the busy world and just taking a walk in your thoughts is what everyone need....

IGN Reviews - Hard Reset Game Review

IGN Reviews - Hard Reset Game Review14 Sep. 2011
95 662
IGNSubscribe 438 721

IGN gives its video review

IGN gives its video review of the new shooter game Hard Reset . See whether Flying Wild Hog's classically-styled shooter in worth the nostalgia trip.

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Comments (100)
El Sombrero

That's not even an emulator. Doesn't emulate the menu, doesn't do anything. It's a fucking joke.


I got to say , i really enjoy the oldschool-style shooter way more , than the modern cover-shooter- auto health regen. shooters

Trace Plays!

What was wrong with assassins creed on pc?

Eric Cartman


El Sombrero

has more games because of past gens.. but in what counts triple AAA games, and games that people will still be playing or at least remember in 10 years, pc this generation lacked so many of them! Even multiplatform games sometimes suck ass on pc (i.e. Assassin's Creed series, Sports games, Black Ops, etc...)

El Sombrero

there's a virus. That is true.

Luiz Vaz

I guess you did not understand my point then, whatever, I dont really want to make the effort and explain it any better. by the way, "douche"? what have I ever said that made you think I'm a douche? oh, one last thing, you replied to a 6 month old comment, I can't believe I actually too the time to reply... anyways, I got more stuff to do.

Luiz Vaz

@Thatonethatyouknew dude, it doesnt matter, they need to have standards. Graphics are not how good the game looks, but how good the engine is. And Hard Reset's engine is muhc more advanced then Black Ops's

El Sombrero

It's older... And this generation most of them are pay to win games, MMO's and crappy indie games.


@bezoro2008 Tbh as long as IGN has reviewers like Greg Miller, it does matter. He'll chuck a 10 at every PS3 exclusive while everyone else is much more critical.

Mayar Matroud

come on, 7.5 it unfair... :S gd game...

El Sombrero

there is absolutely no emulator for the 360 or ps3. Also, Portal 1 and 2 are on the ps3 and xbox 360 basically the same as in the pc. diablo is nothing worth bragging about, Half-life 2 is on ps3 and xbox, and Half-life 1 is on ps2, so you can play it on a ps2 or a ps3 compatible with a ps2... Age of empires is the only game out of all of those that is worth mentioning.



Clara Clara

haha as soon as they said weak story and needs more variety, i thought of COD

Lloyd Li

@DarkCat500 Huh? Boatloads of people are still playing it.


That's wrong though, you can't review a game based solely on the game itself. whenever a new game comes out, which pertains to an already established genre, or if that game is part of a series of games, that game cannot be judged based only on its own merits. It needs to be compared to other games within the genre as well as other games within the series, and that's where opinion comes into the equation.

Lord Vishnu

/facepalm im not even going to explain why youre a dumbass

Fonzy Lopez

yeah thats great. First three words of your reply...'has more games'. Only point i was making. Could give a fuck about what counts or what you think people will be playing or remembering in ten years.


This is a really cool game. Graphics are great and I really enjoy blowing this up.


pc elitists everywhere


Sounds awfully fun, what's your point?

Lloyd Li

@sergeantpepper42 They're not, actually...The game is by Flying Wild Hog which, to your credit, is made up of ex-People Can Fly and CD Project employees. :v

Umair Khan

Didn't play this but I love Shadow Warrior .

Rob Hand

@MansoorDorp Paid for reveiws of course. I only trust a review if they say something negative.

Fonzy Lopez

As opposed to last gen visuals on dumbed down triple A shooters that all try to be call of duty and bastardizations of old franchises that simplify and dull every challenging or thought provoking element of their predecessors for the sake of the drooling masses. Just saying, each platform has its issues. This is coming from a man with both a 360 and a gaming pc. I'm just saying that in the end regardless of how you choose to label or dismiss said games, PC has more games. Thats just math.


@CxRax Fast-selling games have huge advertising budgets, massive amounts of retail/distribution contracts, publisher support, support from hardware manufacturers and their networks, contracts with media companies for advertising and merchandising, and access to marketing and hype from magazines and websites.

Adolfo Makoukdji

There is actually an emulator bro, but it doesn't emulate games. yet.

Showingtheway y

most memorable PC games of 2008-2012: Crysis, Minecraft, Amnesia. The end.


@SSZLegacy Yes but they are also 100X more expensie.


wait this game is 3 years old???

