Homemade traction mats

DIY Wood Traction Boards (Maxtrax attempt)

DIY Wood Traction Boards (Maxtrax attempt)30 Jan. 2019
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Today we tried out some

Today we tried out some 2x8 lumber as our traction boards (Maxtrax) to get out of a sticky situation!

I made some wooden traction boards.

They kind of worked! haha Watch to find out how well...

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Comments (43)
not tryna argue but

Gotta dig till your weight is on the tires and off the chassis at least.
Those will probably be cool on sand, test em there. But with mud I'd go with bolts instead of a cut pattern, which should also with with sand
Also, the fake brand trax are like fifty bucks and work pretty good


I think instead of cutting out grooves in the wood, if you added the strips of wood on top of the plank would work better


You can get ok knockoff maxtrax on eBay for 20 bucks each.


This is how we learn thanks for the attempt

Louis HD14

Awesome. Haha I was looking for content exactly like this. Good thinking!

Whiskey's Hikes & Bikes

I'm glad you posted. It was fun to watch you attempt to find an alternative board. Maybe try a more aggressive pattern and maybe other materials? Dont give up

Ben A

Hey guys I did the same thing here in New Zealand thank you for taking your time to show that the wooden boards don't work the best ps next time use a better snatch strap and use a dampaner

Michael Williams

Man you buried that thing. Good to have friends around to get you out. Thx for the video


You need to invest in a snatch strap or rope. Tow straps are not as effective when pulling a stuck vehicle out. You need something that stretches.

david baraka

Nice video. Good presentation. But a bit too long. Shorten it. Had to keep forwarding. Great idea. Need to do more for different materials but keep it 3-4 min

Sean T

Great video. I am no expert but I am not sure if jerking the truck out was a good idea, wouldn’t slow and steady torque wouldn’t have been better?

Jimmy Jimmy

Get yourself a set of Max Tracks.. $500 Australian for four! Bargain when you are out bush in 40+ degrees and effort needs to be minimised. Same goes for the snow.. At least you boys need to get a decent set of recovery gear with a snatch strap. Your approach is dangerous.. And for the rant record don’t put knots in your recovery gear.. ?????

George Nye

That hurt to watch.

Manny Pedroso

Buy a ford.

Dan G

You should actually find an old snowmobile track with studs and cut it in two pieces


A different idea that is half the price: bubba rope. It requires another vehicle but is cheaper than maxtrax or a winch

Crystal Hayes

Had this been your average "stuck in the mud" scenario, I do believe it would have worked. However, you had that thang burried man, just straight SUNK lol! But this is an awesome idea & I'm convinced this will work for my situation. Thanks for sharing

Zen Innovations

Maybe try them again in snow?

Humberto Loya

Never use A/T tires in Mud

Justin S

Looked like a Sausage party! Thats my offensive comment. I think you did a good demo. When you are stuck to the axles and in that kind of nasty mud not sure if maxtrax would have helped. If it weren't for fails we would never learn. You all have awesome positive attitudes, and energy.


Thanks for saving me the time and cost of trying to build my own.

Vito Corleone

I think they will work

EJ Wall

Haha nice!! Sucks they didn’t work as well as you hoped.


Man, y’all didn’t do anything wrong but try something new and inventive / proactive! One cool invention I have seen was deadman ground anchor when stuck, I would have to do some more research for mud usage using the deadman, but your on the right track to something my friend. Love the vids and positive energy. Much love from Louisiana swamps Patna!

Joe TV

I got my brother some of these on ebay they are really nice $48 for 2. I got 2 sets. And for Christmas got my 2 brothers some snatch ropes


GearAmerica Recovery Tow Strap 4" x 30' | Ultra Heavy Duty 45,000 LBS (22.5 Tons) Strength | Triple Reinforced Loops + Protective Sleeves | Emergency Truck Towing | Free Storage Bag + Strap https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078K25FLM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_wW1sEb92J1H35

Le Roux Jordaan

Put screws in the boards

RayS S

Good try. I think you had two problems: you couldnt get your boards under the tires, and the boards had a smooth finish.
I made some using leftover 1/2" OSB with lateral 1" slats screwed on every 5" - on both sides. Will tey them out soon


Get the thickest plywood you can find, cut boards, you’re welcome

Bob De Builder

Good try guys but before you hurt someone, or damage your vehicle, as 2TT pointed out get a proper recovery strap. I cringed watching that. Also a high lift jack is your new best friend, as your ute(Am in Australia) does not have jacking points you will need to get a "lift mate" to go with it. With that you will be able to get the boards under the wheels and the diffs, transfer case etc out of the mud, then the home made boards would have worked fine. Or learn to love digging, ask me how I know. Its all a learning curve

robbie Sharp

What about just cutting an old tire up and sticking it to a peice of ply?

