Puma rs x sonic

EGGMAN Has His OWN SHOES? PUMA Sonic RS-X3 [SneakerHead Sundays] | runJDrun

EGGMAN Has His OWN SHOES? PUMA Sonic RS-X3 [SneakerHead Sundays] | runJDrun10 Feb. 2020
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People you know the

People you know the @sonicmovie comes out soon and right now the Sonic Ring Hunt is Live @footlocker NYC on 12 W 34th St Frnt 2, and my friends @puma have made some exclusive RS-X3 sneakers Out Now! So pull up the Sonic Ring Hunt lens on Snapchat & then cash in those rings for special prizes @footlocker [email protected] #Ad

Buy the shoes at Footlocker Now


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Comments (50)

They gotta do the Knuc Knuc 1s now hahaha


I knew they were going to make shoes


I don't know if I can even chose my fav some times it's Sonic, some times tails, Shadow and/or knuckles. Never Amy or Big the cat though lol

Michael Lemon

What are the black soinc shoes call


Dang those actually could the Knuckles' One's or the Shadow Zero's

Jacob Flores

JD just making power moves this year I’m glad you’re killing it this year bro keep it up! I’m always supporting you, also superpunch is really cool ? My favorite sonic character would have to be either knuckles or Sonic I remember seeing the sonic X cartoon when I was younger


His sonic voice was pretty decent

Vicky_ Uche83

Those will go great with your shirt which is also dope ?. Yeah I know who shadow is I didn’t know the movie was coming out this month.

Makkusan Zetto

My favourite character is Rouge cause of her MASSIVE TITS!!!!!.

Goddess D

I like them...how much?


Oh ok somebody gave you those...now I get it...thought you actually went looking for them...

Eoghan 909 4K

Sonic rs x 3


That box is so dope

808 _808

Love knuckles hes ma favrioute

DJ Dragon

I’m not gonna lie I would definitely get those shoes?

Jaylin Awkward


tru3. miah

It’s actually shadow the hedgehog shoes the color way is a shadow type vibe


Shadow the hedgehog

Jabri Ulmer

Those are nice JD! I already bought the black hoodie and 3 Sonics puma shirts now I'm thinking about the shoes. I'm set for the movie!? lol

Saivon Howard

Hope you're holding up JD! Glad to see you smiling.

Kam'ron Bryant

Shadow the ?


Those are sweet, I like those they’re a little different. I see puma is stepping up their game. You might not read this but JD, Keep up the great content. YouTube needs this more then you think, personality is everything.

J.A. Dre Gonzalez

Dope Eggman shoes. I like your Rugrats sweater too. I'm definitely wanna see the Sonic movie because Sonic is my favorite character along with Tails and I'm a big fan of Jim Carrey. :)


Somebody help jd out
With more subscribers asap
He deserves more keep it up Bruh

isaac january

Sonic fan boys for life


Those shoes look all right, but if Puma actually release the Sonic red and white shoes, that's an instant cop.

Trederrion eevee


daniel j

Do you know what a aglet is? ??

Alfina Wolf

Shadow the hedgehog all day

Ashwin Kumar

The score is Sonic's bday


These are shadows

Ace Pitch

These shoes are aight, would of loved them in Sonics colorway

RWBY Fiend

Im finna buy dem now

QT 100

Omg hold up! Pause!! Is that a RUGRATS SWEATER ? nostalgic mood... nice shoes btw!! Imma need to know where you shop ?


Awesome video bro and those sneakers look dope


The score is actually the date the first game was released. 1991/06/23 or 06/23/1991

Fame Killz

these are kinda dope ??

Adolfo Rangel

Those are fire highkey

Vicky_ Uche83


Elijah Plummer

You don't look like your feet would be size 13 you look like a 9.5 to a 10


Urkel does Sonics voiceovers I think? (Jaleel WHITE)

Emo Peter Parker

Ayeeee wassup my guy

Felipe Money

I got these the other day for 43$ and sum change

Future Trunks The Prophet

JD I know you tryna bless me with some drip right

RWBY Fiend

We need a playlist in the link

dayton chris

what if puma buys the rights to soap shoes, gives you a pair and asks you to grind on rails like sonic to demonstrate them? lol

Brad Hedgehog

Wow JD. Cool shoes man.


Hey JD. I was looking through some older videos and noticed you didn’t complete undertale. If you’re interested enough, I recommend finishing it. If not on camera, then play it to its fullest in your own time.


WAD UP JD how 2020 doing so far. also ya boi shadow is best.
I check ur rugrats hoodie.


runJDrun Quick Question? Is the mesh on the shoe like a soft fabric or is it like a type of nylon /hard plasticy material that’s wipeable? Sorry is that I’m thinking of coping for work but the shoe can’t be pores* and I can’t check in person at champs due to Covid :(


PUMA x SONIC RS-X³ SONIC BLACK On-Feet + Unboxing8 Mar. 2020
4 384
Regular GearSubscribe 438 721

Unboxing and On-Feet for

Unboxing and On-Feet for the PUMA x SONIC RS-X³ shoes in the sonic black Color way. Sorry again about the box idk why puma sent it in a bag. I just got some shoes from them and it was in a box. Probably just ran out of boxes.

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Song: https://soundcloud.com/spock_dog/sonic-the-hedgehog-green-hill-zone-smooth-jazz-cover

Comments (4)
Alex Toonz

Just bought these for about $50 USD, pretty good deal and can't wait to have this on my collection!


Will these be good for standing all day? Thinking about buying them for my job which requires standing 6 hours straight.

Lala Loopsie

Look great!

Five nights at Andre

I have that

Puma X Sonic Rs-x³ Black Trainers Unboxing

Puma X Sonic Rs-x³ Black Trainers Unboxing24 Feb. 2020

These Puma X Sonic Rs-x³

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