My olympia 2018

2018 Olympia Full Press Conference

2018 Olympia Full Press Conference14 Sep. 2018
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#2018Olympia #PressConference

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The Full Press Conference for the 2018 Olympia.

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Comments (100)
moarbahd one

Where is the live stream?

Edison Tran

im disappointed.top bodybuilders in the world are representing bodybuilding and they acted like bunch of teenagers.

David Perez Gonzalez

Eeyoree needs a WWE contract.

CF Broddah

Where the fuck is kai ? Damn.

RanK ColouR

Every time Bonac talks he seems more like an asshole. I know they are tired and full of chems and depleted but he's being a full bunny boiler more and more.


Could the 2018 Olympia have been a bodybuilder?


You're late bro!!!! already watched it... But i'll like it anyway.


Shawn Rhoden looks like he's always high but cool. And I prefer his old school aesthetics. If I do a little rap analogy - he's like the Snoop Dogg of bodybuilding. I don't care how modern is that new mumble rap star Phil Heath, I'm bumping "Gin and Juice" in my car.

Jay Sundy

Wonder how Andre feels after losing to Brandon who took the whole division


What a shit show no respect for each other unlike every other sport

Jack Choong

Fuck iherb


Man, I do't like being confused! lol. But it seems to me that this year is more unorganized BUT I am working while watching so maybe it's me. While the body builders are onstage they dont do much commentary, they dont have any of the TV insertions on the side of the screen like they do, for example in boxing or the UFC. I'm confused who is in the classic physique and 212 and open. They should completely revamp their production style to make it more professional.
Make it so that someone who knows nothing about b'building could turn on the TV and know whats going on. Hell I follow b/building and I am lost.
Nick, your channel is blowing up! Congrats!

andrew ortiz

Hey guys big ramy is a honest man show him some love after this okay guys. He is bigger but his flow isn't as good so I understand why his arms don't beat phils. But he is bigger in the legs n shoulders chest. His back kinda held back by insertions w you can see matters in Mr o but try not to feel bad about it mine are middle low n I'm short. I wish I had a back like Yates all low.

Thraxton Stirling

I guess Shawn never thought about how much Phil Heath looks like Shrek.

TheGamerRadu Canal

Could Ramy and Roelly's english have been good?


FlatOut 2


Woow William is a dick

Emanuel Ciuro

Wonder who won the men’s physique competition ☺️


All those guys are in some much pain mentally right now. Their bodies put through hell.

Osaid Sasi

What’s the point of asking them if they think can beat Phil Heath or if they can win the mr Olympia. They didn’t diet for weeks on end and spend hours training to come in 2nd. It’s a pointless question to ask.

Gwent Champ

Where's Big Ronnie?

Patrik Szász

Srsly?Flex watching only his phone while Phil talk.


Phil Heath won the press conference too? God damn

andrew ortiz

Mr o's act weird but Dex mature

Colossal Drip

This guy Dwayne is actually crazy??

Sadiq Shaikh

Phil heath looks sick, like his voice is not that strong , something wrong going on for sure


Nick's Eeyor's and Poo's

soko zove orla

Without steroids no result! Looking to Ronny Coleman, Dorian Yates, Paul Dellit now, bodybuilding is one big lie!

adisa gemma

did anyone else whack off? or waiting for bikini stream?

Chad's World

I hope the black guy wins????

DJR - Fitness

What happened to the women? Did they hold a second press conference for the women competitors? If not that’s a huge slap in the face to them. I noticed this last year, too. The figure, and bikini girls all of divisions - they work hard too to qualify and prepare for the show.

Yousef Sobhani

I wanted Phil to scream "I AM MR. OLYMPIA"

Everardo Elizalde

14:26 - 14:48 He knew that he would win.


Nick's Presses And Conferences

Yo Akimbo

omg i already thought nathan de asha's physique was ugly, and then i heard his voice..


Im confused. Yesterday I thought I was watching live streaming of the open body building pre judge. Phil still had a slight bubble gut and Ramy was killing him in every way except the back (but they were close). Now I am reading the prejudging is tonight. What did I watch last night then??

Edison Tran

im disappointed.top bodybuilders in the world are representing bodybuilding and they acted like bunch of teenagers.

Vikelodeon Gaming

Phil looks better with a beard in my opinion

EZ123 EZ

Phil is going hard AF


What is up with Phill's left eye... 10:35


Nick's Footage and Coverage

David Wicklin

This is like high school. What's next - a fight at the press conference?

alex perez

Anyone noticed Phil left eye?


19:27 - 19:35 Gotta love Dexter!

Leo T-J

Wtf is this shit. Since when did mr olympia turn into a reality show? Was it always like this


Starting to lose its purpose

Diablo LeBron

Bonac was sounding sensitive. "YOU DIDNT SAY HI!"

