Long lunges

Iron Long Circuit (400 2-pump burpees, 400 lunges, 400 leg raises)

Iron Long Circuit (400 2-pump burpees, 400 lunges, 400 leg raises)23 Sep. 2020
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Stay focused, the pain

Stay focused, the pain goes away, the accomplishment will live with you forever.

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Manu Gonzalo


richard wills

Advanced done started out tired finished strong


I love this channel! You're a huge inspiration to me, both for your mindset and for your workouts

Nicky Bobby

Those abs are coming out big time.

Cpl Bird

@Ironwolf, brother your inspiration and guidance combined with this Sept challenge has truly been a gift. Very long story short, Im a Marine Veteran, served 01-08, and have been battling ptsd for the last 3 years(took me a while to face it). Your challenge/programming & you in general have sped up a lot pf progress for me. Its hard to convey what it means to me in this post but Semper Fidelis Brother. Thank You.

kickbox fit

Any story behind that music n the laughter in background...



Trevor Rogerson

I’m glad Iron Wolf is on our side. Inspiring form and discipline. Got my 150 2 pumps in today- which is great progress for me. Thanks for the inspiration.

Tyler Daughenbaugh

Any workout tips for the calve muscles?


Felt a breaking point today. I’ve doing intermediate and have completed every workout. Yesterday, not sure what happened ..Morning I completed 4 out of 10 rounds and said screw this and left. It was gnawing at me all day that I quit. When I put my 1 and 3 year old to bed I finished the workout at night. Proud that I completed but disappointed that I stopped in the morning. All I can do is move on from it...on to today! Anyone relate?

kickbox fit

The same was in the other video as well in this room

Mike Norris

Today was a tough one for me but I got it ground out. 100 2 pump burpees 200 lunges and 200 leg raises. On to tomorrow!


NOVICE Week 4 day 3 in the bag. Let's get day 4 pack ????

Molly Moll

Loving the description!!! Let's go u guys !!

Mateusz Rogóż

incredible strenght !!!!


I’m a day behind because of work.
Just did 300 2 pumps, 400 lunges, 400 legs raises. Hell yeah. Wolfpack all day everyday.

Gerardo G.

So tired today ! My left arm hurts me .

200 2 pump
400 lunges
400 leg raises



Don Don

My legs are so sore. NBGAF - advanced done

Benjamin Taylor

"This is so stupid. Why did I commit myself to this? I seriously don't have time for this today. I'm SO tired! Why don't I just stop now and not finish? Who will ever know? Who would even care?" Those were the thoughts going through my head today. Today was the worst! Definitely my hardest day so far of the challenge. But I put my head down and pushed them out. Rep after rep. 1200 done. I certainly didn't break any time records but I got it done. I committed back in August that I would complete the September Challenge. I don't quit. I finish what I start. I run with the wolf pack. Advanced done today. Bring on tomorrow.

Shawn M

Don't you get tired of the trap? Some pagan wolf trance from danheim would probably help better. ??

Fittness Ninja

Intermediate Wednesday done late at night.
10 2-pump burpees
12 lunges
12 leg raises
×25 rounds
Time: 52:50

Can't wait for tomorrow's workout! I'll do it bright and early.


Perfect Guru ??

Luis Gonzalez

Looking like a tank ?

The 6ix Movement

That was the easy part
We playing that Weezy hard
We sit in the kitchen late
We tryna to make an escape
So I'ma keep me a plate

Norbert Bruenner

Hello Iron Wolf??! Thank you sir for the September challenge and those many, many inspiring Training videos you are giving us! I still think that your channel will reach 100 000 subs by the end of the year and you deserve even more! You are by far the greatest example of dedication, hard work, stamina and leadership? thank you so much gunnary seargeant for your effort and greetings from austria

Mohamed Bouzroud

Grind is paying off ? feeling strong . Never thought I’d get hooked on burpees

Kali Lhaj

Hello brother.i wasnt txting often recently cuz of wrk and roads but i assure u that i m always in the challenge and even better than july cuz this time i do my reps at 6 am and will try to start it at 5am by the end of this month.
Thanks again and a lot for the inspiration.u helped me being the best of me.and guess that tnxs to u no one will hve excuse to be lazy.
Keep hard.stay strong.
Salute to u and to the wolfpack

Jasmine Grant

Week 4 day 3 complete.
20 rounds of
15 lunges
12 2 pumps
15 leg raises
Then 10 more 2 pumps after. I lit a fire under my ass and finished in 59 minutes.Im already seeing progress in my upper body strength and leg endurance. Til tomorrow, let's get it

Mak P.

