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Chris Hemsworth / Boxing and Kickboxing Training ???(Impressive and Inspiring)

Chris Hemsworth / Boxing and Kickboxing Training ???(Impressive and Inspiring)6 Dec. 2020
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Chris Hemsworth / Boxing Training ???

Join with Chris in



Comments (100)
Jeran Villanueva

Logan Paul vs Chris in an MMA Battle?

Fiach O'Connor

Teep to the face! Out of no where!

Nyles Moore

Damn mi nigga...Due ur thing, I'm gona stay out ur wayyyy

Hoani Rutledge

Same form as me. Except im ugly and poor lmao


Peed a little

Quan G

50% of the comments: wow he looks very well at boxing!

Other 50%: everbody now a boxing expert?!

Stephen Cox

nice, he's got heavy power. that's sick. snap power is far more common imo. i'm glad he's not just show muscles. is he natty tho? doesn't matter, no one's testing him lol.

Thomas Abreu

Not gonna lie. He actually looks better than the paul brothers.


I mean he fought thanos ffs

Future UFC champion

coach: guard up
chris: no, i dont think i will


Aussie Fury

Derek Atkins

A real bulk of man muscle in show. Chris never fails to impress and show his great body to his best advantage.


He's a natural street fighter, he's got the basic fighting instinct


Head is constantly exposed to getting koed. Good fitness work out however! And yes Would batter most non fighters on here!


Who else came here cause they saw the Logan Paul thing

_K4TIE _

Got some snap in those punches✌️

Eli sch

Still a little bit stiff

Dave Plumley

Mans got power

Jonatan Palmelind

he skipps legday


He needs to spar more

Alex Britton

Hes to close to the bag when he punches I think


He gassed out quick hitting the heavy bag and that’s with little light gloves, try heavy 16 or 18Oz gloves, needs more stamina, but has good form throwing punches though.

Rahil Mia

He's got potential

Sekiko Gaming

Thor vs Ohio Reject


And this is the guy Logan called out?‍♂️


I wish I was the punching bag?

Shafiq Khan

Sending a message to Logan Paul I see

Frank Bruno

More power then them youtubers looks like he know abit

Mark Schneider

Everyone wants to be a boxer nowadays


Put someone in front of him hitting him back :)

Onlyenzo Pranks

Not surprised he did kill thanos after all

I post cool videos

I am now even more scared of Chris..


He looks like an advanced amateur boxer-kick boxer!! Colin James Farrell looks good also.

Ameerul Aqmal Malek

Not bad.. Almost looks like a pro fighter., there's power in his back.

Mr Jam

The juice is strong with this one


Wow best celeb boxer I’ve seen!

Que tranza Calabaza

Lmao all the “experts” in the comments geez ??

Abhijoy Gupta

Man if he fights Logan he is gonna get knocked out ngl Logan is much better


No Legs Day!

Jacob Salinas

Would he beat Logan Paul?

Lj Castille

Great general athleticism and decent form, but like an actor, he's memorizing the strikes (his hands) in patterns which looks great on film, but when he learns to generate actual power from his hips and feet he'll be dangerous enough. His mitt guy is obviously a fan.


I say “ Chris vs Francis Nganou”

Felix Cruz

Looks like a beginner

Jiren89 Powerfull

Great Training time. A lot of online guru of boxing in the comments section. He's doing great. Keep training Chris

Kusagari Blues

He looks good. But boards don’t hit back.

Finger boi

And Logan Paul wants to fight the god of thunder

Johnny Parrish

Thor kicks ass

McLaren Lamb

Chris, if you're reading this...
Please punch Logan out of the ring.

Curtis Smith


Joel Salminen

Wou, this might be the only time i hear that some celeb has impressive boxing and actually does when i see the footage. Respect

N Channel



It's not inspiring nor impressive

Doug G

I'm actually impressed with his hands. Kicks need some work tho.

