How many concussions

What We Know and Don't Know About Multiple Concussions

What We Know and Don't Know About Multiple Concussions28 Apr. 2011
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When has a person had too

When has a person had too many concussions?

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Cumulative Effects of Concussion: How Many Is Too Many?

Cumulative Effects of Concussion: How Many Is Too Many?30 Nov. 2011
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There is no magic number

There is no magic number of concussions after which an athlete should quit contact or collision sports, says Dr. William P. Meehan. Several other factors besides the overall number influence the retirement decision, including decreased force required to produce a concussion, slower recovery (months, not days), and more severe symptoms.

Read more: http://www.momsteam.com/cumulative-effects-concussion-how-many-too-many-before-athlete-quit-or-retire-from-contact-or-collision-sports#ixzz1fCzRTeFs

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Helpful, informative video. Surprised it doesn't have more views.


3 I've had like 8 and I'm still going should I stop I've only had 1 major and 7 minors what shud I do

The NFL's concussion crisis, explained

The NFL's concussion crisis, explained4 Sep. 2014
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The concussion crisis in

The concussion crisis in football is getting harder and harder to ignore. The sport is trying to change the rules to protect players, but danger could be too deep in its DNA.

Further reading:

PBS' great coverage of this issue: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/league-of-denial/

Boston University's CTE Center: http://www.bu.edu/cte/about/what-is-cte/

League of Denial Q&A (sbnation) http://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2013/10/9/4817818/league-of-denial-nfl-concussion-crisis-authors-interview-pbs-frontline

"Does Football have a future?" (The New Yorker) http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2011/01/31/does-football-have-a-future

Written by Joseph Stromberg

Produced by Joss Fong, Joe Posner, Alex Hawley

Images courtesy of Getty Images

Video footage from:

"League of Denial: The NFL's Concussion Crisis" (PBS FRONTLINE) http://video.pbs.org/video/2365093675/

"Casualties of the Gridiron" (GQ Magazine)


"Brett Favre on NFL, Concussions" (NBC Today show)


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Michael Boothe


James Taylor



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The game is safer today. The players are no longer leading with their helmet. The game is safer no that the league has instituted rule changes.

First Last

The guy reading the script sounded insanely unprofessional like he neither wrote or practiced the script. awful quality narration over high-quality video.

Rigo Nolasco

This is the most stupid sport of all.

Tui Man

I, myself play football, now for my highschool as Defensive end, I personally believe that, "rugby" will take over sense it is a lot safer but no less fun. Go to a professional rugby game, even the commentators are better, crowds yell alot louder, its fun.

Moritz Lässer

The problem with football is teh "american"

Tristan Batt

It’s almost like it’s grown men hitting people with thousand pounds of force


Guys, there is something you don't understand.

When you gear up, put the pads and helmets on something clicks within you. You get a feeling and that feeling can not be replaced. We know the risks, but you only live once and this is what we want to do. We know the risks of the games, and we are ready to pay the price.

You can't take away something you love, and that's why I'm saying I'll never stop, and thousands of others won't either.

Lamb chop

Every job has some kind of risk to it, the higher the pay the larger the risk. If you choose to dedicate yourself to this sport then you have accepted these risks,and I as a spectator have no problem watching you give it everything you’ve got.


football will eventually become boxing. It's going to go down hill from here


The narrator sounds like Artie from Glee? Kevin McHale? I had to watch the video twice to place the voice.

O Kobalt

They just don't tackle, they run into each other...
Maybe Americans think they are bisons ?
Teach them how to tackle.


