John mayer get hard

Get Hard - "John Mayer Song" Funny Scene / Clip HD - 2015 Will Ferrell Kevin Hart Comedy Movie

Get Hard - "John Mayer Song" Funny Scene / Clip HD - 2015 Will Ferrell Kevin Hart Comedy Movie13 Jul. 2015
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Comments (26)
Anthony P

anyone else notice that John Mayer is on the other side of the TV

Michael McGuire

Is there a full version?


Whys this so catchy ?????

curiosidades do mundo

Nice song

Leonardo DiCaprio



Why is the clip a mirror image?



Felix Gutierrez

0:54 song starts


How can I get this song

John Coctoston

Why do all of u know what hand Mayer is? He's such a douche


I wish there was a studio version of this, haha




Choking on a mouthful of balls hahahahahahah

Jordan Sweet

Why is John Mayer left handed??


John Mayer playing left-handed. I can always wish.



Sebastian Mack

What Chords is he playing?

Daniel Neufeld

For those who want the tabs




Bluesy Ace

where da tabs at thooooooooo????????




Does anybody know what brand of guitar he is playing ?

Rayo Charlie

fu hahuckk youu..

Seth Holtz

Gotta admit, I'd love to hear this song on his new record. Different lyrics, obviously

Indy Jackson


tony cookjohnson


'Why Georgia' by John Mayer is HARD.

'Why Georgia' by John Mayer is HARD.23 Jul. 2019
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Comments (100)

i feel bad for guitarists with small hands

Stuart W

I hope you have a man that makes you happy every day! You are so awesome

Wigunlubo Newmai

Curently learning still feel like your man, it's so hard??(I'm a beginner)


The fact that John Mayer plays the Cmaj9 chord with his thumb wrapped over on the A string, as opposed to his middle finger gives the song another layer of difficulty.


thank you @Maryspender for giving me hope

Alex Cognata

Hi Mary, I believe that the tricky part on the change to C is a double finger pull off on strings 3 and 4 with fingers 4 (G Note on Fret 5) and 3 (B note on fret 4) hammering off to finger 1 barring at fret 2 (Notes E and A) , you don't need to finger the 9th (D note) on the 2nd string with your 4th finger so it's smooth and doesn't require your pinky to jump from the D note on the 2nd string. What you and Paul were doing also sounded close though and I may not be perfectly right but it gets closer to John's sound I think. Also there's a "pre" single finger (3rd string A to B notes fingers 1 to 3) hammer that anticipates (the + of beat 4) the down beat where the C (5th string) falls. I should post it sometime. Also I think the G chord fingered with the 2nd finger on the 6th string G root the way you're doing it is easier than the thumb over neck grab like Paul was doing it honestly, but what ever works. I noticed on several of your songs you're very proficient with the thumb on the base notes. I do it sometimes like on the D chord with the F# in the base. I'll see if I can send it to you to check out.

Milton joaquin Marquez

You all forget a very important detail makes easier for john play that kind of chords and that is He have two big hands to deal with that comparing the average people hands, and believe it or not that a big diferense on guitar's playing

Maz Terbate

I use my ring finger for that.
U dont really need to use your pinky to sound right

Christopher Leon

This is a fantastic video because this was exactly my journey trying to learn how to play this song, and the struggles in that very same part. I still don’t feel that I’ve perfected it.

Raymond Kyruana

This is so cool to see the process I thought I was the only one who did this lol

James Peters

Well it makes me feel better to see you struggle also...


I’m 36 and I’ve been playing since I was 12 or 13, and I never picked up the habit of using my thumb to play chords. I’ve got thick meaty hands with palms that are a glove size large, with medium length fingers, so it would probably make my life easier if I did—but I still can’t bring myself to do it.

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of monster hands enjoy playing those old school necks that feel like baseball bats, those are the necks that feel best in these mitts—but I’m still so proper with the way I play my chords, that it takes a concerted effort to use my thumb when I should, because Hendrix or SRV used to do it that way.

