Kaepernick workout video

Colin Kaepernick Posts Intense Workout Vid, 'Still Ready' For NFL! | TMZ Sports

Colin Kaepernick Posts Intense Workout Vid, 'Still Ready' For NFL! | TMZ Sports7 Aug. 2019
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Colin Kaepernick is still

Colin Kaepernick is still busting his ass to get back in the NFL ... the ex-49ers superstar just posted a workout video -- and it's INTENSE.

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Comments (100)
Kue Thao

As backup he's not worth the headache, I those he's against Police brutalities. Now his show that he hates everything america with the pulling of his nike shoe. Betsy Ross had nothing to do with slavery.

Thomas McKenzie

I've gotten to the point where I would LOVE to see Kaepernick get offered a contract. I think it would shock Colin and he wouldn't know what to do because he knows he would be terrible. By not playing, he can stay relevant and pop up in the news every now and then without having to show his game is gone. And he still has people in his corner that believe he could still take a team to the SB.
I hope someone calls his bluff and signs him.

Zach Mahomes

the colts should sign him.


What's your problem Kaepernick? You are getting more than those suffering in the field in the NFL anyway. You may love the game but what you to highlight the mass killings of blacks across the US is infinitely more valuable. Just get into business and make money with your millions in another way. You are a hero through and through. Decide to find another thing you love to do. Best of luck.

Patrick Reuben

Forget about the NFL, go to the freedom Football league. They will sign him for sure

Larry Guthrie

The passes in the video while caught were not where they were supposed to be. On one the receiver had to reach back. I actually know some 40-year-old men who can throw that well in that situation.

JR Smith

Denied work? He is a greedy dirtbag.. He wanted starter money in Seattle, he compared Baltimore's owner to a slave owner, and wore a Fiedel Castro shirtin Miami. These libtard fuckface sheep literally crying Kapermick isn't in the league anymore should shut the fuck up and move on. It's been a couple years move on.


He turned down contracts from the 49ers and Broncos.

Tony Decker

All i got to say is don't disrespect the military they fight and die for you to make millions being a mediocre quarterback

Sigma Soldier

Kaepernick is ready. Let’s go. So I can watch football again.


They ignore you KAP. They dont say you are a good leader. Too many bosses ignoring you.


Keep begging Kraepernick


Colin Kaepernick 
You cant always get what you want!!!
That's Life




If this man goes to the Bears because Trubisky is trash I’m scared.

Scott Becker

Al Bundy in real life: Sucked at football so turned to selling shoes. Total POS dirtbag.

deputy dogg

Nfl and thy loyal nfl gladiators.


Broncos, Steelers, Bears, Redskins, and Bengal all don't have starting QBs

Robert Griffin

Crazy to see how many people try to justify this Bullshit


People saying Kap is not that good are mofos that can barely climb a set of steps. GTFOH. His stats his last season were great. That was with a dead 49ers squad who has been in rebuild mode and just came out of it. This man went to the Super Bowl when he had a good team. Don’t know how you fight that.

James Newberry

Still taking a knee, no thanks.

jamal smith

My guy kap!!!!!!

larry R

He's not worth the distraction and if you bring him in for a tryout and cut him the backlash will be tremendous.

Lucid Jackson

hes delusional, no one wants him

Major Buto

What's he crying about now? He should be thankful that he's in a country where they don't chop off his knees

T-Ierney X

What's sad is in a country where you have the freedom to not stand. If you exercise that freedom and you are fired for it. Is it then really a freedom? No! Just like the original national anthem! It's a white mans brainwash illusion. Peoppe of brown skill do not have the same rights we all know that! The NFL most likely wont higher kap! Because they are racist point blink period. A sport where blacks run around killing their bodies for the entertainment of rich white owners. Players do not make half the money owners do. So yes its modern day slavery! Kap I love you brother. For all you have done! Sacrifice your own dream as a child till now! For us people of brown skin! There is not reason why he should not be on the field

SLR 762

These fools on here saying “he looks ready to go to me” lol...ready to go to what? He looks like any person that’s in good shape.big difference between lifting some weights on a video that being a QB at the highest level.