It'll have to be a completely different sport

Humzah Hassan

Think I have a few solutions for rugby and football. First rugby is dramatically safer than football and even soccer for your brain because they do not have padding or helmets. Secondly there is cte in rugby but nowhere near soccer and football. Because in soccer you head the ball. What football has to do is ban helmets and pads until a mechanism is created to stop the brain from smashing the skull. Secondly having talked to a medical physicist from rice university he said that if you ban tackling above the hip, meaning players will have to tackle at the hip and place their head to the side of player than that automatically reduces the rate of contact and doesn’t make your brain slosh in your head like it would for a shoulder tackle or a head to head tackle. Secondly ban blindside hits as best as possible and disallow contact to players in the air. Lastly let’s say for a hip tackle someone was trucked if that player falls back and suffers whiplash that’s Brian damages. However if the player does a hip tackles and looks up and gets trucked they will fall on the ground and if they catch their body going down with their hands that avoids whiplash. Or place rules on trucking instead of taking that risk. This has to be done to save these sports I don’t think the nfl will do it because it does make the game more boring to watch. By the way on the cte studies 40% of nfl players are at risk for traumatic brain injuries and same with boxers. The study however alarming was skewed because it was players who already had symptoms. If we can take the violent culture out of both games and make it more skill based (as it should be) then that will also help.

Nico Aguilar

“We didn’t know about the brain injury risks” are you kidding me??? It’s football, guys are running full speed tackling each other with as much force as they can. Weak vox, you guys are putting out common sense information and calling it journalism.

Mrs. Davis

I thought I was running the video at 1.25x speed with the way this guy talks

Michael Scott

Just get rid of the helmets they give people a false sense of security I played rugby for a little bit and on my first tackled I charged headfirst like how I saw NFL players tackled and let's just say that was the last first and last time I made that mistake.


The information is good and all. But God damn his voice is annoying.

Isabella Bernasconi

surprised they didn’t mention Dr Bennett Omalu in this video


take away helmets


How about they just play rugby or soccer instead if mixing it into some wierd game

Random Jayde

Sorry vox

Nicholas Meyer

Thumbs up to make sure you’ll never forget 978432


Does anybody know the details of the last comment? Who it was and what he was talking about?

"To get rid of that play right there and I don't know how you do it"

CarolinaBaby _

You mean to tell me the biggest strongest fastest most powerful group of men on the planet clashing into each other at full speed and strength is unsafe? Damn football

69,000 subs with no video challenge

Football is a safe game when played right like if u agree

Derek Watson

Vox is getting paid... to make the most redundant video in YouTube history... video should be 1 second long and say "cause it's football"


Tackle football will eventually go away. It will take awhile though. It will be up to the players. Are the players okay with developing CTE? The NFL will continue status quo, as long as that money is pouring in. They don't care about the players' health.


Just look at women's hockey or soccer.

Jaime Juarez

The whole point of playing football was to hurt or get hurt. It was to lay guys out and not get in trouble for it. To be a man and see what you're made of. That's what football was about. Toughness! That's the heart of the game.

Anwit Mondal

I'm no american football expert, but I agree that it is fundamentally flawed because the x factor for it is brute strength. A sport will survive if a lot of people play it. All globally successful sports have one thing in common, they value skill , technique and finesse over just pure muscle .

Daffa Dappoy

Sad american

Max Heidcase

Take the helmets off in NFL. Take the gloves off in boxing. Result is far fewer concussions

Jeremiah Perkins

The 1000th comment


Concussions happen because of American Football's blind faith in its own protective equipment.. Despite rule changes there will always be concussions in Football . Take away the helmets and pads like Rugby and concussions will drop dramatically. Players will not try stupid hits and launch themselves like missiles because they won't be relying on a false sense of security .

kelley Rogers

Atlas orthogonal helped my son reversed all his debilitating symptoms.

Caleb Clark

Now no one wants to play

Thomas Marshall

FOR ANYONE DOUBTING THIS, keep in mind. It's not about concussions only. It's about repeated head trauma (and mini-trauma) that don't even reach technical concussion levels. TOO MANY FOOTBALL FANS are making this mistake. I can't tell you how many times I've heard "But the concussion levels aren't that high" (and then quote a concussion-only stat).


I hope Steve Young and Troy Aikman are ok. Two guys I saw play growing up, who seemed to have concussions on a weekly basis.

