How much does captain america weigh

How Does Captain America's Shield Work?

How Does Captain America's Shield Work?11 Apr. 2014
189 909

Ben Bowlin and guest

Ben Bowlin and guest Christian Sager take a look at the fictional history of Captain America's indestructible shield and try to figure out how it might have been forged and how aerodynamic it could be.

Whether the topic is popcorn or particle physics, you can count on the HowStuffWorks team to explore - and explain - the everyday science in the world around us on BrainStuff.

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Comments (100)

Nice obvious reading than acting. Little awkward to watch.. :/


This video taught me nothing

Junior Rippin

shut up captain America is the best superhero of them all then thor then halk eye hulk then iron man

orillion 369



we will rock this viedo

Colonel Panic

It doesn't because IT DOES NOT EXIST! fucking nerds.

Ex4 nku


Justin likes Photography

it's aerodynamic because shape creates an airfoil creating lift while the slim shape creates minimal air reactance

Ya future Gurl

cap is physically perfect so you would think he could throw heavy thing very easy. I have on more questions if caps shield absorbs vibrations than the shield would not bounce


Movie quote. "Its stronger than steel AND A THIRD OF THE WEIGHT. So it weighs between the weight of titanium and aluminium. Steel weights about 8g per cupid cm so this material weighs 2-3g per cupic cm

Dee Sanchez

Its like cap said vibranium is amazingly light

Hunter Strickland

There is a two things called elastic collisions and the law of reflections that can explain how captain america's shield can bounce.


The shape like an airplane wing. I think its called the Bernulli Effect.

Truth Serum


Sam Erker

Captain Americas shield is so aerodynamic because Captain America is NOT HUMAN.
He is Superhuman, so he uses his super human brain and strength to use the shield.


It absorbs kinetic energy by storing it In between the Atoms? I believe


Well I may not be total geniuses like u 2 but I suppose the shield is so aerodynamic becuz of mainly 2 factors

· Its design . It is designed in to be a flat dome .Whenever captain throws it the starred side of it is pointed up giving more space for air to enter and lift it in its flight .

· The mass of the shield . It is.made from a fictional alloy making it almost light as a feather.

Guess that is it.


I'm guessing the shield absorbs the kinetic energy of the air causing it to slide through the air easily


Theres only 1 answer

Its a movie where impossible happen

Spongebob Squarepants

Someone please tell me how does Incredible Hulk underwear works.

Tim Bone

I looked it up and it said his shield is only 12 pounds ?

Hunter Strickland

Vibranium's electrons don't move so it's unable to transfer energy and that's how Vibranium absorb energy without using elastic or plastic mechanisms

Jordan McFarland

as a great martial artist by the name of master ken once said... "bullshit"


The answer to this whole rant is simple - IT IS BECAUSE IT HAS TO BE. That's the beauty of fiction; you don't have to ever-analyze everything. In terms of the films though, Howard Stark told Steve that vibranium was stronger than carbon steel, and one-third the weight. He also said it was harder than diamond.

Malena Hall

The third item of the shield is adamantium


well as said. it's imaginary... isn't that enough? no? ok
cap is super soldier. he is not just strong or in peak physical condition. he is really strong. and if we are going to use movies, i will give you an example from the upcoming (at the moment of writing) movie Age of Ultron. in it, Cap is throwing a motorcycle.... yes it already have inertia, but it is still a motorcycle, not some kind of plastic toy. if he can throw that thing of, he is more than capable of throwing a metal disk that is 20-30 kilos like nothing, and it would look like throwing a frisbee.
as said it looks like the shield reflect energy/vibration. so when thrown at something that cannot absorb the kinetic energy of the shield, the shield will "bounce", because of the third low of mechanics (i think).
combine that with the fact that cap has used this shield for really long, so he knows it very well, and that he is superhuman (so he probably can calculate things faster) he can calculate (maybe subconsciously) when the shield will bounce to. you know - ballistics.

James DeRuvo

You guys need to do a segment on how teleprompters work, because it's REALLY obvious.