Great work IronWolf,
Just curious what does your daily schedule consist at the moment?


Awesome set!!

Ilham Ramlan

Wish me luck!

Adrian and Nico

Got my work in today and I felt fresh! Lets go guys! Keep on hammering.


Day 24 done - hard day, long day, finished at 22 and straight to train ?made it harder by adding reps per circuit - 10 rounds of 30 each. WolfPack "all togehter, exercise" - my favourite sentence? ??

James Robinson

Wednesday ✅. Had a great session this morning. Feeling good and looking forward to my Thursday morning session. Shirt tucked, no fluff. #NBGAF

Andreas Heilig

Another day of this hell workout is over!! My bones are burning but it feels good!! Never give up!!!

Workout Junkies

Did 500 burpees today


Have u ever used weighted vests and done your workouts... and do you train fasted at all

jason peng

looking forward to this one today...Going for intermediate + for sure!

404 Not Found

Man YouTube getting hella comfy with these bullshit 15 second ads back to back.


Nice work Art ??... pushed myself a bit more today.. Done and happy ?



Kartik Kumar

Yo yo yo???????

Oneil Forbes

And one of the T-shirt on the door behind you

John Conlon

250 2 pump
300 lunges
300 leg raises

Tjibbe Gaastra

advanced done! its a honor to train with you ??

nouari yassine

i did it this morning?

Jacky Wang

Twisted on my left ankle ... rest 24hours and ice pack on it.
okay to finish 100 3-pump with weight on my right foot and 200 leg raises. Do what I can do.


iron wolf , you got me on a dope burpee program! thank you for the inspiration

ThamFit WHG

did he get his physique through this workouts?or does he do weights or do body building?
wanna know.. thanks guys.

mohammed r


Brian Melvin

Beast mode!

Paul Hurst

Hey wolf solid work man!! What’s the music playlist?


Sir yes Sir ....????????


31.08. 5x -> 30 1PumpBurpees / 30 Squats / 30 JumpingJacks ... 28m56s
01.09. 10x -> 5 ChinUps / 10 Dips / 15 SitUps ... 37m47s + Run 2,12km ...15m35s
02.09. 10x -> 15 2PumpBurpees / 25 Lunges (per leg) / 15 LegRaises ... 58m35s
03.09. 10x -> 5 ChinUps / 10 Dips / 15 MountainClimbers ...33m12s + Run 2,6km ... 17m26s
04.09. 5x -> 15 3PumpBurpees / 30 Squats / 30 MountainClimbers ... 34m08s + Run 1,6km … 11m12s
05.09. 10x -> 5 PullUps / 10 Dips / 10 2PumpBurpees / 15 4ct FlutterKicks ... 55m48s
06.09. active Recovery
07.09. 6x -> 30 1PumpBurpees / 30 Squats / 30 JumpingJacks ...35m05s
08.09. 10x -> 6 ChinUps / 11 Dips / 16 SitUps ... 39m32s + Run 2,88km ... 20m39s
09.09 10x -> 16 2PumpBurpees / 30 Lunges / 30 LegRaises ... 55m05s
10.09. 20x -> 4 ChinUps / 7 Dips / 10 4ct MountainClimbers ... 48m35s + Run 2,08km ... 15m01s
11.09. 6x -> 15 3PumpBurpees / 30 Squats / 30 MountainClimbers ... 43m40s + Run 2,03km … 14m04s
12.09. Recovery
13.09. 20x -> 3 PullUps / 5 Dips / 8 2PumpBurpees / 10 4ct FlutterKicks ... 1h00m25s
14.09. 150 1PumpBurpees / 200 Squats / 250 JumpingJacks ... 35m24s
15.09. 70 ChinUps / 120 Dips / 170 SitUps ... 1h05m24s + Run 2,3km ... 15m54s
16.09. 160 2PumpBurpees / 300 Lunges / 300 LegRaises ... 58m53s
17.09. 60 PullUps / 120 Dips / 150 4ct MountainClimbers ... 56m42s + Run 2,46km ... 17m37s
18.09. 120 3PumpBurpees / 300 Squats / 200 MountainClimbers ... 1h02m52s + Run 2,45km … 18m06s
19.09. 60 ChinUps / 120 Dips / 120 2PumpBurpees / 170 4ct FlutterKicks ... 1h21m07s
20.09. Healing
21.09. 10x -> 25 1PumpBurpees / 40 Squats / 40 JumpingJacks ... 1h06m29s
22.09. 10x -> 8 ChinUps / 15 Dips / 20 SitUps ... 48m54s + Run 2,94km ... 21m35s
23.09. 10x -> 20 2PumpBurpees / 50 Lunges / 40 LegRaises ... 1h16m50s