Lucas Gibbs

Would like to see him do some sparring

rastamon vibrationyeah

Pretty impressive Thor son of Oden

Noah Zoulfikar

nice to see an actor who actually knows what he is doing

Sunny Ashton

Logan Paul wants to fight this guy

Stoic Roman

Chris will sleep Jake in 1 round

Lif _

Sooooooo people said hes "sexy" n hes strong wow

Ace The legend

Why does he look like a real superhero

Captain She

Most of these clips are before the Logan call out, it’s just a way for him to keep fit, now turn that to real training, he could be a good fighter but these clips don’t speak for current time Chris


Dont wanna get them HANDS KEK KEK KEK

Joshua Swilling

Omm he ah put logan paul to sleep

Omar Ghauri

He's the guy from forrrytniteee
Jk and btw I think he got UI

herman 007bond

Dude i thought hes really bad but he's really good but i want to see sparing for the conclusion


Better looking Paulo Costa


He looks huge when hes on cycle. He was looking like a twig just a little while back

jsido jdjdjd

i’m sure he’s decent but anyone can look good on pads

Sejo Botonjic

Pretty GOOD for a actor, hes in gr8 shape too ?! Well done THOR!

John Michael Ullegue

He shouldn't take the risk he would only make few buck compared to his movies if he loses certainly going to impact his career


Chris needa stop skipping his leg day fr

Caleb Bethel

Put him in creed three as creeds boxing buddy or sum

Jura Rose

Pads don't hit back though. He needs to start sparring and learning how to fight under pressure, distance, timing, etc. ??


Pretty decent hand work. Looks good.
Not bad on the kicks but could use more work. ??

iam groot

Not bad at all

Francisco Puentes

Watching extraction and this clip, makes me think that he would’ve been a great Captain America.

WilsonYeBoi 68!

So everyone's a pro now...?

Tsooj Baterdene

He looks like male version of ronda rousey

Chaz Surrett

He could go for boxing but if he messes that pretty face of his up he can say goodbye to his acting career lol

Dominick Baker

Watch jake Paul try and fight him ?

Shredd Meister

same ol Chris. you buy water from a faucet

Brian Keane

he looks pretty good , his style looks like , streetish , I dig

(Eric) Eric Millar

The strongest Avenger


Great form and great power! I know he’s not training to fight so I’m not about to criticize anything but if I were to work on one thing with him it would just be the speed

Lic. Eduardo Nieto L

He has quite good hands , good speed ! The elbow was also quite nice ! He is well trained

Chad Calhoun

He’s dying for that double leg

Malik West

Hes way to into himself


damn you got some skillz brotha


The dude has some hands no doubt

Sub4Nothing NoVideoz

Just heard rumours this actor is going to killed logan paul in real life acting in a boxing ring. ?


Everyone looks good on pads and the bag, when you need to dodge punches with the lights on that’s when it all changes. I’d like to see a fight between him and Logan/Jake Paul though

Rodney Porter

Ain't half got a nasty front kick. Nasty

Alex Hamel

Guys I bet Chris hemsworth's is better at ju jitzu and wrestling than boxing

Deuceph C

seems Thor is ON cycle nowadays ?

Daniel teixeira

Not bad but a 5'7 165lb actual fighter can beat hes 6'5 or 6'6 ass.


He looks great it would be interesting seeing him do a fight agains Logan Paul or some other famous influencer.

the business handler

Need to get in way better shape if he wants to box he's huffing n puffing

Time B

To pretty to fight

John Satini

Not gonna lie! He’s the first celebrity that I’ve see that doesn’t look weird boxing

Big Boy

No one : People who think their experts in the comment section:um yea that’s not how you throw a punch man lol ??????‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

Chris Hemsworth Body Transformation

Chris Hemsworth Body Transformation18 May. 2020
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Push Ups

Push Ups Program:


Chris Hemsworth has been in insane shape since he landed the epic role of Thor in the Marvel Universe! 

