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10 Secrets to pass the NASM exam - NASM practice tests + Study guides

10 Secrets to pass the NASM exam - NASM practice tests + Study guides17 Apr. 2019
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Hey everybody and welcome

Hey everybody and welcome to my article on the top 10 secrets to passing the NASM CPT exam. For free study materials for NASM check out my website right here:


This video is broken up into two separate parts. The first five secrets are things that you need to study to have the best chance of passing the exam. The second five secrets are going to be special study techniques that you should use in order to have a much easier time memorizing the NASM study material. These include using a NASM study guide, NASM practice tests and much more in order to make sure that you are fully prepared for the real thing.

I highly suggest checking out my free study materials on my website right here. On my website, for free you can find a free NASM study guide that contains all 20 chapters of the 6th edition textbook, a NASM practice test and NASM flashcards all for free.

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Amie Young

Thank you so much for this video

Hami Chahal

Please tell me , there only multiple choice questions right? And how many questions they asked??

Trey Briggs

Where can I find the practice test

Bryan Dail

thank you so much brother for taking the time to do this

Nathan Begnaud

I passed all of the Nasm quizzes from each chapter, all 90-100 percent. Study guide and practice exam quizzes passed with 80 percent and higher. Does that mean that I'm ready to take the test? I only read some of the book but my retention for reading isn't that good.


Hey I just got NASM on your quiz.


EXCELLENT info Tyler. Thanks


Thank you for this. Their guided study is kinda trash honestly


4:17, you show the power phase using 1-20 reps. This is false. NASM book states 10-15 for power flexibility and 8-12 for Core, balance and plyometric.

korn cocjin

I am a bit confuse because the intensity for phase 2 should be same with phase 1 which is 50% to 70% ... or I am wrong I saw it on page 360 table 14.1...thanks if I am wrong just tell

Mouhamed Diouf

Most helpful video ???

Daniel Jones

Sorry, dude -- but you lose a lot of credibility when you say "opt" -- rather than spelling out the acronym "O" "P" "T". ... are you even NASM certified? No one who would have spent enough time studying to pass the exam would ever in their entire life say "opt."

The Clearly Superior Specimen

Uhhh.... that chart of the OPT model you have at 4:24 is definitely NOT in the book.... the only way that chart lines up is if the question is regarding the RESISTANCE aspect of that phase only, which you do not specify here.... The Flexibility, Core, Balance, Plyo, and SAQ aspects of the 5 phases are all different than whats depicted here on this chart...


Can you use the chapter reviews that are provided with the nasm as an alternative to reading the entire chapters? Or will that cause you to miss out on too much


omg can someone pls tell me what the gastrocnemius does???


Very good and helpfull video...If you are familiar with CES - I've heard its even harder or ,at least,more demanding.
It would be really beneficial for all who wants to obtain that certificate ,too.
Also,it would be helpfull for everyone who wants to improve in correctional exercises and training...:)

One Stop Watch

Thank you for this video. have been trying to download the cheat sheet from your website, but no luck. The form doesn't move forward and keeps loading after entering name and email ID. Can you please look into it? Thanks.

Matthew Wilkes

Thank you for existing


I wish I would have watched this video before I read the ENTIRE BOOK for a month and now only have a week to study the material. The questions are so random sometimes even inconsistent. Thanks for the tips on where to focus my energy!

J2C ?

“Teqnique” ?

Priya Dass

Could you please let me know what is the table no. for chapter 14 mentioned in tip #4? I cannot find it in the book...at least not in chapter 14. Thanks.

MuscleonMuscle TV

I studied all 500 index cards and only 2 of the index cards were on the test exam. What a waste. The practice exam too were little to no help. 90 percent of the questions that’s on the exam are scattered in the book mentioned only once with little importance hidden between a bunch of carried out definitions that’s not going to be on the exam

Jonathan O

Hey I got a question if I study your study guide and dedicated my time to it I will pass the real exam?

Austin Mcgivney

Thank you! I do have the 4th edition (revised). Do you think I'll be okay studying with that book rather than the newest (6th edition)?

joel silva

Thank you ! super dope and informative


Thank you so much . I'm taking your advice and I'm on your website .


What edition is the chapter 14 chart for? My book says power would be 1-10 reps, and they do not list phase 2 at all. I have the 6th edition. Thank you!

