Method man lifted

Ocean Wisdom - Revvin' Feat. Dizzee Rascal (OFFICIAL VIDEO) (Prod. Muckaniks)

Ocean Wisdom - Revvin' Feat. Dizzee Rascal (OFFICIAL VIDEO) (Prod. Muckaniks)23 Feb. 2018
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High Focus Records is proud to present ‘Revvin’ by Ocean Wisdom Featuring Dizzee Rascal. The latest single to be lifted from his highly anticipated album 'Wizville' featuring Method Man, Roots Manuva, P Money, Jehst, Chester P, Rodney P & Rude Kid. 'Wizville' is out now on limited edition vinyl, CD. cassette tape & available on all digital platforms!

Director - Sophie Jones

Producer - Jack Hobbs

Location Manager - Andrew Gillman

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Comments (100)
Анатоли Петков


Frits Spits

Who hates on this? Wiley? lol


2021 ?

Ananda Lowe

Wicked. Safe. Only thing is exhaust fumes from bikes. Pollution and ting. Sorry. Respek.

Sway _

This song is incredible

Bunnygirl 87

So this track is fricking awesome!! I can't tell u how bad ass this bass Is!!! Only found this a month ago and been playing it everyday pissing off my horrible neighbours that hate my music!! Elbow top of the head, like boom bow, put em to bed! ??❤❤❤

Lucca Wheatley

yooo this is sickk, best song, mad

Quads Quadsone

Been my favourite track for a while now. Wiz is the don. Love from Perth Western Australia

Harinder Dhillon

the switch that Dizzie does, thats class!

Enrique Martinez San Vicente

thumbs up damn!



gorilla ballsack

2 years of being a fucking banger

marcin pakulnicki

Cool ? bese

the pizza delivery god

This song makes me want to eat haribos without chewing them

all-in Javi Méndez

I can't still believe it, 2 years later with this views. This will go down as one of the most underrated hip hop songs ever.


What model BMW is that exactly?.. the Dizzee Raskit one at the start

Kevin Jed Enriquez


u Bek

No tonguing sheep here

Jazz Music

these flows are fucken crazy man!!


Great combo with these two.. always. Wiz killed it too

VAZZ 080

Como no escuché esto antes?????

Charlotte Sometimes

I cudda jumped in your heart but I like my own ?

Jennifer Struth Simpson

Would love to see a mic off between Revvin and Eminem ?


Heard it on 1,5. really cool!

Lewis Duffield

So sick ocean is coming up on recommended vids when watching huge well known artists. He deserves all the credit he gets. Best spitter in the uk.... Actually the world! No questions

Tupac Forlife

Why is he so underrated? I really cant get it


I've never listened to british rap before.. but this sh*t is fire!

MK Compton

This guy is too good. His strings are so interesting.

Charlotte Sometimes


JJ long

These two coming like Jay and Romell

Ali bee

UK rap scene has officially taken over!

matthew smith

This beat gives me goosebumps


The King & The Prince

Fernando Gonzalez Valle

I can't come up with a better duo...


Respect from Greece!!


Hey, not a native speaker here. Can you tell me what to "rev" means in this context? Does it mean to brag about something?
And also, where does it come from? My research only leads me to car stuff or so...

Ed K-l


Jakub Vaněk


Lol TrolZ

Is this a match made in heaven or hell?


I'm certain ocean wisdom has no lungs but mechanical pumps and that's why he can just go on and on without a gasp......

Pavel Vokuev

Hello from Russia

Tory Martirano

What sweater/ pants he wearing

Tillie Martinussen

Srsly! Ocean has impeccable flow. Wow. I’m completely blown. Not too crazy abt the track, needs more highs, I think. But wow then timing on him dropping the bars is insane

Gaetano Giordano

Someone give me more British bangers I need them in this music less time

Ted Hughes

Hardest "PLEB!" Ever!


Man got clocked with a vibrant right
And a hesitant left, is a man still alive? ? ?

zeph getsetup

O wisdom reminds me of myself n my boys when we used to do grime flo mwaddd

Kev McCormick

Dizzee is a og and showing these young cats he can still go bar for bar and flow for flow with any of them

Sajid Hussain

Ocean the best mc in the uk ...