When it comes to the Chris Hemsworth Workout he focuses on staying fit and functional with bodyweight moves such as the Push Up along with a very clean diet. Chris Hemsworth incorporates plenty of plant based foods into his diet to build muscle and stay lean!

0:00 - One of the greatest Avengers!

0:13 - Thor - Love and Thunder

0:20 - Home & Away

0:26 - Thor

0:31 - Filming Thor

0:39 - Thor got too big!

1:04 - Chris Hemsworth Diet

1:26 - Chicken!

1:52 - Vegan Plant Based Diet

2:22 - Fruits and Fibre

2:48 - Duffy Gaver

3:21 - Thor diet

3:26 - Train, Eat, Sleep

4:15 - Classic Bodybuilding Meal

5:12 - Functional Training


Push Ups Program:




Comments (3)

Chris got a new trainer luke zocchi. He's the one that got Chris the rangnarok body

Jameel Malik

Unrated youtuber!

Ellen Celebrates Chris Hemsworth's Body of Work

Ellen Celebrates Chris Hemsworth's Body of Work26 Apr. 2018
5 337 811
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"Avengers: Infinity War"

"Avengers: Infinity War" might be the last time Chris Hemsworth plays Thor, so Ellen put together a retrospective to celebrate his impressive body... of work.

Comments (100)
Jonas Hågensen

Even Ellen almost slid off that chair


My favourite actor❣️❣️❣️❣️

Fred Samoluk

Idk if it was a woman it would be perceived as objectifying and sexualizing. But if it is a man it's okay sigh

Andile Sibanda

Every woman ever just lost their breath

Sharon Voosa



Women objectifying men....hypocrisy?

Liam Bradbury

Great double standards guys, keep up the joke that is feminism.

Jenny Smart

His voice melts me, he is my crush

Mixed Reality video

He sounds like heath Ledger


2:20 that little "wow" after he watching himself... Hahahaha... Love that guy

C Summer

It's not possible for this man to be any more hot!!!!!!!!!! Long hair, short hair, facial hair, clean shaven face.....it's never-ending!

anuja mitra

he is such an amazing actor and its pretty clear from that video how hard he must have worked to achieve that amazing physique.....i love him soo much, he is so great

Celvy Solis

Only one thing for sure,he so handsomely...

bogdan mijailovic

Yes, impressive!!

akshay kothawade



Like You Man And Elein Spike In Language Iraqu Kherat Alh ??✔️

Chris Slater

What a double standard! Imagine if a male host did this to a sexy female actress!!

Leya Miwu

Ellen knows what everyone needs

Ashish Munde

His body and his workout I love it


Nadevelluer ki bhaati I'm betting start se chalta hau

danny the racial transitioner

i like him better than captain USA

d kumar

Loki Ferguson

Samuel Amaral

I guess objectifying men is still ok, then

Far Katch

He also survived lyckily

G8 Mejia, Stephanie

I swear he is a man but a kid by heart

Yash Rao

He is the new Brad Pitt

Prajwol थापा मगर

Is he wearing a shirt under a shirt?


This is literally the definition of double standards!

Kids Clairyne Show


Ernestine Jackson

His LUCKY wife!!!!

Brad Redford

I couldn't see him in person. I'd just duck into the nearest bathroom and probably never come out

Corinna Drust

Sexiest man alive

I'm a bro

He sounds annoyed 2:32

Wasim Ahmed

Anybody notice his voice is so Heath Ledger

nico goris

Could be the next James bond, and a great one

Steven Roberts

Is he enhanced the dude’s jacked in the movies and is then becomes small

Shamim Khoker

In next movie we want chris hemsworth and hrithik roshan

Varun Singh

I think i am hotter than him but then i realize its so because i am stranded on a dessert and its 50 degree celsius

MI love

Ellen,I am from Bangladesh, i love u more, take me from Bangladesh, i wanna meet with you,i am your most lovely fan..i learn English from your talkshow.

