Powerlifting vs strength training

THE TRUTH About Training for STRENGTH Versus SIZE (Powerlifting vs Bodybuilding)

THE TRUTH About Training for STRENGTH Versus SIZE (Powerlifting vs Bodybuilding)29 Oct. 2020
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Training for size versus

Training for size versus training for strength have at least 80% in common, and for most people, they can and should do both at the same time.

It's worth thinking about the differences between the two though, as you can emphasize one or the other in your training. Plus, once you are an advanced athlete, you can focus more specifically on strength or size. They actually complement each other well, and focusing on one at certain times then switching can be a great way to train.


0:00 Geoff Says Hello

1:00 Rep Ranges

3:58 Exercise Selection

7:37 Exercise Execution

9:40 Failure, RPE and RIR

11:54 Volume

14:45 Progressions

15:35 Training Split

17:17 Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

18:37 Diet Differences

19:52 Powerbuilding Options

21:47 Dank Outro

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Karius Baktus

"What's up, butt nugget?"
"Not much, turd burglar"

Red Phantom

Can you do muscule ups ? just curious

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Informative video on a somewhat confusing subject. Thanks G!

Oh btw, his book S.W.E.A.T. is amazing for beginners like me and I'd say some experienced fellas, too. It's not expensive so if you're serious about your lifting, staying healthy, getting strong, and looking good naked ?, it's a wise investment. I have read it about 3 times and I still learn things from it. There's so much info in there.
Fwiw, I don't know Geoffrey, so this isn't getting me anything by saying this. I just really love the book and think it helped me quite a bit. If we're not supposed to do this, i can delete this part of my comment. Sorry if it breaks any youtube rules.


What do you think abt massive iron rep goal system

Geoffrey Verity Schofield

Just after I posted my video, Coach Thib released a video on the exact same topic, I'm watching it now and the info is pure gold so I'll link it here if anyone is interested in learning more (he goes into some other areas and a few further technical details as well).



Cumment furr D yelgoriddim go brrrr.... !

Daniel Dimov

5:51 I am bulgarian and I didn't understand what you said. As far as I know the 'bulgarian method' is a style of training specifically developed for weightlifting athletes. Not powerlifters. Definitely not 'size athletes XD'!

Ashan Gomez

Hey love the vids. Can you do a vid on some good reading material for fitness enthusiasts. I have read starting strength, looking for a good one on programming though. Specially to kill time as we are on full lock down here in Sri Lanka. Keep up the good work

Hambaliwou Barry

What about alphadestiny and concurrent periodization, he constantly switches things up but continues to make progress.

Sharuyan Twenty5

6:13 stranger in the background is like is this man from another planet not wearing mask. lol

Miguel Raggi

I always do 1 set with a lot (a lot for me, a warm-up for everyone else) weight and 4 to 6 reps, then immediately drop the weight and continue. Then all my subsequent sets are in the 8 to 15 rep range.

Daron Cresstwell

Crossfit ???

cliff onator

If you're not interested in being a powerlifter or bodybuilder, you just want to be bigger and stronger than the average person, I don't think you have to squat, bench, or deadlift if you don't like doing them. You could also lift in the 3's, 5's, 10's or 12's, it doesn't really matter.

Li Eggcy


Vinay Mehta

Great Content yet again !


Was expecting to disagree with alot in this video but was pleasantly suprised to find i agree with most of what u said, u really know ur stuff

Just Vernon

So you're saying that 1RM towel rows doesn't work?


I do madcow (3 days) + one day of good mornings, arms, hypertrophy on shoulders to be more sized focused.


Great video

Are Tobias Fossgård Haukland


HardcoreNatural Fitness

What's your thought on training 5 hours a day like arnie ?

Nick B

I love your vids, especially this one. But did you lose subscribers? I thought you had at least 20k

Vampire Squid

2:28 "It doesn't matter" 2:40 "It doesn't really matter" Most of us expect to see The Rock whenever someone says those words

Doosteh Khoob

I "am a proud owner of his book" and good to be reminded on same advice here on the video as well . Good content.

Yash Sura

Earlier than last time

Jack Li

Fuck yeah finally a comprehensive video comparing the two. I've needed this for a while.

JMCA does lifts

One thing you didn't mention is about deload weeks

Powerlifters generally build more CNS fatigue in their training than bodybuilders, and as a result their deload weeks tend to be planned and more often than bodybuilders

Sharing my thoughts

New camera? cool

Adam Cares

Ok lah, not 200 Likes, now is almost approaching 1.4k :)

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Another great video, but your mask game has gotten weak.