Cliff Gaither

The punks in these threads who are ragging on Kaepernick, had nothing but great things to say about him when he was playing ; the moment he shows there is more to being a man then playing football, he is denigrated by those same "fans" AND not because he was an abuser of someone in his personal life, but speaking out against injustice ; it says a lot about the football mentality of some of the fans of the game who are just punks who can't even play the game --- Punks ! BUSH-LEAGUE PUNKS !

Phillip Wood

No one cares lots of people go to gym bud you aint special ?

Mao De Onca

If he sucks give him a chance and let him get cut. Kap deserves a chance. These stubborn racist owners just want to make their racist fans happy.

Blitzburgh let's go

He sucks.. EVERYONE looks good on tape.. You can lift all you want but you can't read a defense..



Cole Harper

In my opinion he should get a QB job. There's more than one team that could use him. Wouldn't mind having him on my team especially with this being a make or break year for Cam. Have him play back up and base his playing time on the QB and team production (if the game is already won or lost, or if the starting QB isn't playing well).


Let'em starve ( And it's too bad that he doesn't have to give all that money back so that he would )


when ur not good enough at football to make a statement.....u need to bring in outside drama


Just accept the fact that we don’t care about your made-up victimhood crap. Just bc you’re full of yourself doesn’t mean we like you or care. Does Colin care that I’ve been denied NFL work for 14889 days? No! He only cares about himself and uses victimhood bs to manipulate. LAME!

mark price

I would pay good money for Colin Kaepernick toilet paper so Colin can view my opinions each and every day. Call me brah....

R&Y Williamsburg

Venezuela Vipers need a starter, please call 1-800-TAK-AKNE ask for "Dave"

Willie Johnson

What better team for Kap than the Raiders. The old Raiders were a team composed of the misfits and rebels of the NFL. I know Gruden got a few in Burfict, Incognito, and this New guy Abrams. Kap is the ultimate in rebel.

Mr. E

Just give up Colin your old now there are new prospects now

Turd Furgeson

Wow an unemployed millionaire has time to workout...I’m shocked!!!!

It’s over Kap, keep growing your oppressed Afro and realize it’s a privilege to play in the NFL not a Right ✊?

Scott Smith

Hitting the gym to get into shape but still sucks at reading the defense. Also I am better in the pocket than he is.

Nate Halpin

Just to make sure everyone knows, Denver offered him a contract in the middle of everything and he turned it down.

Jason U

Man alot of snowflake white dudes in the comments

"who hurt you"

mike mailei

Should move to WR

Phillip Wood

Your free to kneel and they are free to say do it while your unemployed!! How bout that you will never play again in america aint that great

David Goff

If he's good and if he stands for the anthem he will be hired. Until then your unemployed

steve g

Does any team want the drama he brings? He made his bed let him sleep in it! He needs to be made an example of so other idiots don’t try his crap! People tune into sports for sports not politics, learn a lesson people!

chris hunt

Still begging for a job,nobody wants you in the NFL,try the Canadian league!

Disenfranchised American

This guy is such a pukeface, dude you're not playing football because you're not that good you are a one-hit wonder and then you fell off big time. Has nothing to do with the fact your a SJW. There are still plunty guys kneeling that still have jobs.

Ze Xiong

Give the man a job


Go play in a different country. You’re not welcome here...plus you suck!


Dude suck! And all drama!
All 32 teams passed?