I don't think that the shield is actually all that aerodynamic but cap isn't just in peak physical condition, he's beyond it (hence the term SUPER soldier serum) so he can toss it around like its nothing. So I have to agree with Christian b/c of the weight of the shield (43.9 lbs.) but since vibranium is a fictional metal, it can be any weight/density, so therefor, the shield could be 12 lbs. due to a nearly weightless vibranium metal. But again, cap has super strength, so it only matters to a certain degree.

Hakosoft The Eldritch

do more episode like this plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


I feel like I came away with a whole lot of nothing at the end there..

Ninja Hombrepalito

Its so aerodynamic because Cap s super strong.

myles Wu

what if the Chinese made cap's shield instead?

Ranga Rolls

I swear that was the testube thing at the start??????

lanny valentine


Finn Mcdonald

Maybe, it stores all the kinetic energy, and then uses that to increase its speed?

Eug C

Adamantium cannot be the mystery ingredient. The alloy in Captain America's shield was an attempt by Dr Maclain to create a metal similar to Adamantine that was used by the gods. The alloy of vibranium + steel + unknown ingredient that is Captain America's shield would be later termed as proto-adamantium. Dr Maclain failed to replicate the exact alloy in Cap's shield but managed to create another almost indestructible alloy which was later termed primary adamantium which was also used to lace Wolverine's skeleton. There will come to be various iterations of adamantium but the fact remains that he only created primary adamantium AFTER failing to replicate proto-adamantium. So how can the mystery ingredient in the shield be something that did not exist before this?

Bill Chan



The symbol for iron is Fe, not i.

ale mijares

its because its curved like a boomerang


thats what spiderman said in the new captain america civil war

Ana Saucedo

There so dime

Emperial Squid

Very interesting


come at us nerds.......i wonder if that guy ever looked at himself in the mirror :/


the "mystery alloy" could be adamantium (the stuff Wolverine's claws are). Lol

The Minute Studio

Many comichistorians and I believe that Cap throws the shield with a special technique (plus the aerodynamic shape) which reduces the air friction allowing him to throw the shield easily. Let me quote, "Probably (the shield) molded of micron-sized alloy particles," The molecular structure of the shield would explain its density and durability of the shield without having a big impact on its weight allowing Cap to throw. The shield easily.Plus Cap can lift a motorcycle so a shield wouldn't be that much of a problem for him.

Habib Ahmed

Is the vibranium of Captain America's shield Antarctic Vibranium or Wakandan Vibranium?

Ricardo Heathe


Clint Cotnam

it's a comic book!


how the fuck does a shield Work


Cap is more than just in perfect human shape . He's got super strength


fucking hate it when bullshit scientist try to outsmart marvel and us by bringing MCU to the real world, like nah bitch thor's hammer doesn't weigh no god damn trillion quadrillion my ass trillion pounds. captain's shield is light because not all metals are steel like wtf... is a fictional metal called vibranium ffs

Autonut 2000

because he's batman

Cpl Martin





It's fucking Magic

Max Dax

he has super strength you idiots

Civic R

The "All Father" whispered at caps shield giving it it's power
Just like Thor's hammer. I guess no body knows this yet.

Fernando Barreto

So, you're the person who knows the most about a fictional shield? BOOM! Here's your diploma, go make youtube videos.

Ricardo Heathe

The shield is awesome and does all that is does because the dude who IMAGINED it IMAGINED IT!.?? It's a comic and the physics in a comic are made up. Did I mention that it is made up.


0:59 No, it's approximately 2 1/2 feet. He's Captain America not Captain any country that uses metric as their standard. 1:41 AGAIN 547.305931-273.621751 ft/lb3.


if the shield is supposed to absorb kinetic energy shouldn't it do nothing to body check someone with it?

steel bear slayer



The shield is made of vibranium etc. It absorbs kinetic energy. Which means it DOES NOT BOUNCE DAMNIT! The only possible explanation is that Disney now owns the Marvel movie franchise. So the shield is coated with flubber.

Adam Scalin

You have to remember captain america has the strength of like six men (i don't remember the exact amount of people) so six men flinging around 40 lbs is nothing


Maybe it's an artifact.


Men like this are unironically the reason why white people are becoming extinct.