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I'm not sure whats happening but I could've swore your subs were more than 15k but now its showing 8.64k, probably I'm remembering wrong, weird..

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THIBARMY make a same topic video. Come 10min lator of your's! Heh heh

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"...stressful exercises on the joints..."
Shows Snoop with an armjoint

Daniel Dimov

I just realized I'm a crossfitter...



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Fozmeister General

Where are you?


....have u actually competed in powerlifting or just all from reading

EL Cid

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Paweł- Asmr

Hey Geoff,
Have you ever made a video on bicep tears or thought about it? Currently experiencing a lot pain in my distal bicep tendon and idk if its a tear or whatever it may be. To aay the least, i am terrified to work out and dont know what to do


so you're telling us 1RM strict curls everyday is not a good idea? :O

Karansingh Bisht

A Geoff video a day keeps the doctor away.

well seriously, makes my day. <3

DadBod Fitness

Fascinating video. Much simpler of an explanation than some others I have seen. I appreciate that. I have found a great combination of both. For a long time I stuck only with one rep range and I found some great progress in my lifts and in my physique when I created a program with some periodization and variation in rep ranges. Thanks for the video looking forward to the next ? all the best Geoffrey!


"droppin knowledge bombs like Hiroshima - wait what?!"

Electronic Punk

Butt nuggets ?, what are your thoughts on GVT? Maybe do a video on it ?


14:35 if i saw that i would turn n run

Julio Andrés Arriaga Rangel

Thank you for the video, Geoffrey.

Black Stena

In next video, do a minute in chinese ?


Damn - you got the best commute to the gym ever. The US could learn a few things from China on how to make pretty cities!
Hard to believe it's the same place that makes the sky yellow in Korea when the smog blows over.

James Bedwell

I dropped a like for the crisp video

Abu Humaid

What rep/set range do you recommend for barbell overhead press? Is it a bad idea to do 5x5 for it?


Good video. I agree with you about tempo. The ability to control a slow eccentric in the building phase will make a lifter safer when they start the low rep weight progression phase. In fact I find it helps me recruit and get an efficient set-up for that explosive lift. Kind of a dynamic intra-set setup.

For me it's also been important to be patient with low rep ranges. It's probably Real rpe (refuse to capitalize that acronym). When beginning to train weighted chin-ups I did 3 reps & couldn't get either a 4th rep or a second set of 3. When I went to sets of 2, I got multiple sets, and worked up to 7 sets of 4. I did grow muscle.

I like your recent potentiation video. Using that heavier short first set can really help a lot of people gain strength without wrecking their workout, recovery, or growth.

Coach Thib is great.

The gardeners in that park are gardening better than last time. Thanks.

Powerlifting vs Weightlifting: The COMPLETE Guide For Training Both Sports

Powerlifting vs Weightlifting: The COMPLETE Guide For Training Both Sports2 Dec. 2020
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What Is

What Is Weightlifting?

Weightlifting is a weight-classed strength sport. In competitive weightlifting, there needs to be a focus on balance of strength in the snatch and clean & jerk. An athlete’s platform success is comprised of the two competition lifts and these lifts include the,


Clean & Jerk

Out of every strength sport, weightlifting tends to be regarded as the most technical and tough to pick up.

What Is Powerlifting?

Powerlifting is a weight-classed strength sport. In competitive powerlifting, only one thing matters and that’s having the highest total possible. An athlete’s total is comprised of the three competition lifts and these lifts include the,


Bench Press


As a whole, the sport of powerlifting is growing at both a competitive and recreational level. In fact, it’s not uncommon to see many recreational lifters “train like a powerlifter”, even though they have no aspirations to compete.

In this video, strength coach Alec Pagan breaks down the pros and cons of training both sports simultaneously, top athletes who have crossed over and keys to success.

00:00 Intro

00:20 Advantages

00:50 Disadvantages

01:30 Keys to Success

04:30 Successful crossover athletes

05:25 Outro

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Excellent advice ?

Marketta Inman


Jeffrey Babino

Hi just found your channel enjoying it so far I am a non completive stringth trainer I want benifets that this training can give someone keep up the good work thanks ?

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Noah J

You should make a video like this but on CrossFit an Olympic Weightlifting or Strongman and Olympic Weightlifting.