Max PL

I love football (soccer)


idk bout this, ive been playing for 6 years (i’m 14) and everytime i step on the field injury is a thought. but i also know that me playing is putting my health and saftey at risk. therefore if you’re scared to hit or get hit don’t play


take off the pads, fix the human behavior. Check it out https://www.youtube.com/user/TheA7FL

Jaleel D Taylor

Is this why Skip bayless choose Shanon Sharpe to be his co host. You can tell he has CTE

Hendry yyy

Better play badminton..

Derek Straker

Once CTE can be diagnosed in living humans, I'd have to imagine that will, essentially, be the death of football. Can you imagine a situation where it turns out 40% of the league is showing early signs of CTE? Or 50%? 60%? 75%? 90%?

Nevermind colleges, high schools, and Pop Warner. Most kids who play do it for fun, not to make it into the pros. If they are showing early signs, no way parents would let them keep playing. Not, at least, without large insurance policies. And once insurance start getting involved, it would be so much easier, and cheaper, for municipalities to just close up shop.

George J Gilles.:

Looks like a bunch of runaway cars devoid of its use of breaks.

I Will Become #1 Through Dedication And Faith

wait? So charging at full force with the intent to hurt them is unhealthy? Who woulda knew.

Just another goth

Why aren't you playing soccer? The only ones that get really injured are the viewers.

Unusual Stranger

If your sport has far more brain damage than Heavy Weight Boxing , you have a problem .

Little Monkey

Can I have permission to reuse your video in a presentation?

Nic Mey

9 7 8 4 3 2.

CJ Lange-Embree

The easiest solution is somehow never discussed. Remove the helmets. If there is no sense of invincibility by leading with your head, then everyone will be forced to tackle cleanly. You’re not gonna lead with your bare head into another bare head if you know it’s gonna split open and bleed everywhere. Less padding in football encourages better form tackling.


College football is WAY more interesting and has way less injureies

nerdy 101

I’d like to see a comparison between the amount of injuries in rugby and the amount of injuries in football as well as a comparison between the two sports of what kind of injuries are most common...(vox, please do this?)

f n

Knew this in popwarner when I would go helmet to helmet and here that klunk sound and see the lightning. So don't care about them getting hurt, they all know what's up, use your shoulders


Omfg It's football....it's not supposed to be safe. It's a sport, this is why men get PAID MILLIONS OF DOLLARS TO DO IT. It's a risk they all take and are all well aware of making. It's a man's game, a gladiator sport. That's why only few get to do it and why millions tune in on Sundays to view it

let there be lamp

Damn that Mike Webster clip was powerful

Abcd Efg

Americans should watch rugby if they want to see some real big hits


Just play soccer America its much strict and have rule. No 1 sport in the world can’t go wrong.just my opinion

Manko Kennewick

How is any different from the hazards of other professions?

lucas_c_ the_g6

slow down and talk slower

Jetz Callens

E A G L E S eaglesss!!!!!

iwetimer x

9 7 8 4 3 2

Okay, I'm normal.

Maximum Maxx

Why can’t they just take the hard pads of and put soft pads on?


There are more concussions in soccer then in American football so ...

Rick massey

Yet the owners managers and coaches allowed team players to celebrate plays by ramming their helmets into their fellow teammates

Sister Grace

My ex beat me daily for 12 years breaking walls with my head , I’m like a football player , daily headaches and much more .

Aaron R

More people watch the Super Bowl than nba finals because it is a single event. A few hours of sports is easier to watch to multiple games over a period of time

illudin eye

Today, is the day I will end my football fandom. I will no longer watch, wear, collect or support anything NFL related.

Companies who sponsor the game, advertise during commercial breaks during a televised game will, one by one, no longer be consumed in my day to day life.

Am completely serious about my comment. A family member of mine, has been diagnosed with CTE and dementia. Watching someone I love dearly, fall ill to this ruthless illness is devastating.

Goodbye football ... forever.

catster marioholoic

Well I'm sorry but these guys know what they are getting into they are grown men making millions and millions of dollars. There are some professions in wich you risk your life and you don't even make close to what these NFL players are making. I say let them earn their money.

