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Tight Grip | Cinefoil! Your New Ace Up Your Sleeve

Tight Grip | Cinefoil! Your New Ace Up Your Sleeve14 Feb. 2021
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Host Seth

Host Seth Miranda








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Lloyd Terry Jr. / BodyGraphics Photography

Thanks for sharing, I've never heard of Cinefoil but will give it try. For a couple of bucks its almost a no brainer. BTW the videos are hitting on all cylinders IMO and I really gain allot from them. You can never stop learning and picking up new skills in photography and your videos do just that.

David Velez

I was asked to do a product shoot, and the client wanted a grey backdrop. There was only so much feathering of the overhead softbox I could do with only white backdrop paper and limited space. Then came this video! And I remember a brought a roll Cinefoil (just to have) but never used it. Flagged the backside of the overhead softbox, and voila! Greyed backdrop without over exagrated angle of the softbox! Thanks, Seth! You saved the day!


This is a product that I never knew existed, but now that I do I can immediately see where I could use it. I've done shoots in my home and the white ceiling is about 8ft high. I could tape some strips of this to the ceiling to keep unwanted bounce from happening. Thanks for the awesome content you continue to produce. BTW, the 4K video quality is fantastic! That Nikon Z6 is right on!

Edwin Keeton

Spray paint regular aluminum foil; Brooklyn cinquefoil?



Juven Cavazos

I couldn't live with out it.

Vegar Øyfoss

Ha! FUnny, I was about to order this the other day, but got distracted and didint fully check out. This was a nice reminder. Also love your intro and outros . Refreshing. And the idea with your "music video" shot was great, or as I was thinking "Reverse Pinhead" shot.:)

Matt Day

Man, this was really great. I’ve seen some of your videos on Adorama over the years. Glad to see you doing your own channel. ??❤️

Mike Warren

Seth - It truly is amazing how many photogs have never heard of this stuff!! Not only is it useful with lighting, but I've used it to make shaped apertures on the front of my lenses many times to achieve some amazing effects!! Great stuff.. Nothing else like it! Keep up the good work on this channel and it will grow!

Robbie Keene

I make Cinefoil snoots for macro all the time. Flags too. It's perfect for small applications and is a real solution maker for so many things. Great, versatile stuff! Great video!

Sam P

Very informative I can think of several uses already. Ordering some Cinefoil now.

Rob Ruth

Would love to see more on cinefoil and anything else that’s useful in the industry.

derek bell-jack

before i got my strip boxes, i used to place a strip of cinefoil on either side of my 4x3 soft box to turn it into a strip box. worked a treat, love cinefoil. another informative and enjoyable video seth. cheers.


yep use it every so often, its handy for bringing medium size lights down to macro sizes when you shooting tiny stuff.
its also good for using as costume / body wrap pieces, i needed to make a quick couple of vambraces (arm armor) and the cine wrap was great as it stayed in place, worked beter than regular tinfoil as that stuff moves too easy as its much thinner.
spray paint takes well to cinefoil for a one off use.


The last look is very Freak On a Leash

mike nelson


Vic Román

Good stuff!

Damian Robertson

I’ve used it more when working in theatres than with photographic lighting. One observation: when working with hot lights, cinefoil is heat resistant, but gaffa tape isn’t (it gets gooey and horrible). Black tac tape is the solution for that.

Kennon Nilsen

Never knew about this! Thanks Seth!!

Tom Leininger

So good, thanks for all that you are doing with this channel.

Dan Arango

Thanks for the good info!

Brad MacMillan

Super interesting!! I would totally use this!

Gary S

Of course it will be a good one,you are telling us stuff..YAAAY. Love cinefoil.


Very cool, thanks.

Rosco Laboratories Inc

Nice! Fantastic tutorial on how to get creative with Cinefoil!

Thomas Hall

Hey Seth thanks for all you do. I love cinefoil and I'm just using it all over the place. It's the duct tape of lighting solutions.


Love it

Patty Mattes

This is something I keep forgetting to get. It's definitely a multitasker for controlling light and getting effects. I love the pin hole shots. Thanks Seth!!!

Jack Deth

Seth + grip = good times


Chill Seth, it doesn't bother us. We're just here for your pearls of wisdom.

Jimmy Hill

I learned about cinefoil from a lighting seminar by Rick Friedman that B&H put out maybe 5 years ago. I always have some folded up in my grip/light bag even though I honestly rarely ever use it(mostly just to flag background lights). It weighs nothing and packs away in any tiny crevice as you said, so I figure why not carry some just in case.

As to the construction noise at the beginning, we(or at least I) can't hear it on this end so don't worry about it unless it's distracting you.

Gary Yeo

I would love to see more cinifoil tutorials..

Brett S

Really enjoying the new format on your videos. Keep em coming


Awes stuff as always!!:)

Zachary Phillips

Great video, Seth. Love the examples you share and the pacing of the video!


Enjoy your creative video's Seth. I will be ordering my first gels soon, for the A1X and B10's. Looking forward to giving the Cinefoil a try...

Steve Walker

Good stuff - and I am guessing Duvetyne would be another product worth introducing.

Robert Mear

Grip ninja

Brynne Levy

Great video, Seth! Super useful

Melani Wright

I opened this up and waited for the kinda annoying commercial to get to the part where you can skip it. As soon as I skipped it you were facing the exact spot the actor had been in and being upset about the construction noise. Lol it's almost like you agreed about the commercial.
Anyway nice video. I'll be adding cinefoil to my list.

Records of Light

So that's what cinefoil is. I had no idea. I've heard you mention many times but today I learned what it is.

Marcus Beasley

I had that exact idea with adding the color filters to the hole punched cinefoil and two seconds later you do it.

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Grip | Meaning of grip

Grip | Meaning of grip8 Mar. 2019
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See here, the meanings of

See here, the meanings of the word grip, as video and text.

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grip (verb)

To take hold of, particularly with the hand.

grip (verb)

To help or assist, particularly in an emotional sense.

grip (verb)

To do something with another that makes you happy/gives you relief.

Let’s grip (get a coffee, hang, take a break, see a movie, etc.)

grip (verb)

To trench; to drain.

grip (noun)

A hold or way of holding, particularly with the hand.

It's good to have a firm grip when shaking hands.

The ball will move differently depending on the grip used when throwing it.

grip (noun)

A handle or other place to grip.

The grip of a sword.

There are several good grips on the northern face of this rock.

grip (noun)

A person responsible for handling equipment on the set.

grip (noun)

A channel cut through a grass verge (especially for the purpose of draining water away from the highway).

grip (noun)

: Influenza, flu.

She has the grip.

grip (noun)

An apparatus attached to a car for clutching a traction cable.

grip (noun)

Assistance; help or encouragement.

He gave me a grip.

grip (noun)

A helpful, interesting, admirable, or inspiring person.

You're a real grip.

grip (noun)

A device for grasping or holding fast to something.



January 24, 2019

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