Burpees: 2.065 (PushUps: 3.685)
Squats: 1.560
Lunges: 1.350
JumpingJacks: 980
PullUps/ChinUps: 620
Dips: 1.250
Situps: 680
LegRaises: 1.150
MountainClimbers: 1.030
4ct FlutterKicks: 520
Run: 21,01km

Its Bowln

Workout Wednesday baby!!!!!!!!!!


Wolf, mad respect. I have a question for you. I have always done burpees with a jump squat at the end. Is there a reason you do a standard squat? Is it to make sure youre lifting from your heels instead of your toes? Or just personal taste? Thanks man.


My workout
15k jog
150 situps
100 dips
40 pullups, 30 chip ups, 20 inverted rows

5k jog
10 min warm up
20 min HIIT
10 min cool down and stretching

anujrana_ natural_athlete

I did 400 - 2 pump in 1 hour...and you doing lunges and leg raises too..??

You are a machine...not human..
My video..2 days before i did..


Day 25 done - f... hard day, f.. tired but NBGAF - 60 pull ups on door , 120 dips between two tables , 180 mnt climbers. "PT, PT everyday, i build my body in marine cor way!! " ? give me some navy seals ???


Does anyone have a link to the playlist in the background please :)

Chris Hayes

200x 2 pump w strike / 500 lunges / 200 leg raises

kelvin johnson

Alright here you go.. into the tail end of the week and the grind begins to get a bit tougher, HELL YEAH.. lets get it!
Novice Routine
10 rounds of
10 2 pumps
20 lunges
20 leg raises 41:42
5K run 32:37
the work continues...

Andrew Rentuaya

Day 24: im just gonna post this here as my token of support to your inspiring workouts. Here's my workout for the day:

Pre shift workout:
100 1 pump burpees

Morning 15 min. Workout:
55 1 pump burpees
55 2 pump burpees

Lunch workout:
205 2 pump burpees with 2 squats

Afternoon 15 min. Workout:
50 1 pump burpees
50 2 pump burpees
10 3 pump burpees
10 4 pump burpees

Post shift workout:
25 1 pump burpees
25 2 pump burpees
25 3 pump burpees
25 3 pump navy seal burpees
25 4 pump burpees

The rent is paid daily at repcity and if the owner is not around put it on the table.

Get some..

Arun Nambiar

Day 24 done. I just wanna thank you wolf.. I've been doing your workouts since May/June. And you had said after the July challenge, that this routine should become your lifestyle. And it has become my lifestyle. This is something that I look forward to everyday now. Thanks wolf! ?

Pack, 6 more days to go.!! Let's finish strong! ?

Fit Mama

IRON WOLF ALWAYS TRUTH NO B.S. Thanks for always setting example on the FIT. ???????

Abcd Dcba


Oneil Forbes

You can put one of the T-shirt on the door behind you

Chronicles of AJ

you deserve a million subscribers putting out inspiring workouts

Tarek Tantawy

100 2 pump burpees, 300 lunges, 150 leg raises, 15 minutes jump rope and 100 atomic sit ups. I'm feeling those lunges!


