Make your own weighted vest

How To Make your own Weighted Belt or Weighted Vest out of Ankle Weights BARLATES BODY BLITZ

How To Make your own Weighted Belt or Weighted Vest out of Ankle Weights BARLATES BODY BLITZ30 Jun. 2015
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is that a joke?

don't loss hope keep going

How to Make Your Own Home Fitness Equipment ( Sandbag )

How to Make Your Own Home Fitness Equipment ( Sandbag )3 Apr. 2012
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http://www.sixpackfactory.com Learn how to make your own home fitness equipment in minutes. In this new series of videos we are going to show you how you can for a fraction of the cast make high quality home fitness equipment that is just as good, if not better than the stuff you will buy in the shops. In this very first DIY FITNESS GEAR episode we show you how you can make you own sandbag. Sandbag training has become very popular but with and average price tag of over $70 most people just can't afford it. But not any more. In this video I show you how you can make your own for just $15 and how it is even better than most of the expensive brand name sandbags out on the market today.

Get more videos like this at: http://www.sixpackfactory.com

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dolche mustard

what accent is this?


Very Helpful!!!


Very cool! Great idea. I'd like to see more!!!

Hiren Khant

I think the straps would torn up very soon though...

Nicolas V

Did this actually become a series? Or was it just a one time video? Can't seem to find the rest.. if there is any

Nikki Sasakamoose

Now thats cool



Simon Cohen

Excellent Video
I will be very happy to try this out.
The best tip is to stuff the empty bag with shopping bags after the weighted bags are in to get the sandbag nice and tight.
Great stuff. Keep it up

Chronic Pain

thanks for this video, best one I've seen. and I see alot people in gym using these now in the UK.

lose Weight helpers

Great video, people complaining about you talking but it did not bother me they can always skip to what they want...thanks for the video

Kurt Driver

How come this guy has so little muscle? Doesn't he use this stuff?

ak k

Awesome trick thanks

Elane Horhi

Cool.  I bet that bag makes a great pillow toos.

Muhammad Umer

Very helpful

M.P. Rey

Great Video!!! Making me a FitBag today!!!

Ivan Johnson

I made a free standing chin up bar with heavy gauge plumbing pipes, electrical tape, and 1 inch thick rubber mats.

محمد حسام

Thanks a lot

Saif Ullah

Keep up the good work. ...? Thank you for the video been very helpful. ..

Jrreik Levi Andaya

but if it's nice, long and CIRCULAR.. xD

MD Products

Very nice

Abdulla Alkaabi

Great one


fucken love it man! Cheap and easy to use! Also really interested in using the sandbag in press-ups and chin-ups and squats.


So so obvious,but i would never of thought about myself,i just made a sand bag up and it's really really good and has saved me a ton of cash.

Mohammed Abu Ghali

How heavy should it be ?

Vivek Karumudi

wow thats great will immediately start searching for my bag..

Alma Lizeth Irizarry

This video is great, I will surely save me money on buying a sandbag.  Could you please make a video on how to make a Sandbell?  Thank you!

Pineapple Guy

Thumbs up, mate! I'm making one of these today.


This is a great joke.

Rajdeep Dutta

he is fucking too muck talkative. Shut your fucking mouth & show .


too much talking less doing

Bellazee Nightwish

Omg ...

Thats so cool

Definitely making one :D


Toooooooo much talking, we are all very time poor and it is annoying to put up with wasted time.

Bob Bing

Great vid, thanks! My project for after work today (^_^)!

(Ignore all the negative comments, they're a dead giveaway of losers and trolls.)

Nazmul Kabir

This is shit nigga freshie

Mark Stewart

I hadn't thought about using the small grocery bags to vary the weight in the bigger bag.  Great idea.  Thank you.


For what its worth, sandbags shouldn't be very full and tight, they are supposed to have a looseness to them so that the weight shifts, forcing your body to use your core more often, making workouts more effective.

Alice Emory

Omfg is it jus me or does he jus fukin talk too much

Sunil Pudasaini

How much you can talk


Baie dankie meneer.

George Locke

instructions start at 2:53

Akintayo O. Adewale

Thank you for this video. You have got some useful information on your channel. You have just won a follower. :)

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Keefe Borden

Thanks for the video. I was going to make something very similar using sand. Is gravel a more dense material than sand?

Christopher Wortham


Eric M

Could you use an old backpack?


i think my schoolbag with my gaming laptop is as heavy


Very cool.
However, why doesn't anyone show how to cheaply make a nice, durable punching bag/target suitable for those of us renting apartments. We cannot be drilling holes in ceilings, etc., to hang bags, we cannot buy expensive bags and bag stands, & we must also take into account noise level with consideration of our neighbors.
Why does nobody show how to make these things?


Hi, just being curious here. Your accent sounds really familliar, are you South African?


@sixpackfactory.com @petercarvell Peter, can you make a few workouts using a Sandbag? Thanks! Especially since many people bought them because of the quarantine!