I honestly believe Collin Capernick will come back to the league I don't know what team but I really think he should it will be exciting and lets not forget he was a threat like mike vick dangerous quarterback on and off field come on give him his job back so we can see this guy in action he didn't beat up no women or nun


Hey Colin the Jerk store called!!

michael h Dean

learn him to vote

Mjb Mjb

Yea he bugging after the protest because they fool some people thinking that it was because the cop killings of black but not all, it was how the army treated blacks after they help win the war and are America

deputy dogg

Nfl need some of that lil abner corn polm juice, some damn act right. Pynk ass old white men
Hiding from the sun.....taliking shit.
Whitr ppl might b at an end. Gotta do our own thing. Gladiator setup
Is dead end. Stay on the bottom.


Congratulations Colin on being signed to a new team this year.

Gary Streit

Funny thing about Colin Kaepernick is he has a lot in common with FEMALE PORN-STARS, No one cared who he was before he started kneeling, and now the only thing anyone can remember is him getting on his knees!!!!! This clown needs to stay on the sidelines.

Chris Boylan

You blew it. Too fucking bad.

Teemo league

kapernick sucks. just spy him on the left side of the field. That's why the 49ers benched him. That college option don't work very long. That's why Seattle kicked his ass. Tim teebow 2.0

Scott Moe

Even if he was good enough fans want to be entertained, not insulted.

Daniel Carcamo

Kap theres only 2 teams that come 2 mind you'll join to me... Atlanta Falcons or my PATRIOTS DYNASTY... Brother I hope you come back and fucking win a super bowl period and if you happen to be back on the NFC murder the cowhoes. ?


Kap the rat nobody wants u back-

D 2

Didn't he sue the NFL??


white ppl show they true colors...yall hate America!!!


A great workout video! He kneels on one knee then switches to the other knee. Then kneels on both knees and then changes it up again. What talent! A great cadence would be " Rah Rah Ree I'm kneelin' on my knee" " Rass Rass Rass I'm sittin' on my Ass".

Wayne B

Would he kneel if we could go back to future?


He’s done. Guess you better find a better way to protest. You will never be back in the league

Classic Heroes

Haters going Hate!


who cares he sucks at qb now

William David Craig Jr

In this case, he could try Canadian Football League


denied work...... HEY COLIN, you can work for me, we are building a wall on the border. :)


Dude skips leg day every time.

Camaro Goddess

I pray someone hires him.

shawn jokinen

Good luck to Kap but seriously this video is silly. He is benching 140 and curling 60 lbs with sets of 3-5. This is less the kids on high school teams. Then some pushes ups and stretching. No throwing the ball, no dynamic movements, running. Not sure this tells the world you are ready to play.

P Pumpkin

if colin was blackballed by the nfl, he wouldn't have settled his lawsuit for nuisance fees. From article by Jason Riley in Wall Street Journal:

"in 2016 Harvard economist Roland Fryer published an empirical study that examined more than 1,000 police shootings in 10 major departments nationwide. He concluded that there was no evidence of racial bias in police shootings and that blacks are about 24% less likely “to be shot at by police relative to whites.” So far, such research has failed to persuade Colin Kaepernick, Black Lives Matter activists and Democratic presidential candidates. And the political press prioritizes anecdotal evidence and viral videos on social media, not hard data. Still, it’s worth noting that a new academic study published last week is broader in scope than Mr. Fryer’s and backs his findings.

Writing in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers from the University of Maryland and Michigan State University concluded that racial disparities in police shootings stem from racial disparities in criminal behavior and not from police bias. “We did not find evidence for anti-Black or anti-Hispanic disparity in the police use of force across all shootings, and, if anything, found anti-White disparities when controlling for race-specific crime.”

The immortal Warrior

Jacksonville jags need this man ASAP
Do it now and they can turn around the losing streak!!!!!! Somebody let them know!!!!NOW.

Andrew McLean

Dude can probably still ball out better than some second string QB's.

Uncle Jack's

I don't think he fully understands that the NFL is big business. NFL lost mega fans and bucks during the protests. Turns out NFL fans just want to watch football without a political message

Mark Smith

I hope you NEVER play again in the NFL, you piece a shit.


