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Program Overview | Kingmaker: 4 Weeks to Fighting Shape w/ Mike Rashid

Program Overview | Kingmaker: 4 Weeks to Fighting Shape w/ Mike Rashid14 May. 2019
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Welcome to Kingmaker! If

Welcome to Kingmaker! If you're ready to be a well-rounded athlete in fighting shape, this hybrid between boxing, powerlifting, and bodybuilding systems of training will be your answer.

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This style of training allowed Mike to step into the professional world of boxing at age 40 and stop his opponent in the first round. You too can build the strength, endurance, and power necessary to dominate your world and overcome challenges inside and outside of the gym.

| Kingmaker: The Program |

Mike designed this as a four-week program, but it's meant to be performed back to back, making for an eight-week commitment overall. Why? You'll know once you're a few days in. The sheer volume packed into each workout is incredible and will have you using some seriously light weights. If you really want to make progress on this program, consider the first time through it as your introduction, and the second time through as the time to try heavier weights.

The program consists of a four-week, five-day split. Here's the schedule:

Day 1: Upper body

Day 2: Lower body

Day 3: Conditioning

Day 4: Upper body

Day 5: Lower body

Day 6: Active recovery

Day 7: Rest

These splits aren't as clean-cut as in a bodybuilding program, though. There are some upper-body days that have full-body moves like deadlifts, and some of the conditioning days are basically full-body lifting workouts in disguise. Also, every day—upper, lower, and conditioning—begins with a jog on the treadmill, and ends with either another jog or a brisk walk. So expect to be tested in unusual ways.

Your active recovery day at the end of the week is meant to focus on restorative cardiovascular training to boost recovery and give your joints a break. Swimming is the ideal choice here, but of course not everyone has access to a pool. If not, then yoga, a hike, or some other light, restorative activity will work—but no lifting!

| Week 4: The Ultimate Test |

On the fourth week, you get to test your maxes—but not in the typical 1RM fashion. Instead, you'll be performing high-rep work with a preset amount of weight. For example, you'll perform 100 reps of squats with a weight equivalent to your body weight, aiming to perform it in as few sets as possible. You'll also test your bench press and overhead press, then perform Mike's iconic "Iron Marathon" protocol on the leg press.

For the first four weeks, you very well might struggle to do the minimum in this program. That's OK—the minimum is the starting point on this journey. It will be brutal, but trust the program and follow it, and you will be ready for it.

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Floyd Mayweather

This trash does play?

syed mohammed Abid



Screw 5 days let’s make it 6 and rest on 7 and back at it ....


Good good good ++++++×××++++++?????????????????????????

sidhu moose wala fan page Karan

Hii guys follow me on Instagram my instagram ? karan mehra 20

Daniel Roy

Going to start this on Monday ??

גיא הלפרין

First and I love your channel

Bism bk

It's just killer workout


This is number one Bullshit.....Khabib


Motivation! Let's get those Gainz 2019!

Mr. M

Amazin ...

Youness Lamifit

Awesome ?

גיא הלפרין

First like and this is my favourite channel

The Family Seed

Dope AF!!!


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Rahul Ghosh

I mostly like abel albonetti and sadik hadzovic.. They are just genuine.. Sign of positive vibes..

Man in Town

Love this dude

Strong Stronger

For us curious and willing to try the program. Anyone tried this program yet, what's your before and after story?


I would like to see a picture of this guy before he started to work out

How I stay in fighting shape it's 60 Day 1

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Fabi z

Shouldn't the hip touch the ground when sprawling? Asking out of curiosity


Unrelated but Id love to see a video on what the Pit does for stretching and flexibility

Joseph S

Thanks! How long is the total workout?

james beihl

The key is cardio and body weight body weight body weight and sparring with some bag work. Great video.


Great Video John. I'm 56 and have been retired for about 5 years now. I was a cop for 30 years in a very high crime area. I have always done some moderate weight training and jogging but wanted to get back into hitting the heavy bag again. I have been back at hitting the bag both heavy and speed for about a month and recently incorporated a 20 pound medicine ball into my daily workout. I confess that training on the bags just makes me feel good. I have subscribed to your channel because you keep things real, simple and BS free. I use a lot of your training tips during my workouts. I have of years of street experience and can honestly say your self defense tips and philosophy are spot on. Thank you very very much. At 60 you are an inspiration to a 56 year old.

Elgin Subwaysurfer Bolling

I'm 58 and I'm dead just watching you. For now I'm just doing bag work and the exercise bike I gotta work up to what you're doing.

Prison Cardio Exercises, Getting In Fighting Shape & Ready For Battle

Prison Cardio Exercises, Getting In Fighting Shape & Ready For Battle7 Aug. 2018
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There are no WEIGHTS in

There are no WEIGHTS in this prison system! Maybe the prisons in your state or the ones you observed on television have weights, but this one does not. Maybe the prison that your sister's friend went to had weights, this one does not. You might think that steroids flood this prison system, they do not. I spent a few calendars on the mainline of this prison system so I am speaking from experience.

