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How to Draw a Male Torso Side View - Basics

How to Draw a Male Torso Side View - Basics9 Aug. 2013
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This video is


This video is about the Basics for the Male Torso Side View. The next one will be the Basics for the Perspective and Angles of the Torso, so we are finally moving towards the more advanced and useful stuff!

(sorry for the delay in uploading this, i had some problems with my mobile internet)

Since this is about the Basics, i don't delve deep into the details: what matters here is the Big Picture, not the Details.

Be patient, we will begin adding Details as soon as the Basics for the Chest are done :)


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Agnello Mascarenhas

thank you for the video

King Oppai

This helped me a lot :)


Amazing i subbed


Really helpful tutorials! Thank you for making these

Alexander Dimitrov

Keep it going man! Awesome work!

Sky Moore

Wow this is the most "how to" how to video I've seen. Need more like that. Thank you :)

A. S.

You make it easy, thaks for the video!

Sculpting a male torso

Sculpting a male torso2 Oct. 2016
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Adrien LeloupSubscribe 438 721

How to sculpt a male torso

How to sculpt a male torso for 32mm figure, using Green Stuff, Milliput and BeeSPutty firm.

Real work time: 3/4hrs

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Hercule Holmes

I haven't watched this video for a long time, but it's still awesome.

Vincent Weymann

Super vidéo encore une fois ! Ce serait super de savoir combien de temps ça te prends de sculpter ce que tu nous montre dans tes vidéos qu'on se fasse une idée de la masse de travail.

Sad Wurzt

if i was doing a torso it would just looks like a sack of potatoes, like my torso

Conny Karlsson

This is amazing to see in the works, just stumbled into your videos because of wanting to pick up sculpting again. Do you always follow the same process or when you know it's going to get covered, do you simplify into bigger muscle groups?


Are there an cheap clays to practice on, that are like this putty, because I know that these are expensive

Miniatures, conversions and dioramas by Franky

awesome work

Богдан Цыцымушкин



would you tell us the actual mix ratio of the different putties you used here? I must have tried every putty and mix ratio possible and just can't get the stuff to do the most important thing which is what you seem to have achieved...blending one layer onto another layer of putty.
Also, what are you using to smooth, water, vaseline?

Hercule Holmes

One day I will be a top sculptor. But only after Adrien Leloup has been assassinated.

C.J. Valdes

What is this!? A Male Torso for ants!?
Amazing work!!

Gerardo Peña Pérez

I never get tired of seeing this video

Jaylon Robinson

How did you make the duck bill tool?if ya don't mind me asking


Was also wondering if you were a professional?

Alan's Art Log

Wow. I recently got back into sculpting and I just found your stuff browsing through reddit, it's amazing how tiny these are. Awesome work.



Marc Wittkowski

This is incredible. Stumbled upon your channel yesterday and I have to say your work is phenomenal. Stunning.

Rake Dos

Une vidéo en haute qualité bien centrée et zoomée avec une exellente maitrise ; les parties en double ou répétitives en accélérées ; des commentaires précis ; une musique sympatique .....
C'est un exellent travail ! Et un abonné de gagné ! :)

Richter Belmont

Parabéns ??

How to draw TORSOS + GIVEAWAY!

How to draw TORSOS + GIVEAWAY!23 Dec. 2019
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Hello everyone! Long

Hello everyone! Long time no see! I hope this tutorial on how to draw the male and female torso were helpful! Please let me know in the comment section what tutorial you would like to see next!

Also! Here's all the info for the giveaway!~ 12/23 thru 01/10

How to enter the giveaway!

Step 1: Subscribe to Me and Arteza

Step 2: Like and Comment on this video!

Step 3: Like and Comment on this video also! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzBIHl9xig0&t=121s

(make sure you mention you're entering the giveaway!)

Eligible Countries:

USA, Belgium, Slovenia, France, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Finland, Cyprus, Denmark, Ireland, Estonia, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Malta, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, UK, Sweden, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Netherlands, Romania, Italy and Austria.

Discord link: https://discord.gg/ps4Vh86

Support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Talart

My P.O Box!