Leiha Baker

Oshhh ?

YSN Bach

This is for ever FIRE !!!

Live Miss

Mon facebook est yesuh laulau
Je présente des origine
Fille avec plusieurs photos
My facebook is yesuh laulau
I present origin
Girl With a lot picture

Spencer Di.

holy shit beats got good since he left kurupt

Tyler Tee

Scuse me mate you got a lighter


Substantial was subsequently arrested for the assault of America as a whole after recording.

Because of how hard that last line hits.


omfg this is nasty
The way Ocean came in was fire

Orphan Of Orbit

Dizzie Wisdom & Ocean Rascal.

Jason Hardy

U.K music scene taking over again. ? ?

Helix Beats

Crazy fucking track jesus christ

Alim Muslim

Love this track


Siiiiiiiiick ?

soundcloudcom feshnes

first attempt to help sbdy on this video = Hit a lick -> Problem solved... thats how hardcore it is

marvin tretow

When u lessen to this song when u. Drive a car.. U in haha

Charlotte Sometimes

Boom Bow! Put him to bed ?


UK mans don't play


The beat is too much !! gOd damn!!

Ed Henrry

Are they in the mountains

Ed Henrry

Wisdom the reason why I reff cuz I'm waiting for this s*** to happen why you hiding why they're out here come on man where are they hiding then tell me say it in your songs where is he hiding

Workout Tutorials

2021 ☑️

Cjay Nichol

Who’s still blasting this in 2020?

Cheyne Quayle

Joe Rogan brought me here!

kazulu berlin

so fuckin dope

Eftirnafn eiginnafn

Ocean Wisdom ...........................................................................................

tupougulnik 77

Respect from Sofia, Bulgaria.
UK grime is lit asf

Alim Muslim

Best track of 2020

Robert acey Casey

Top of the top no one can compete

Dixon Adams

Sick from new zealand

The Splif

That drop of water(0:38) that i hear in the beat is very on place(like everything else in this song )

Jam Bo

I need equipment so I can produce my shit!

Give me your opinion on my lyricism!


