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Push versus Pull Swing-Another way to look at it

Push versus Pull Swing-Another way to look at it4 May. 2018
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Rich Lovell discusses pushing versus pulling the the baseball/softball swing.

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TALY PullPush Golf Swing for Improved Distance/Consistency

TALY PullPush Golf Swing for Improved Distance/Consistency22 Nov. 2008
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TALY demonstrates another

TALY demonstrates another golf swing which does not require golfers to swing their arms. Simply pull the red ball (your Talynt point) behind you as far as it will go, and then push the red ball down through impact. Do not swing your arms.

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Thank for posting @qwerty009ish. Surprisingly enough that's sort of what this move feels like. You pull it into you on your body and then push it back into the golf ball. Sometimes golfers mistake width with closeness of the left arm to their body. You can have great width and still have your left arm touching your chest. It more relates to your left elbow. Don't let it bend. It works for driver but I do prefer using one of the other two arm or body moves off the tee for more power.


Nice work @bbessares!! I'm sure it's a tribute to the work you and your girlfriend are putting in to understand your move. With regards to the DVD, we must not have had you on our mailing list. I'll send you a direct message.


Thanks for posting teewoods.


Thanks for posting @futurehendrix985 and I'm quite sure you understand what I am referring to. If you are a scratch golfer, you're obviously not going to shoot 20-25 shots better. But what if you typically shoot 100 or 110? Saving one shot per hole is already 18 strokes. One less chip per hole. One less put per hole. It adds up very quickly.


Well said @rw5791.


Thanks for posting. In both moves, we eliminate wrist hinging, and squaring into impact with wrists/forearms, but the main difference is how we power the TALY Triangle (visit the Taly site for info on triangle). Anyway, in the PullPush move, we keep a rigid left wrist and just pull and push with the right hand. In the no arm swing move we hold both arms rigid, and then turn on the proper spine angle. The proper spine angle occurs when the red ball passes over the golf ball.


Thanks for sharing Pmonte41.


@scoremore05 Ik I'm just messin' with ya bud. Interesting vid. I can see how well your method works. I would definitely recommend that to anyone that struggles with consistency in their swing.


There is no question that a bright child brought up on your methods would become a champion if he stuck with it. People don't realize that Gary Player was an inspired player and revolutionary thinker in this game as well. And he was one of the greatest players ever.


the swing changes its plane completly at the top. if you were to deliver the club to the ball on the same club path that you took it back, you would have to hit big draws or blocks. yours did not do this. so you must have to reroute the club at the top.


Hi lazyhusband, Excellent point. I will rethink whether I would change that. In the "Without Swinging Your Arms" move, we definitely do not swing, but I see your point regarding this one. What I would say though is that we really aren't allowing our arms to swing with this move. And that's very important. It's a very controlled "PUSH" into impact and the arms should not be allowed to swing freely because there is no power in that. So you are moving your arms but not swinging them.


lmao what the fuck is this


Please also note: NO WRIST HINGING.


I've watched a lot of golf instruction videos.... This is one of the worst, NEVER let your right hand dictate the swing(too inside going back, over the top going down)


Cool name proprioceptive44. Thanks for posting.


Taly. Love the mindset, and would like to really get to grips with the push pull swing. 2 questions. When I try it with the driver I seem to get it very close to my body and tied in knots - any advice on how you keep "width" as you seem to in the vid? Also, does it work with the driver or are we better sticking with the body turn swing? Thanks for your advice.


Taly, AWOLgolf here from Chicago. I just stumbled across this video and it blew my mind. I talked with you after I purchased your product. we discussed football and Condredge Hollaway, but never the darn golf swing. I'm a TGM guy that has been teaching the right arm to the side move. Stan Utley prescribes this in his putting, chipping ,and pitching, but more subtle. I have been working on straightening the right arm into impact. Where do you prescribe for this to happen?


Hey Taly, Love the pull/push swing. Works great on chips. One question. Do you have or plan to have DVD's on your three swings. Would love a slow motion swing from behind and from the side of the pull/push swing. Your thoughts?? Bob in AZ


Hi iteachugolf, Thanks for posting. The PullPush move is definitely the most unorthodox move that we suggest for a simplified approach but it definitely accomplishes a great move into impact. We were quite surprised by how many golfers decided to go with that one but as you know, it's all about finding what you can repeat. Feel free to visit the TALY site sometime and send me an email. What state is your facility located in?


Hi vidvivvid, I like the vertical arm drop move with my irons and the "without swinging your arms" move for my driver. We have found that some golfers like to learn all three moves, and others just like to go with one. The PullPush move seems to be very popular for golfers with limited flexibility or bad backs.

