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Ladder workout! - Legs, core and conditioning!

Ladder workout! - Legs, core and conditioning!9 Oct. 2020
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Set a timer for 12 minutes

Set a timer for 12 minutes and complete 5 reps of each exercise, then 8, then 10, then 12, then 15....

This workout is going to get your muscles burning and heart rate up!

Legs, core, conditioning!

Ladder Of Awesomeness!

Complete 5 reps the first set, then 8, 10, 12, 15.... up as high as you can in the designated time.

10 mins per group

Group 1

Sumo squat


Narrow Squat

Russian twist

Mountain climber (double the reps)

Group 2

Sumo deadlift

Plank reach

SL hop

Side Plank hip raise

High knee (double the reps)

Group 3


Scissor kick

Glute Bridge

Side knee tuck

Tuck jump

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Thursday, December 31 - Virtual Workout

Thursday, December 31 - Virtual Workout31 Dec. 2020

Count Down to the New

Count Down to the New Year

5 rounds of

10 High knees/leg

9 Squats

8 Mountain Climbers/side

7 Crunches

6 Lunges/leg

5 Tricep dips

4 Push ups

3 Burpess

2 Walkouts

1 Max Plank or Wall Sit

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Bootcamp With Suzanne

Bootcamp With Suzanne11 Dec. 2020
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Join us for a 30-minute

Join us for a 30-minute Bootcamp workout with Suzanne in the comfort of your home! #alteaactiveathome #livealteaactive

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Great upper body workout! Thanks