Knowing that John Mayer is an SRV disciple it kinda seems obvious that he would throw that into his playing all over the place.

Niki Pangman

The words coming across the screen are blocking the guitar.

Capt Craig

dude, congrats but that pinky thing is feaky

Captain Gill

This encourages me. To be honest cause thanks.

Perpetually annoyed

Not at hard as neon ?

Roderick Balt

When I cover John I will follow John's playing and feel as much as I can but I don't stretch myself to learn things that are very easy for him but very difficult for me.


I think that John Mayer went to Berkley so that would have meant that he leant the guitar by learning from people like Bill Leavitt and therefore most probably built his skills though a lot of hard work with etudes/theory etc.. Trying to learn it simply from tab would seem to me to be very hard indeed. You need to do the legwork first.


Thank you for sharing this! I feel much less alone in my struggles!

Default Channel

Wny would this video be demonitized?

Jeff Merritt

Love this. My sister is learning guitar. Cant think of a better place to share with her.

Stephen Colpitts

Seems like there can be no great redemption that isn’t born from great frustration. Great job

Danny Smith

Hey Mary,
When it goes to the C why don’t you try a hammer on and pull off on the G and D string and then play the G string open instead of stretching, that way once that part is played your in ideal position for the G chord.... try it.... it’s a winner ?
(Sorry I’m late to the party ?)
Cheers Danny x


I am convinced this is female me from a pararell universe... that is exactly me. Have been trying to play this song for 2 years now and thats how I play the interlude riff too lol.

Iqbal Helsen

You should sing more. Your guitar is so damn good already.


Wonderful that you were able to get Paul Davids to help you with a guitar part. I love his channel.

nick mcconnochie

Doesn’t matter about song choice your voice is amazing. Great picking.

Psionic Audio

Mary, I'm late to the party, but first, kudos for posting your struggles. Second, Paul and John are both like 6'4 with giant hands. Have you tried capoing up 3-4 frets, at least while you work out the mechanics before adding the stretching needed at the lower frets?

Greenfly 12

Ahhh. Mary that was ace x

Matthew Jones

Yeah John Mayer is an awesome guitarist and song writer with some tricky cord structures . But I’m sure Mary will get there in the end and nail this song.

Joshua Boerger

try neon

Alaskan Outlaw

OMG I just had to stop the video to LOL about that "chewsday" shirt hah! Thanks for having such a good humor. I was literally reading it when you said it and scared my cats when I burst into laughing as I made the connection :D

Julia Colucci

So thankful for this video because I have been struggling with Why Georgia for soooo long and now I at least know WHAT I have to do lol I'm now practicing to know HOW to do it

Cam Sutton

That's a lovely sounding guitar.

Carla Cowling

I feel like an exact copy of the delivery of his song is less effective than a heartfelt interpretation of your own. No?

Colin Benjamin

John Mayer's biggest playing secret: He is a massive human, and his hand can stretch down the entire neck.

Stomp City

As a guitarist...b3cause of you! As a guitarist and artist, I can so relate to your real, genuine story and conniptions, so wonderfully and graciously shared by you. Thank you and continued success fellow guitarist/ artist.


Almost got it!

Kevin Mbuyamba

Been playing for 4 months and I'm trying to learn Stairway to heaven but it sounds like hell!
This motivated me to keep at it though. Hope you've made more progress :)

tanner pape

Great job, Mary. :)

Jim Ajello

What I Love is your honesty. You give great insight to developing the ability to achieve an interpretation of an arrangement. I think all musicians struggle at times to play someone's version & then reinterpret to our own style. Thank for sharing this process. It sounded great as you arrived at a version that worked for you.?

Gary Crouse

you give me hope !!!!!!


I REALLY enjoyed watching you try to play this song. You really demonstrate the struggle and the accomplishment perfectly well. Made me smile. You're awesome Mary


It sounds easy and relaxed but it's impossible to play it..