Jacob Racquer

It seems as though you are trying to make the swing sound simple. It isnt.. I have found that most power in a golf swing comes from your wrists as well as a powerful release of the club. If you watch any PGA professional or Long drive champ there is tons of wrist action as well as a strong release at impact. The contact you make sounds solid so if it works for you that is great but it seems just as complicated as any other swing. Also there is a release in your swing at and through impact.

Steve M.

Pushing motion through the golf ball, which makes a lot of sense to me personally. I've never been able to make a pulling motion through the golf ball work. When I say pulling, I mean any golf swing that the hips starts the downswing with everything then being pulled through the shot. Check out Billy Bondaruk hitting a driver using the right sided swing method of Gary Edwin, which basically is the same pull push swing as seen here. He's definitely hammering that off the tee!


Very kind @prrolg. This PullPush move is the most unconventional of the three simplified moves that our engineering team has presented but we do believe that they all have merit. And at the end of the day, we as golfers need to find our own swing or make it our own as that is where our confidence lies. Great thoughts on Gary Player and thanks for posting.

Drew MacKown

@scoremore05 thank you very much! :)

Steve M.

Very interesting! This particular method along with Gary Edwin and Peter Croker, all are based on a

Misfit power

Somewhat along the same concept as Moe Normans swing method? Thank you again


Hi Taly, Great stuff but I dont when you pull it appears you are bring intheclub so far in the insisde and when you push the club come on the outside. You tee shot is straight - i'm lost as the real theory behind the swing. I still cant hit a driver! I'm juts going to stick to playing the tiger woods 10 game on playstation


Thanks for posting @RoyDMcAvoy.


Thanks for posting @gostanley. Visit us at the TALY website.


Thanks for sharing your experiences @remmy100.


Hadn't played much due to winter and went down the range. Swing wasn't working well. Later tried the pull push and the impact was so clean. Even 3 and 4 irons I managed to repeatedly hit well and didnt notice any loss in distance. I almost didn't want to accept it.


thanks for posting 13229.

Drew MacKown

So don't turn your arms while swinging? I hope this helps me because I'm on a golf team in high school and I'm 15 but I'm not too consistent when it comes to hitting it straight and far. How much of an impact will this help my game? Please reply back. Thanks!


Oh. I thought by +12 you meant 12 over par as opposed to a "plus 12". No, you won't drop 20 strokes. High handicappers who shoot 100-140 will see the biggest reductions. You are a pretty solid golfer already, so you will drop less strokes but you can still work to become a plus golfer.


Thanks for posting @vidvivvid. I like golfers to experiment to see what works for them but I definitely like pushing further out to the right . But keep in mind, it also depends on how far your left forearm turns to the right on your takeaway because that opens up the clubface. For me personally, I like to come back into impact with that wide open clubface and as long as I push further out to the right, my clubface is actually closed relative to that path which assists with a draw.


Thanks for posting andyadam23. I am a former professional athlete and a professional engineer and I hit 600 balls a day for two years and wrote every morning for three hours breaking down the golf swing. That more than qualifies me to speak about a simplifed approach to golf, and provide a mechanical device which helps golfers see and understand what is required in a golf swing.


I am not clear which angle you are referring to. Please send me an email directly with a photo or something.

James Mckenzie

Does you front arm push and pull or just go along for the ride. Could you do a video showing your down the line swing in slow motion thanks.


Hi iyafool, No problem. We do it all that time at our TALY website where we are now getting over 35,000 new golfers a month. Email me there and send me your swing.


Thanks for posting @piccalocb.


Do you normally use this pull-push or your other vertical armdrop swing?


Sorry jknightglfr, You're too good. That's only for those golfers who shoot 90-130. Lower handicappers have gained anywhere from 5-10 strokes.


My scores before the TALYNT point was 140-150...Now I'm scoring in the 90's virtually overnight!. My chipping is amazing....I get many compliments on my chipping from many golfers.... If you ever need a success story...let me know because the TALYNT Point Works!!! Curtiss


Thanks for posting SmithwickA but that's incorrect. Thinning is not due to launch angle and not really due to angle at impact. You can almost use whatever angle you want and still not hit it thin or even fat. Thinning has more to due with swing bottom due to mechanics or change in body position than due to the things you mentioned. If you don't raise up and catch it thin, or discontinue your push downwards into the ball, you can play with whatever launch and impact angle you want.


Hi sicknastygolf, Thanks for posting. I do have to add that I am also using my arms because I am actually pushing with my right hand against a firm left arm.

Misfit power

Thanks for posting your vids. I just saw them a day ago and have been practicing the swing(in the house) because there's 3 feet of snow outside. I'm am extremely excited about getting out to the range this spring and applying it to the golf course. I'm self taught with a 12 handicap and just this past year have kinda applied the same principle while on the range. I too hit an obscene amount of balls on the range to find a more simple and receptive swing. I may be wrong but noticed that it's som


Isn't this just an inside, one plane swing? You tell people to PULL and PUSH...with the arms so isn't that 'swinging' in a way? Your info box calls this a swing that does not require swinging so I'm a bit confused.