Charlie Williams

Manifested this one
Man come through in all black and just nick something
Limelight robber, the limelight teefer
Dem man are busy burnin' on their reefer
They never got the memo
That a fellow from the south spitting ether
So either they deaf or they dumb, if neither
They're mocking it, they're rocking something silly for the feature
They're gimmicky they're relevant for now with no longevity
The remedy for that is how you body rhythm readily so whoa
I ain't got to study how another brother flow
Listen to a legend, make a better rapper grow
Better for competitors that are living with a pro
Swinging with a donny, you're swinging with Ali G
Man's really in a hurry to build up another lead
Brilliant and lovely looking at the esteemed
Considering every challenge resulted in their defeat
They beat the beat, I eat the beat
Then beat the beat, I treat the beat right
I beat the beat boss, betray me and die
You be the bocat, your head between thigh
Runnin' a muck, a brudda be shuttin' down
She sucking on something and then she duckin' out
I done a show with the baddest man about
I'll turn a gunner into a daffodil
Dem man dere holding Ls
Dem man ain't holding Zs
And that's fact
Dem man are already tell I'm on too much for them try rev
Like "Why you tryna rev?"
About revvin' my face
On a Sunday
'Til I hit man with a awkward leg
Awkward elbow, top of the head
Like boom baow, put him to bed
Like Joe Rogan said a man like me ain't seen that in a thousand fights
Man got clocked with a vibrant right
And a hesitant left, is a man still alive?
Watch how I jump on the tune with Dyl
I'm the real deal, dem man all hype
Got a man feeling all Dillian Whyte
No dilly, no dally, I flick out the light
Why you try to rev?
Why you try to rev?
Why you try to rev?
Why you try to rev?
About revvin' my face on a Sunday
'Til I hit man with a awkward leg
Awkward elbow
Top of the head
Like boom bow
Put him to bed
Why you try to rev?
How you gonna come and try rev
How you gonna act like I'm not ahead
And you're stuck on the red
You're easily read
Like you're playing dead
I'm a rebel
I'm ready whenever my level is heavy
You're light as a feather I beg
Beg you know I'm a celeb
But I'm dreading I'll put you to bed
For some shit that you should have just thought but you said
'Cause you're a pleb
Only concern should be getting this bread
Are you pulling my leg
Gone in the head
Copper and lead
He drops and he bled
Go get a doctor and send for the med
You should have fled
Dearly departed
Look what you gone and you started
You bumbaclart
Should have been smart
But you were retarded instead
Use your brain
Don't lose your lane
Maintain, refrain from saying my name
And I'll do the same
And everything'll be right as rain
Don't go against the grain
'Cause I can get a little off the chain
Gassed up on my own no shame
Like I'm off the mains
They're looking at me like I'm at the wrong stop
And I got no ticket
I just hop the train
What have I got to gain?
I already gained the fame
I already copped the Range
I come through like Dr. Strange
Tell the lane miss me with the games
I don't entertain
Cocaine flow in your vein
But I bring the pain
Give me the long story short, don't make me strain
So I can see you all clear and plain
I'm not a plain Jane
I got Jane insane
Hopping on the cane
She give me top then I rock it again
She give me Brighton dome
I'm up bright and early
With a brighter bone
Even when I'm in Rome
I feel right at home
The beat got me in a tighter zone
I could have jumped at your hype
But I like my own
And I'm kind of grown
I heard Ocean Wisdom said somebody better get that boy on the phone
Let him do what he does
Don't change one tone
Just leave him alone
Why you try to rev?
Why you try to rev?
Why you try to rev?
Why you try to rev?
About revvin' my face on a Sunday
'Til I hit man with a awkward leg
Awkward elbow
Top of the head
Like boom bow
Put him to bed
Why you try to rev?
18, I was eight deep
With a break beat
Lately manna make P from a G
Hopefully manna wrote down a couple notes on me
Oh, did he not
He don't know about me
Okay, locally manna know of me
And then globally fandem'll roll for me
Hours on a beat
Okay, mandem on a show for me
They're a nobody
With the way they facilitate what I do bait
And a anecdote for me
Would be high road for me
And I didn't ride out on a wasteman wave
That's a woah woah buddy
You should body down for me
I'll be showing you the ropes
When you trying to just rave
Why help bodies that are not that gully
When you could be summoning the best of the greats
No sales dummy
That is not that funny
When you got to rely on the O for the cake
Still fuck it then I fornicate the day away
Where I get up and I made a (pip?)
And then I get to press it on her puss
Luckily the way they gravitate to what I'm doing
Got them reaching in their pockets, dedicated to the cause
'Cause they feel a man and follow man and run around the city
Like an animal I put them on their paws
'Cause the mandem want to draw
As they thought they was I'm on a Wu-Tang vibe on tour
Bill a spliff and let me talk
I ain't fiddlin with pork
Licking on her loin
Ripping something raw that's savagery
Man's been on it since Mark and Valerie
This bar cost man calories
Smash and attack
Eubank swag get a bang in the mouth
Junior swag hold 25 more
Wiz be a fan of just having it out
I run up a tab, I told them the score
Why you try to rev?
Why you try to rev?
Why you try to rev?
Why you try to rev?
About revvin' my face on a Sunday
'Til I hit man with a awkward leg
Awkward elbow
Top of the head
Like boom bow
Put him to bed
Why you try to rev?

Robbe Verhaeghe

This is Rap ??

Ryan Taylor


Justice Kreider

Eminem song feat. Ocean Wisdom......i would definitely listen to that

Halen Knight

Who's still pumping this on there speakers February 2021

Sarah Awad

Cool bese boom COOOOOL

TheLord OfLords

2021 why try rev

OG Destroy


Mo 33

Wow ?

Charlotte Sometimes

? The Bass ?

Luke Rocco

madonna madonna ? !!!

Tipu FitzHerbert

Insane stuff this one's a banger

Freddy Chacin

What does revvin mean?

gorilla ballsack

just turned 2021, gotta put this on first thing


It's good

Live Miss

Mon facebook est yesuh laulau
Je présente des origine
Fille avec plusieurs photos
My facebook is yesuh laulau
I present origin
Girl with a lot picture



Tillie Martinussen

Perfect flow on Ocean! Oh my God. ✋ F that’s wild!


so good it hurts

Sarah Awad

Cool bese


the last lyrics...