Doc Tiberius

Just looking back , it's frustrating and interestingly funny but not all at the same time.

It's good to have a rest from songs that seem impossible chords and timing s

Gary Stockton

That's awesome Mary. I obsessed over a song by Fionn Regan called "Abacus" in the same way until I mastered it. Some songs just get under your skin like that.

William Lewis

practice makes perfect. learn instead please Chega de Saudade by Antonio Carlos Jobim you'll be happier and me too cheers

Mary Spender

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Scott Bailey

Fantastic Progress @Mary it is a really hard Song to learn!! #AussieFAN


Love Pauls channel. Such a great bloke. Glad you got there in the end. I'm trying to learn some Strokes songs at the mo. They sounded pretty simple but not quite so easy when you try them.

Niáll J. Padden

Lov'n the journey with you. These are all "W's" - When we learn from our own mistakes... or someone else's,then it's not a Loss for either? Don't quit.

Rashid Ali

God your so posh

Karl Torento

7:30 for her attempt at the song after practicing


You did choose one of the best help, Paul Davids.
Furhermore... did you played Neon?


It's not even hard lmao

Miles Burton

Huh. I didn't expect this to be so encouraging to hear what challenges professionals. I always thought I was just too lazy to ever be on top of so many great pieces. Ok, maybe I am but I'm in good company with the challange! Thanks Mary!

Matt Haggard

That’s what she said.?

Brandon Ferguson

Stop this train. The slap finger flick thing driving me nuts

akash chauhan

I'm don't want to brag about this but I used to play the song when I was 13 lol although it took me a month to master it fully... ahhh now I don't play guitar that often ?

Craig Browning

John Mayer "Why Georgia" live Fair view of left hand on guitar party obscured by Mike Stand he's obviously using thumb on low strings.

This would gives me Trigger Thumb, so I would substitute something else (let the Bass Player cover the Low notes).


Adrian Shegstad

Is it possible that this could work in a different tuning?

Marty Mcfly

No Mary. Why Georgia is not Hard. Neon is hard for play.

Almat Sailaukhan

big love... musta spent half a year on it and now i can play it... at 60% speed. baby steps, i guess

James Braden

Meanwhile I’m eyeing the sea foam prs in the rack.

Thomas Hamm

The secret to playing this song properly? Is driving around on 85 all afternoon. That's why I can't play it, I spend my time on 485 instead

Maz Terbate

Watch someone play it first.

Stomp City

As a guitarist...b3cause of you! As a guitarist and artist, I can so relate to your real, genuine story and conniptions, so wonderfully and graciously shared by you. Thank you and continued success fellow guitarist/ artist.

Brian Tyhy

Thanks for posting. I have played finger style guitar for 40 years and could never master playing guitar by anchoring my baby finger to the body of the guitar. Free the movement of your right hand by not anchoring your baby finger. Love your english accent. cheers from the yukon


What I would give to own that Martin in your hands...

Marc-André Yelle

Good job on that, this is amazing. Playing with difficult song is ONE thing, playing like that WHILE singing is even HARDER. This is why I limit myself with chords most of the time :( , I'm not patient enough to practice all that maybe one day ;)

John Shaw

Sorry but it's sooo refreshing to see that someone as accomplished as you struggle with a song just like us mere mortals do. Thanks for sharing.

Marc Rod

You have an excellent teacher!


“He’s ergonomic with his playing” not with for those of us with normal thumbs

Perpetually annoyed

Nothing john does is easy?

Jordan Cohen

Thanks for sharing this bit of humility. I'm a total amateur compared to you, but at least we make the same frustrated face while learning a new song :)

Jeffrey Perez

thanks for the video, make me feel mortal when practicing. nice to not just see the final product. Cheers

Colin Benjamin

1:35 - painfully accurate ???