I am definately right hand-arm dominant so maybe this style suits me better. One question. With chipping do you normally push straight at the target? I find that as the club gets longer I have to push out further to the right, but the push does work so well close in. And do you resist body turn or just go with the flow?


25 strokes ehh? So you guarantee 40s-50s on 18 holes?


If you are a +32, you can easily drop 20 strokes by eliminating your extra chips and putts. One less, or closer, chip per hole is 18 strokes.


it only goes straight because he comes over the top of it


In your practice swing, I definitely see only the pull and push. However, in the actual swing where you hit the ball, I see hip turn and shoulder turn leading the arms (the push) into the ball. If you just push the ball, the arms has to 'swing'. If you use some hip and shoulder turn, then it becomes more of a, as you say, controlled push into impact...in which case, it's more than just a push as it then involves hip and shoulder turn.


I agree with what you're saying and what I think you are missing is the difference between what I am doing and what is happpening. With this move I don't focus on any of the other body movements, even though they happen. That's the beauty of the red ball. You only need to focus on one thing as opposed to a million. I just pull the red ball back and around me and then push the red ball into impact. If you get a chance, please visit the TALY site as we explain it fully there.

Andre P. Johnson

It is actually a chip. Once you learn this chip you can extend the back swing / pull to satisfy the distance. If you do this you will learn distace perception with your swing


Thanks for posting MrsSpeer1024.


Hi toebee789, Help me understand what you are saying. Is it straight or is it over the top? Or are you saying it is both and if so, how is that possible if it's leaving on a great line to the target? If golfers "push" into impact instead of swinging, it will immediately give them a great impact position and eliminate any over the top move. Try it and it will change your game overnight.


Thanks for posting @1carlosm. Spring's coming!


Well, just tried this method on the range. It works astonishingly great for 100 yd-in shots. I don't REALLY like changing my swing for a particular distance, but the consistent results are too good to ignore. Guess ill just have to incorporate it into my game.


Thanks for posting secrettogolf. It depends. The red ball on the TALY MIND Set is an an extension of your left arm so whereever it points, reveals where your left arm is pointing. If red ball and club head follow same path, then that is single axis. There are two ways to PullPush which yield different ball flights. At impact, you can have the red ball return to your toe line, our you can have the red ball pass over the golf ball. The 2nd one is single axis like you mentioned.


Hi AWOLgolf, I'm with you. For this PullPush move, I like the straightening of the right arm into impact, but I like this move with no hinging in the swing at all. It will feel like a pretty rigid move but it stores your power very well and really forces your golf shaft to work more.

Upstate Flyer

You're obviously a talented athlete and a good golfer, let me ask you this: what kind of distance difference do you get with this pull-push swing compared to your "regular" distances with a full golf swing. For example, compare an individual iron distance for us, like your 7 iron.


Man if hes plus 32 he would be the greatest golfer of all time and would win anything and everything even on a bad day. This guy would just have to turn up!!


Hi mr3856a, Sorry I missed your comment earlier. Distances are the same if not slightly longer, and are controlled by how far you pull behind you. The beauty of this move though is how different it feels through impact. 99% of golfers swing and hit into impact and it is a phenomenal feeling to generate power from pushing instead. This immediately eliminates the over the top move and gives golfers a method of hitting pure and powerful shots right away. It's also great for chipping.

John Powell

I've been working this on the range...to cold to play right now but i am getting more and more comfortable with this push action. My yardages are not as consistent as I still need to get used to pulling the club back like that but I'll stay with it for now. Impact is ridiculously solid.


Thanks for posting @TheQuestor. I can't say that I know Jimmy Ballard's method but based on your email it sounds like it is the complete opposite. : ) But I will say this.There are many ways to impact a golf ball and it really depends on what you're looking for and how much time you will devote. My engineering goal was to find the most repeatable golf swing which was still powerful and had the least number of moving parts. I came up with 3. The PullPush being the most uncoventional.


Wow tigerwoods49. Even after all that is discussed and shown in the video, you still have these comments. : ) 1. No I do not hinge. I keep my wrist in the same position but TURN MY LEFT FOREARM TO THE RIGHT. It has a similar appearance. 2. I focus on themove into impact, and yes the club does release. I restrict releasing INTO IMPACT. 4. And? 5. I would love to see your impact position. I do agree that the move is unconventional but it is still quite useful and we do have others

Jacob Racquer

Your arms and hands do release on this shot. In another video with your driver they dont as much though. There is no perfect swing and if you can score with that swing then who cares. As long as you can reach par 5s and give yourself chances to score then you are doing something right. There is no quick fix in golf regardless of your swing. Golf is an honest game so if anyone wants to improve just be brutally honest with yourself. Practice with feedback(video,mirrors,devices). commit...