Bulk Brogan

"I have no beef" 35:50 argues about previous beef


I get the press conference before a mma or boxing fight but before a bodybuilding show I don't understand it. Seems silly lol either someone's body is better or not you can't discuss much can you??, plus I'm sure they all just respect each other really. Someone explain why they do this please (not meaning to sound a dick about it aswel).


I’m from uk but Nathan rain it in bro ain’t classy what your doing


This could be a reality show this needs to be on TV or on YouTube Red

William Spain

The Blade looks like he’s about to kill the guy at the end of the video.


It's already over for Phil! Rhoden got it on lock, you'll see tonight! Cry all you Heath fanboys.

Diego Gomez

Flex Lewis is probably the most respected champion in there

alexander pleasant

They just Jeremy stroke his ego ?

Colossal Drip

For anyone confused about Bonacs reaction to Cedric, Ghanaians value respect over everything. Our culture is all about love so Cedrics actions prob made him disrespected, its more than just saying hi. I still support both of em though

Arc Enciel

They dont have the mind maturity of their roid muscles ...


Phil Heath looks like a ninja turtle hahah

Erick Heera

18:36 damn thats the cleanest bald fade ive ever seen on a ifbb pro.

Massive Action

These guys are bickering like some sensitive girls. Come on. Sportsmanship and integrity is better than strife.

Frank Castle

Will you be posting the full Olympia


It would've been hilarious if Winklar said that he can beat Dexter even if he peaks in 2019 Mr.O 21:00

Lance Milliken

Worst personalities ever. It's like a bunch of cardboard cut outs

DizasteR 17

The full press conference is already up and in HD. Why do you put it up on your channel too and on top of that in a way worse quality? Really bruh


name of the song at 2:18????

Hollywood 80

A lil to late Nick but you get an A for effort cmon

Anwar yoma

phil looks tired af


The most ill-doped bunch of athletes in our planet, sirs!

Fujita Saffir

Why is Bob calling them out in the wrong order lmao

Aabdenour Brown

who's watching the press conference after the olympia??? loool


Bob’s Tieght Pants and Fake Bulge


The presenters or hosts are perpetually creating animosity....very unnecessary and terrible way of promoting the sport

Ervis Toska

Thank you for the video ??

Rafa Vieira

Phil is probably regreting what he said at 15:12.... Im proud of Shawn for sticking by his word and speaking his mind , a well deserved title

Sergio García

Great coverage Nick!


Bro ur way late on this

Jacob P

I’m only here for Breon and Chris

Roope Karjalainen

Nick's strenght and Olympia

Zach Bartlett

Ramy is all business, anyone notice how many times he looked at phil? I think he’s got something for phil.

Jack Harpe 3rd

So what's the name of the Rob Zombie theme at the beginning?

NinjaKitten77 _

that ending tho lol



Gar C

Seriously, this is just ridiculous, it's like schoolboy stuff! It really seems as though they are just doing all of this to put on a show for the audience and people at home to create as much drama and tension as possible but what it's really doing is making them sound very unprofessional. I mean these are supposed to be grown men who should ultimately have respect for their fellow competitors but they sound like children! Now maybe they were told to act this way by the organisers in which case I would be not only embarrassed for myself but for the people running the show. I heard a few times the words "Keepin it real" being spoken, yeah it couldn't be further from the truth. This is hyped up BS and nothing more!

israel ramirez

This press conference could be so much better. I hate how they try to create drama to get people interested. Why not ask real questions. How did you train different this year? What was your hardest moment this season?

The Batman RN

Always found these press conferences boring and awkward at best, but this felt genuinely unpleasant. Stopped watching after a few minutes. Could just be me though. Thanks for the coverage all the same, Nick.

Clark Kent

"Big Rami.... you look...... uh.. big"

In other news, water is wet and ice is cold. Thank you Capt. Obvious ?

Eric Petersen

Shit show


William Bonac driving some Drama. I love it!


So when they peak or to beQuotation marks on time quotation mark. Do they only have a few hours when they’re busy looks the best and it popped up with blood?

tertl wax

Too damn much going on today. I’m tryna keep up with nick and the Olympia at the same time figure out what Eminem got going on...while binge watching Norm, goddammit!

Radio Man

Jay Cutler is going to win Mr.O


Nick you are the greatest gift to the bodybuilding community of the decade

Aaron Blossfield

These guys are so corny ?


yo WHAT the fuck is wrong with phils left eye looks like he is about to have a seizure!!


Shawn Rhoden’s face has me sooooo ??? he never recovered from that eeyore comment.. 27:10 “eeyore, do I really look like eeyore, I guess that’s pretty accurate but... Damn eeyore? Think of a comeback... think of a comeback”

Deepen Ghatani

Shawn we all Love you God bless u win more n more .....U r the true example of coming back & prove yourself .

Louis Bissell

I find the lack of personality disturbing....

Dr. Werewolf Vampire Pirate Billionaire

Some of these guys are actually surprisingly well spoken.