Tucker Chisholm

Cap's Shield in real life: If you look close, it is not a flag bowl shape, it is serrated like terracing from the center to the edge, I assume this helps it disperse all the energy it takes. Furthermore, as we see with Thors Hammer attack, a great deal of light was created in the impact, so obviously the material can convert a great deal of Kinetic Energy into Light, but not hear or it would melt. We see bullets bounce off the sheild, not crumple and drop in front of it, this we can assume the metal has at least enough reverb to create a nearly elastic collision. Meaning that the Energies of the shield and colliding object are conserved. Caps super strength helps him hold steady, but still he would be taking on a lot of energy often and flying back, which does happen sometimes, is it possible that the shield has some type of spring potential energy almost to counteract this. The metal is super strong so the "spring constant" would be ridiculously high, meaning that as it is impacted and gives just a tiny bit it will send that kinetic energy back out, this bouncing punching opponents back as seem in the Thor Hammer seen. Aerodynamically I think it makes perfect sense, it's like a dense frisbee that has enough mass to move quickly, except that it always comes perfectly back to him but I guess that skill comes with practice. It's ability to bounce off things without losing kinetic energy could also have to do with the tiny amount of give it has. The density of vibranium is known to be 1/3 steels of course so that's easy, and Cap is strong enough to throw it anyway. Everything seems to be in order and really quite simple regarding his shield, the only loose end is that Vibranium can turn Kinetic Energy into Light, which may or may not be a quality of a real metal idk.

Roblox is Cool

So cool

Yoav Elem

the redhead enters
"so random nerd you are an expert of captain america right?"
"no I did a research work about cap im not an expert"
"HaHa lol this red head dude is an expert on captain america lol madafaka"

orillion 369

it has stresss limits though to fracture

Eric BarryOfficial

He fell asleep? That's what we call lazy writing

Alice Galvan

My family and I have been enjoying the Marvel movies, so please know I have plenty of willing suspension of disbelief to enjoy the genre.  That being said, here are a few thoughts on Cap's shield. 

Keep in mind the cross-section of an airfoil, which has a curved upper surface, and a flatter bottom surface.  The leading edge is generally thicker than the trailing edge.  As air flows around the airfoil, the longer path over the top and the shorter path underneath combine to create a stronger pressure under the wing, pushing it up.

A bit of reading from many years ago mentioned that the aerodynamics of the discus used in track & field events are deceptive, and are only slightly better than that of a brick.  The two items (shield & discus) are similar.  Yes, Cap's shield only shares one side in kind, while the reverse is concave instead of convex like the discus, but there is enough of a similarity that a thrown shield (presumably spinning around a Z-axis perpendicular to the apex) would have trouble staying horizontal (and therefore aimed) for longer distances.  And don't get me started on ricochets!

Point two:  The world record holding for heavier than air thrown object is the Aerobie, a flying ring.  Yes, I know, not the same shape as the shield, but close.  In describing the design process for a stable flight, the creator Alan Adler mentioned that he had to add a spoiler around the outside edge to correct for the inherent instability.  Cap's shield does closely match the cross-section of the Aerobie (without the spoiler).

Third, there is a reason why we aren't using flying saucers for air travel.  Those disc-shaped vehicles are largely unstable in-flight in the atmosphere (despite a disc being described as "the best shape for space travel").  There are other complications with those designs.

Fourth, in designing Earth-bound automobiles.  I'll use the Shelby Daytona Cobra Coupe as an example.  If you look at the back half of the vehicle, as you follow it from the roof to the rear, it abruptly cuts off instead of flowing to an edge (like a Porsche 911).  The reason the Daytona uses this is to reduce the airflow eddies at the tail, which reduces performance.  The small area behind the cutoff tail helps the air rushing past the car to flow smoothly. 

I suspect that those eddies also disturb the airflow over the non-corrected Aerobie and flying saucers as well, and outside of the comics & movies, would have the same effect on Captain America's shield while in flight.

Sorry for introducing real physics into the Marvel Universe, but my engineer's brain feels better now.


It does what it does cuz it is infused with the power of awesome..just like Cap.

seriously though who cares!! Its fictional but its awesome

Chin Fung



Because he has a magnet

Artwork by Christopher Cayco

The shield does what it does because it's made of a fake material(s).