Homer Kelly would be proud of the "hiting" sequence shown here. 2 ways to strike a golf ball: SWINGING, a la Hogan, Snead, Tiger, Phil, etc OR hitting a la Palmer, Nicklaus, JB Holmes, etc. BOTH work. Both produce champions & hall of famers. A player can make a choice of shich to be. The TALY Mind works, folks! If you don't use it for anything other than learning a flat left wrist at impact it's well worth the pittance of expense vs knowledge gained and better scores. Get 'er done! RDM


Hi Stevexiled, In the PullPush we're not trying to speed up. Our power comes from moving and pushing CIRCULARLY, and from being FIRMER at impact. Most golf swings are loose and swingy and you can imagine that doing this move and pushing into impact will give you a much firmer impact position. In this move we leverage our body better, lose less power, and make better ball contact which improves the amount of energy we transfer. We don't need to generate more power, just lose less.


Thanks for posting @neway40. 1) In this video I am moving the red ball along my toe line but for the PullPush move you can actually do either. 2) No I don't turn my forearms back to the left prior to impact. It will feel wide open but it is actually going to give you a nice little draw. 3) Set up and distance from ball will vary slightly but mainly due to the length of club you are using.


Great post @ladivadivala.


Thanks for posting @FaabaaaIsBack and congrats on making the golf team. With regards to your post, I am not sure that that's what I said but that is an interesting interpretation. Anyway, good luck this season and keep working with your golf instructor.

Where Speed Really Comes From In The Golf Swing

Where Speed Really Comes From In The Golf Swing15 Feb. 2021
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Click For Free Video: https://topspeedgolf.com/your-free-video-course-2xlag30-knuckle-dragger/?ytvid=VZawLMLeeBs Where Speed Really Comes From In The Golf Swing

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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Chris huang

great tip I hope my club speed from 120mile to 130 so love it

Carlos Jimenez

Great example on how to create speed. It is great when I start playing between iron and woods.

Chris Harris

What do you think of the new Ping G425 range ?

Won Pak

Jack once said he would just pull down the club from the top faster to generate more speed and not necessarily create resistance with the hips or hands but let them move naturally


107 mph with that swing?!. Jesus, mans a beast ha. Makes me feel ?

donghoon lee


Alain Xueabur

Hello..107 mph only With arms ! ...My max is 95 with all my body ! I should cut my legs may be...



Joe Kolarich

Is that the Hzrdus Green shaft you r using?

Sveta Rolik


Idan A Hasan

The synchronization of both are the most difficult part of swing to be consistent even for pros

Barry G

Hi Clay, where do i find the full Knuckle Dragger video on your TSG site? Thanks


Good drill. I release far too early. This should help

Jos den Hartog

Exactly how I teach this. Great explanations!


Great teacher, thank you brother.

mos chef

Who's this guy who sounds like Clay? Beard game is strong, young man!


I can see my first few tries with this either broken golf shaft or wrist slamming into the ground two feet behind the ball lol

Michael Singh

I just focused on the knuckle dragging drill, getting my hands as low was possible and just by doing that everything else followed suit. Awesome drill thank you very much. Next step is to follow ur contact drill then lastly your speed drill ?

Young Money Investments

What degree driver are you playing and what did you loft/deloft it to with the loft sleeve? One thing I haven’t seen in your videos when you talk about the lag is how to have the lag with a positive attack angle. One thing you’ll notice with players like Tiger or Cameron Champ who have great lag is the negative attack angle. This is putting more back spin on the ball and their launch angle is several degrees below what is optimal launch conditions for max carry.

They are happy with 310 carry while still being able to hit it further because of their enormous club head speed. The average golfer will not have the same tour speed and ideally would have a positive attack angle of 4° to get max distance out of their driver and reduce spin. I’d love to hear your take!

Paul Malone

Clay have you tried the feeling of pushing down with lead hand / pulling up with trail hand in transition ? Been working on this feeling and it has increased my lag by looking at video. It really loads and increases the angle in arms . It’s like a slingshot at the bottom of arch. I’m a low handicap golfer .

jacob belmontes

Wow, picking up my lead foot during the follow through; finally got my pelvis to face the target at impact. Im falling out of position here and there, but I bet I can learn to train how to keep my composer. I've always been tight in rotating my hips, do you recommend doing this with all club swings i.e. wedges, irons, woods, and driver?

Jordan Lai

captain America teaches golf...


I have a question about the Prgr monitor. I've been using it to measure my speed without hitting a ball. Does it read the speed at the point where the ball would be hit, or is it picking up the fastest part of the swing? So if I was releasing the club early would it be reading that?

Виктор Филипов