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Hitting The Heavy Bag For Weight Loss!! Fun Boxing Cardio

Hitting The Heavy Bag For Weight Loss!! Fun Boxing Cardio23 Jan. 2020
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Hitting The Heavy Bag For

Hitting The Heavy Bag For Weight Loss!! Fun Boxing Cardio

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In this video I am doing a little post workout boxing cardio. Hitting the heavy bag is fun and is a great way to burn some calories in a short period of time. You can use boxing workouts as a warm up, cool down or even a full workout.

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★ Need A Heavy Bag https://amzn.to/2RobBem
★ Need Gloves https://amzn.to/2TP6HZm
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Are Jay the redneck weight loss training boxing heavy bag.

Are Jay the redneck weight loss training boxing heavy bag.9 Feb. 2021
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Are Jay the redneck put on

Are Jay the redneck put on a few pounds under lock down and is working on getting rid of them. heavy bag training I am 212 pounds while making this video. ughhh :(

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Seize the day each and everyday-Are Jay

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5 Minute Boxing Heavy Bag HIIT Workout (BOXING TIP SERIES)

5 Minute Boxing Heavy Bag HIIT Workout (BOXING TIP SERIES)14 Sep. 2019
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In this 5 minute boxing

In this 5 minute boxing heavy bag HIIT workout boxing tip series video I demonstrate an intense 5 minute boxing workout that challenges your cardio to the limit by picking out a few boxing combos and demonstrating them consistently without a break for 5 minutes straight. Hope you enjoy my NEW BOXING TIP SERIES which will be uploaded every Saturday. Also don't forget to LIKE, COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE to the channel!!

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- jab jab cross (10 reps) - superset pushups (10 reps - 1 min).

- hook to the body/head, cross, roll out (8 reps) - superset jumping jacks (10 reps - 1 min).

- jab cross high/low (10 sec) - superset high knees (10 sec - 1 min).

- hooks (10 reps each side) - superset burpees (10 reps - 1 min).

- jab (10 sec) - superset mountain climbers (10 sec - 1 min).

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Da JXJourney

This is solid , definitely trying this on the bag today !! Dope video bro

Ruffle Gaming

Bad thing to do when you did a workout before that


Severely underrated?keep up the great work man




Excellent video! I just put a heavy bag in my garage, so I will be doing this tomorrow for sure! Thanks!


Sry but turn your body more into the punches it looks to crispy. if u wanna workout like a boxer keep your ellbows more to the body. punching like this plus push ups and other exercices will get your joints ruined!


He cute asf! Loved the video ????♥️


Good cardiovascular work ?

Kimi Browne

I was looking for a 5min boxing workout, your demonstration is really easy to follow.. thank you for sharing! :-)

Essie Robinson

?... I mean great video ?... no but in all seriousness I just put a heavy bag in my basement and I am definitely going to use this as inspiration to put in werrrkk??


The song brought me back to college ?