Lifting Giant Stones - Pyramid Building Tilt-Up Method

Lifting Giant Stones - Pyramid Building Tilt-Up Method1 May. 2019
149 421

Keep It Simple. When

Keep It Simple. When building a massive stone structure using low technology, you don't want to waste time making it more complex. Men, levers, a simple but effective method and a good amount of effort is all that's needed.

This stone is around 1/10th the size of the typical stone used in the pyramids, but I think it gives a good representation of how this could be done.

Ways you can help support this channel:



Project plans for sale: https://ibuildit.ca/plans/

Become A Member of this channel:


More videos on my second woodworking channel:


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Website: https://ibuildit.ca/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/I-Build-It-258048014240900/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/i_build_it.ca/

Comments (100)

Yes, I love that Can-Do attitude! You must have some Canadian blood in you!

Children Of The Sunshine

There’s no way they lifted 13- 20 tons with large wooden logs, which also weigh a ton? I know the bricks got lighter the higher they got, but unless the pyramid was the height of stone henge, then I’m not buying any lifting theory’s just the same as alien related ones.

BillyRay Valentine

How the fuck did they do this with 3000 ton stone like in the giant wall discovered in Siberia. ? ? HOW ? ? ?

Ravi Kumar

Tamilan only knowes this techinces but....


Had to be monster of a lever,and a giant to weeld it


You obviously bombed out in your levitation class. Should note this technique is for dropouts.


I use to buy and sell Surplus Government Military File Cabinet Safes 600 pounds and Weapons Cabinet Safes 1,000 pounds. I could move the by myself with an Vending Machine Dolly for long distance and for shorter distances I used 1-2 diameter steel or wood pipe slightly less wide than the safe. Once they were moved with the Vending Machine Dolly up a wood ramp into my trailer with a hand winch, I unloaded them down the ramp and then once near the final location or in tight areas where there was not enough room for the Vending Machine Dolly, I would roll them on 1 inch pipe on level surfaces, then used a pry bar and a block of wood to remove the pipe.

Andrew Blackamore

Total bollocks !
How many times did you push it/hold it by your hand ... Did they have giants no!
Your wood blocks scaled up still would snap.
Your wooden leveller again scaled up would have had to be nailed together and so could never take the weight.
If you believe that how the pyramids where built , you are a fucking idiot !

Gary Grimmer

You dont realize the size of some of those acient blocks. Giants nephalin buildt them

Diego Moreno

How do u cut It Into a perfect puzzle?

The cure

In proportion, you have demonstrated how giants built the structures with large blocks. Can we see you now move a block 1500 tonnes?

The Study

Legend says they were floated into place. And its 100% correct.


The Egyptians did not have the invention of the wheel (or its properties) during the supposed time in which the Pyramids were built. This would be represented by the pipe you used in place of a log. The Egyptians didn't get the wheel until they were invaded by the Hyksos in the 17th Century BCE. For reference, the Pyramids were supposedly built in the 25th Century BCE.


Have used 3 ancient methods - rock swivel, dowel roll, and beam lift/leverage - for decades. No damage even to heaviest items. Often faster, easier than helpers or eqpmt. Great on difficult terrain.

Kenneth Pensyl

humor helps keep you from going crazy


Doesn't prove much however. What kind of tree would they have used for mechanical advantage and how would they have used it multiple men to withhold that weight? 2x4s can't help lift 20 ton stones.

Hazy Rx

So I'm imaging a 1000 ton stone.. you must have to be 40 feet tall to walk it?

scott mills

I want to see all you guys with ya levers and rollers get about 20 shipping containers fill them with rocks and make a mini pyramid,it would be easy right and great viewing

Liam Gross

The figures on Easter island walked that way.

Eric Feli

How long would your lever have to be to erect a 5 ton block? If you use multiple levers, how heavy would the counter weight have to be to lift a 5 ton block? I think the extraterrestrial theory is more plausible. ? ? Have you seen the unfinished obelisk in Aswan? It weighs an estimated 1,200 tons. I can't fathom lifting that with any amount of levers!

Chris Harper

Great video!