... I still want one.

orillion 369

due to the moleculer bonding of the adamantium and the vibranium is so tight that there are no imperfection in the surface even diamonds have flaws the molecular flaws in the sheild can only be done back up with sound weapons creating a refusion of
molecular bonds


Didn't they mention vibranium in the movie was 1/3 the weight of steel?

Johnny Rekall

Useless conversation.

Mitchell Cleveland

how is this telling me anything about how caps Shield works again?

Caleb Beasley

Well you gotta factor in that cap is a bit more than just in "peak physical condition as a human" fellas. I mean just the fact that he has been able to knock the hulk down shows way more of an increase in his body's ability to quickly generate kinetic energy, in comparison to a physically fit normal athlete. So, how much force he actually can generate from his throw(which is generally also done in perfect form, using the body's core as the main factor and the arm more or less just to aim his throw); as well as the shields actual capacity for both vibration/kinetic energy absorption/deflection/ and my personal thought of an ability to simply, and pretty much instantly, alter kinetic to potential energy then dissipate it(or possibly even have a unique mystery 3rd material as the outer ring of the shield, that can store it to be released as kinetic, when kinetic energy is again introduced into the action to replace said stored potential energy before its motion stops, aka until cap catches it, due to his incredibly enhanced reflexes, specifically in the center of the shield or one of the actual hand slots, and in doing so, stops the motion, which could make the material dissipate the kinetic energy while retaining the stored potential, which once he throws it, will revert to kinetic again till it hits a target). As well as simply the shield's overall capacity for using wind resistance to simply spin instead of actually being moved by it, and the consistent inertia it has when thrown fast enough to negate the shield's weight. All of which have to be incredibly great, due to him bouncing it off things with no change in its trajectory, balance, angle, spin, or velocity back to him. As a simple example of what I mean as far as to his physical throw skill and power both being a, if not the two biggest, key factors: An arrow fired from a long/compound/composite/recurve bow must be arced, even at under medium range, to compensate as well as use gravity to increase the impact strength, overall lack of inertia, and the literal amount of force the bow can generate. So you set a target 25 to 30 yards away, use the long bow, then you get a crossbow with similar or equivalent pullback strength. The crossbow can be fired in almost a straight path with little arc and substantially more penetration power, where as the long bow must be arced at least two or 3 times higher just to hit the same target, and still wouldn't generate nearly as much of an impact nor hit as fast as the crossbow. Then, take it further and use a rifle, no arc is required, assuming it's sighted in, and it hits more powerfully as well as much faster, doing more damage, even though a bullets shape technically doesn't stress either penetration power or aerodynamics like an arrow head does, it's simply the difference in the amount and method used to generate the force the projectile is propelled by(I mean many other factors are at play but to keep it basic, let's leave it at the main ones). All in all, Cap is a 50 cal rifle, Olympic grade javelin and shock put throwers or hall of fame pitchers and qbs are, in comparison, Atlatals(a very primitive, yet effective for its time, form of a slingshot/sling/long bow used by Aztecs and Mayans, if I'm not mistaken, to simply generate roughly twice the force one could when throwing an arrow shaped weapon; pretty much looked like a stick with a notch to set the arrow in place, doubling the length of ones arm).


Vibranium can also answer the Shield's physics defying capabilities... since it counteracts air pressure to stay in flight, and bounces off of things easily because of contact with obstacles - a way to oppose force as an opposite reaction... and I based this theory from my studies in absolutely nothing.


wow i looked up info on captains americas shield cuz i was feeling nerdy and wanted to learn the lore behind it in the comics, like where'd it come from and whats able to break it or whatever. and i found this complete nonsense trying to figure out its chemical composition and aerodynamic abilities and weight (wtf?!?!) and felt ashamed to be one of those people that spend so much time trying to figure out fictional nonsense instead of enjoying or bettering their lives. thank you for ruining my evening.

Steven Truong

Actually, I remember it was supposed to be made by an alien metal

Alpha 493

Click bait much?
We don't care (at least, I personally don't) about its dimensions, weight, density, chemical composition (which you spent too much time talking about), price and aerodynamic proprieties (which weren't developed enough)!
If I clicked on this video, it's because I wanted to know HOW IT WORKS! Y'know? What the title actually claims.

