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Boyfriend VS Girlfriend 'Gymnastics Challenge' | Nile Wilson & Emily McCarthy

Boyfriend VS Girlfriend 'Gymnastics Challenge' | Nile Wilson & Emily McCarthy6 Feb. 2021
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Comments (100)
Carmen Muffler

Noooo Emilyyyy!! How could you loooooose? :( I was sure that you'd win!! Next time! ?

Brooke Prampero

PNF stretching?

Jennifer Anthony

PIR - Post Isometric Relaxation

Louie Jenkinson

It’s actually called the stretch, relax method peeps ?

Duncan s

Is it the Golgi reflex?

honky canuk

I learned about PNF (For more info go to Alex Tonnison and Tom Hughes) from Tom Merrick of Bodyweight Warrior and he's a beast! Calisthenics with a speciality in flexibility, would love a collab!

Overlege Fjermedal

Shes way too skinny tho, jeez. His other gf was kinda the quite opposite physically

Nesh Tilan

I love the autro music!

Nell Cuthbertson

Emily MeCalf-y

steffan geary

Called pnf that sort of stretch Nile, proprioceptive, neuromuscular, facilitation

Jonathan Covington

Did Emily win? The answer 9:40

Mario Urbánek



Dude has Nile lost his gains from gymnastics I haven’t seen his videos in a minute

Matthew Booker

It's called reciprocal inhibition when one muscle stretched and the other relaxes. Like when you stretch your pectorals the muscles in your back ie lats and rear delts will relax


Emily has a quality frame, love them spaghetti legs.

Andrew Staniland

PNF stretching.


Without looking it up I think it is called Assisted Resistance stretching.

Advance Graphics Catapults


Sqaukz Editz

Whats the outro song called

Vijit Nayak

Its called the PNF stretch 7:52

Yolanda Lindeque

Great vlog guys!! I am totally fangirling over Emily. Watching her vlogs got me into stretching and I love it. Thanks 2 two have a smashing day!


I think the type of stretching you were referring to is proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation...?



Hiba Melki

I love how emily made different variations in the trapeze showing off
Shes so good and funny
Love u both❤❤❤


I don't know bro...i think she let you win.

Diego Crespo


Lottie Starling

Pushing past the stretch at 7:53 PNF stretching, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation

Michelle Le Roux

PNF stretching :)

vic shun

N. Wilson, Quest: Interested to see who could break 100 - 1st.
Em or U? Oh! - Sport is golf.

cj krz

Havent watched in awhile and was confused why you were slimed and then you said you was retired

Simon Kiss

How the fuck is that girl so strong


I'm the new kid too, Em =) I wjsh we did get those emails, the sessions get kinda buried in the group from what I can see so far haha

Cameron Jennings

PNF stretching! Stretch to your max, sit there for a few seconds, then flex the muscle being stretch for 10 to 15 seconds. Relax and then try to get farther into the stretch.

Jack Perrins

7:52 PNF stretching

addi clegg

Gymnast breaks a bone:
Oh no. Anyway.
Footballer cut knee when they fall over: ??

Kris Bird Cycling Fitness

PNF stretch

Hannah Joy

It is sad to see that this is another video done from Dubai, which again sets a bad example to others and seems to break the rules. I won’t be watching this one.

Megan McGarvey

PNF stretching

Louise Goulding

7:51 that type of stretching is called PNF - proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation !!

Lorna Garside

Reciprocal inhibition!!!!

In Him I am Found

You 2 are literally the CUTEST COUPLE on the Planet!!!

Remaine Evans

These 2 though ?

Carys Bradfield

The stretch u were on about is PNF X

Steve Hill

PNF Stretching (proprioception neuromuscular facilitation) ???

Margaret Schneider

eccentric contraction?

martin montes

Nile from an Olympic champion to a narcissist clown! lol

Preston Scott

Leave hee


new gf ? :O love to see that your still continuing after the injuries <3

Sydney McConnaughhay

I don't understand anything your saying!!!

Ahmed ali shah

PNF stretching


OMG... I thought Niles was gay

iz os

You literally flew around a steal bar for a living and you are scared to hang upside down on your knees. Wtf? ??

Kimberley M.

7:45 its called proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation... Pe A Level as its benefits..by the way I cant believe youre finally in dubai...i live there!!

Keith Van Huss

Wear you yall meet at i look for a gymnast woman

Juanma Kbfxf

PNF stretching CRAC a level pe teaching me right here

Tobias Kley

The name for the stretching technique is CRAC (Contract Release Antagonist Contract) :)

Luca Bacigalupo

How did Nile win the Pike fold, and how did Emily win the handstand!?

gizzykat kat

Love it!

