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Targeting Rear Delts | Developing Balanced Shoulders | Advanced Training #11

Targeting Rear Delts | Developing Balanced Shoulders | Advanced Training #117 Jul. 2016
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Too many times in the gym

Too many times in the gym I see very developed anterior delts (front of the shoulder) and very little development in the posterior delts (back of the shoulder). You're never going to have round, well-balanced shoulders unless you learn to correctly target the back of your shoulders. In this video we discuss some techniques and exercises to get that targeted development you're looking for.

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SBK Rider

Hey bro, could you do a vid showing the correct way to do a face pull. There are a hundred different videos telling you to do them a hundred different ways but I'd really like to get your take on it. Top vid Bro, thanks.

Isaac K

CGI. That's some advanced technique right there. Thanks for the video. Also, on some days, to avoid my rhomboids and traps from doing the work, what I do is I retract them first and then do the reps. That way, I know for sure they're not the ones doing the work because they're already in a locked position. When coupled with tightened abs and in the standing position leaning forward, I find this method to be effective for strengthening my stabilizer muscles at the same time.

Lou Picardo

Good advice again I was doing the mistake of overextending the movement to the point my rhomboids and traps were kicking in... I'm going to try this today. Thanks again for your vids.

Verat Yuthavong

I tried them. Love it! Thank you!! Never felt so good to have those hot shoulders at the end of work out. Trying out others now.

Charles Thomas

Thank you so much for this, James! I always learn so much from your videos. Truly an inspiration!

Dev4stating x

Rows, facepulls, rear delt fly. Done.

Jorgito Eddins

I'm a new fan. I enjoyed it

Andrew Pilone


Ryan Lal

great video keep em comin could u make a video on training splits what do u reccomend for mass gains

Sun Mi Conway

Love how you explain the anatomy before demonstrating the exercise.


Another great video I will add to my workout getting so much from your vids looking forward to the next one your arm and chest tips I've already added to my week off training ? after shoulders could you do back then I'm sorted

Joe Aguilar

I always enjoy how informative you are, especially wth the visual representations of muscle insertions. But the graphics added even more! I'd try to put them in most of your videos. I have to say of all the fitness YouTube instructional/tutorial videos and channels. This is the most mature and developed as far as information and demonstration goes. ??


Here is to the loser that face a thumbs down.

Robert McDonald

Thanks for the new content every week! Loved your rebuilt series with TigerFitness. Would love to train with you one day. Keep it up man!


Subscribed! Thanks for this video.

Mtort 1975

I love your videos!

Pontus Andrén

makes alot of sense, maybe this is why i have pretty weak rear delt but better upper back and traps.

Bruno Levi

Very comprehensive explanation, thanks.


James the very last thing you did was unilateral cable raises, and you performed them bent. I've been doing them while standing erect. Am I missing out?


Great video! Thanks

T White

looking to focus on my rear delts more. this video was by far the most helpful i've found. great information, great delivery. thanks a lot.

Jordan McDonald

love these videos man, very knowledgeable. thanks man

Adam Clark

Really enjoying these videos! Keep up the fantastic work James!

Stephan Reichelt

I like to do a few sets of rear delts @ the start of back day they get worked hard anyway...


“Bones” looks like Raymond’s cousin

Weston Bradford

i start out with 5 lbs in that rear delt


Some do the rear fly to hit rear delts, rhomboid, and traps, so we go for scapula retraction purposely.


the title definitely said "boulder shoulders" in my notifications. the change saddens me

Marta De la Fuente

This videos are great James, really great ??

Osama A. H. Al Tameemi

I have never seen such amazing info. THANK YOU.

Sarah Abraham

good jod well said

Michael Jordan

this man is awesome....

Das Hyena

Absolutely love these videos!!!! Informative and I've changed up my routines based on your content. Sooo glad I found this channel. Thank you!


so basically keep the scapula protracted?


why is this fool out of breath from just standing there


Yea i'm fked up because i haven't trained rear delts properly and my other delts basically did and caused my shoulders to rotate in slightly causing a shoulder impingement. I wish i knew about videos like these previously.


Is it not dangerous to keep the arm straight on cable and machine rear delt exercises?