Thank you so much for the upload Gunney :) Sunday now last few days. The shortest workout for me is the pull days Mondays & Saturdays. Love em all did the elite challenge this time. Everything is time dependent so some challenges I might not step-up to elite or I might have to do split workouts depending upon time not because I lack the physical attributes necessary to complete the workout atm I am unemployed so no excuses lol.

Welldone Wolfpack for starting this challenge & seeing it through & those of you that did not that was your own choice! Stay strong stay disciplined stay motivated.

Peace & Love!

Robert Parrelli

Hey Art, can you recommend any good military style rear delt exercises?

javier rojas

day 24 advanced: 400 2 pumps burpees + 400 lunges + 400 leg raises. regards....

Mayank Sharma

Have you ever smoked or had a drink?please do reply.... you're an inspiration....love from INDIA

Fabian Brugger

Lol you upped your thumbnail game

James Dinkins

Can you drop your workout PLAYLIST you got bumping?

Kopel Koka

Art you are an iron wolf and you are a perfect trainer not only for your soldiers but for all Wolfpack.
All the best for you and all your team.


Back on training ironwolf pack.. got my first today ... little lower than usual but hey .. i'm recovering from my injury .. still not 100% with my body but 100% with my spirit .. will workout again tomorrow .. stay strong Guys

Owen Wint

Well another day done, did the advance routine today and I thought that I was doing fine until I saw the time. I finished it all in 1.22.39. I beat I last time of 1.25. 22 but was looking at about 1.15. Anyway I should be pleased with the time as iron wolf always inspires me to do better than the routine before. He is truly a inspiration to all of us. Stay strong Wolf pack??


Brilliant, love these videos, they keep me on track. It's so easy to workout, it's just you, yourself and your pain. Stay hard wolf!!


Not much left on this challenge. Body transformation is real. Thx for the inspiration Art. Stay strong and healthy to you and the Wolfpack.

Warren Maugo

250 2p 300 lunges 300 leg raise plus 3 mile run to pay off today's dues...

Guillaume Michigan

Amazing we did it with 3 friends thank you for sharing

Andrew Rentuaya

Day 23: sore but we need grind
7 mile bike ride from home to work

Morning 15 min. Break workout:
55 1 pump burpees
55 2 pump burpees

Lunch break workout:
200 2 pump burpees with 2 squats

Afternoon 15 min. Break workout:
55 1 pump burpees
55 2 pump burpees

After shift workout:
50 2 pump burpees with 2 squats
50 3 pump navy seal burpees with 3 squats

Get some....

Geli Vega

Ok 30 minutes for now

kingme. now

Lmaoooo I don't think I could ever do this! I'm sore just watching this

David Dugan

Slay the mind and suffer and you get freedom for that day !! Nice work brother

eoin noonan

IRON WOLF , Thank you for your Inspiration Man , NO Fluff , JUST STRAIGHT WORK FOR WHAT YOU GET. Not at the level ur cookin at but I'm progressing and that's what all want .KEEP AT MENG. LOVE FROM VERMONT.

Scott G

You are a machine! Great effort. What tunes are playing for the workout please?

Jony Boy

23 days later I do this as I wake up. Fuck it. Lets go, people, lets go!


YES SIR, MUCH RESOECT AND ADMIRATION. come home safe and soon.

sameer ahmed

If you wouldn't have posted video's...I would have never known that there are people in this world who can do this range of exercises!

craig studholme

I have FAILED not ashamed to say but I'm so pissed off with my self ,,, 3 days missed starting tomorrow again hopefully finish with 27 days under my belt ?

Garvin Gaba

Who Spit blood From The Lang Sometime? This is On Another Level! Does this Happen to You Too? Wolf? Or Anybody Who Pump So Hard? Today i Did 800 Push Up and 500 squat, 400 Jamping Jack and 10km Slow Jogging!


Intermediate Wednesday complete. ✅

workout with Kenny

Wow this felt good

Luis Mendoza

Your videos stopped getting recommended, I actually forgot all about you :(

workout with Kenny



This a good work out, I did the whole 400 today but it took me 1h 25min LOL, i'm 50 years old and not sure how I could get anywhere near 1hour 'ish, that is some good work man nice one.