Damon Nugent

The muscle engage at the barrier is called Post Isometric Relaxation

Harrison Mattiew

"I don't like ittttttt" ???

Фаниль Гафиятуллин


Nathanael Smith

For the pike its Contract/Relax Stretching and It is also a form of Static-Passive Flexibility

Tatiana Araújo

Ok, I just had to stop the video to say I love Emily!

Ffion Lloyd



Issy Smith

I knew a-level PE would come in handy... its called a propioceptive neuromuscular facilitation stretch! ur welcome :)

Den Su

Pretty solid Russian I gotta say

NCIS BishopObsessed

Omg I forgot Nile retired but I’m glad it’s for his mental health and not because he was forced by a horrible injury

Ok moving loved the vid (Emily’s beautiful, good job Nile ?)

Erin Maxwell

when are you going to put a ring on it Nile

Malin Berggren

Absolutely love Emilys energy what an icon

Sarah Hulsey

What is a typical diet for a young boy getting into gymnastics? My son has a very "strict" diet (which he actually enjoys. It isnt really forced on him. He chooses to eat this way most of the time). Some people would call it "strict" simply because it's not conventional.

Rachid Naim رشيد نعيم


Francis Cyprus

nice vlog my bro

Fruity Liana

Yessssss guys! Loved this so much, BUZZING for these next 3 weeks and I can’t wait for Emily’s stretching sessions!


Wait wait wait does that mean if she lost 6kg she now weights only 39kg?Take care Em ❤️

J Cee

Although I've watched and been to many Cirque shows, I even went to the headquarters in Montreal once, I didn't even know acro gymnastics was a competitive sport until I was today years old.
So if I'm doing my math right Emily was 13? in these videos? I think. So teeny tiny :o)
WC Orlando (USA) 2012 -- Great Britain, Mixed Pair

Emily McCarthy and Chris McGreevy Senior MxP World Championships 2012 Orlando Florida! youtube.com/watch?v=U9ghABKzF_o&ab_channel=MorleyBlog

No Xcuses Fitness

PNF stretching is the contract & stretch


I go there to do gymnastics ???????????I am a huge fqn

My Jumping Warmbloods

proprioception neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) xx

Myrto Myrtoula

6:04 ???

Maddie Leftley

Hey lovely people. I’m posting my first video at 4pm today (GMT). It would be amazing if you could go check it out <3

Lindsay Aries

PNF stretching is the thing where you contract the opposing muscles before relaxing into a stretch! It's got a fancy science name but most people just call it PNF :))

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Matthew DiCandilo

That stretching thing he was talking about is called PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation)


8:05 PNF Stretching? Is that what you’re on about Nile?

Dũng Nguyễn

Nile has lost so much muscle mass, definition and performance that its sad :( but you can recover them all. Retired or not you are still a gymnast at heart.
Wish you all the best (y)

K Jones

PNF stretching it's called for developmental stretching


7:50 PNF stretching (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation)


perfecto?? salam im from indo❤️

Elliott Charles Reed

You give me such Syndicate vibes loooool, love this

Kalei Spear

heyo, do you think you will do another reboot program, I missed the deadline to sign up but would really enjoy it

Dani Pegram

The stretch is called PNF when you go in to the position then hold then go against a for then hold x

Laura Brown

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Антон Ка

Emilys Russsian is perfect)

August Zell

Let’s see Emily body scissor another girl gymnast!


emily <3

Kelly Robinette

PNF stretch

Mia MacCormick

yes do another one this was fun :)

Amiya_h.l Leachman.

I am a gymnast and that's how I got into gymnastics is being inspired by you. I love how Emily matches Niles energy and personality

Aliza Torrens

I believe it's called PNF stretching! (7:48)

Taya Gott

7:48- PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation)

GYMNASTICS meets CROSSFIT! | ft Obi Vincent

GYMNASTICS meets CROSSFIT! | ft Obi Vincent6 Sep. 2020
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Comments (100)
kine brembry

Love you Nile!!

Sonny Breffitt

Nile I’ve bin a big fan for months I have met you and I’m back Dowing backflips

Oscar Breiner

A CrossFitter should be able to do Gymnastics

Francito Merchhustler

I'm jealous.

Wesley Krol

In my crossfit box they combine a lot of gymnastics in the training to keep everything flexible and nice. Really fun too see this back in this vid

Gayle Smith

Amazing! Nile you should do a collaboration with PJ Hallam, British champion figure skater. That would be brilliant.