Vasima Stagl



great! thank you


I'm finishing up the book and have passed all the chapter review quizzes with ease repeatedly. Yet so many people say the certification exam is difficult. Does the chapter review quiz not reflect the material covered on the final exam??


Im on chapter 4. It seems a little difficult. How important is this chapter on the exam?

korn cocjin

Oh am sorry I saw page 372 under resistance ,so now I’m confuse more hahaha

Frank Scalabrino

NO ! NO! I bought this course thinking that it would help me with my certification, this is been no help very difficult to navigate was knocked off line took 4 days for some one to reach out to me , when I had problems 4 days every time . My audio portion of course cuts out after 1 minute no answer on that, the phone number given does not work its a cell phone it says leave a message the email no response the course takes longer then the course I'm taking it for . They say money back guaranty, I'm a a time frame to take my test cant do this too long no help They offer a refund I want money back. Thanks

Shawn Gatlin

Great video, thank you!

Teddy Archibald

You are a saint

John Sholomith

The test isn’t hard at all

Jade Sparks

Very helpful thanks for posting! I've been studying for about 6 weeks now and plan to take my exam in about 4 weeks. I will definitely use your practice tests 2 weeks prior to taking the exam.


I have a question and I'm not joking. I'm a male, 67 yrs. of age. If I had the certification would I be discriminated in the industry because of age? I know age discrimination is prohibited but could it hinder a job placement?

Keona girl

Whoa! Teqnique hmm. It's spelled Technique!

Amal Gazey

You deserve that thumbs up! ?? I subscribed too ?

Elizabeth A.

Where can I find a cram guide?!



23Dreamer444 Magic

I started NASM a few weeks ago! Thank you for this video, the info is great and well appreciated! It definitely made things a bit easier for me. You're awesome! ??

Isabelle Fogaça

dont buy anathing of this guy, nothing of he says happening, not a single questoin about opt model or muscle imbalance

Louie Lorenzo

You’re the man!

vinay world

Thank you so much sharing important tips

Layal Majid

Armadillos and Voldemort lol


dude ty <3


How do you do the practice tests? Please help

Dulce Cervantes

is ten weeks enough time to study ?

Estelle Walker

I was wondering which certification to get. I asked three gyms and they gave me three different answers. I was searching online for a solid answer and I decided on NASM based on this site: It’s www.TheSixFigureTrainer.com

I narrowed it down to ACE, NASM, and ACSM … and I decided on NASM once I did a little research.

There are some great articles here about building your personal training business, and along with helping me choose my certification, I’m also deciding on the right gym for my business.

Mr. otivarag

I got a 96% on the practice final exam but how much harder is the actual final exam is? Is it easier ? I've just always been a bad test taker

Lol Its Clay

got it first try just read chapters 6, 7, 13,14 and do the quizzes until you pass 3 times in a row

Bar Fight Fitness

Words cannot describe my gratitude! I’m signing up today. I found you just in time! A million thanks ??.

Live, Lift and Be mindful- Bar Fight

Candice Clark

the music in the background of your video is WAY too loud and distracting for me to watch you for 12 minutes...

fatiflower o

thank you for the video! it would been preferable if you had no music on the background though so we can hear you clearly!

Melissa Edmond

Can you recommend a specific cram study guide? I see a lot of things being sold online but not sure what’s the best and most helpful.

Gym Bro

My test is in 2 weeks. I’m so unprepared ugh

Suze Kelly Szary

omg i need help

Cassandra Stafford

Thank you for your video. Trying to study this book on my own has been difficult. I have until December 15 to take the online exam. You mentioned you have free flash cards on your website. Are those words the only ones I need to know? Or do I need to add to the list?

Krys Fulton

This guide totally gave me the confidence to pass my exam the first time. Thank you

Coach VK

I did not catch the name of the 2nd app (after Brainscape)

Savvy Brown

The best video on you tube on the NASM test! Thank you so much!

S 22

Info was great but the music was very distracting. Thanks for the content otherwise. ??

Aaron Pannell

Im only halfway through your video, but you already have better info than anyone else and it's very well organized. thank you!

Xara Niz

Great tips thank you!

Hideous Mind

Super helpful ! Thank you

Hector Gutierrez Jr.

Are the practice tests the same as the quizzes at the end of each chapter in the online portal?

Maximized Motions Fitness

Thank you for this video. I am having a hard time with overactive and under-active muscles. I will be using the mnemonics to remember them.

