How to build wrist muscle

Wrist Strength Exercises to Try at Home

Wrist Strength Exercises to Try at Home6 May. 2020
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Join Dr. JayDee Vykoukal

Join Dr. JayDee Vykoukal as she walks you through a few helpful wrist strengthening exercises that you can do at home! These are great to do when you experience wrist tendinitis, wrist pain, and/or carpal tunnel syndrome.

Here's another video that includes 3 more exercises to specifically help with Carpal Tunnel!


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Laura Guzmán Cortez

How many times a week do you recomend do this excersises.
How much weight is recomended for someone more avanced

Shubham Girkar


sakif hossain

I have ganglion cyst
Will this help?

How To Increase Wrist Size | 4 Easy Exercises

How To Increase Wrist Size | 4 Easy Exercises30 Nov. 2017
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It has always been a question in everybody's mind that whether it is possible to build muscle mass on wrist or not. Most of the people think it's not possible. So today I'm going to burst that myth by showing 4 Simple but most effective exercises to build some muscle mass in your wrist. So be sure to watch the video till the very end. And don't forget to tell me that which video will you guys like to see next. So here I present you : How To Increase Wrist Size | 4 Easy Exercises

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Mr. Chirag Jain

Vo bar aur pole kitne kgs k the

star boy

What to do if we don't have gym

Kaphiya Begam

Kya ladies krsakti hai yea ?


is anyone heard nicklodean ?


or watch damage hone ka bhi khatra hota h

Jivan Silva

Thanks bhai jaan


muu se supari nikal k baat kar rey

Aryan :

3:57 meaning???


Haven't a clue what he's saying but I understood everything ?

Riley Elliott

Am I retarded or is he not speaking english?

mehran ayub

Without wasting time start from 2: 5

Raunak Kumar

Wrist paidaise hoti hai agar tm
Wosko badane ki socho tbhi nhi badhega bhai takat bishape me nhi takat kaliyo me hoti HAI


why you put english title when the video is in arab?

Arwal Sanjeevsoni

Good work

Sandeep Thakur

I heard laudiya??

Binoy krishna Maitra

I will try this positively

offbeats facts

I m very very sorry???

Nikhil Nautiyal Fitness

Guys Agar Video Pasand aati hai to Support Karna Na Bhuliyega ?
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/nikhilnautiyal

Atharsh K

1. side curls or lever curls
2.wrist curls
3.protoner wrist curls
4.hand pressers,expanders ,clips

Fehmida Shaikh

Kya kids kar sakte hai 13 years

vishal kumar

Forarms krne se wrist size increase hoga kya

Amardeep mishra

Thanks... for this video, very helpful

Devairy Singh

bhai kitni inches badh sakta hai wrist size isse aur kitne waqt main

Na Fia

Can women do this for bigger wrist?

explorer boy


Pragyan Nath

Chutiya hogaya hai Kya ye ??

Sparsh Sharma

Video starts from - 2:05 save your time and thank me later

Jagjeet Singh

Bhai aapki wrist toh itne khaas nahi

Satender singh

?????मुझे निखिल लूंडियल सुना

Rahul Oraon

Sir it's affect in increase highet or not


I have a weird body shape. I’m skinny fat. I have small wrists and forearms. I hate body.

Deepanshu Gupta

Bhai have no words to thanku... Sach mein shukriya ????.. I have very small wrists and arms.. I am 20 and my arms + wrists look like a 15 year old boy.. Even girl teases me coz they have bigger wrists than me... Was tired of hearing the same thing again and again.. That it can't be increased... But bhai clear one thing.. Abhi maine gym join kia hai.. Can u please tell the frequency and ye exercises kb krni hai? Before workout and after workout? And daily or on alternated days.. Plz bhai reply fast..

vivek yadav

Ab aayege mere wrist me power aur marunga flick short pe sixes

Ashutosh Yadav

Thnx Bhaiya it's useful for me I'm a 15 years old boy ?

happy sandhu

Thanx bro wahey guru ap ko kush rh khy

Ankita Mondal

This is also for girls?pls reply.

Shahalam Shaikh

Thnx buddy

Emran Hossain

Thank you Very much sir. I am Bangladeshi. WATCHING from Singapore.

Yogindra Kumar


DANISH- the filmkrs

Bhai ye to khaini kha Kar bol raha h.bhai muh se pahle supari nikalkar baat kr re baba.??

Archis Marathe

I just want to wear the watches I like ?

Jay Black

Thankfully, the video footage explains each method clearly...
Especially since I'm only able to make out 1 word out of 20 . . .