407 Kidd

No one makes people play football. Just like the military these players understand the risk they are taking. Don't change the game because it is an option not mandatory to play the game

JJ Made The Lesson

one word: flag football

Cali Geedi


les 1v1

Wow in my recommendation 6 years later ???


Still surprising that women's soccer is the most concussion heavy sport in the ncaa so this fear mongering (while warranted) is kinda unfair towards football

Osiel Velez

They should remove the shoulder pads but not the helmets. Concussions are still possible because sometimes you can hit your head on the turf really, really hard. Which will result not only in concussions, but head trauma.

Cold Truth

Honestly I don’t get it. Refs and league making a big deal out of it, it’s football. Quit calling flags because someone got hurt. Any coach would tell you not on tv but on the field- good hit.


I don’t get how this is not a crisis in rugby


I don't care about political anthem protests at all. But I care very much about the CTE problem with American Football. For that reason alone, I am completely boycotting the NFL. I encourage others to do so. I understand that players choose to play and that they are not forced to do so. But I do not want to encourage them to play this sport, by giving it my attention and money.

Patrick Cullen

I love football. I understand that injuries happen. Injuries in football will always happen. But the collisions and violent nature of the sport is what makes people love it. Also, this issue could be solved by simply enforcing safer tackles. All around the world, people play this sport called rugby. There is lots of contact, lots of big hits, and absolutely no pads. Yet, there are less concussions in rugby than soccer, which is known for being the sport all the pretty boys play. If football could enforce safer tackles, it could become a lot safer, without sacrificing too much of those big hits that make it so exciting and fun to play.

Taylor Mcfadden



Parents who dont ket their kids play i just don't understand. Unless your kid is going to play in college and beyond CTE isn't something to worry about. The reason these NFL players are developing CTE is because they constantly get concussions, both minor and major, over their entire football career that can last 20+ years in some cases. Most kids in the US will play tackle football in maybe middle school but mostly highschool amounting to a total of 4 to six years max. Its just not possible to have enough concussions in that time period to develop CTE. And if your child does have 3 or 4 concussions then pull them from the sport. For most kids I believe 4 is when they are recommended to stop playing or the league makes them stop.

Md. Afeef

play soccer

Dwayne White

Should enforce cocussion protacol every player should be tested after every game, would definitely cut down on how much damage or deaths associated with football.

fake name

It isn't a crisis. They like to use adjectives to make things sound worse

Charlie Harajli

is this ben shapiros brother wtf

peadey mclovin

Does vox just like taking the fun out of everything?

ahlaxhandher theux

If you cant understand that you could get hurt in football before u play then u already have brain damage. Its like going to war n being surprised that u got shot. Stupidity is the worst epidemic nowadays


this is why im playing soccer not because i hate football but because i am not going to take the risk of suffer after it

Judy Weng

People are going to eventually stop playing football.

let there be lamp

3:04 cringe?

blaise johnny

primitive sports. : )

Luis Jimenez

I main way people get concussions is that people dont know how to hit right.

Blue Jazz

The NFL will chew ya up, use you up and spit you out.
The NFL destroys bodies, and they are like the Tobacco industry, they go after kids and start to destroy them from an early age.
Sitting at the top of the trash heap is Roger Goodell. Roger is getting filthy rich off of players going braindead.
Owners like Jeffrey Lurie, Steve Tisch and Jim Haslem keep the abuse going while putting money in their pockets.


I had some pretty bad concussion during highschool football and I couldn't imagine what NFL players go through.

Chvck_sb !

I’m sorry but it is sad if you can’t 978432


What will kill football is when high school and college games can no longer afford insurance premiums because of the risk level and lawsuits that will force insurance companies to raise premiums so high they can't pay them..............can't get insurance?..........then no more games.......that will be the nail in the coffin............

Sylvia Koite


Hmm Hmm

That’s why Flag football is created

Bel R

Another reason for which this “football” is not good as the real FOOTBALL ( soccer for Americans).

Pete Kenny

Watch the movie concussion. It tells you everything