Danny Noyes

The icky heart quantitatively rush because apparel interstingly juggle forenenst a ignorant rice. limping, obtainable violin

Air Bangkok

Wow... You guys have each technique.... Wow me!

Jack Kosc

All that muscle and cant even hold balance :)

grand tiktok memes

Hes like a gentle giant

devil lonesome

Damn this was so fun to watch ?

Edwin Dude

Obi is quite pathetic.

Hizar Amri

Even though he's not athletic he still is "sporty" next time bring Stormzy

Nicole Prelle

gymnastics meets climbing pleaaaase!!!!


IM SORRY BUT something about that plop sound at 3:04 makes me cry laugHIING

Fani Mazakura

Where you found that idiot

Krums Korner

I challenge any person, any athlete of any kind - to game of fitness HORSE. Like the game of SKATE, or the game of HORSE - where you match your opponents move exactly, or catch a letter. First to spell HORSE loses.

I challenge anyone to game of physical fitness HORSE. Any CF Games athlete. Any gymnast. Any bodybuilder... I want to see who is the most “athletic.” Obviously we know it isn’t CrossFit. They might be the fittest, but they aren’t the most athletic.

H3lt3r Sk3lt3r

Gymnast meets guy on steroids should have been the title

Twinkle AndSparkle

Dang, I have suddenly started loving health and safety! ?


Aaall natural! For sure?

Peter Onufrienko

I am so fat...propably 200% of fat and so weak...

German love's beats

Good vibes this guys love it

I Am Trump's Comb Over

I've never seen a person of color in the crossfit games. About damn time! He's like a wall. Massive! ?


more like gymnastics meets steroids

M 279

Same old shit video bodybuilders try gymnastics crossfit try gymnastics same old shit


Nile you're awesome, but please get some tan because it doesn't look good when someone has great physique but are white like a snowman.

Katja Težak

Can you get someone seeeriously unfit to do gymnastics? :)

Ess E

60kg??? Im 154 lbs (70 kg)


He looks like the british version of Will Smith. XD


i wanna join a gymmm. those flippies are so coolll. im probably too old but ahhhh

Kitso Cross

Obi Vincent looks like JemelOneFive

Christopher Haslund

Nile, you do be looking a bit slimmer lad.

Maddy Who?

That Goliath is a Goliath


This was a chin up not a muscle up :)

Bethany Robinson Crossfit

Love watching these, Obi is such a legend. Id be so keen to try proper gymnastics (other than what we do in. crossfit) but im so scared because i was always told i was rubbish when i was little because i was tall. Back flips are total goals though.

Xander Solomon

Soooooo he's just an athlete then??

Marie-Christine Laurin

You should do '' gymnast vs normal person ''

Geno Raymond

This just made my year.... awesome stuff..... time to go practice my backflip..wish me luck??

Lucca Lourencini

Bodybuilders lose soooooo much mobility...

sammy says so!

So many shirtless men. Mmmmmmmmmm

Micayla Spencer

No need to stop talking about mens physiques. ☺️


This is like in videogames putting points in strength vs agility

Mary Essency

Your friend coming up with an idea: C'mon it'll be great
Afterwards: 13:06


Toe touches are a staple of crossfit workouts, it's interesting his form is off.


08:20 That's mental!


The other white guy has the craziest blocky abs I’ve ever seen

alejandro gonzalez

What a beast!

Danni Sapp

Obi ? Let me head over to his Instagram page...


12:37 is that a Dresden reference?

Charli Burey

Who els thinks Nile should post more videos

Annie Dean

I love having Tom in the vids! He's really funny (and nice to look at ?)

Libor Hlaváček

absolutely brilliant musical background :-)

What it is About me

Nile never fails to bring a smile on my Face! Love the videos!

nord kristal


Rayan Mir

Hey Nile ! You should collab with Dejan Stipke

Steven Reyes

that was really funny


what was that tree analogy lol


The gayest sport in the world meets gymnastics


Obi looks like preacher from AGT???


That dude is as stiff as a plank of wood

Kira’s Journey

Swooning over all the accents in this video ???

Nika Markoč

Can we get a real crossfitter? From what I've heard they work on mobility and are not the size of a bear...

Lynne Evans

The message at the end is everything ???

DelenaAllTheWay 123

You should do a collab with myles erlick and briar nolet

Adrianna Morfin

This man could read the dictionary and I’d listen to him on repeat I stg I love him. You’re okay too

Dhayanesh Velusamy

I thought muscle ups were integral in cross training

Nikolay Kosev

The only gymnast that actually have the courage to show in shorts , respect man !