I have no idea what "eeyore" means. Anyone?


Nathan’s way better than Sergio jr

Mr. Olympia 2018 - open bodybuilding Posing routines

Mr. Olympia 2018 - open bodybuilding Posing routines16 Sep. 2018
13 950
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Mr. Olympia 2018 - open bodybuilding Posing routines

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Comments (8)

Was a great show live in person ??

Miguel Roman

Cedric's posing was good but he didn't do the back lat spread! His bls is very good, I wonder why he didn't pose it?


Thanks man

Raul G.

Increible :).


Ramy looked good here

Antje Stechele

Die Muskelsymetrie von Big Ramy ist unschlagbar! ☝️


Man Phil is on another lvl

d7ombino /\ دحومبينو

Where’s roelly winklaar

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Comments (57)
Johan Oosthuizen

Stupid music with the video.

shilpan dutta

classic physique is keeping bbdng alive.

Laradj Louati

The music please ?

Vladik Lord

Really good!!!

success addicted2

???CHAMPIONS!!!!!???Fuckin' cool vidi???nice

Mohamed Sief

Be hard ?❤✌

alfredo treminio alvares

seria buemo en español

quinten keppens

Please put you're songs on spotify

This Hans

What is the of this song

well done

incredible video! ! !

Ian Horncastle

Would be amazing to promote this on our launch of Modelone in Australia @motivathelete - showing your positivity is what we promote in the fitness world of modelling.

Verne Fits

Jeremy rocks

Trip Raul

8x Sandow Coming

Jongie Extreme

Boy this videos are old tf

Abdalrhman .Hegazy

I Think That Big Ramy Will Win It This time

Ralff Rod

Fuarkkk niceee video..,.


the name of artist .....please

Abhishek Chandel

Bro!! The best video ever...love from India...
You should really focus on these type of motivation...it just gave me goosebumps upto my whole workout today...All the best and lots of love from India??

salah karim

This is before the 2017 Mr olympia

Edan Oo

+ cr7 muscle ?

Rupp Stef

Song 1 is "one of a kind" , Song 2 is "Fight Back" from neffex

Anthony Dela Cruz

Go Jeremy Buendia!

prabhu biswal

Pls someone tell name of this Neffex song ..pls...??

Ariff 88

why people hate phil?



beast mode

RIP SHAWN RHODEN ???? Shane on you bro such a beautiful family broke on part


Fire video bro?

Account Company B



Olympia Weekend is upon us people! The superbowl of bodybuilding is near! It will be exciting to see who comes out winning this time!

Jose Rodriguez

Phil Heath did not win after all. His abs look like shit I don’t know why he even competes?

sss motivation

Phil health is best

Juan Reyes

I thought Phil was 7x Mr. Olympia but in the video says that he is 6x


l love shawn's comment on " l don't go to the gym to be #2"...we will see!

Rahul Lohar

name that song

Kiriakos Black


Josh Coleman

Bodybuilding fell off so hard ain't nothing but a bunch of pretty boys can't nobody relate to that s*** no more

PANINI Clips - Fortnite

damn what a video dude, like a trailer for the olympia


2 more days!


Do seu sabe ? aqui no Brasil as coisas são tão difícil
Mas minha vontade era de estar nesse palco aí com os melhores ? queria tanto ser um fisicoturista e não tenho condições .só de ver esses vídeos me emociono pq só de subir no palco e chagar onde vocês chegou já e um campeão .....

essam mosbah

Mrs fake

Hammas Khan

Best bro

Ian Horncastle

Love your video - very positive clip

Abhishek Chandel

Your instagram page is not visible on your provoded link...it shows "the link is unavailable"

Muaad Farid

Alot of steriods & GH

Ha Thi Kim Thu Ha

Song ????

Junaid Sharfi

This is ramy's year ?



Chuck Norris As The Dragon Slayer

Go and cry ? some more Philly cheese steak “the GUT” Heath bar with soft girl shaped breasts! Your biceps looks like crap ?! With your soft girl shaped breasts and pussyfoot character to match makes your double bubble gut look like you have a baby ? in there sissy! So go and cry for another Mr O win like “ I WOULD DIE for it”! Give us a freaking break for a change pussypie . Go and cry ? somewhere else with your chocolate ? bars and chocolate milk baby ? little west side wannabe Goldilocks Mr Olympia stealing brown nose ? beer-? -rotch smelly crotchety crotch ass kissing? paid off wimp!

Captain Price

finally pregnant boy destroyed by Shawn Rhoden the KING! :)

Miguel Calixto

Music 3:00

Abdo Salama

Great Video

viza vizant

Best bodies on the planet

Abdelrhman Alhwary

بيج رامي❤❤

Athletics 2.0

Killer video Bro?? Appreciated your work


Phil being as cocky as he can be in this video and next year, he lost and since then he is a crybaby lol

Mouhamed Dib

Wher IS Big ramy

Ravi kharlra

Who is song