Your voice (talking and singing) is amazing. So nice not to hear FRY TONES! Love the videos. That Martin though...is that an OM-28? Modern Deluxe possibly? Great choice. :D I've been eyeballing a 000-28E Modern Deluxe. Good luck with that song! Looks super challenging.

Nice to see you pretty much get it at the end. Cute seeing how excited you were!

Joe Debono

A hairband with some kitty ears and a meow and a swipe at the end of this song will help me with my frustration definitely help me play harder cheers Joe from Australia keep up the good work

PrmFirestorm 086

My challenge is Tommy Emmanuels version of Freight Train. It is so different than anything that I have played before that it makes me feel the same way. The right hand is killing me.

Antony King

Just create your on version of the song... When you work to learn a song that is difficult, it is a tribute to the artist when you create a version so that you can keep the song alive,,,


7:20 Paul says "Ooh, yeah, 'mooi' "- and the Dutch word "mooi" means pretty or beautiful.

Greg Cusumano

As a newer guitar player, I want to thank you for making this video.

Owen Foster

Aww I was looking forward to hearing you sing the falsetto! Also v jealous of that gorgeous martin.

brandon yip

Great job! Thanks for your vulnerability here. You could capo it up a bit which serve two helpful functions. One, make the stretch to the C with your pinky easier. Two, put it in a better range for your voice. Although your low range is really nice too. Cheers!

Lucien Robidoux

Well, the wise thing to do was asking Paul D. He is the John Mayer expert. Love Paul...thanks for sharing, great video.

shane bond

Before I start to practice this song ,, imma gonna quit... Hahaha

Michael Raymond

You are wonderful. Paul is wonderful. It made me very happy to see two people I admire so much working together. Rest assured that your humility in the face of obstacles is helping many other musicians keep going and plenty of people are developing their sound by failing to imitate you. Thanks for sharing this and all of your other content.

Gregory Price

I'm very much a beginner guitarist (less than 1 year into learning to play) and my teacher has been wanting me to take a crack at Why Georgia. After barely learning that opening lick (the "easy part" as you put it) about a month ago, the rest just felt so daunting and I just put it down and never came back. The whole section about frustration, and wanting to sit down and trying to do something but there's that one part... man that hit home.

Your video and shared frustration (as a much more experienced guitarist) made me sit down with some optimism, knowing that maybe I wouldn't get there right now - but that whatever I get out of it is worth the effort. I started working through it bit by bit and start working out my pinky and hammer ons. I still don't quite feel the beat yet, and the transition between chords is basically non-existent at the moment, but I have to tell you that really helped me here by giving me some motivation. Had a bit of a moment here tonight, so thank you for that. Hope you are well.

Murray Schultz

I wish I could play 10% as good as u with one hand tied behind your back.

Chris D

Anything from iron maiden


I was very happy to see that you nailed it in the end. Congrats on your win ! It is a good feeling when you finally get right, even for somebody watching, (I felt like I was cheering you on). This song may have to wait a little longer before I add it to my wish list.

Tjapko Smits

Who? Robert Johnson? Just Kidding JM is my biggest hero and indeed it took me some time to play his songs where his right hand technique was somewhat challenging. The secret is in the index finger downstroke hit and not so much the finger picking. I learned this trick watching zartimus's tutorial years back. It might be handy to get a thumb extraction if you are short thumbed. JOhn has a couple of songs using this technique. And Mary - I can even watch this video without sound.

Stomp City

Brilliant... it gives me hope, I trouble with Thirteen by Big Star ⭐️ but I’ve got it worried now!