P.O Box 26333

San Diego CA, 92196-0333


Social Media:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/_tala_art

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_tala_art/

dA: http://ur-muther.deviantart.com/

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/talart




Opening done by DeKill

#anime #drawing #manga

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Josselin :3

your so pretty! <3


no one:
me: already making jojo poses


Best tutorial

Cloudy Gacha

Tysm for teaching me I never rlly drew a man before but my first time went very well


Thank you so much for the tutorials
It's help me a lot


This video has helped me further then most books and all the over complicated videos on YouTube????

Azooz 1342

Are you a muslem????

chakshita sharma

i love your video...its amazing... u explain it very well...i always have a problem with male and female body... now i can draw Can u please do more tutorials on male and female gestures.....?????❣❣❣


when did you start drawing? love your videos btw

YourFellow ARMY

Not trying to be that gurl but....0:40 THAT'S A BTS POSTER...
ok sorry I'll leave now


Thank you so much! I've been having such a hard time with this.

Fauve Divry

No one:
Literally no one:
Someone who cant appreciate perfect art: Why is her chest so shaggy?

Flandre Scarlet

Thanks, I can now start to draw some Jojo bois

Jurrien Drawing

"you kInda need to know anatomy" me: runs down stairs and stares at my self shirtless in the mirror for 5 minutes

Κυριακος Καρατσαουσιδης

thank u for every thing nce nails


i hope you guys have a "wonderful" 2020
Me: heh yeah abt that..


Wow! This helped me thanks!??

Barong Oni

for some dumbass reason i forgot how to draw torsos andd now im here

Nic Diaz

Lol I love your videos you don't look down on yourself but you don't boast about your achievements

Juan Barreto

Lovely video content! Excuse me for chiming in, I would love your opinion. Have you heard the talk about - Foolijaar Straightforward Finder (google it)? It is an awesome exclusive product for mastering human anatomy and physiology without the normal expense. Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my buddy after a lifetime of fighting got great success with it.

Evalina Millan

pelpole that hate her il hate them back like she cold have 19 mill but hateers hate her

Ashni Yuni

Even with 480hp I can nearly see the drawing

Fauve Divry

You deserve more love

Here, take mine ??
I’m literally trying to do bodies because around these days I wanna draw, and I have more talents on objects and things I learn on “how to draw...” but girl, this was just amazing, it helped me sommuch

watermelon sugaa

the 19 people who disliked cant draw as good as she can, and raged.


The only reason why i don’t draw bewbs on my girls characters is because i can’t draw them correctly, i can’t even Sketch it properly! But thanks for the help :)

Tandin86 Wangchuk

Thank you I love you



King_of_ the_Pirates

At 7:05 the guy looks like the thumb guys from Spy Kids.


i- i just- hdkagdkwbdk wow


i like the way you let us know what to do! thank you for this tutorial! ???

Mask Code

I can’t see but I’m still liking it cuz it help other



Tandin86 Wangchuk

Do lags to

No Face

How do you make your lines so smooth? Is it a type of pencil or something?

Diana Regodoz

Your tutorial is sooo funny but I really get what the general idea is. I know how you feel like it's hard to explain but yeah I get you? And love your videos btw! Keep drawing❤️


your way of explaining is so chill yet very understandable, and I get a lot of lesson from this tutorial, so THANKS A LOT

Gyro Plays

Didn’t help...


Algum brasileiro q n tá entendendo nada mas continua aqui ?

Eihed Bra


lil ggs

Lool never knew she was muslim, let’s have a long talk


rest in peace talart chair


It’s been years and I’m finally learning how to draw torsos..thanks

Fresh Milk

Hey, when will I receive my free torso giveaway?

Sometimes Chris

It's crazy how underrated Talart is


this is literally the only channel i found that can help me improve my art tysm

zohra siddiquii

Just to let you know that triangular muscle connecting the neck and the shoulders are called the trapeze


thats what she said...

Maeze _

Anyone watching at 2021?

Makaelyn Soriano

If circles weren’t hard enough for the head now you gotta draw circles for the body




The first bloody video that actually helps and shows me how to do a female torso easilyyyyyyy

Forever grateful cheers

Yuna the scorpio

Lol to be honest i love talarts voice its beautiful and calming xD

Eijiro Kirishima

My dream is to become an animator. But I can’t do that because I think I can’t draw...but your tutorial has really helped me with my torsos.