Does he kneel during his workout...

Bongo Fury

I am going to sue my employer.
Then I plan on scheduling a job interview a little while later. Companies are dumb, they forget who litigates against them rather quickly.

Rob K.


Saddle Hackles

Fuck this loser

Bongo Fury

You are DONE bitch.
You were well on the way to being done BEFORE you started your SJW shenanigans.
The steep decline started when you had Jim Harbaugh as your coach, what current coach is going to waste his precious time on YOUR reclamation project.....
....let alone all your BLM baggage.

There’s always softball games after work.
You’ll be a HERO.!!!!!!


Bring him to the Eagles.

Bob Fowler

Does the video show him squeezing the ball a bit too tight in clutch moments, as he has done in his career? Does it show him playing at game speed, which was already catching up to him when he last played? Does it show him well practiced in a system being used by an NFL team in need of a QB?

It’s been a lot longer that I have been waiting for an NFL contract. Maybe we’re both waiting for the same reason? Neither of us is good enough to help a team make money.


They started hiring male cheerleaders. There ya go buddy! You can still work for the NFL.

Skee Nyce N Wavy

If He goes to the League he going to the Superbowl

Eagle_ Slayer95


Michael Martinez

Just sign him!!!!!

woog e

Neal.....Neely......Neely......Neal......kneel......kneel.....this is America....im a Texan!.but I kneel b4 that flag! His parents were not slaves....neither were your parents!

Tom Sawyer

He should be training by saying "would you like fries with that", over and over.

Eldest Gruff

This is very Uncle Rico

Bigg Phillips

He looks ready to be a cheerleader.


I can see him with Detroit lions or back up QB for Atlanta Falcons

zachary stotz

He is a liability that no team is willing to take on fearing that he will trash them and the league. They already gave him 35 million so that he would just go away and that is what they expect. he is NEVER getting back onto an NFL team....period!

Tony C

Call Al Sharpton for help, he's got a secert weapon called the RACE CARD

Colin Kaepernick Workout Highlights (Atlanta)

Colin Kaepernick Workout Highlights (Atlanta)17 Nov. 2019
7 561

This is a highlight reel

This is a highlight reel from Colin Kaepernick's workout from Charles Drew High School in Riverdale, GA. Tons of media showed up to cover his workout and after word got out of the location change, supporters arrived and lined the outside of the gates.

Comments (0)

Colin Kaepernick Nike Commercial FULL VIDEO

Colin Kaepernick Nike Commercial FULL VIDEO7 Sep. 2018
418 038
Doctor DonahueSubscribe 438 721

Nike ad JUST DO IT 30th

Nike ad JUST DO IT 30th Anniversary campaign Colin Kaepernick commercial.

Comments (100)

Everybody loves Colin! Give the dude a ring alfuckingready and a starting job w/a contender. Now.

Ashley Horne

Traitor. Take a knee and stay down.

Andrew ok

where is the orginal link


I’m not a fan of Kaepernick but this commercial made me like him

Aaron Dalton

Hey Knick, I'm glad you can dream because that's all that your football career is now, a bad dream. No matter what your skills are, you will only be remembered for being anti american. I will go bare footed through briar patches before I will ever wear Nike tennis shoes again.

Scott Smith

Breonna Taylor was used as a human shield.

Bam Bam

It’s Charlie rocket ?!!

ladonna drummond

What about nike using slave trade.colin crapper supports terrorists an a country that oppresses people.goe live there

Eli Atiyeh

I don’t like this dude but this is a sick commercial

Raj Singh

Don't have just one family , have a second family across the country..don't just have a second family , have a gay lover


The canadian guy who was a refugee just won the Champions League with Bayern Munich. Another legend in making!


Yooooo ? ?

Mr. Steal Yo Chicken Nuggets

I wanted to see Nyjah grind that rail. It should have ended with him landing it.


I like this ad. cause it's moved many people!