Long Lunges

Long Lunges10 Nov. 2018
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Growing the Glutes | Complete Leg Workout

Growing the Glutes | Complete Leg Workout18 Apr. 2017
775 606
Whitney SimmonsSubscribe 438 721

Leg, hamstring and

Leg, hamstring and booty workout using no machines. Booty building and leaning out the legs!

Follow yo girl for... Daily Fit Tips With Whit:

♡ Instagram https://www.instagram.com/whitneyysimmons/?hl=en

♡ Snapchat: whitneyysimmons

♡ Twitter: https://twitter.com/whitneyysimmons?lang=en

♡ Website: https://whitsbringingfit.com/

Top: Adidas

Pants: Lululemon Align II

Shoes: Converse (watch my March favorites video to discover why I wear them on leg day)



♡ Cellucor C4 pre-workout http://amzn.to/2d77fVY

♡ PEScience High Volume pre-workout http://amzn.to/2cfMLu3

♡ Xtend BCAA's http://amzn.to/2cDDCsJ

♡ Beverly International Protein http://amzn.to/2d7ak8e



♡ Wireless Headphones: http://amzn.to/2if2mNy

♡ Skillz Resistance Bands: http://amzn.to/2a66gzL

♡ Barbell Squat Pad: http://amzn.to/2e0D56k

♡ Jump Rope: http://amzn.to/2bjNv0P

♡ Food Scale: http://amzn.to/2dnwrc8

♡ Vlogging Camera I use: http://amzn.to/2jxrTgW

♡ Big Camera I use: http://amzn.to/2gBHBZM



Tri-set | 4 sets of 10 reps

split lunge left leg

split lunge right leg

sumo squat

Tri-set | 3 sets of 10 reps

dumbbell RDL

sumo squat

single-leg hip thrust left and right

Superset |

15 pulsing sumo squats

15 second sumo squat hold

BURN OUT | 30 reps (the following is 1 rep)

*feel free to take rests - just get them done YOU'VE GOT THIS

left long lunge

right long lunge

jumping lunge left

jumping sumo squat

jumping lunge right

Comments (100)

When did you purchase that Adidas top? It's amazinnggggg!


Oh goodness. You're leg workouts kill me. I have so much sweat. Just the first part. Did 40lbs total only and using kinda like a smith machine but it's a littler different so I'm wondering if it actually adds the 45lbs of a regular dumbbell too

Sherry Dufrenne

Love this!!! You’re so strong and amazing.

Clinton Oftedahl

Whitney bugs her neighbors cause they're always calling the fire department on her house. "Uh hi yes it's me again, there's some serious hot smoke coming from my neighbors apartme-...oh wait no that's just Whitney's booty in yoga pants, same as last time, ok nevermind. Hope those car seats are flame repellent cause that's a hot assssssssss!" ?

maytha satika

Badass Whitney?
Keep up the good work

-Samar kh

I love it so much

Tony Ross

Nice workout Whit but boys watch you too not just chicks. ?

Ariana Beckman

at the beginning, she looked like Camila Cabello

Aaliyah K Fitness

Why do you choose to do supersets & tri sets instead of single exercises ??

tasnim kasim

I like that she gets straight into the workout without too much talk. Looks brutal...will be incorparating them into my glute day.


love the last two!!

Annette Martinez

This looks so hard but good!!! I love it when you say "gurl, hot fiya flames" ???? Ive got to try this, less weight of course, I'm 53. ?

Atrix xira

I'm a guy n thx gurll. ?

gonzalo sandoval mendoza


skatie Lynn

Some old man harassed me in the gym today for doing the dumbbell RDLs, said they would ruin my back.

Constantina Liebeskind

you're my new fave fitness guru love your cray cray

Shantelle Adeline

Just look and learn much more about it from Unflexal workouts.

Alessia b


Jenny Bower

thanks for this one, whitney! always up for trying at-home body weight workouts! love you, girl! just totally binge-watched about 20 of your videos in the last 48 hours!


Hi Whitney could you tell me the weight on your bar for the reverse lunges?


You are so creative with your workout and you're really knowledgeable!

