Gaining strength while cutting

5 Effective Tips To Maintain/Build Strength While Cutting

5 Effective Tips To Maintain/Build Strength While Cutting16 Jul. 2019
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Comments (18)
Warrior for Christ ATL

Top dawg in da house????????

B Thomp

I’m back 1st

Neale Smith

Great info!

Osoro Moenga

I've been cutting my lower belly fat for a year now, every time I try I get stuck, maybe it's the depression thing but my strength is going up my weight is not so is my waist circumference, yeah let's hope now

Brendan Tietz

Puppy got shredded, no wonder he was getting stalked on 6th street lmao

B Thomp

Definitely need this video


Damn solid transformation

David Keller

Great way of using RPE X as a way of controlling fatigue management. Also, the carefully adjusting of volume. Based on this, I’ve been overtraining for too many of the weeks , while in the calorie deficit. This explains my hap hazard progress. Thanks so much ?

Matias Strength Coach

Ate 2500 calories while watching this video. No joke

Yani BigRice

Hi Swolefessor! Great video here!
I would have a question thou. When you are talking about cardio, do you consider that it should exist in any periof (surplus,maintain, deficit phases) or just when you want to loss weight? In these terms what exercises do you consider the most effective for cardio and what programs (you were talking about HIIT-it shall be considered 'the one and the only'?).

Varun Malhotra

Had a very successful cut with Swole as my coach. Keep up the good content

Marcus Wong

This cut is going well so far. Cant wait to turn it up a notch?

That Guy

been out of the loop for a minute. are you still representing pump chasers?

Stan Albert

Great insight as always really needed this video since I’m trying to cut down some body fat. 2 questions:
1. For the diet breaks do you bump your calories back up to like maintenance for a time period or just add calories while still being in a deficit (2400 + 100-200)?

2. Do diet breaks apply no matter how much the deficit is? For example in my case I’m doing a slight deficit (200-300 below maintenance) since I’m still trying to get stronger with the goal of shredding some body fat. Or does it not apply to slight deficits because slight deficits is seen more as body recomp territory?


Diet breaks..... okay now i feel better about doing long cuts.

Hebrew Israelite

Just like always profound useful knowledgeable information! Validation, maintaining my power while in the process were Im at at this time. Thanks a million!

mj williams

Knowledge plus a clean fade! ???

3DMJ Strategies for Gaining Strength WHILE cutting - Diet/Nutrition Periodization

3DMJ Strategies for Gaining Strength WHILE cutting - Diet/Nutrition Periodization28 Aug. 2015
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In this video coach Brad

In this video coach Brad Loomis reveals his strategy for periodizing or "cycling" is nutrition using intermittent restriction. Consistent execution of this nutritional strategy was used during his efforts of gaining of 25lbs on his total and dropping 5lbs bodyweight, and there for fat, for his USAPL debut.

Study Citations:

2011 International Association for the Study of Obesity 12, e593–e601

2013 British Journal of Nutrition – Accepted 13 February 2013 - Harvie et all, effects ofcontinuous vs intermittent carb and energy restriction.

website - www.3dmusclejourney.com

supplements - www.ast-ss.com

apparel - www.society6.com

items and apparel - www.barbell1.com

Comments (28)
Owen Lockwood

Brad, how do you structure your weightlifting days around this type of cutting regimen? Do you lift on the maintenance days and rest on the low intake days? Or do you lift on low intake days as well?

Ben Kalman

In regard to weigh ins, how do you deal with fluctations in morning weigh in times messing up your data? I usually sleep in later on the weekends than during the work week and my weekend weights are consistently 1-2 lbs lower than the week days, even with higher caloric intake due to refeeding scheduling. Awesome series!

Man Selber

Thank you for this great video, Brad!
I personally made the same experience. I trained 5 days a week and took 2 days off. On my training days I choosed a surplus of 100kcal. And on rest days I choosed a deficit of 500kcal. That was a total weekly deficit of 500kcal. With this periodized caloric intake I maintained my body weight, but reduced my body fat percentage (of course very slowly). My feeling is that I retained nearly all my muscle (or even gained some) while cutting ???

Owen Lockwood

Great stuff Brad, thank you for sharing!

victor aguilar

Really needed this thank you !


Hey coach brad, how could I know how much grams of carbs, protein and fat I need per day.

David Whitney Training & Nutrition

Do the diet days work synergistically by being back to back? it would be a lot easier for me to separate them. is there any research on that? if it's the total weeks calories we're concerned with I wouldn't think it would matter.

Matt F

Interesting video. Would you recommend cycling for 'lean' bulking as well? I'm struggling to make consistent weight & strength gains due to a fairly active lifestyle in the military.


Excellent video.