Fedy 782

Envoyez les réponds les gens de Rostand


Why would they put that loser in this commercial. Thats why all their sales are down. I and many people I know will never buy Nike

Lt. Gonville Bromhead

Why don't Nike have manufacturing in black areas of America? They care so much. Give people jobs, careers, pathways to become designers within the company. They're supported by black people buying their trainers. Why don't they employ them instead of people outside America?

Thai Vong

"You may not know this, but our full name is Nichael."

Shayma Awad

whos here from 8d


God bless you my Yemeni brother ??☝?


This is so motivational


Is it crazy that I watched the testimonials boycotting Nike first before this video? I am feeling deja vu. It's as if I can say Colin's line BEFORE HE SAYS IT since I already heard his line being negated in another video.

Buddy Duck

Big chungus

Natalie. S

ask if they're crazy enough. damn


Nothing says oppression like having chinese workers making shoes at 20 cent/hour, so that Nike can give these men millions to preach to you about oppression

C Torres

Thank you legend ? you're going down in history...you're a hero!✊✊?✊?✊?

Shaleen Rana

World have been even cooler and more fitting, if they added Tiger Woods, as well! But a great and inspirational commercial though. ??

Tony Fox

Don't let the commercial pull Nike's veil over your eyes. Be a cynic and a critic. Kaepernick got paid at least $40M in his deal with Nike. All the while, Nike continues to outsource its labor, paying foreign workers in China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand (and more) less than a U.S. dollar per hour.

Marcelo Kappernick

Doctor Kappernick

Renee Rose

I realy know what this means .
But it makes sense.
But like confusing


This commercial touched me


I am sure all the Chines children working 12 hours a day at nike love that commercial it really shows how he believes in equality for all

Mine Finder

WOKE losers want to induct this lowlife into the NFL Hall of Fame. Talk about a participation trophy on steroids

Feeding the BEAST Cordell Pace

Colin Kap. is forever done in the #NFL


Ok Cool Idc Tho


I will surely achieve my dream

Ms. Dharma Wilson

November 3, 2020 Election Day & Colin Kaepernick’s Birthday! Thank you for taking a knee and thank you for your Humanity!

Ben Hodges

Go woke, go broke Nike

chunks Infante


Garth Subran

Love your channel!

John King

You dropped the ball and just don’t have the skills anymore. You’re a scheming Jabroni.

Osi kar


Alexander K.

Didnt get why the hell amercians protest against this commercial

Pablo Robinson

Titanup go big orange ? team kapernick


Funny seeing people hating on him ?

Sean Insanity

The AD that triggered right wingers.

Supernova X



Oh. When I first saw this, I thought he was talking about sports. I can't believe it took me three years to get it.

Qz Ozz

This video is beautiful because there are no Asians.




As a gay Asian man , i love this❤

Francisco Vega

Anyone know the name of the background song?


If you are reading this, you made it through 2020. May your nightmares turn into dreams

Johnny Beane

Never give up!


If y'all hate America so much, you can leave.

Angel Yala

The OBJ part got me?

Rohit Mitruka

Nike's commercials are the best.


As a minority person i always feel insured
But not anymore i love being freak


Trust yourself, You can do it.

Ronnie Joyce


Elijah Marquez

I hate these commercials talking about you can do anything and all this stuff then it says now go buy our shoes

Malachy Smith

Nike sucks. krapernick sucks. I'd never buy Nike

Pavonay Duprey

There was a time when Colin's actions were controversial. It pales in comparison to what we are going through now.