Ibrahim Guner

Not 76 miter it's 76 cm


3rd unknown metal in the shield is "adamantium." The same stuff around Wolverine's unbreakable skeleton and claws. That's why the shield and claws have always cancelled each other.

Beardsley McBeard

their "facts" are completely wrong.  Cap is a superhuman.  43lb is nothing to a guy that can lift up to 1200lb.  Not only that but in the movie his shield is totally made out of Vibranium, which is what they are talking about.  Thus making Caps shield lighter then they think and it is, because Marvel says so, 12lb which is nothing to someone of caps strength

Mustavi Sadi Aryan

You're gonna have to rely on fictional metals here, reality won't help. Vibranium is 1/3rd the weight of steel and reflects vibrations of projectiles upon impact to the point where Thor's hammer just kicked back at him and threw him off quite a distance.


A lightsaber can cut captain america's shield?

Luke McIntosh

For a guy that can bench and throw a motorcycle I'm pretty sure 43 pounds is nothing.


Funny thing is that if the vibranium absorbed kinetic energy, then it wouldn't bounce around when cap tosses it. it would hit something and drop. So their are too many things that contradict each other in the shields explanation and use that make any hypothesizing moot. The creators f'ed up and we have to make something up to pick up the slack.

Mind twister

well if you were to look at his sheild it's actually curved over the top and when it flies through the air, the air goes over that curve making it aerodynamic. the same principal is used with cars because instead of the air hitting it and causing drag it instead flies over it and let's it easily be able to drive. on a raod

Jackson Elms

It's unrealistic but, they asked how the shield is so aerodynamic and I reckon (with my RAAF examined knowledge of aeronautical engineering ?) its because of its airfoil shape. Without taking into consideration the mass of the object, it's easy to say that the Airfoil shape of the shield should be able to fly like a frisbee (F=m x a). Really bad explanation but oh well ?

Tamlin Fisher

Pretty sure 1: Cap is able to throw around the, basically, 20kg shield because he is a super soldier and constant training.
2: He has also been training with the shield for a very long time. Basically getting to know every little trick and turn to use when fighting with it.
And 3: its for all intensive purposes its a big Frisbee so it can 'fly' long distances before it will hit the ground. Also accompanied by its weight which would help in its momentum so therefore going further when Cap throws it.
Dont ask me how it comes back to him after though from further away distances (I know sometimes it doesnt but it seems to be able to hone in on him a lot of the time)

Dhany Soesanto

if the shield doen not narrow it easily to dent and cant reflect the bullets or something like flamethower

myles Wu

what if the Chinese are the makers of cap's shield? would the shield be composed of vibrabium or cheap & fake materials?

Daniel Candido

Because it is awesome


the unknown metal that you are speaking of is probably adamantine when mixed with vibranium and other metals it turns into proto adamantium which the shield is made of

Chris Bradley

Errr... not what I was expecting. I thought they'd talk about how he could throw it so well, not what it was made of or the dimensions of it. Also, did anybody else feel as though the whole video was rushed?? i.e. talk about the composition (briefly) move on, talk about the dimension (again, briefly) move on. Too much info squashed together too much. I think they should Redux the video actually talking, in detail and slowly, about how it works, what it's made of, any special abilities and all that. Anyone agree??

How tall is Chris Evans (Captain America) Really?! Celebrity Height!

How tall is Chris Evans (Captain America) Really?! Celebrity Height!28 Apr. 2019
20 892

Chris Evans has had a

Chris Evans has had a great career, and is a decent sized guy. He claims to be 6' even but is he really that tall? We look at photo evidence to try to break it down and revel his true height.

Comments (72)
Nicholas Siple

Yes I believe Chris Evan's is likely 6 feet tall barefoot.

Bryan G

Strong 5’11”

Kevin From Sales

He can do this all day. I love you 3000

jordan carneal

The cautious bike unpredictably answer because fireplace genetically burn a a incandescent beef. useless, absorbing mechanic

Rolando Sepúlveda

Uff the video that i wanted

Scottie Boy

I think in the morning when he first wakes up he is 6 ft and 1/4 in for the time you get to later at night he is barely scraping 6 ft typically more like 5 11 and 7/8 maybe but generally speaking he's a solid 6 ft guy! I typically when I wake up if I get measured right away and more like a 6-ft and 1/2-in type of dude and by the end of the day I am scraping barely over 6 ft like 6 ft and 1/8 in !