Diego Gonzales

what's your opinion of recomping? Recently I have been using a strategy where I basically have my weekly calories equal out to maintenance but, I would be in a 500 calorie deficit 5 days of the week and every 4th day I would increase my calories by 1500-1700 in just carbs keeping fat low. Those 2 refeed days a week would be on training days and I would try to eat the majority of my carbs toward at end of the night throughout the week to keep up performance in the gym. Thoughts?

Harry Morris

Thanks Brad this is great!

Gain Forth

Great video :D Really enjoyed it, FYI 17500/7 = 2500cals


Saw this befeore here & thoufgt "This might work really good..." right know after you have approached that we know it works. :) I think it's worth to add that if your life activity is really dynamic and your training approach differs month to month it might be not so easy to follow. So life behavior & contecst is very important- like always. :)

And one question Brad, you said you don't wanna throw numbers, but can you onli give as an idea what does "low-day" means for you, what's the difference between low & normal? 400kcal? (Good to info to avoid "waky 1000kcal a day- low days in some cases) LOL

Jenson Abraham

Great insight Brad. Thanks for the info.

SciFit Athletics

62g fat=558cal + 258g carbs=1032cal 240g protein=960cal...558+1032+960=2550cal. How come you said 2250cal?

Bobby Paulshock

On these low days did you play around with protein intake, or was that consistent throughout?


Brad explaining weekly high-low days
me: nodding
Brad explaining monthly diet periodization
me: O_o* Daheq?


I really like your systematic approach! I've done a pretty similar thing tracking calories for 3 months to figure out what my maintenance was before I began my last cut. I'm pretty curious about the rest of the series! Keep it coming!

KhkMister Raptor

awesome diet program!

something that actually makes more sense!
something i will dig into after this competion im doing!

Leonardo Ilog

240 grams of protein? Why so high?

Bryan Peterson Fitness

Thanks for spreading the knowledge Brad!

Valentino Peluso

great video coach!!

Giancarlo Guizado

great vid coach, will def try this on my up coming cut int he upcoming months.

Marco Ibañez

aweseom Brad! great strategy, I will give it a try!

Juan Lara

Great information coach...stay at maitnance almost the whole week with a couple of low days, and then repeat the follwoing week thus your creating a slight defecit weekly as opposed to staying in a defecit the whole week..Very interesting,,then you would loose about a half pound to a pound a month,,this diet periodization would likely yeild muscle gains and stregnth and you would also loose fat at the same time I like it thanks for sharing this amazing info..!


Thanks Brad, it's really clear. I'm going to try this.

Chris Highcock

Thanks for this


Hey brad, you know when you read something and somehow you just get that it works, apriori? thas how i feel right now. Awesome stuff. My question now,

would you also recommend this to someone who's only goal is to get leaner (bb's) with the same amount of muscle mass, opposed to the traditional stuff?


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Welcome back to a Year in

Welcome back to a Year in Bodybuilding! In this episode, I show a dope workout edit of one of my recent push days, and then voiceover a bunch of leg workout content from the past week. Been making a lot of progress even though I'm about halfway through my minicut phase, and very excited to be squatting again! Enjoy the video :)


Workout edit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nm1qH3vyKC4



Where else you can find me:

INSTAGRAM: @maxstrazny http://instagram.com/maxstrazny

SNAPCHAT: maxstrazny1


Email: [email protected]

Comments (29)
Anshul Dabholkar

@7:04 team FULL ROM

Jave Nuens

Bro why you doing squats and smith machine squats on the same wo?

Ian Bautista

What headphones are you using?


Out of curiosity why do u wear a belt while benching just started the vid lol

Bruna Palomaro

yess! love your videos❤️


lets get strong MAX! looking forward for the next episodes. lets GO!

Zakaria Ahmed

longer vids !!!!

robert schaefer

Muscles to the MAX!

Shannon Woods

Nice! ???

zach cannuli

My man really just dropping the word “efficacious” like it’s nothing

Lol nice progress ??

André Monteiro

Do you get copyright from the music? Nice cavs btw

Victoria sollien moe

Banger video once again ?? and your physique is amazing ??

S Parkitny

Calf veins highlight solid gains. Good work

Nikhil Hegde

Shit, you're starting to lean down and look big!

Joel Adoptante




Max Turner

Keep up the great work loving this series


What squat shoes are those ?

Frog James

bro went from ill bring her home by 8
to bring her home by 8

Felix Groß

Good luck with the coffee shop girl

John Wallace

What you weighing in at lately?

Arno Claude

4:56 guyinthebackground.exe stopped working

Anders -

T-levels rising

Innovatixn 99

Incline BB has always been my weakest lift :/

John Schultz

why the mask while Training?

Cam Wallis

That squat ROM ?


need that hypertrophy program brotha!!!!!

Jack Pasquale


Parker Rish