Mats Michiels

Foot estimated relative belief please pad dancer Asian diagnose when uncle study.

basil hawkins

2:21 chris - ummm
Ellen - yeah
Double moral

Amal TR

Love from india

Bilal Saeed

I like how much does chris pratt look photoshopped in the photo

Music Tune

I pray who ever reads this becomes successful.

Animesh Bahinipati

Taka taka taka .. his idea of spanish

Nabil Mimouni

Chris is one of those funny uncles we wish we had..

Soumen Barui


آنسة جوجو

I really love Chris ?

Jeremy Green

God what a good looking guy and soo down to earth nothing phoney about him at all!

Jack Daniels

Only he can manage to look hot in a moustache and soulpatch

Syed Yusuf Ali Eram

I'm saying again I'm straight


Can’t believe the amount of comments from men about “objectifying men”....you don’t like the taste of your own medicine? GOOD! Now you get it

K4liil Music

ellen predicted what happens to thor in endgame , he lost his body

Nazli Rahmatiya Alhasni

My Thor??

Bill Jean

I'm a straight guy and I still enjoyed watching that. Spectacular.

Insane Guy

Hi I am brandy.. Please remind Ellen that I have already subscribed, so please don't remind me to subscribe.

Tech gaming

Who is Watching this in 2020

Rolan Dalumbar


Adam Aleksandrovskiy

just like a stripper. nothing more.

Boston Bean

I'm amazed Ellen is still a lesbian after that.

suresh kumar

Very nice


Am i the only one who thinks he somehow looks like Arthur Morgan?! Hehe
( for who doesn’t know him, he is the main protagonist of the game red dead redemption 2)

Kia Rainey

Oh LORDT! That is one big ol' fine man.

Horley Ntenday

He's so awkward when he watches the video

Amareswar Mishra

She definitely had read Endgame's script.

Dip Rahman

Only one word about Chris , World crash ?



Sage god

The real norse god thor would've sounded just like him

Steekmoer jr

Is the Ellen show even still going?
asking for a friend.

dana *_*

Being attractive doesn't preclude being intelligent
Prove me he is more than just a s..xy mate who can't even reach his co-star Tom Hiddlestone in playing good and winning awards!
And still he got billions of dollars(because we are body worshipers so we can't see true art)


Божечки,как я его обожаю,только на него подписана?

Happy Beatz

When Ellen see Chris, she forgets that she is lesbian!

Charmaine Ruiz

Ellen: That's all that matters to us.


Nice objectification

Ghazal SunnyR Sayeed

Oh he is so cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️love you Chris

C.O.S 5

I'm here now ❤️

Avishkar Desai

Chris Hemsworth is one of the most attractive man in the history of humanity.

Jeff Stryker

Imagine all the chicks he would pick up.

Keshav Saha

He has to be the cutest big guy ever!!

The Miss Saigon

I love Chris Hemsworth. He is very down to earth person❤❤❤

Angel Priya



Is Chris Hemsworth an australian ?!

Avishkar Desai

He is the most attractive man of all time.

Love Laugh

Double standards eh

rocky singh

God of thunder


Can we please put women on display as well? I have a feeling the reaction will be different.

William Vaiphei

I like his voice

rohit upadhyay

Voice of this guy, deserves to play Thor

DanZito the demigod

You can see his nervousness. I think he is such an easy ready and such a great person. I already know hes the greatest dad on earth, among alot of other ones too

Hamdan Khan

my zoom id 696 905 1844

Jeremy Green

This guy Chris Hemsworth take your breath away!

71 Darius Klijster

Chris Hemsworth is the type of guy to make Ellen straight!


his face turned to red.. ????



Adonis Top of Men

Beautiful Man .......

Amir Mahdi Shirzad

Endgame: am i a joke to u

Raza Rabbani

Come on he's not real ..

Jxst Sarah

Thank god he gets a new Thor film 2022

Cheryl White

His voice is so manly ???

Ali Leo

He’s so hot