Cristhel Jeri

Papasitooooooo ♥️

Ylljam Gjikola

I did the exam and I scored 44 out of 70 I have a lot of trouble to understand Tabel 7.6 Muscle imbalance and corrective strategies hopefully ill be able to have a better understanding thank you very much for the video

Mujhe Doston se Shikayat Nahi Hai | #DirilisErtugrul | Urdu Nazam | HD

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hussain Ansari

singer name????



TRT Islamic History Ertugrul

میں غریب طالب علم ہوں اور میں اپنی پڑھائی کا خرچ خود کرتا ہوں پلیز میری مدد کردے.....پہلے" ٹیوشن " پڑھاتا تھا لیکن اب وہ بھی نہیں رہی?? .... پلیز میرے چینل کو سبسکرائیب کرکے ??

mohammad Rashid


Ashif kithor Kithor


Soul Gamer


Sufiyan Khan

Such a beautiful frndship?

Saneha Jajam

Allahpakh hamari madat kro allahpakh karishma dikhao aap karobar me barkt kamyabi do Ameen Ameen Ameen Ameen Ameen Ameen Ameen Ameen Ameen Ameen Ameen Ameen Ameen Ameen Ameen Ameen Ameen Ameen Ameen Ameen Ameen Ameen Ameen Ameen Ameen Ameen Ameen Ameen Ameen Ameen Ameen Ameen Ameen

Ullah Safi

Watshap gurop send me 03015338808

Hina Sherwani

Subhan Allah bhut khubsoort nazm h.

Shavez Nazm

dost ho to turgut jesa wrna na ho...

Sufia Zafir


pro Gamer


MD Basit Choudhary


Ehteshamul Haque

Bahut hi acha gazal hai ❤️

Furkan Khawaja


Akash Akash

It is a good tarana please upload more videos

Abul Qasim أبوالقاسم الأنصاري


Mohd Umair

Such a beautiful ghazal thanks " pehchan Islam "

Ali Tamkeen


Aao diniyat sikhe


Haroon Qasmi

ماشاءاللہ بہت ہی خوبصورت نظم ہے

Samir Shaikh


Ayub Ayub

Wow zabar10 nazam

Sultan D


Yasar Irfan

MashaAllah dost hu to uetughul k dosto jaisy. Dosti py qurban hony waly

Aapna Public channel IND

ماشاءاللہ بہت خوب

Insafullah Ghanghro

Labaik. Ya ghazwa e Hind

Hina Hassan

Ap kon ha

Shaikh Arqam

Masha allah bhai waqai bahot hi khubsurat gazal hai
Allha aap ko khub taraqqiyat se nawaze


1st like
Beautiful upload ?
Very emotional

Ali Gujjar.7

So cute

Irfan Khan

Mashallah ?❤?

Zahed Nawaz Khan

Kashmiri Mujahideen Zindabad
Ya Allah Kashmiri Mujahideen Ki Madad Farma
Ameen Suma Ameen ??????
Kashmir Bany Ga Pakistan ??????

Hlima sultan


Hamza Nasir Jutt

Dost hon to ese ? Mashallah ♥️♥️

Md mohtasim

Masha allah ???


amazing video i like it very much

Nader Noor

Kya dosti hai inn charon ki dost ho toh side jo ek sure ke liye kuch bhi kar jaaye

Abdullah Khan


Usama Nazeer

So beautiful

Maaz Ahmad


Ahsan Jani

Ye nazam sun kar school k dosto ki yad atee hai

hayat siddique


Nasir Abbas


Insafullah Ghanghro

Labaik ya ghazwaeHind

Awaiskhalil tricks


Naushad Khan

Ye logo ki disti par qurban hai ye paak Dosti hai

Imran Waleed


Ansari Danish


[SciCraft] Episode 019 - In Case Wheat Need It

[SciCraft] Episode 019 - In Case Wheat Need It22 Dec. 2016
6 573
ragou42Subscribe 438 721

(Note: sorry for the

(Note: sorry for the stuttery video, seems there was a problem in the recording I didn't notice in time.)

Another tour, another project (or two). Whether you prefer soft hay bales or hard obsidian, we got something for you in both cases.

Have a happy holiday season everyone!