I want to make my first bishie *stares at my first attempts that looks so stiff* so---

جنون اوتاكو

انتي حرفيا اسطورة و احلى شي انك تلبسين حجاب استمري يا مبدعة ?❤?❤?You are literally a legend, and the best thing is that you wear a veil. Continue, creative ?❤?❤?❤?

lil periwinkle

I wish you see this i cant draw the female body because i need to draw it straight front facing pls upload thisbut straight facing pls its hard

Catherine Fofanah



Ngl I used the “older method” LMAO

Kaijusaurus Rex


Ms. Opinion

OMG THIS IS SO HELPFULL!!!!!! Omg thank you so much i love you from the bottom of my heart

watermelon sugaa



I don’t mean to be rude but I found the tutorial difficult and in the end I had to freestyle and do my own way

Meowzer Paws

OMGGGG!!! Thankyou soo much for making this video! I've been struggling to do the torso for the longest time T~T but this really helped me! thankyou <3!!!

Keyhana Ayon

Doesn’t anyone know a torso is more of a hip part

ally_ games

Me Still on the line: ???

no one

omg yay, it is actually worked. thank u so much!


RIP chair

Some Hyena

Fellow left-handed drawer! :D

Wiza Sichilima

Like how u express your design



Mr. Kirk

I like your ramblings ,helps me visualize

theodore hamilton

talart is the only reason i know how to draw-


this is literally the first video im watching from you, and omg i love your commentary and personality sm lmao

Alma Balderas

Thank you so much, this really helped! Mine doesn’t look that good because it’s the first time I’ve ever drawn a body with actual detail, but it helped nonetheless. And while learning I did get a pretty good laugh. “We’re going to pretend his head got cut off.” Haha, thank you!


dont say anorexic as an adjective for extremely thin
its a mental disorder and NOT any sort of adjective :/

Fries Food

me: watches this video
art skill leveled up

G a b y

This helped me a lot cause I did not know how to draw a body AT ALL but now I got a little idea what I can and should do

Broken M

Breasts look saggy by default unless they are really big. When you draw breasts you have to ask: bra or no bra. They are just lumps of fat at the end of the day and whether or not clothes push them up/out makes the difference in shape..


Youre soooooi coool

Not A simp

14:30 talart questioning her own kind


THank you so so much!

taco taicho

Wow i can already feel and see this tutorial will really help me

_R3KT _

I know this is a year old, but thanks for the tutorial. I'll keep the instructions in my head, i really wanted to know how to draw a torso, thanks.

Cecilio Jhay Saripada

Oh she's actually really pretty

Ryan Howell

I've been practicing drawing Rectangle and Hourglass shapes for female torsos

BeybladeGeeks Jr.

Ohh my goossshh. This is the BEST TUTORIAL that I have EVER watched in my ENTIRE life!

Jacquelin Diaz

Since this is the first video on her chanel and I like it and she funny I just subscribe to her chanel yea


I’m here cause all the “girls” I draw look like men with big bo*bs


How rude

Sopheak Long

draw Same left hand?


New here and trying to learn anatomy:) btw you're absolutely beautiful :ooo you have a wonderful day :D

s i e n n a

the triangle muscle is the trapezius and the muscle that goes over the back of the ribs is called the latissimus dorsi

in case you wanted to know??

also this is an amazing tutorial it help loads :))



Mira Knitting Works India

This is THE BEST Art-drawing tutorial . Thanks Sis !!!!

Twila Perlas



THANK YOUUU!!! Ive been looking for something like this for ages cause i can draw arms legs ect easikly BUT THE BODIES ALWAYS LOOK SO DOGY AND EVERYONE JUST TELLS ME TO DRAW A SQAURE BUT LIKE NUUUU. Thank u

Tayyibe Binici

When you finally find a tutorail that helps.

Thank you, sister! Also, so good to see another Muslim artist ^^

〖Pastel bunny〗

Tysm for this tutorial! My finished product came out really food new sub! :D

Rex Roselo

Her chill vibe is what teachers need when in comes to teaching most of the time im taught i get pressured onto doing stuff and rather than remembering how to do things i remember the pressure, stress and anxiety
Thanks for this wonderful vid
It helped alot

Barbara Gordon

Her: I will find you and I will rip up your paper
Me: NooOooO