You are using too many wood. Wood was rare and expensive in Egypt.

cabera14 azi75

vi vafshe predstavliaite kakaia visata 140 metrov?
pristavte shto uvas sarvalsa adin kamen xot adin kamen i palitel vniz shto praizaidiot?
nadareko dvuxtonni kameni vapervix razlamaet amsu nijnix kamnei drug moi i to shto vi sozdali s nizu vsio pridotsa stroit zanava negavaria o jertvax ludei skota dai vsivo ..
a vto vremia vit nebili kevlarovix trosov ili metalicheskix kanatov vit tak da /
i vjarkuiu pagodu vsio peresixao i stanavilos ochen xrubkim daje derevo..
vot vi vazmite avshu 160 kg kamen da chetire piat raz ix peretashite atsuda tuda i vse vashi doski prevratiatsa vnenadiojni kuski dereva katorie vot vot sarvutsa ..
prikinte a tam dva miliona bloka drug moi dva miliona bloka i rashitaite skolka drevesini panadabiliosbi shtobi ves etot praek asushestvit ...
poanadabilisbi tolpi ludei shtobi tolka drava zagatovit napilit vichistit negavaria a kamodabiche negavaria a trasnpartirovke .. eta ne tak lexko kak vi dumaite ... plius kavsemu etamu iznuritelnaia jara ...
tolka vadanasilshuikov sto chelovke nexvatilobi tolka shtobi rabochuim vodu davat ...
vi pro amshtabi relana ne asmislivaite ...
i vsio eta dliachego? kanechnaia cel?eta samoe glavnoe esli paimyot kltoto dlaichevo ani sozdani to paimut io kak ani sozdani ...

Hazy Rx

So this is how Ed Leeskalnin made his work?

dan taylor

sorry john, all you've proved is your stubborn enough to try moving a large stone all by yourself. it doesn't explain how they quarried some of the hardest stone on earth with brass chisels and stones for hammers. or how they moved those multi ton stones over 600 miles. I'm sure the local lowes didn't carry enough 2x4's for the job ;)


Egyptian doesn’t know any roll thing so they will not be using the cylinder thing that u do in the vid


This is not very impressive

Torso Pants

Now lets see this with the 25 to 80 ton stones used in the Kings Chamber that were transported from Aswan, more than 800 km away. New Zealand's North Island is about that length.

Just something to think about

Fredrick Najarian

Can u put the 3rd rock on top I don’t think so u don’t even have any builder muscle in your body that’s a cave man theory they build beautiful building palace they were very advanced and you all stop with this alien ? idea they traveled planets to come here put rocks on top of each other ? if they build a pussy size of a pyramid I could believe that anyhow I think they used lots and lots of rope that’s the only thing wouldn’t survive leave evidence and bunch of people this people built pyramids and this guy builds a garden wall you all are funny

Kevin Tripp

You’re an idiot

les goûts et les couleurs lglc

This couldn’t possibly be the pyramid building technique... it takes too long. Every 5 minutes a stone block must be put in its place to finish the pyramid in 20 years.

Colin S

Nice explanation of your method!


yeah, 6-70 tons I don't think so either.

John Chase Mitovich

Your neighbors are like “wtf?” ?

Hoppy Spadge

Regulation protective sneakers.

Pablo Jerez


Christopher Loffert

This would be like using a goldfish for a video about how to catch a whale

USS Spirit

Dude, stones in the pyramids weigh 30 tons, show me a long wooden lever you're going to use to lift and set that.... You were struggling with 300lbs.

Enano H

Hope you can do one 1 ton block demostration, transportation and LIFT, please aligned with the ORION constellation, the 4 cardinal points, include π on the ecuation, and cut the granite stone perfect angle and just put it with another one that a razor blade cant fit in. That will be all and I belive you

Diego Moreno

What lenght have to be the Stick with Giants megaliths? Dumb ass.

Modikoe Pule

lol and then they are 70 ton granite stones carved out with precision and we say it's ordinary human beings??????

NattY WaLLo

Adorable. But The Nephelim used anti-gravity techniques, making 20ton blocks weigh almost nothing.

Kantor Zoltan

900 tone tri it too move it or cut perfect wedout laser or modern tehnology i lov too see it that hiw it is posibile.