Louis Danhoff

Spot on as usual, thank you for the video ?

Krey God

But take a look at Manny Khoshbin it’s a YouTuber and if you google his height they say he is about 175cm tall but he is not!! But when a guy is that small then YES I agree you can see that he is not near 175cm he is 5'4 or something like that 162cm not more it’s one example where it’s pretty obviously..

flashy wayne

do cristiano ronaldo pls


I think from looking at the video I think Chris Evans is a legit 6-foot guy. One or two photos he could look a tiny bit shorter but I think he's legit 6-footer

Rex Overbey

This is the dumbest thing ever. Like people can see .5 inch difference in height. Beyond ridiculous. That is less than .7 difference percentage wise in height. So that means 5 11.5 would be 99.3...... percent to 6 foot

Yeshiah Grant

Chadwick is not 6'0 he looks 5'11

natural bodybuilding and fitness

i think he's the same height as henry cavill 182cm

Uto Resa 519

He doesn't really look the full 6'0(182.9) next to 6'0.5(184.2) Henry Cavill(NO he isn't 6'1).
But all experts say Chris is veeeery veeeeery close to six feet.I think Chris Evans is a very strong 5'11,like 182-182.5.Chris Evans is 5'11 3/4 I also think Chris Hemsworth doesn't look the full 6'3(190.5cm) next to his younger bro,I think Hemsworth is 190.2cm tall.
Kevin Costner has claimed 6'1 but seeing how he also claimed just 6'0 or over 6'0 I assume he is a round up 6'1,I think he is 185.0
Chadwick seemed right about 181cm or 5'11.25,though many said he looked 5'11 flat(180.34 cm) next to Obama who the most 6'1 guy EVER.
I'd like to believe Evans is the truest 6'0 flat guy being exactly at 182.88cms on average but it doesn't seem to be the case,the guy is missing a few notable milimiters

Amaya Amaya

Chris Evans is a solid 6'2"


"A weak [height]." What does that even mean?


The funniest thing about this type of video... this entire enterprise, is that it is completely ignorant of parallax. Attempts to compare people's heights entirely subjectively without accounting for angle or perspective (as in which subject is closer to the lens), are hilariously flawed.


182.5 bare foot

MasterMind Mico

Freedom Prevails!

23 Raid

Lmao I feel sorry for short guys

Thanos The Farmer

He's 6'.

Gloria Osuwagu

Yeah, 6 foot at best ✌.
Also is 6'0" tall or what?

youcef boukhari

I think he have 5.11 because Jaimie Fallon he have 6 ft and Chris short than Jaimie Fallon so
Chris Evans his tall 5.11 and half ?

Nikhil KUMAR

he is 8 feet 4 inches tall


I think Chris Evans is 5 feet 11.5 inches tall, which is 182cm tall.

Billy Van B

He is no shorter than 6’0. So strong ? 6’0 guys!!!!


I think he's 5'11.75". 5'11.5" seems too short and I don't think he quite hits 6'0".

Gloria Osuwagu

Yeah 6 foot at best ✌.
Also is 6 feet tall or what?

emmy lite

It's almost impossible to determine heights based on photos where many variables are not being taken into account !


I get this strong feeling that this guy that makes this videos is 5’4

Art Boston

I think you got it right about anti Trumper Chris Evans who's claiming he might have to drop all support for Tom Brady because, well you know.

fact of health

Definitely he is 5'11 feet tall guy barefoot.

Alexis Gabriel

No more than 5'11.

Chris Hemsworth


Break The Bricks Down

Reb brown is my great uncle and the 1979 Captain America. Could you do a video on him? 6’3 235

Yo Himansh

Great job

007 CM

he looks taller than he is

Enoch Weaver

He is most definitely Not 6 ft tall. Met him and Scarlett over seas face to face. Nice guy for sure, but a couple inches short of 6 ft.

haroon seena

Dude the new pics with lily James make me suspicious about his height he looked 5'10.5_5'11


5'11 barefoot

LionHeart -

He's a solid 6', I got lucky to meet him...