These cats get swole without weights because they were taken out of this prison system in the late 90's. The food provided by the state is high in fat and low in protein so when you consider they have no weights, and their diet is lacking in the proper body building nutrients their physical condition is remarkable. These cats would put most licensed physical trainers to shame in their knowledge of working out and building solid muscle.

All they got to work with is water bags (seen in the first three pictures in the video and they can weigh about 50 pounds), calisthenics, burpees, push-ups, pull-ups, dips, and other bar work. For a leg workout a homie will sit on their shoulders so they can do lunges or squats.

This video should serve as motivation to you to get yourself in top physical shape because you don't need an expensive gym membership or even weights. Start with push-ups and other exercises that use your body weight. Fill two milk jugs with water and you now have some makeshift dumbbells. If there's a will, there's a way if you are able bodied, so stop making excuses and get at it. Put the pies, cakes, twinkies, and soda down and start eating healthy and building muscle.

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Counter Kidnapping

Footwork bruh. Work on that

Daniel Saenz


GB Gangster


apoc m

Man this reminds me of my time in the pen, working out is a lifestyle

marley jackson

You should try the gyms out here bro they are pretty decent, not too expensive either lol

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Rule #1 never stick your head/neck out when you fight keep it tucked. My buddy was in prison told me that

Everybody's Dad!

No hands?

All In

It's funny when niccas get out all that goes away overtime


After the workout, its shower time with the guys!!! Dropping the soap and hiding the salami.


Gettin That Chest To Look Like Butt Cheekz? #KeepITG

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These niggas got all day to get in shape...niggas with responsibilities have to make time. I wanna get in this type of shape but I definitely don’t envy these niggas

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Deez niggas gunna knock out sum scraps the fuck out?????

luey sober pants


Hector Garcia



1:35 worlds smallest feet

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The songs??


Good video

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Getting that money ?

riya a


chris hill


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Yall got phones... Use YouTube to learn proper boxing technique at least... Geez


Don't be fooled....not so easy.....bags don't fight back.....bag not a gang plottin to kill ya ass!! This just practice

Nicky Bobby

That's cool and all. But hope you're doing legs too. Can't fight without a good base.

Holy Spirit

Sometimes i workout and i imagine im in prison

It feels nice to imagine and feel like youre on point while keeping freedom

But then these people are actually in their no choice


#OneLove ?

My Girl is getting rammed by RAMY

You have speed in your hands bro but just make sure that you work on your footwork

J Daye

I used to make a punching bag out my matt

Joseph Moorer

I'll admit their routines is special and useful

Fat2fit Quan

What the name of the song


Aye bro can u give me a hiit cardio workout I can do at home

Catalin Cristian

First nigga who hits the bag,, so weak... So skinny. I would first hearth check him and use my size to make him my bitch:)))

Javier Segura

Lmaol I'm the only one that is amazed he got a fucking phone in prison


Impressively Hung at 0.32


Those walls could use some pinups.

James Dube

Tired just from watching these dudes... respect. Calisthenics will get you in great shape. Most people don't understand that, took me a long time to understand their benefits

The Build x Grow Show

Give thanks

Yoyo Momma

I would still woop his ass.

Mafioso Salvatrucho

Like ma mans said put da twinkies amd cake down all dat shit my homies in da feds u know ms13 shit centro americanos C.A.31

Bad Andy

Im truly inspired..havent gone to prison yet..but this is truly inspiring.

Mafioso Salvatrucho

Respect for who ever inmate did dis video i gained 100pounds since i came home smh i remember doing all deez but no fucking excuses .usp hazelton i was in

EMoney Howard

I'll beat yo azz nigga simple

Abdul Hadi

How do they get their video out tho.


1:40 are those mountain climbers?

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Who else thinks people that have over 10 years sentences should have the option of joining the military.


Lol you gotta be precise or you gonna hit that damn wall

y u do dat?

Hahaha i remember making curtains from bed sheats string milk cartons and soap. Arts and crafts prison addition

Brian Lopez

After seein this, doesnt seem like there is shit to worry about if i get locked up

Dominique Gonzalez

When he started jumping it looked like those Buff ass scary pit bulls on the block that's behind the smallest fence ?.. this is motivation?????,,, keep hustling playaz✌

Marvin Murdock

Gets release from prison and start drinking Hennessy and smoking crack

Zak ?

Good form does better than a lot of reps with push ups

God's name is YHWH Study JESUS

Yea ready for battle......

Spending life In jail.

Leo Tofilau

"Now" that's weaponry routine... salute.????️