Kevin M

What the hell does that prove. Smh. Come on man. Wtf

Gateless Barrier


John Heisz - I Build It

Keep It Simple. When building a massive stone structure using low technology, you don't want to waste time making it more complex. Men, levers, a simple but effective method and a good amount of effort is all that's needed.
This stone is around 1/10th the size of the typical stone used in the pyramids, but I think it gives a good representation of how this could be done.

Deepak Mahawar

Fucking idea


With all the respect for ure effort,i cant even take this video serious,sometimes we dont need to leave the sofa,to understand the obvious.....

Eigil Skovgaard

You need to read Chris Dunn's book: Lost Technologies of Ancient Egypt. He's a do'er too, or at least an engineer who works with precision tools and makes his own experiments.
He is up against all kinds of established experts who fx use the following argument: "This would have been sixty percent faster ..." or "... sixty percent deeper, if it had been made by skilled and trained people." In that way their 3 inch deep drilling (rubbing) hole becomes almost 5 inches deep.
In general - all the high tech accomplishments of ancient Egyptians, for instance absolutely flat and polished granite surfaces with a precision within a few thousands of an inch - they are all clamed to have been made with cobber tools and stone hammers.
So Chris Dunn has established a number of logical steps necessary to prove such claims. That's in the spirit of experimental science. Read about them in the book. Of course nobody has bothered to reproduce a single of those fantastic artifacts - using cobber chisels and stones. It would be hard enough to reproduce them with existing CNC tools.

douglas woods

Nobody gonna mention that these places are also astronomically accurate and in line to a hundredth of a degree or places like Peru where huge blocks interlock perfectly so not even a human hair can get in between them. I’d love to see people makes stones like this and implement them in a large scale with just pulleys levers and man power

Um Bongo

What's the lever made from?

Theodore Blumberg

Looks good

Alfredo Caballero

Sorry man, bud using this method would take a millon years to build a pyramid. So keep trying

Bartek Jaszczyk

Question, what lever you need to lift 100 ton :)


All right... "Give me a place to stand, and I will move the Earth." Now I understand what Archimedes meant. I just great, man. The most man's powerful tool is his ingenious.

Ric Bowers

Choosing to build a pyramid out of 50 ton blocks is hardly 'keeping it simple'. Why did they choose to use such huge stones which would have made the whole process far more complex and time consuming then it would have done had they simply chosen to use far smaller and easily managed blocks. The mystery is why they didn't use small blocks. Maybe it didn't occur to them because they were all boneheads lol

Pensamentos Aleatóreos

Why in the media and rarely does a channel not advertise that the Egyptians had machines for cutting stones or holes?
Do you believe that this statement of mine is false or true?

Beth Law

How was the stones quarried? And moved miles and I doubt they walked 20 ton stones

Bowen Comings

This guy must be an ancient alien


What would be strong enough to lever 600 ton block? Certainly not wood. It would have to be to thick. Also they moved these stone miles. They was on sand. How did they shimmy the massive blocks without a giant? Did they have to move a base plate for the sand floor everytime they wanted to move the massive block? Would the base plate not need to be a similar hard to move weight as to avoid cracking under that much weight?

Absolutely not how it was done.


great video. you got a great point too

The Brain Reigns

I believe this video to show methodology but it lacks substance for those of you interested in this topic there is a video showing a 20 ton block by hand really quite amazing. Channel mystery history AMAZING VIDEO: MAN LIFTS 20 TON BLOCK BY HAND. I personally said no way possible BUT I WAS WRONG.

Chris Hart

Hey just wanted to say thanks. I enjoyed watching your clip. I like your outlook on being a do'er.


Bwahahahaha!!! It would take a million years for them to build the pyramids doing this. This is comical. Did you also forget the precision laser cut fittings? What about the quarry miles and miles away. Smh.

laddika raj

You are correct

Krishnan Master

So simple but grate ! Splitting rocks with chissels and hamer? Next the shaping and polishing then huge number of expert workers +well planing availability of meterials unity of strength! Paranjal theeratha hard work Ennu kampiyum manalum cementum vellavum rocksum undenkil pattinippavangal panicku ready! Kozha koduthum medichumulla paniyayirunnilla

Kyle Mooney

Okay now explain how they got them hundreds of feet in the air with rocks bigger than your house. EXPLAIN THAT! lol

Um Bongo

Shouldn't the title of this be "moving small stones"?