Jay Arevalo

I am in awe of this game, just bad ass. I played the first 30 min and did not like it till I learned the strategy and absolutely fell in love. Bravo!


Downloaded this during the steam summer sale, and I do not regret it, I thought the story was alright, there was a lack of story for the first half of the game or so, but after that it picks up and gets more in depth, and the cut scenes are actually quite good, and after you upgrade your weapons and such it also becomes a lot more fun, not to mention the art style for this game is absolutely amazing, it has a great sense of atmosphere and looks amazing on ultra settings.

Phantom thief

Right on steam for less than a dollar and im getting it.


"Lack of enemy variety." "Bad story." COD much?

El Sombrero

nope. Virus bro. Welcome to the internet.

El Sombrero

Pc has no games.. only kinda better graphics...

Nicholas Warren

@Th3J0h4nn Different reviewers, you're comparing Apples and Oranges here.



Phantom thief

From the steam sale which ends tonight i bought this game for a dollar and The new doom for 20 dollars and honestly this game is much more fun to play than doom.


no games? have you heard of steam, origins, gog and others... "only kinda better graphics"...kinda? have you seen a game run on a pc on ultra settings in 1080P??? have you seen the masive ammount of mods for skyrim, minecraft, dota 2, and others?


*google ps3 emulator* hey, there it is

Dark Cat

@TheOtherLioyd i like PC gaming but i mean nobody even remember this fucking game anymore!


This game is fuckin awesome for fuckin real! Scoop it up, you will have a hard time puttin' it down!


@xnopesx Got this game for £2! with 4 other games.

Luiz Vaz

One persons opinion that is considered law by fanboys. Why do you think games are what they are today? Because of "big" sites like IGN feeding fanboys with bad information. To be honest reviews shouldn't even exist, unless they were made by game devs themselves they are a waste of time. I miss the time we bought games because that's what they were, games. Not because some website gave it a score of 9. I bought many bad games because of "good" reviews and vice versa. These things are just useless


3.75$ on steam right now, not much to be on the fence about

Jeremiah H



now 3,37€ on steam for Extended Edition (free Exile DLC)


By a fucking mile


So irs loke cyber punk meets doom

Lloyd Li

@fugiboo <-- This is what CoD does to people. SPOILER ALERT: Between you and the game, the one that sucks may not be who you think.


Thanks for sharing your opinion!


pc> consoles


Great Game. I wish there were more like it.

Dark Cat

@Dimdim316 im not a consoletard anymore, now i appreciate alll platarforms :) im sorry for my previous comment

Adolfo Makoukdji

see.. are people like you why i don't even bother commenting.. jesus christ.. so emulators are built in zip zap? it doesn't give you the menu but it's emulater de hardware and software do you get it in your small little head? i'ts a start every emulator begings like that and knowing they are building a ps3 emulator this is fucking good and it's gonna take time. Ignorant

Luiz Vaz

yeah its just a .5, but that is not the point, the point is IGN is all about subjectivity. A review based on opinions is worthless, but a review based on objective facts on the other hand, that I can understand. Basicaly is shouldn't say "hey I like this, I think it looks good" but "hey, based on cience, this is factualy good and better than that"




men say "pretty" game?

Jacob Linden

...it's a .5 difference, does it really matter that much? You're acting like these guys clubbed baby seals. I can't argue with you about which game has better sound, because i've played neither. I just think you're overreacting a lot.


I played this for an hour and i was bored, i wanted to change game.


What are you talking about? They ARE one persons opinion, you douche. Reviews should exist, because they give you a good indication if the games is good or not, that's why there are reviews for EVERYTHING, like books, movies, music, restaurants, hotels etc etc. And reviews are for people that are not sure if they want the game or not, the review helps them decide. But for people that want the game to start with, the review wont really effect them unless its really bad.

Luiz Vaz

That is how the majority of people review games nowadays, and it is complete bs. The personal opinion of the reviewer is irrelevant and shouldnt be taken into account when reviewing a game, if you get someone that loves Zelda, and make him review Skyward Sword, he will say that it is the best game ever, if someone that hates Zelda reviews it, then it will probably get a much lower score. this is retarded. Games should be reviewed for what they are and not what the reviewer think they are.

Lloyd Li

@co0lerthanu There's an expansion pack on the way. :3 There was also a patch that added a Survival mode. Neat stuff.