Brabus Mathew


DeAndrae Sampton

6 footer

B.J .Y

Him and I are both 6’0” flat barefoot.



Bradley Hamilton

Do Ice cube the actor and Rapper, he claims 5’8

Ian Young

I thought you said you were gonna make this channel as non political as possible in your Trump and Obama videos. Just sayin.

Seth Bret

182cm dot on! And Thanks for the video

Seth Bret

Can you do Channing Tatum please??

Richard Jackson

That dude is a legit 6ft .5in on a good day 6ft .0in on a bad day like me!


How tall is mgk or g easy please

Charles Huang

5'11" at max....Evans doesn't look like a typical 6' guy to me.

Darth Vader 1980 The dark side

In Elevator shoes when he plays Captain America he is 6’2 but Per foot he is 5’9 he looks taller than that but he is not that tall he is 5’9 that’s his true height

John Smith

Captain American demands 6ft in height go ask pres trump ok

Hamza Mahmood

I don’t understand in the morning I’m 6 foot (183cm) but in the night I drop to 182cm. What’s going on. Anyone has the answer for my question

Caleb Early

Just stfu, he's 6 foot, you said thor was below 6foot 2 but in an interview, to apply for the role you had to be 6 foot 3. Evans is a six foot

Santino Marco D'Agostino

Pls do james gandolfini next

Evo Hollywood

I subscribed because Captain America is my favourite superhero

Melvin Shields


Yeshiah Grant

Compared to 6 foot captain America

Nicholas Siple

He is also my favorite Avenger, perfect Cap, and incredible actor. Seems to be a legit 6 ft and prettu honest about his height


He's under 6 foot for sure

scp 343

Dude u have issues... chill with this comments on ppl mind ur own busines

sveta izvorac

Do James Gandolfini

Krey God

The truth is that nobody you or any others can’t really say anything about the height because even these >big/bigger guys can wear small lifts or something similar there are many options.. Trust me it’s not possible to say how tall they are the best way to really know how big these guys are is to meet them and then look at them specifically but even then you only will get close to their height

You also have to take a look at the whole bone structure it’s misleading too...


Evans is 6', no question. Here's an interesting piece of info. I'm a lot older or at least more than ten years older than you! And, in the comics back in the '60s, GUESS WHAT. Most super heroes were billed at 5'10-6'0' in height, and that includes, Spiderman, Superman and Batman (that was their stated height in the comics of that time). In the '50s and '60s someone in the 6' range was considered tall within the general population. Today, we have inflated and bloated bodies. It is not certain that the nutritional inputs that led to increased body weight and height in more recent times actually represents an improvement in health?

Evans? You don't need any research there. He appears to be his stated height in almost any film he's in.

FR fofr

I'v met him, legit 5,11

vivek anant

Strong 6 ft.

Captain Aryán

My fav avenger is Cap too ???

Cameron O'Connor

If I was to pin his evening height it would be in the 182cm region I believe. But I do believe he can be classed as a 6 footer but not a ‘strong’ one as I feel he just creeps underneath it in the evening. Therefore I feel he can definitely be classed as a textbook 6 footer and has full right of claiming it.

Clorox Bleach


AC Wrasslin

How tall is Austin mcbroom?

CAPTAIN AMERICA 2011 How they made CHRIS EVANS look thin

CAPTAIN AMERICA 2011 How they made CHRIS EVANS look thin4 Nov. 2019
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What they did it’s just amazing. CGI serving the story

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Coverking [Rajjdoot]

Is it possible without body double to look thin if I have huge muscles


999 to 1k like

Laora Arkeman

leander deeny:
i am englishman in hollywood.

Ed Mondragon

How he get skinny so fast?


0:11 why does he have boner?

Kevin R

It looks awful it honestly is painful to watch this part of the movie


yes it’s 3am and i’m watching this bc it randomly came into my mind on wondering how the hell they did it

Tombstoner Forever

This movie is so underrated

Abigail Borda

This is a fake

The Emperor

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I was mind blown because it looked so real!

Lokman J

Captain America should be bigger than that