John King

this guy would be so shredded if he did a carbless...or extremely low carb intake and got into ketosis...he'd look crazy...amazing physique followed by a his amazing intellect

J Smizzle

Jeff Cavalier needs to copyright his videos. lol

Siddhartha Saha

very very informative.....

medhat sabry

Well "Engineered".


Thank you big time!!!

Todd C

what about face pulls?


Fantastic Video, I had a complete rear labrum tear and have been struggling to rebuild strength in my posterior delts and have been making all the mistakes in the video. Thank you for the information it will be put to use.

Tong Mack

Like from HK

Entity of goodness

can you do shoulders isolation on chest day?


kinda reminds me of raymond


Not one face pull was done that day.

Vladimir Trifunović

I watched all your videos, and I tried to train rear delts like you said but I just couldn't do it right. I m just using too much traps and romboids. Can you show your back without shirt when you do exercise for rear delts in your next video of full shoulders workout routine.


Really love these geeky stuff. It's important to train with clear understanding about what you are going to do.
Thanks man, great advice!


Nice video!! I'll be impatient waiting for the next. Congratulations James!!!!!

Berk K.


Exotic and luxurious

very awesome exercise I can't wait for tomorrow

Carl Love

so would you recommend working rear delts on back day due to them working in tandem with the traps and rhomboid muscles? Or would you do the rear deltoid workout on shoulder days, and then end up working the rear deltoids again when you work your back?



Mr Anomalous

it's always great to see a video like this and know you having been training right lol. ✌?

Nick Alexander

Excellent video !!!

Wael Boutin

Dear champ, while practicing the rear delts cable flyes is it necessary to keep the cables machine in high positions? or we can drop it down to be at the same shoulder level? please advice

Jim Angstadt

I like the way you use plastic tape and animated videos to help illustrate muscle attachments and contractions.

Christian Augusto

AWEsome tips!!!! trapezius always steal!

Rohit Pal Singh

my left shoulder is weaker than my right shoulder


i tried the cable pull's shown in the video because i saw a guy do it at the gym. except ended up hurting my shoulder..honestly don't teach people risky workouts. even with good form those workouts can tear a rotator cuff muscle.

Alex M

great advice! I have learned to really "connect" with my rear delts, protracting the shoulder helps. Therefore when I pull, I also try to push out to eliminate/ reduce the use of my rhomboids and traps.

Shivanshu oliyhan

Tatoo man ?


Love your video~ You explained how muscles work that helps me. Now I know where I did wrong. Thanks!


this channel will blow up to more than a million sub soon

Peter Wood

Do you rate lying on your side on a bench with a light dumbbell and training rear delts like that?

Travis Martin

Thanks James, I learn so much from your videos. I have this imbalance going on and have been trying to figure it out, this video had the answers I was looking for.

Adrian Roberts

a relative novice to the gym and these workouts and info have helped me massively. Thanks


Always , always the best clearly laid out info from a guy who obviously puts his money where his mouth is! I agree with JMB and also hope your channel gets an abundance of subscribers. Always looking forward to your next one. Damn nice artwork there too james . cheers from Australia .


Awesome video!! Please do more this kind of videos!!

Helder Rodrigues

I just finished the Rebuild Chest workout today, and yesterday did the Back. Tomorrow is Shoulders, right on time this video... Hehe

truong nguyen

New sub love all the videos you put out



Drew Painter

Thanks for the videos very useful indeed
loved the chest one I have really long arms and talland get very little benefits from barbell bench press

Vishwa Raghavan

Every guy who goes to the gym, has a favourite fitness you tuber that they watch daily, you're definitely the new favourite lol.

Jarrad Weston

Pleeeease do one on hitting medial delts effectively? Thank you, great informative vids.

Siddhartha Saha

a really good tutorial!!


Great advise as always. I will keep this in mind for the next shoulder workout.
Keep going James!!!

chris rottman

Do you plan on doing the same types of videos for legs?

Milton Valdez

Thank you bro! So interesting and complete your information!

Like + Suscribed!


thank you James for another great video, and explaining everything.

Everyday Titans

Amazing video gonna try this


I`ve seen many youtubers recommend external rotation with rear delt movements. I didn`t see that being implemented in any of your shoulder videos in this playlist. I`ve always felt awkward doing external rotation during rear delt work so I`m just wondering what your take on that is. Additionally, do you do any work for your rotator cuff to avoid injury?