Shivi H

Thank you for sharing it

AdithyaReddy T

Please do not follow these exercises
These exercises puts too much pressure on the wrist joint where all the muscles and nerves pass through(carpel tunnel)
Practicing these exercises for long time can cause carpel tunnel syndrome due to which you get shivering hands, numb and tingling sensation and finally decreased grabbing strength

Peter Moss

The way to do it is ahate karati amerie sma pao am pata me negihe. LOL

Joker's Editz

Bhai aap garhwali ho kya

R S Memes

Bhai mai bohot patla hu mujhe body banani hai toh mai konsi protien powder use karu

Rubina Karovaliya

Is der any exercise which can be done at home to increase wrist size

Om Rawat

Ap arm wrestler ho ky

Ashish Mishra

You look like APpedia


Sar kya hamre hand ke bone ko basa kr sakte ?

shubham Sharma

Best way to increase wrist size is

Stop mastuburation

Stephen King reader

Canaiew e zix Ieu2vrjd Ieu2vrjd neye e8rbrye like


Why are their titles in English if they will speak Hindi?
I find that so annoying

islamic queen hum

Bhai jo ghar me hoti hain vo kya karen agar aap sare gym utensils se batayenge ti?mai dekhne se pahle hi aap k video ko download karliya? ab delete karna parega?

Animesh '

1.25X Video Dakho

Harsh Kamble

Apka shukriya, thanks so much for this video

Biswajit Chowdhury

Dinme kitnibar exercise karna chahiye.please, answer me.

Pooja Mishra

Nikhil laundia

Tez s

Very very nice I like him

Adarsh Dutta


ammar. gemini

Kia HGH lenay say bhhii wrist thick ho sakti hay ??

Rajat Baliyan

Thank you much sir.??

Danish Pathan

Thank you sir for this video
Its too much helpful for me

Abhishek Sharma

Sir head ki size increase krne ki koi exercise h to btaye pls

Tongue Twisters

What is age limit to increase wrist size??

kratos spartan

For those who don't understand i would like to make a translation although i can't speak english very well

So basically he is saying most of the bodybuilders concentrate on chest biceps triceps abs and they forget about small sectors like wrist wich is very important for lifting heavy objects as it's a dominant part of your hand and do not wear watch during exercise or it will limit your wrist motions then he starts showing exercises to increase wrist volume hope i help you even if it help you a bit

Owais Shah

One set Kitna Hota hai

hassan Gondal


Mr.Hacker 7777

Exercise are too easy but I am also too busy?

sudhir singhal

Use wide grip for any workout and your wrist will be above than average

Rittu gupta

Girls bhi kr skti hai??
Reply plzz


Why would I listen to this dum dum? He doesn’t have big wrists.


Nice bro,i will follow ur instructions.


i want a diet for vegeterians

Darshan Kansara

How much time it takes

conlan a

I like the odd words that he says in English


Helpful video


bhai ek Bnda ko dekha maine wo bol rha tha ki nhi bdh skti h maine aaapki video link share kr diya❤️❤️❤️?????????

Manoj Khera

Can these exercises be done at the age of 40 or plus?


Pehle khud Ka Dekh lo

yadh Nambardar

Is it useful for girls sir?

kushal Shanbhag

Bro 20 ki age mei height kaise badaye

Emran Hossain

Thank you Very much sir. I am Bangladeshi. WATCHING from Singapore.

Anuj keswani


Chicksi _

Could 14 year old do this or it causes problems?

Trace Dis

We cant literally grow our wrist like that.. It depend on genetic... Depends on the size of the bones... Those exercise will help ur forearm and yah maybe wrist strength.. But growing wrist is not really possible... It will grow if ur bones is growing most probably

Nivin Nv

Does it work? Anyone here who have tried and it worked??

Burma Laxman

Very good , useful info sir. Thank u. A small question: how regular it has to be done? Daily or alternatively? Plz reply

Ahmed Hassan

Very helpful video great work..?

Sheetal dass

Hand clinchers does not increase wrist size....it only increase your forearm size ...


Increased size will remain the same?

Gulshan Akhtar

Week me kitni baar Karna hoga,,,

Debiprasad Biswal

Wrist clincher minimum kitni rupees lagega

Le Burnski

What exercises are doing for you're jaw?

Wasiq Khan

ghar pr kesay kregay home exercise ??????