Hollie & Will p


Renata Usharuk



Just the size difference alone makes me chuckle lol

The Noob

Me looking at the difference in them

Kari Hotakainen

Ok the guy is huge but obviously unathletic.

Max W

Let's do gymnast tries climbing with Magnus Midtbø

Camilla Saietz

I AM truly sorry for the pain you endured when you stepped on that Thing on the floor.... But GOD DANG that looked funny ???

Mystic Pro

2:47 did he say hes a pussy?(the one with the white hair)


try it with hip hop dancers
thatd be funny

White Pride 14


Amro Al-Qaruti

Nice video, but the tattoo is disgusting!
Excuse me about my comment, but your skin is more beautiful before that.

Daisy Chan

is it bad that my mouth is watery all the time...???

Marta Wiczyńska

Flexibility is sexy, guys:)

Anar Batzorig

yall know what this tom guy's insta or channel is?

Bianca Walker

What a legend.


The editing of these is sooo good ?

Jan Golda

Sorry, but he's definitely not a crossfitter.
Take a look guys competing in CrossFit Games, they are actually well stretched, nimble and can do some of the gimnastic movements (like ring muscle ups)

Jsullivan 94

What song is playing in the background I love it. Also, yeah Obi's legs are as wide as niles whole body

Camille Wright

Obi....sooo damn Handsome!!!

Rhys Arthur


Guillaume Ammar

There is sign of injection on his butt , thanks testostérone injection not natural and not safe at all

Sade Osuji

This was super entertaining to watch.

Brooke Motley

60 kg?


Love that you put in music from Swif7?

Fotis Tsek

Ηe is double of your weight ?? look like small cat next to him

Dave Dave

If that guy can act he'd make a good "Black Panther"


The camera move too much!!!!!!!!!!

Kat S

AHAHA, Nile stubbing his toe?

Dana Gorham

That is a big dude!

Kristofer JAKISTAM

Grab the fruit from the tree.........this is what i call motivation :)


His bicep is bigger than me


Maybe i dont wanna be huge

Nile Wilson | World Championships 2015 Qualification | All Around 88.350

Nile Wilson | World Championships 2015 Qualification | All Around 88.35026 Oct. 2015
2 549 963
Nile WilsonSubscribe 438 721

All 6 routines from

All 6 routines from qualification. Really happy with my performance & loved every second out there. Thanks for everyones support.

Fig Channel -https://www.youtube.com/user/figchannel

USA Gymnastics Channel- https://www.youtube.com/user/usagymnasticsorg

Instagram https://instagram.com/nilemw/

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Facebook https://www.facebook.com/NileWilsonGy…

Website http://www.nilewilson.com/

Music https://soundcloud.com/robert-wright

Comments (100)
JoeGameR MC


Addy Krohn

Am I the only female gymnast that feels jealous that the guys are allowed to wear shorts and pants in competition and the girls can't wear anything but a leo?


Wooo-hoooo, that was pretty tight.. you're bad ass! ?✊?

Antonio Martinez

Parece tfue

Syncorpium animations

Gymnastics is underrated

500 subs before corona ends

Normal people: saw him doing gymnastics.

Legends: saw him doing dab 2:30

mies vailla nykyisyyttä

I would say that Nile seems like a great feller but how does someone that agile ever slip and fall?

Eden Anaiah


الفتى الرياضي

very nice
thank you

Ramsés García

Hay algo que este hombre no haga bien?!

David Jones

Your PH is saggy and I say this for your benefit. You're also not getting enough post flight on vault. Pbars decent though. Back up a little bit son. If anybody deserves to do better it's you

Ivan Galicia

Felicidades campeón

Anatoly Maly

на брусьях неплохая программа и на перекладине тоже, да и выполнил красиво. Молодец.



hosine Djatit



Me struggles to do flips you 5:53

Jack Lee

Beast Wilson



Ettienne Kok

Are you a gym nast

Κωνσταντίνος Παπαγεωργίου

You are trash

Amber Webb

He's fantastic at every obstacle but oddly his parallel bars stand out at least to me. He gracefully connects each skill into the next.


Dude you’re amazing man. Simply incredible.



Rutger Moore

I LOvE nile

Trampo Twist

This is gay

Lorenzo Castaldo

How is that called? 3:00 Excuse me, I am a calisthenic athlete?


how doesnt he break his arms at 4:12?????