John Menyhard

Like it

Bob Evans

I like the Fit Bag - Good idea such a tool around. Keep showing us more stuff like that..


Waaaay too much talking.... Got bored after 3 minutes and searched for a different vid ????

Tactical Therapist


adhh xgxhhg

Did you just spend ten minutes telling people to put sand in a bag and lift it?

Console Carti

U talk to much

Tosif Hasan


Rational Blackfella

Not a bad vid very cost effective and easy to follow thanx

Valérie De Roeck

Tfs! I Will make This as a yoga weight, because indeed it cost too much otherwise..


get a lot of carrier bags pff dont. Ive got thousands.


that ragey donkey kong overhead swing though

nordin restricted

funny hahahah

John Smith

Thank you! I just saved a hundred dollars! ???

Judo Randori

Work on being concise, mate, eh? Useful info but I skipped through because it took you ten minutes to put out 90 seconds worth of information.


Why not just get rocks outside...

Loriemae Albino

thank you for the video..

habib mahmood

Thank u so much man what an awesome video!!!!!!!

Seetsa Molapo

How useful for this corona virus time

A.H.R Second

South African?


this guy sounds like a fuckin leprachaun i think ill buy my equipment thats better made and i wont get injured on barely saving any money in the process....material to make this shit is just as expensive

James Myers

This is the worst video I have ever seen.


Made on today! Bought the bag at the thrift shop and went to the sand pit. I used sand instead of gravel but works nicely!

Robert Guinvarch

Thank you.

Dešrelė Kečupas

-rep, didn't even hit the bag, why would you even make it then.... drumbells are ment to be lifted, and the sandbag is ment to be punched....


Great and very very helpful video,by the way,what weight punch bag would you recommend for a beginner?.


This was really helpful.

Can you do a video on making a home made weighted vest? but not using a rucksack, as all the weight is at the back.

Peter Nguyen

I think this is fantastic. The takeaway is have fillers made of some soft material like rags tied up with duct tape or some such, and for weight use the gravel bags, so it will be really professional and just as good as the commercial one


Nice. Thank you

Bonkers DiY

Nice one.
You can do the same think with my sand backpack DIY.
Sand cost 6$ backpack cost free if had an old one...

J Dubs

this is a great idea it never crossed my mind to make one but something so simple can really provide a complete workout im making one tonight thanks

Elliott Davis

Good job

Arigo 101

Can you do a video on how to make weighted armbands.

y tu que opinas

genius , epic

Cathy Lopez

Very helpful video! Keep on making home gym stuff!!!


Your mum

Calvin Burr

I don't know why it is so common, but you guys can avoid wasting time and boring your listeners by not telling them what you are going to demonstrate. Just start showing and add your narration to the video. This video could have been cut down to the two or three minutes you said it would take to make a sandbag including all relevant explanations. Instead, you took over 10 minutes....I was expecting to see you make several pieces of equipment in a video that long.


Thanks for showing me this.


Yes, I enjoyed this one. I will enjoy more if you could tell me how to make a Punching bag at home. ;)

Christopher Wortham

I want to see more of these, they are really helpful. A lot of us can not afford heavy dumbbells.

Tosif Hasan

good trick bro

Jack Russelle Lewis

This YouTube channel is so underrated

Sailor Taurus

Super idea! Ive been wanting a sand bag for the longest but they are way too expensive. Can you do other videos like this? Pick more of the BodyRock equipment please!

Brian Andrew

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Zulficar hamid

Hi ya all doing

Joe Alvarez Fitness & Nutrition

weighted bag? uhm....just use weights! simple

nordin restricted

good bro

Bmw M325i

Man this guys videos really suck, this is called the sixpack factory, but this dude looks so flimsy and week,id knock him out with one punch, hes accent is even worst,he cant even explain anything properly,

Intuitive Physics

Well, how much it weigh


it's like one of those cheap infomercials :/

Joshue Poderis

You need to do more homemade fitness gear videos!

Master Volume

Cool. Make more

How to Make a Weighted Vest

How to Make a Weighted Vest8 Aug. 2019
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Gonna be posting videos on

Gonna be posting videos on this channel about all things fitness, bodybuilding and calisthenics. Exercising has always been a huge passion of mine and has really picked up over the last year. If you wanna follow me in this journey please subscribe to the channel and I won't disappoint!

Forgot to mention in the video that I stumbled across this idea when I was watching https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVD3XZYLQ4U. Gotta give creds even tho i missed it. My Bad.


INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/victhefit/

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/victhefit/

email: [email protected]

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Brother Akmal

What is your vest name?

Yurr Dadd

Bro at this point u mise well buy a weighted vest??



Last Son Of Akatosh

Song in the intro?


Hi is your vest weight carrier can insert a plate at the back and front or front only?


the music is too loud i barely can understand since english is my 3rd language


Do you have the exact link to the same plate carrier you bought? Thank you

JC Junio

Nice video bro. You deserve more subscribers.