I mean, when you play piano, not guitar, the conversation about strings and pinkies makes no sense. At all. It seems to become detached completely from the music and to only focus on the fingering (yes, I know, that is a theme for pianists too).
Somebody said that you cannot sing Van Beethoven's music (as if it is not musically melodic) and my answer was, indeed >you< cannot, because >we< need a choir for the different melodic and thematic lines that he weaves into the fabric of his music.
So, instead of kinesthetically trying to copy Mayer's piece, is there a way that somebody with a degree in music might better apply? Like trying to first mentally agree on the melodic and thematic notes, different lines in that, then add embellishments and finally rhythmic support notes?
Rule #1 in Western scientific methodology: problem decomposition (split a big difficult problem into smaller ones that you can solve)

Jeff Merritt

Hey gorgeous love you for tryin. I went down the same road. I got the licks but to sing it and play is not possible as that boy is of another universe. .. ... he a special boy. Let him be a Modern Day Mozart...trade mark my shit fuck off


I love the learning process and watching how others learn so I can learn as well !

Richard Turbine

I confess that I had never heard of John Mayer, purely my ignorance, but have now checked him out and his rhythm playing is certainly impressive. Women seem to like him too. 

Although Mary's hands are not large, she has a relatively long pinkie, much longer than mine in relative terms, and fairly good sidewise stretch. Many of us start playing the guitar with no sideways pinkie movement at all, and rather little ring finger, simply because it is not needed in most other activities, it needs to be developed, supposing that you are not one of the lucky few that can do it naturally. You can hurt yourself thumbing over the neck - it is very easy to stretch the ligaments around the top joint of the thumb and, if you do (I did once), it can take a year to recover. There is close to nothing that cannot be played without it.

Amy Skinner

I’ve been playing this song incorrectly for about 15 years. You inspired me to learn it properly. Thank you!

TIP for people with tiny hands like mine: use a capo to nail the riff further up the fret board (I put it on capo 4). Once you nail it there, move the capo lower and lower til you can play it without one ??

Will Ferrel y John Mayer

Will Ferrel y John Mayer24 Jun. 2015
435 703
tisocsin lSubscribe 438 721

solo de guitarra will

solo de guitarra will ferrel con john mayer

Will Ferrell guitar solo with John Mayer

Comments (94)
MaThIzI _

what is this music?

Jarrott Hogg

Ever seen a 100 women get wet at the same time

Gustavo Alaniz

What kind of solo is that? I want to learn how to play like that

Andrea Maria Szenti

Well, I must be one of the few that never got wet. Honestly, I've never liked this song.
There are so much better Mayer songs than this. Not to mention his guitar playing - that is something totally different! :)


Chicks or dudes. I’ll fuck anything???

Colin McLaughlin

WARNING: shameless self promotion https://open.spotify.com/album/1e1qSgsJ9iGUhjfyAhPJdU

Daniel Buckley

just noticed that Will plays left handed haha

Luis Andres Farfán

Soy el comentario en español que estas buscando?

Young Dagger

What is the Music

Josh Pirog

My two favorite people lmao i love this

Alex Anders

I kinda like this version of daughers


I wish they would have let Will finish his solo HE WAS KILLER!!!! he should do his remake of that song exstended solo version, if he made an album I would name it ( WILL FERRELS GREATEST RIFFS) I would support it. Just something to think about, one of my favorite comedian's!!! GOD BLESS!!!

Kyle Gurney

I wish this song was longer! its so sick


Hey ! What's this movie ? :)

Stetson Sweowat

his dumb faces like that kinda annoys me but random sometimes


The fact that the electric guitar wasn't plugged in totally ruined the whole scene.

Jake Judy

What? they skipped past verse 1


that probably is will ferral playing lol he is a man of many talents

Kevin giovany

Que película es ?

Pawel Zabicki

The last one have Dylan and American Pie vibe.

Chris Ohio

I got alittle wet and I’m not even a female

Thomas Christopher White

HE even did the Mayer faces.

Eli J. Doummar

what's the name of this movie ?

_Les6 0Paul_

Lmao 1:29 the John Mayer f*ck you look

Emanuel Rosario

Does anyone have the tabs for what Will Ferrel is playing on the electric guitar?




B minor pentatonic scale if yall is wondering

Christian Acosta

eeeeepico picantovich +rep


1:09 Guitar face

michael arnold

What is the tone?