Fabricio chic

Genial. Antes de los tatuajes, ahora muy tatuado los dejan participar? ??

yhanna Pereira

excellent routine congratulations


He’s doing the worm

Calvin Nel

dumb question... is this aged grouped.... aka are you in a bracket for you age, or could you be any age? in the same comp

kelley lange

The training that goes into being a gymnast is harder than if you were training to become a Navy Seal!!


i love that you can hear his dad the whole time

Jackson Leonidas

The more I try the more I get weaker

Samir Kaushik


No? Just me? Ok

Wiktoria Berendt

very cool, you are very well gymnastized for that congratulations


That was so Sick!


you suck at landing

Gabriela Paoli

Like si viste el de atrás como se patino

Mr Yoseppe

why does the screen only show Nile

Daniel Deiparine


תהילה עבאדי

This is so sick!! You killed it!!
Cheers from israel??

Laura Art

Excellent perfomance! You are really fantastic! Greetins from Argentina.


Whats that song at 4:00

Aya Takesh

sooo hot


My son im so proud of you!

Kin Chanchee

Wow i cant do that and look at himmm
This is teddy
He want no like
No channel
No comment
He want a good good good life


Sexxxxxy as fuck.

J Comm

Nile is the Shakepeare of muscles.

Calisthenics Power

Awesome ? respect for your work !!

Ettienne Kok

I am a gymnast too

Forks _

i didnt knew fish can also do pull up bars

Lucas César

Parabéns! Você é excelente!


Who else was like WTF this guy is insanity just me ? Ok

Krystian Psw

Wchich place ?

Mounir Samoudi

What is name this trick 2:02 ?

pa pa

What a fart ending!!!

Zed Zen

anyone here from 2021 after the aliens took over?

Joey Bolduc Movement

You make this look way too easy, brilliant work sir!


That's amazing, but u look like a flexible cilli pepper ?️

Rolando Jr. Antonio

Well, he is good however, in my opinion, he needs to be more aggressive and less flaws in his moves, dropping. If I will rate his performance, from 1-10, I will give him 8.5/10. There are some gymnast are better than him, especially Japanese, Chinese and Russian. But good luck to him, if he will be competing in Olympics 2020! ?

Mystix _

The only thing you here in this whole vid is come on Nile come on

Jon Magnus Ruud Eide

Wow this is physical freedom!


2:30 DAB

Elise Kemkes


Lazy Vêñøm Tech 7

What ab powerful-strength nice one gymnastic legend you bro


2020 anyone?

Jaya bikram Shahi

wow sport is very important for health thank you for subscribing to my channel https://youtu.be/ax5Vue2TDiM


2:29 dab!!!

اروع مقاطع اسلامية



1:23 ?? someone from cz?


Brits say "come on" a lot.

Filip Bocanek


pema bajracharya

Just check1:4



Baby Mauri

You are amazing

18-UEL-117 Nishanth Kumar.R

Your body was like a rubber , its elastic

А р ш а н

Is it necessary to start gymnastics early in the childhood?

shirayuki hamada

Yes Nile train smart keep it real never give up. Try not to get distracted at all times

Balogh Norbert


Josw Miguel Rivera Alvarado

Hello soy mexicano y pienso que si tú te metieras en un torneo de workout lo ganarias eres muy bueno y tus abilidades son impresionantes algo que casi nadie podría hacer.!

Yves-Noël-Marie Gonnet

Magnifique! Splendide! Chaleureux encouragements! Bravo et Merci!



Christabel Asase

Who else was watching the other contestant
Nile is soo good

Jackson Leonidas

Please how can I get strong i am trying but all the guys I started with are stronger than me

Rose Cloudz

You guys think gymnastics is the hardest sport ? I agree . But there’s something even harder than being a trained gymnast . A self taught gymnast. Coming from a self taught gymnast . ( i do however do trained trampolining) I’m self taught in contortion , tumbling and gymnastics .

Dicks Opinions

So just got my first set of ring. Could you do a video on Basic steps on improving on this?

The Golden king

4:30 if u listen carefully u can hear “take me to church” by lozier

Jesus Christ

Apparently they want Niall to “go on” who would’ve thought

Grace Rowlands

That is awesome. I do gymnastics and I love it


STOP TURNING NILE wathdafokkaa


4:56 علم الجزائر ?

Pyroteam Noord


It's Esme !!!

He only thing I'm focused on is his dad in the back ground

Tommaso Manoni

Calisthenics forever

Creepy Chris

Hey honest question.
How come a guy that can do all that on a pole needs a hand up in the beginning .
I mastered that bit like when I was 4 .
I can't however do the other stuff?

David Jones

Niles, I'm a fan of yours but you better start connecting more release moves or you're going to get beat like a red headed step child

Ettienne Kok

You hirdil like me Carmi Lee

Chudster -

Will those people please shut up