J Carlos

Best truck ever, it will over-last any other tuck gg guys


Maybe if the grooves on the board were staggered in elevation and multi directional


Get a proper recovery strap (snatch/kinetic type). Please.

DDog Hunt

Thanks, love the attempt. I'm like you on spending the money on something I try NoT to use! Maybe if you were in crawl and off that damn break pedal the video would have been shorter. Keep it cheap!!


put some screws through it so they poke through the other side about 1/4 inch and i bet they'll work....wood maxtrax 2.0? lol


I thought that the boards would break from the vehicle's weight, but the Tacoma never got on to the boards. Were you using a tow strap instead of a snatch strap? What you going to do next? I would be nice to see the knock off Amazon tractions boards.

JEC Ecart

Put screws or studs on them. The boards didn't work because tyres didn't have anything to latch onto the boards.

Jimmy Jimmy

Not a chance...! Interested to see the end of the vid!,,


Try cutting the thicker ones in a diamond pattern. It looks like they are still slick. The sharp points of a diamond pattern should grab better.

Jason H

What you need to make wood work is 3/4" bolts through wood for rubber of tire to grab. And dont cut the wood.

Allison SooHoo

I keep watching these videos in hopes of finding some new tips and recipes to further expand my repertoire- I have yet to see one single segment nor second that involves the making of ANY tacos, taco salad or even Taco Bell. Some taco party. Adios

Sothea Mam

Would the chain work. Yep to pull your truck out from mud

Dean Fuller

Guy doing a muddy recovery op in $150 Nikes and no-show socks . . . .


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I want a stomp pad

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Haha, didn't think I'd ever see a "how-to" on applying stomp pads... Way to cover all the bases Guf!

Brian De La Torre

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carheartt FKA

I’ve hear about people using surf wax for the stomp pad area, does it work?


I think that's the ugliest stomp pad I ever saw ?

Wooden Traction Boards // WhackTrax: DIY MaxTrax Alternative

Wooden Traction Boards // WhackTrax: DIY MaxTrax Alternative15 Mar. 2020
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Today on Borderline

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Pros: Cheaper, Durable, Strong!

Cons: Heavier, Not really stackable?

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Comments (13)
This Guy

For your 2.0 version you should think of using a bed liner spray for additional traction

JonDZ Adventuring

Awesome video Alan! Editing is great! You need to show me how to do all that!
Oh! And the Whack Trax are sweet!


Pretty cool. I'm sure that's way stronger than those plastic Amazon boards. I'd be watchful for tread damage but it may not be an issue. If so, I think "crown cap nuts" would be the ticket. Nice job

Janet G

kung pao garbage!

Melody T

Ghettofied dude lol


I like the idea, I’ll be curious to see how they work for you. I personally don’t know if I’d use these as I’d worry about the unforgiving metal bolts chewing up my tires. Maxtrax and similar will get destroyed if you burn out on them, but they fail before your tires do- in almost every situation I’ve used them I’m in such a low traction situation that it’s difficult not to spin. Anyway, fun DIY! My experience with them has only been in snow though, yours could still be useful in other situations too.

Leilani Mac

Clever lol whack trax. This is going to save us so much money. I'm ready to tackle this project. Thanks for the video

justice manear

You deserve more subscribers ❤️

Xiandi Huang

Fun to watch you making these.

Robson Enduro

why did you paint it...

Craig Lenhard - rvrguyd

I don't know, looks like the truck got stuck again at the end of the video because the underside of the board has no real gripping power on the snow base.

Jay Choi

How much did you spend on materials? Vs how much would maxtrax knock-offs been?

Manny Pedroso

Would be nice to have a better demonstration of them working.