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QUICK HIT ABS - Nike Training Club

QUICK HIT ABS - Nike Training Club15 Apr. 2020
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Hi and Welcome back to my

Hi and Welcome back to my channel - Welcome back yet to another exercise video. Today we are doing a 15-Minute Quick Hit Abs exercise from Nike Training Club - Good for Abs and Core, no equipment needed. Let's have some fun together, let's become better together, while we are alone together. When you workout hard your free time gets easier! S01E52 #StayHome - I have been saying this since the quarantine started that if i'm doing anything else than trying to learn and grow i'm wasting my time. Now it's the time to train, to become better, to read, to do whatever, starting a business, learning a language, learning a new skill, just do something with this time that we now have. Keep pushing, remember there is no excuses, keep it consistent. It's not about how many times per week are you training it's about training week after week every week. Take care, stay safe, stay at home and be brave.

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Warm Up

Knee Hugs 30 sec

High Plank 30 sec

Plank Saws 30 sec

Hip Lifts 40 sec

Single Leg Raises - Left Side 40 sec

Single Leg Raises - Right Side 40 sec

Hip Lifts 40 sec

Mountain Climbers

Core 1

Straight Leg Bicycles 30 sec

Dead Bugs 40 sec

Plank Alternating Leg Lifts 40 sec

Straight Leg Bicycles 30 sec

Dead Bugs 40 sec

High Plank Shoulder Taps 40 sec

Core 2

Pendulum Legs 40 sec

Boat to Low Boat 30 sec

Pendulum Legs 40 sec

Boat to Low Boat 30 sec

Quad Rockers 30 sec

Workout created by NIKE

This is not a sponsored video and Nike if you are watching - call me!

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Cristina S

Thank you so much for sharing this! This is my go-to video for my ab workout :)

Ruben Nuñez

Thank you for failing at boat-to-low-boat, it's nice to see a fit person fail at some exercise, makes me feel better to see that I'm not the only one struggling!

Nike Train Force Flyknit (Review + On Foot!)

Nike Train Force Flyknit (Review + On Foot!)28 Mar. 2017
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Super2theSmallzSubscribe 438 721

Lowkey, one of my

Lowkey, one of my favourite shoes in my collection atm, come see this crazy chaotic coloured shoe as I review the Nike: Train Force Flyknit! :) #Views.

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Sorry to bug you but do you have an insta


I got them at my outlet for $33 no joke


Are these hard to slip in? Mainly because of the dynamic collar.

Mihir Bendre

Mine are 2 sizes too big

long lee

Love " tight fit " as well :) Mr. GT( golden teeth?)

Mihir Bendre

Can I call you Ess?

Nike Training Club App Review for Weight Loss (UNSPONSORED)

Nike Training Club App Review for Weight Loss (UNSPONSORED)16 Feb. 2020
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Coach VivaSubscribe 438 721

We tried out the Nike

We tried out the Nike Training Club app ourselves to give you a comprehensive, up-to-date, and unbiased review of the Nike Training Club app.

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By the end of this video, you'll know:

• What the Nike Training Club app is all about

• What are some great reasons to use it

• What are some reasons not to use it

• Tips for using it & how we would use it

• Who it's for and who it's not for

And yes, we cover both Nike Training Club Free and Premium App reviews here. If you're looking for fitness apps that work, fitness apps for free, best fitness apps apps for weight loss or to build muscle, or just what's currently available in 2020 for google play, iphone, or apple watch, and you're thinking about Nike Training Club, we hope our experience with NTC will help you make an informed choice on what to pick.

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Shine Sebastian



what are the best workouts

Coach Viva

Hope you enjoyed it! Two things:

1. Are there other apps or programs you want us to review?
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Docteur Chaimaa


Nandita Singh

But there is no options for diet in the updated app?

Natalia Daffunchio


Claude Bedard


Tim Stanton


Rashmi Kamath

Hey,so I'm confused between choosing lean fit v/s get strong
Because lean fit is cardio based and get strong is strength training whereas I enjoy both

Luís Nabais


Tamara L

What is the best plan on the premium for weight loss?

Justin Matthews

Solid review, detailed and it was nice touch showing the app. My girlfriend and I also reviewed the NTC on our podcast. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/lean-slim/id1505015884?i=1000470727078

Nicolas R

I just found out the premium version is free due to the quarantine until further notice

Hami Chahal

How to get invite in nike event for trainer??


Such a clear, detailed, and great review. Got a question. Just downloaded the app (march 29 2020), but it has different widgets names, and I suppose "programs" is the same as "plans" for my case (android user). For my case I create a 4 week strength plan workout, but i understood from the video this guided plans were a premium feature, but i haven't bought anything yet. So just want to know why this happened? Is premium currently free? Thanks.

Abhishek Loliyekar

i am from india
my NTC is free from last year i.e 2019
but i wanted to try premium like nutrition and personal trainer guidiance but those are not shown in that even after they mention the premium is free
can you help me on this please

Natalia Daffunchio

Your videos are the best!!!

Parsa sophia

when i started to work with app there was a "my plan" part. but now after 2 days its gone
i don't know what should i do
that feature was really helpful