Dominique Alvin

loved this workout, esp the burnout at the end...took me a min to finish all 30 but I felt so accomplished when it was over. also love that you put the reps and exercises at the bottom...I screenshot them and use it for my workouts after watching the videos. your shoulder workouts are my fav too.

Gintarė Rimkutė

This just killed me!!! Definitely one of the hardest workouts!! Feeling of love and hate ? thank you Whitney ❤️ you're my inspiration!! Keep on doing what you're doing:)

arjen x

Hi can u suggest some core strenghing work out

Kimberley Venske

Trying it today ???

Bailey Stuart

Whitney I love you and I love your videos!!! You have gotten me so excited to get into weights! I would love it if you came out with a workout guide! ❤️

Camila Monzón

i died

Ayline Schröder

Love your Workouts.
When I am doing hip thrust, I go to the Smith machine.
There I am making first single Leg Hip Thrusts and directly after that I am doing normal Hip Thrusts. My ass is burning after that.
And for the normal Hip Thrust I hold it up for 3-5 Seconds and squeeze as hard as I can.
Try it. It's hard ??
(Sorry for my English ?)

Miss Molly

Just finished the workout i couldnt hold it for 15 seconds barely over 5 but i threw in an ab workout with it...so i feel like death lmao ... thanks Whit!

Laksita Utami

My booty grows 2cm in 3 weeks.
This workout is brutal.
Im in so much pain the next day!!! Lol. Thanks Whitney!!!


Love your workouts love love love ❤️

Afroz Hasan Khan

You are looking beautiful in this video ???❤️

Nancy Snow

Obsessed with the fact that you actually list the workouts for us! Love your channel!

Martha Guerrero

what brand are your leggings I love them

Kate Yzquierdo

Whit! I've been following your workouts for months now, and hot dang girl, hot FIRE and so much soreness! My butt loves you and so do I!
Do you get delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) from your workouts? Curious what your experience has been with soreness and what do you do get around it?
love you so much, love you so much

Afroz Hasan Khan

This workout useful for me....

Chonteaul Giedd


Tanjana Hossain

Who else is watching this and being like I'll go to the gym tomorrow ?

Audrey Ida

Did this yesterday, feeling it today! So awesome! Thanks, Whit!!! You're the best!!!

Sara Leone

Obsessed ?


Loveee ur videos! ❤️

Taylor Parsley

WHIT!!!! Every time i use the smith machine and do squats or use the bar with weight like in your first workout in this video my neck/ shoulders where the bar is resting hurts so bad how can i change that???

Sojin Kim

hot fire flaaaammmmeeeeez <3!

let's dip

do more at home workouts, a lot of people don’t have access to these kind of weights and machines. love you

Autumn Harmon

Love this workout!!! One question though, for the first exercise you say 8 reps but in the description you put 10 reps?? I guess I could just pick one for my level but I’m just curious ?

kyrie foote

Hey I'm a huge fan of yours and was just wondering if you could give me a few extra tips on getting rid of my thigh weight I want some exercises that will help to tone them but also shrink their size please help




Do you do glute activation before doing the workout?


Love u whit..so amazing u r..i watchd every vdo of u..wanna body lyk uh...best youtuber ever

May Villaver

LOVED THIS WORKOUT!!! now I can eat my birthday cake!!

Whitney Simmons

MY BABES!! Keep in mind that every exercise can be modified for beginners. For example...

BURN OUT: if the jumping movements are too much, take out the jump and do a reverse lunge and standing squat instead!
TRI-SET 1: If the barbell is too much, take it out! No problemo. We all start somewhere xo



I've just done it and I think I died a little halfway through !!
Love your videos and thank you sooo much for the workouts and explanations (as a beginner, that can get confusing)
lots of kisses from France ??

Christian Cervantes

Your amazing I love you!!! You inspire me so much!!! Much love and best wishes!!! ????

Phoelix Fire

Thank you. So helpful! That was a good one. Keep it up!

Amani Andrews

Just finished this work out! As you would say HOT FIRE FLAMES. Still feel the sweat dripping from my booty!!!

Vicki Getson

Did this yesterday morning! Can hardly walk today ? thank you for a great workout! ❤️


I'm jealous ??


Did this workout yesterday. All I gotta say is it hurts to sit on the toilet.