John lay back I'm gonna take a few bars ... Pure gold

Liam Murphy Music

What movie is this?

Justin Fields


Adr Brn

He is only 50 years old, he seems older than stallone


Fucking lol

Buster Scruggs

Fucking FBI !! I wanted to learn to the whole song !!

Mateus Schein

I always thought that Chad Smith was a drummer, not a guitarist. Seems all this time I've been wrong!

Raheem Silva

John Mayer is the man.

Adam G


Dude that is hilarious


Omg John is surprisingly a good actor

Julien Herrero

when you figure out Will Ferrell has a better tone than you

daniel jr



what's the song called

Jeremiah Fernandez

What the fuck even as a joke John Mayer can write excellently

Zachary Sylvester

That was one high quality solo. His facial expressions when playing that were funnier than the rest of the cheap slap stick comedy in this film.

Kimberly Bocanegra

I love John ughhh

Facundo Pereiro

Alguien me explica que es esto? Una publicidad o que?

austin baker

That is a dope guitar solo that James King does

Blahammad Ali

The way John looks at him at 1:28 ?


this is a film or an america spot? pls

sr spice


Anjiang Balai

What genre will ferrel guitar played , the song daughters?


Still one of favorite cameos in a movie ??

Chicken Valley

What are eill ferrels tabs dude?! It's so good I want to play it too

Christian Acosta

eeeeepico picantovich +rep

Andre Ecija

I love John Mayer in the Movie Get Hard

Gerad Hopkins

Will Ferrell play guitar solo awesome

Johannes Jørgensen

What movie is this from?

Wil Harlow

whats the tittle will was playing? plssss

tim ayodeji

1:30 john mayer looks sooooo pissed.

Antonio Padia

I freaking love John Mayer

Chin chilla

This E-Guitar Opening 0:46....

Mora Lvin

didnt knew Chad Smith could play guitar...


ni siquiera las mujeres
o los hombres..
cojo lo que sea!!!

Abenezer Manaye

My only favorite moments from the movie...Specially Will Ferrell's solo....Awesome... :D

Ukko Mannermaa

"Ever seen a hundred women get wet a the same time? Watch this."

Morgan Simpson

I hate to admit but it's a good song

Lautaro Muñoz

Que película es?

Usaza Boonyakanjanapon

I hope to see John Mayer cameos in other movies. He did a good job here.


from what movie is that???

phil hughes

never even seen this movie, or listened to john mayer but just came across this scene years ago and thought the acoustic chords sounded nice so i "borrowed" them xD


That Martin D45 is sexy!

Marina Thomas

If anyone finds a full version of this song please share

Lucas Brands

gosh, i wanna the fucking whole solo

Justin Fields

Who is the actress who plays the older woman in the sequin blue dress with the mimosa at 0:50? The one who's husband is blocked by Will Ferrell?

René Blanco

A movie with alison brie and john mayer? Count me in


Ayyy John ??

Al Da Demon

wats the name of this song

Bayou Texan

playing the guitar, with a voice like that , will have you swimming in puss, even if you don't have a big D .

De Nacht Conducteur

Will holding that guitar the other way around xD... Which movie is this?

Jake Judy

There missing dale on the drums :(


"Or dudes" hahaha John's face when he says that. priceless

Nayops 20

Fathers be good to your daughters
Daughters will love like you do
Girls become lovers who turn into mothers
So mothers be good to your daughters too??


Will is the man!!!

Angie V


Long Switer

1:27 lol that "?"face

Gitaarlessen Amersfoort

what kind of strat is that?

engrade 90

i fuck anything ????? weirdo ?

Antonio Fretes

I hate to admit it, but that's a good song ha-ha hilarious

Samuel William Novak

I have the same guitar strap John uses. I wonder why I'm not as good?

RDW Music

jajajajajajaja xD

2high2gaf G

My man Will Treated his goofy ass

Henderson montero mercedes

what is the name of the first song???


I want a full version with the electric guitar!