S Ward

You are anti-American if you purchase, support, or tolerate Nike. I stopped buying Nike products when they rewarded Colin Kaepernick for being anti-American, disrespecting the flag, and those who sacrificed so much for our freedom. I will pay more and drive further to avoid anything Nike. This includes avoiding Nike sponsored events. Don't make the mistake of thinking a bump in their sales revenue validates their Marketing behavior against the USA. They actively choose to divide Americans on Blue and racial lines, as if they are raising awareness for a higher purpose. They are not. They are only exploiting Americans on virtue selling. They picked a political side at the expense of our national unity and became an activist company. As a global company, Nike picked sides against patriotic Americans, many of who have vowed to no longer support them. #BOYCOTTNIKE

William Vesga

what a fucking doughebag. I will never buy anything from nike, respect the flag and the people who die.


Damn. I almost cried. So powerful.

Jimmy Cline

Thank you Kapernick! You actually changed my life! I’ve been hooked on the Dallas Cowboys for 35 years! It says in the Bible not to have idols, I have finally quit watching all sports after all these years! Thanks to you!

Cesar Pineda

Kaepernick, you and LeBron can both go to China if you hate America so much. You lost your job because you were playing terrible. Sacrifice what? You kneeled but still collected your pay? A back up quarterback kneeling during the anthem, your a disgrace and a phony.

Dave kent

Black privilege

Michael LaRoche

free movie on youtube


did nike take this down? this is great and i don't think they expected it would inspire who it did. believe in something.


Family guy brought me here

Kawii_cookies :3

My teacher showed this in class

Jason The bulls fan

Gave me Goosebumps


Colin Kapernick is a disgrace to America

Verne Fits

1:50 respect

L Moreno

Very inspirational!

Alex Khang

This gives me chills every time. The motivation and hope it gives people is indescribable.


You gave me courage. thank you


I will be a great sport man


Awesome. One of these silver spoon owners get a sack and hire this man.

Serdi Kobane

1.04 "meep...meep...!"

Cara 24

I believe in continuous efforts to make a dream come true.


its about (equality) he never insulted the American Flag

why do some people hate him and nike for this ?

Mann Made

Kaepernick is the first black man in history to be black and experience white privilege from the white family who adopted him. This vindictive disrespectful asshole soon started complaining about the very privilege he got to enjoy. He soon became a SJW and started a crusade that ultimately involved symbolically throwing his very own family under the bus. The same family that took him in, showed him love and support and the thanks they get is their very own son selling out his family by condemning the very advantage that created the platform that made him millions. And to top it off Kaepernick cashed in on his celebrity status when NIKE paid him handsomely to promote social justice and all the time knowing Nike's money came from a white owned company that uses slave labor overseas to make their products. Kaepernick is the very definition of HYPOCRITE. Only in america!

Ger Xiong

Come to the vikingsss

Kevin Harrison

This is fantastic on many levels. Bravo.


It was never about the Flag, it was about Police Brutality ♡

Nix Bronowski

Just Brilliant. The parents who Apopted him had a SOUL.
Dont just reach for White..Reach for UNITY.
Don't just reach for Self Pity..Reach Beyond.
# Unity #BeGreater

Megan Grell

Charlie Rocket is in this!!

Kev Lieb





Nice is cool


But you not great athlete? Nowhere near. You only famous because you knee and wearing socks "kill the cops"

steiner tradoc

The most over-rated quarterback wannabee hack in football history.
If it wasn't for the Boise Broncos kicker, then kaperdink would have never been heard of. That oppressed America hating p o s.

Robert Eischen

Don't tell me what to do.

Pablo Robinson

Kaepernick rules

Marshal Ironsides

Colin-Cops-A-Dick and his pet NFL players are behind the scene plantation owners. They reap the profits from the franchised jerseys hoodies shoes and other things that have the NFL logo on them. Those items are made by slave labor in another country China where the workers are paid 10 or 20 cents an hour. They get money from these items because their name or team logo. This is slave labor because they are forced to work in these conditions . They tell us things about equality and rights in a country that is better than any on the planet and take that slave labor millions laughing to the bank. They are not making their millions of dollars from fans in the stands but from plantations that they support in another country China. Hypocritical by all means. Think of that when you see someone with an NFL. Hoodie on