Your videos are really worth watching. And the sad thing is kids keep doing it wrong just because someone "bigger" told them to do so. Hopefully your channel gets a lot more subscribers! Cheers!


Nice hat! You must have been to Doherty's gym in Melbourne Australia

Evan Myers

What are your thoughts about pronation on rear delt flies?


Good advice, I see a lot of people doing rear delts all wrong. I hope people from my gym see this!

Jessica Tucker

I learn so much from you! Thank you for your awesome videos!


Dude is teaching class!! Love it bro!! I see my man bones reppin Bpisports with the hat!! Keep up the good work.


I'm getting a workout just watching this I'm pumped up ready to train some glutes and neck muscles


Cardio much? ;) But seriously, great videos!


thanks james, I've worked out for years and years and you taught me more in a couple videos than I ever knew...

Krishna Kali

make a video on ABS, especially lower ABS


very helpful mate

Weston Bradford

Should my scapula be set during these exercises, or should it be relaxed?


Really appreciate the detail and your intellectual approach.


Best tutorials by far.


What do you think about face pulls for rear dealts? they've worked for me so far ^^

Cube Bassa

He's doing them wrong ?? don't try this please. Waste of your time!

How to train your rear delts

How to train your rear delts24 Nov. 2016
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Mark Coles explains key

Mark Coles explains key exercise principles around rear delt training. A few tweaks and you'll be feeling your delts like you've never done before.

Comments (26)
dean baza

an British version of athleanx,much better voice on the ear.???

Ander Iglesias

thanks for the good advices mate, as always, cheers


This the most frustrating video being honest. Go straight to the exercise


Reaching really helped, excellent que, thx mark


Another great video. Keep up the good work.

Luis Colon

This dude is a damn genius.


This really is one of the most underrated resistance training channels on YouTube, your shoulder pain videos have helped me massively. Wish I'd found all this sooner! Many thanks

Kirk Deshotel


Vadym Kocherhin

Priceless info.Thx alot Mark.

Enrique Alvarez

Awesome tips!

Just Truth

Great video. Great explanation.


I do this but get a lot of shoulder pops ill try your method hope it works for me. thanks for the advice.

daltons channel

great video.

Thoughtful Aquarius

Great video, top notch coaching. It's a shame that this video, as of September 11th 2018, has over 14,000 views but only 367 Thumbs Up. WTF? Good thing this guy doesn't seem motivated by greed.

And the 7 Thumbs Down? WTF?! I'm just going to assume that those people are mentally challenged....

Excellent coaching!

Danielle D

I like to train rear delts with the cables. I have my arms parallel to the floor, straight out, pushing outwards and with shoulders depressed and protracted. I always see people on the cable machines with the cables set up high and they bend their arms and pull down and back. I don't understand that. I ALWAYS see this. Why do they bend at the elbow?? And why do they begin with their arms higher than parallel to the floor?

Yusuf Abdulrahman

You are fabulous


This has killed me: awesome advice! Cheers Mark!

Kay Jabouri

Your amazing my man, heaps of knowledge that I benefit from ?

Matt Ayers

i love this \ your videos thank you!

Mark Coles M10

Pick up a copy of my 8 week muscle programme and you'll find awesome shoulder workouts to work your way through. You'll also learn the art of gaining muscle whilst staying lean at the same time.

Iwill Ifuwill

Genius! He knows what hes talking about and explains technique and errors so easily

karim belhadj

This is coaching at its best. Small tips = golden nuggets in this industry. I was tired of following the Americans & now have found a great English coach. You have earned my like ?& please more of these videos ( for us who have fucked up shoulders ??).

Mad Ashell

Everyone does this wrong. Way too much lbs lousy form


great vid thanks brother

Iron Vegan

Nice looking gym Mark! Thanks for the tips on the rear delts. Yes, I think that training the full range with a moderate weight, followed by training the strongest portion of the range with a heavier weight is a great strategy for maximizing delt development. I like to superset delts, while also doing drop sets (both used in conjunction with one another). It seems that keeping the delt complex as a whole under constant tension is an excellent way to really light them on fire!

Trainwell Ltd

good video