Music used in this video:

Music - "Shot Down" by Josh Woodward. Free download: http://joshwoodward.com/

(License: CC-BY)


Twitter: @ragou42


SciCraft reddit:


Check out the other SciCrafters' channels:

TreeforkYT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuwwXpnUOhB5d1k2evnJAxw

ilmango: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHSI8erNrN6hs3sUK6oONLA

ragou42: https://www.youtube.com/user/theragou42

Nasm Nasmus: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4sI6CY2QyxYB3bufl4xZ4A

L64/thijs: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpl_Hvlao2DOUH2Z6PxhiiA

gnembon_mc: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRtyLX-ej-H1PSiaw8g9aIA

Nathan Ryan: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI1vUwZ9QZD-Rka7rcLCoBg

Azelef: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ0TJtFuD1A3ln-ZQsAMo3g

cool mann: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfJpBqZiHxPGcLpFpmbGoKg

enemysfriend22: https://www.youtube.com/user/enemysfriend22

_Methodz_: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXfjk8C1Hvkax10rrmmjM2Q


From the Minecraft terms of use:


Within reason you're free to do whatever you want with screenshots and videos of the Game. By "within reason" we mean that you can't make any commercial use of them or do things that are unfair or adversely affect our rights. If you upload videos of the game to video sharing and streaming sites you are however allowed to put ads on them. Also, don't just rip art resources and pass them around, that's no fun.


Comments (35)

XD 7:11 because we only care about the weed 420


Really cool video and i love what you guys do on the SciCraft server! Completely unrelated question though: Do you know by chance if there is a tutorial somewhere for this diagonal piston bolt you guys are using? I tried building it from some of the videos but can't get the timings to work.. Would really appreciate if you could tell me if can find a tutorial or a world download!


You can build a farm. Or you can massively overpower the farm. Or you can build a SciCraft-farm. Do you have any plans for actually using this crazy amount of hayblocks? Producing because you can is epic but not a plan.


Unreal farms as usual, the scale is just insane!
Will there be a copy of the world up on a different server during the holidays?

Kiet van osnabrugge

Will there be a Christmas server again please??! :D loved it so much and so many nice people

The Truth

Omg the video is so laggy for me


3 THOUSAND entities??!

Julian D.

you have reached the point where it would probably be more efficient to build less farms because of lag

Adrian_ Zombturtle

lol I see that wheat far has bin in construction for like a year cos I remember joining in the one year anniversary

Christian Beasley

this is awesome! is it just me, or was the video super framey? I was worried you were going to fall into the void!


You guys need a life or something xD

Vincent Oak

Also be careful
Wheat and wheat byproducts my turn into venomous snakes!


whenever I try clicking the video it says playback error 3pkgek7gTYrknPRN


I was at the live stream where you built the piston bolt


Ragou be like : "Hmmm whats a good pun.... Ok I'll build a super op farm that goes with it"


will there be a reupload?

juan del hoyo

i cant see de video appear an error

Pink Guy

You guys are the best all of your builds are amazing. I love all the OP farms

Jake Gearhart

When are you updating to 1.11?

filipino2839 filipino2839

best part: "Ilmango ? .. Do you want to explain what is happening with the villargers ?"
... Hmmm no -_-

Christian Bisgaard

laggy video but good, and i have seen the obsidian farm before, i think ilmange showed it

Kajetan Wysocki

20 likes :D

Jorden Darrett

Holy shit those frames. Still nice Ragou! Great feeling watching your videos again!

Vincent Oak

Great farm!
But the video is getting uncomfortably close to unwatchable because of the jerkyness. It's just so laggy

Leon W.

i wonder how long it takes you to come up with these clever titles...


Incredibly entertaining video as always!! Love the obsidian farm!


I found a pun at 16:32 - eggtually


Apologies for the stuttery footage, unfortunately I didn't notice it before releasing the video.

For those having problems playing the video at all: are you using the HTML5 player or does YT still load the Flash based player for you?
Also: Which browser are you using?

t5 gy5

3:26 how did you come up with that name? :)


i cant watch the video on my phone :'(

Levi Lapsley

any chance of a Sci craft hermitpack series


2:23 "Frames are dropping a little bit here" :D


Crazy farm as always. But what did you record with ? The resolution looks kinda weird.

Junayat Hossen

Why is its name scicraft it should godcraft

Oreo Lamp

How much did you have to afk at the overworld mobfarm or/and the witherskeletonfarm to get all those bones?