I'm in love with this girls personality and energy!!! I wish I could be more like that please make a tips on positivity and your personality!

Michelle Abbott

Oh boy I just did this and couldn’t finish the burnout! Six for me I don’t know how you did 30!! Woooooooo


How do you get better at hip thrust s? I can barely do a regular one let alone the single leg ones

Annika Decker

I have always had a hard time with split squats but your tips are great! Overall awesome workout!!

Therese Fernandez

I know you said to focus on the back leg so you could feel it in your hammies more but I keep feeling it in my quads instead /:

4by4 Circuits

Great workout ?

Andrea Boggia

Omg I did this workout this morning and I'm dead! Keep them coming!!

Denise Covarrubias

Hey Whit!!! what bra do yoy wear when you have those halter topped shirts? it looks perf with no bra straps??

Amanda Perry

ig: amanda__lynne

Solena Young

Your videos are literally the reasons why I go to the gym lol like I want that ? on me too!


really gd; thanks xox

Adrijana Rozek

Are you wearing Gymshark leggings in this video?

BTW thanks, I always feel so excited to workout after watching your video! You're my best gym partner ever??

tara tozzi

I swear if it wasn't for you I wouldn't even go to the gym. When I'm in the gym & i start hurting I always hear your voice saying "GIRLLLL, come onnn" love you so much

Taylor Baxter

Any tips for improving squat mobility?

Jose Castillo

Is this good for guys?

marieke daems

"If your getting confused with the reps nd sets look in the description" doesnt put the amount of sets of that ex in the description

Kimberly Malmborg

I have been doing this workout every Thursday (I do another one of your leg workouts on Monday) but damn this workout is literally challenging BUT, I LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much ??

Alexis Celeya

Seriously you are goals. You have helped motivate me to get back to the gym and get back to living a healthy life style

Darlene Abrego

Love love love

Melissa Tran

gurl, why the heck is ur awesome gym always so emptyyy?

Rachael Murphy

Girrrrrl. That sucked, in the best way. So sweaty. Thanks whit, you're getting this mama on the way to some serious booty game ;)

Alysa Fay

looks so easy then I actually try it and I'm like wtfffffffff???

Victoria M

I’m new to watching your videos lol but why do you wear converse on leg day lol?

ForJoy TV

I've never seen white converse with no colored stripes ? I need these!

Moi Maris

What about tall woman who can"t bend that much to the knees? The taller you are how heavier it is to bend. I use helastics to train my butt. I wish there were exercises without the knees

Nicole Palmer

I'm on vacation so not at my normal gym - did this in the hotel and IM DEAD - SO GOOD!!!

juliette fields

honestly I watch these videos for fun sometimes

Cely A

So glad I found your channel! Love your workout tips! ????????

Pratap Patil

Is this exercise good for fat burn in thighs and booty?

Carmen Ivette


Marissa Barkley

So i know i'm ~6 months late, but this was amazing! Thank you thank you thank you!

Elena Omel

OMG. Those single leg hip thrusts are a killer! I love this workout! I feel it in my bum so much! Yaaaasssssssss!

emily nealon

LMAO!!!! Whitney your boobie pads in your gym bag!!! Haha made my day...

Eric He

Apr 17th is my birthday

Pratibha Prasad

I seriously love your leg n booty workouts. They are just mind blowing n yeah of course leg blowing too :)

Helen Brown

I love this workout!!! ABFAB

Lucie Římanová

Monday will be a LEG DAY! GoT and Whit´s routine both in one day, say whaaaaat? Can´t wait :)

Rachael Murphy

Whit gurrrrl you done tried to kill me with this one ?????! I’m officially demolished. Thanks girl ???

Curstyn Carter

I know this video is old, but GIRL!! I just did this today. I was shaking when I got done so I’ll probably be so sore tomorrow. I started doing a workout split and I use SO many of your videos! Thank you for making them ☺️

Beauty By Diana

half way through this workout & i feel dead already but I will NOT give up! love you, Whitney!


I should show this video to my class girls


Thanks for the best tip for split lunges. I always had knee pain when I do them. As soon as focusing of back leg movements up and down as you said, no more joint pains! Thanks so much!