Carlos Motta

The ancients use a simple technology that we use now a days as but don't know the nature of it.
It is call sound frequency people.they were able to lavitate boulders of thousands kilograms..
And the pyramids were built in days..
Thank you.


I'm sure I'm not the first one to bring up the trilithon stones at Baalbek, right? I mean, 350 lbs is one thing, but 1000 tons is altogether different. Your wood pieces would be paper thin under the weight.

Maham Khan

just in case the people are wondering about carving limestone...limestone is softer in water and they shaped them while in the water channels they used....but lets ignore basic chemistry and physics and say it was built by aliens ahahahah!!

Richard Neal

also the ancient builders knew about using sand as a movable counter weight. One or two labourers with wicker baskets cant fill a box that can act as a counter lever on 10-100 ton blocks.

Ricardo A. Castillo G.


sherwood smallidge

moats and pig skins make more sense for those big stones


Lol did you cut the block


Now do it with a 10 ton stone

Mark Anderson

Please, do this with a trilithon.
Better yet, why are polygon blocks used (Sacsayhuman)? Wouldn't that mean you have to have each stone prefabricated before installment?
Good concept. Maybe they did this at Stonehenge placing the lintels on top.

Maximus Decimus Meridus

you see!! this is how simple

Daniel Just

How about 100 tones ?

Hazy Rx

Front yard demonstration is on point but simple math and leverage does not add up when stones are 12 foot tall. It would take a tree not a half of 2x4 to budge let alone... nevertheless great demo on just how easy ?

David Atlas

Problem solved everyone can go home now

Lloyd Lineske

So you show us how it could be done, but part of it, the standing up part, you said they couldn't do with the originals. So then clearly this method isn't how it was done. Is there any other possibilities you want to discount in your next video?

Reveal the facts bpsolanki

Like it.
Archimedes told that we can lift EARTH by a simple longest Rod with little support and less power.
Thanks for sharing ?


but. then you see this rock and really make one wonder https://youtu.be/Zubjwo7ea3A

Yours Truely

Show me Baalbec


Now try to lift a 3ton block with your little stick.

Mark Anthony Quilag

Ancient Aliens used forklifts and mega cranes to do the Pyramids at Giza. Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile told that.

Thant Zaw Win

Not very practical. This just proved it

Profil Kamu

2 300 000 stones in pyramid

Shane Lawrence

Simple and practical .. John has cracked the code.. awsome mate..how did they build it.??..well ask a builder
Or a alien....aliens wouldnt even know.

Chris Smith

Aint no way to heavy

The cure

Guys, the answer is clearly demonstrated before your eyes... ..GIANTS?

Kabrinii Pitt

We can build one finally...I'll help yah buddy...

Nola West

Awwww-Mazing! Thank You! ?

Kenn Kid

What nice rocks.Some layers there. They would split easily.

Akhil Reddy

Every thing is a flaw there it is not possible to support such a big stone with hands and they didn't use iron rods


Excellent man. Great video

alessandro innocenzi


Omar Ali

Never the maker handle like this.they handle it like a brick.

Armando Cruz

Don't be ridiculous, a 12-year-old Bolivian mining boy can do that easily, but it is impossible to build a pyramid with that technique.

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CL - Lifted ( #SuperDJ MV Reaction ) #AZWD #ReactionDude18 Aug. 2016
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What a crazy day!!!! CL

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Comments (13)
Ryan Lord

I'm learning about a lot of artists here

Ân Nguyễn

wow, i really love ur voice, its so amazing :D


Youre a Crazy Dude, i love this :D



Song is stuck in my head haha

Tima Songsonga

your accent is crazy man i love it!


produced by teddy if i'm not wrong.


OMG i love ur accent! where are you from? <3

Lyla Abbas

She slayyy

TheGodYiest JG

its very good cl is taking it slow

ddu du

Im #LIFTEDbyCL tho.

Anny Ng

kk..love ur vid :))


This was produced by Teddy who is the producer for 2NE1.

Linh Đào

Slay it!