Indie Royale have this game NOW!


kkmaurosm MrRubik: Really? I put it on insane first time i played it and it seems like a good balanced difficulty, fun but challenging. Haven't gotten to any part that seems like it might be unbeatable :/

El Sombrero

since when did mw3 get a 10 in sound?


you kidding this game sucked like so much, i played it once for two our and never looked back. this is the standard/definition of repetitive games. boring as fuck, in fact i'm watching this to make sure i'm not deleting a good game.


@CxRax none for you

Luiz Vaz

@ZeeM then it means that he is a fanboy and can't be a reviewer as far as i'm concerned. Reviewing a game is not about "i like it" or "i dont like it" its about standards and analising the technicalities of the game. Giving a 10 to MW3 sound and a 9.5 to BF3 sound already tells everything. Even though Frostbite 2 got the best sound engine ever with god knows how many channels and a jaw droping quality it got a 9.5 from IGN but MW3 static MP3 sound files got a 10. It's just disgusting.

sam johns

Serious Sam... That Is All


...this iiisn't an rpg?

Showingtheway y

*google ps3 emulator* huh, all I read was they don't exist. you must be either ratted or blind.

Bob Declor

but this for 1$ at the humble bundle!

Adolfo Makoukdji

sigh.. why are kids like you, do you even search? i said it does not play games it emulates de software you can play SMALL read the word? SMALL homebrew games, it is not fully development yet. It is called RPCS3 and search for revision 52. Do your homework kid.


I liked the story....QQ


GET THE FUCK OVER IT. Its just one persons opinion

Naturally Selected

You make big points about the story not being very good, and yet you dont seem to minds about CoD ... FFS, IGN need to get some sensible reviewers on-board who aren't complete ass cracks. Total Biscuit does superior reviews and they actually make sense the majority of the time.

Jonathan Hecht

hard reset 2 should have an actual campain and a co-op and/or multiplayer

Nicolas Stanko

Well it certainly looks pretty....


IndieRoyale has this(and 3 other games) for only about 5 bucks!

Michael Nielsen

way too soothing music for this game review.

Jesse K.

pc make game - -dum ass - - -

Jami Futch

oh I have to ADD THIS: flying wild hog's: Hard Reset is awsome, and its not just a cool visual game, it actually has very intense SLIGHT (notice that slight is bold for slow people)/retro action. Also you have two wepons but, they have 5 functions each i think (which is the bomb!)...dont listen to this review!


Over all the review is pretty neutral saying a equal amount of positive and negative and giving it a just rating.  But with a 7.5 rating why do you leave a negative last comment?  "If all you wana do is blast shit and look at the pretty colors"?  a better last comment to a game that just got 7.5 would be, If you are into old school twitch shooters then this game is for you, something along those lines.  But all in all a pretty good review from  IGN.. Oddly lol.

Mauro Soto

this game is impossible on insane, and im a pro player


half-life, dota2, LoL, hl2, tf2, diablo 1 & 2, torchlight, age of empires, and portal 1&2... and not to mention we can play all console games through emulators

Fonzy Lopez

Actually PC has an exponentially bigger number of games than any console in existence.

Erbil Shaban

This game is horrible.

Archit misal

No multiplayer....blow stuff up...no strategy aand level grind....ahhhh IGNs nightmare and my ddream

El Sombrero

show me proof. Show me a video of yourself playing a ps3 emulator.. Those aren't ps3 emulators, you naive bum... those are just virus.. there aren't emulators for ps3 or xbox 360.. the pc would have to be too powerfull.. If a good pc can't run a wii emulator always at 60 fps, and sometimes they drop like hell, imagine something like an xbox or ps3..


I like this. It's not realistic like CoD or battlefield. Kinda like a throwback to Doom or Quake. I will be getting this.


@fugiboo Ummm... this game HAS a machine gun.

Waki's Den

@fugiboo So this game sucks for YOU, not overall. If you prefer machine guns, go and play other games. This is short budget sci-fi old school shooter, that has some qualities in it.


Bullshit. Reviewing is both Technicalities and Opinion. If someone just analysed the Technicalities of a game, according to existing standards, games which attempt any kind of uncommon approach will receive low scores.

Uno Aphex

took me about 20 seconds to want this game. I bet someone has mods for it :P

Matthew St Vincent

Michael Bay: The Video Game


£2.49 on steam right now. Plus it's the extended edition :')

Neanderthal Tom Cave Beast Sociopathic Parasite -

$1.99 on PS4 right now so this seems like a solid game to impulse buy.


TOTALY best 2011 FPP game