The Great


palak singh

Kitne din karna hai aur kitne baar week me..aur ye asar karega ki ni

Блеск Квазара

bro i don't understand u broo

Gregory Petersen Kruel

1st - 2:40
2nd - 5:40
3rd - 08:05
4th - 09:30

Bulletproof Wrists | Decrease Pain & Increase Strength

Bulletproof Wrists | Decrease Pain & Increase Strength15 Jun. 2018
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? Best Calisthenics

? Best Calisthenics Programs

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Those of you involved in calisthenics, practicing handstands or are doing exercises which stress the wrist, this is the video for you. The wrist exercises covered will be helpful for increasing wrists strength and to decrease pain. These stretches and exercises can be done at home, at the gym or anywhere with some floor space. We need to do a variety of wrist pushups and fingertip pushups to strengthen the wrist joint. We will be talking about wrist push up progression and going over the most useful gymnastic wrist strengthening exercises.

Comments (100)
Luke Phillips

Misleading title, I shot my wrists with a pistol and it was not bullet proof 2/10 would not do again


no, definitely not bulletproof

Galliano Marr

My wrists are half as thick as yours. Dont I need weights to strenghtes them before I do streches as shown in this video?

Skatey B.O.B

Sexy Body??

Facts Justice Truth

Doctors and PTs, The first part looks it can cause injury because it is stagnant and it is before a workout doesn't that usually cause injury, any experts that can confirm?


bruh I have the skinniest wrists in the world
very jealous

A. H

Is my wrist ment to feel slightly painful cus it does with these stretches


guys what is that mini foam called? and what brand?

Tee's Life and Fitness

Is it good for your loose joints?

Melissa Martin

This video is sent straight from Heaven! I am a Licensed Massage Therapist, stepping out to start my own solo practice- I was ecstatic to see this video; thank you so much for sharing this knowledge. I plan to dedicate time and energy to techniques like this so I can increase the endurance and longevity of my career. Here's to keeping our "cups" full so we can help others fill theirs!

DIY beast

thank you i can now stand on my hands for ever nonstop


This is such a good video. Thank you!

HONG ANH Tranova

So painful jeeez

- HobbitNinjaWizard -

Thanks so much for this! I've been experiencing some recent wrist pain after training lots of handstands and pushups. I'll start doing this and strengthening my wrists! :D

Belal Houssameldin

wrist strength: starring broken wrist


should I still be doing these stretches if they hurt to do? especially the extension ones

un real

What's that pad called? Wrist pad? It looks like a specifically good amount of flexibility in the rubber. Is there a product name?

naruto goku

I though he would show how to stop bullets from our wrists ?

Quintin Lambertsen

2:30 be careful not to grab your thumb and to that otherwise you'll hyper extend your thumb

random upload

Ronaldo buffer version


This exercises feel like they could cause arthritis. What do you think Fitness faqs?

Johannes Nilsen

what if you struggle with loose/floppy joints?
my problem is so bad it can cause me not to be able to brake properly during a mountain bike ride.
I use wrist supports on both wrists.I don't struggle with mobility, but I struggle with wrist misjudgment, hand, arm can go up and down in the joint.


His wrists are so strong that even the earth would destroy but his wrists will be left?


I already felt the pain after 30sec




bro if you could make a bulletproof knee video that would be amazing!!!

Francisco Delacruz

Everyone with small wrists

we know his voice

Trust in Jesus he died for your sins, believe the gospel. Repent!!! If you do sin confess your sins, ask him to help you overcome your sins he will. Obey Jesus, live by his teachings, be led by the Holy Spirit. The Lord is coming soon; you will live with Jesus as your example if you belong to him. The love of God is beyond our understanding. If you need prayer, I'll pray for you. If you're looking for a brother in Christ hit me up we can keep contact. God bless you all

Mav on Stack


Jrod Thompson

The average person is going to break their wrists trying to be like this guy

Raizz Showmaker

I'm waiting on the Bullet proof

Thomas Rebotier

The idea that going to the end of the range will extend it only works a little bit. Overstretching may result in stress injuries.

Elijah Montgomery

For sure going to implement these. Glad I saw the vid, I broke my wrist a couple years ago, and while my mobility downward is inhuman, my mobility backwards is pretty terrible. It causes my wrists pain and numbness when doing pushups for longer durations.... which is often since I'm in the Army and I have PT scores to maintain.

Manda lion19

For the finger pushup my pinky is built differently and weirdly and so it has like a weird curve when doing the pushup ?. What do I do for that?

Quincy Masur

thanks for saying "guys AND GIRLS" :D
we out here too!

Kaleb Duncan

No, I’ve always been scared to do finger pushups

Master Roshi

My wrist are airproof

City Punisher

"Bulletproof Wrists" wow, sound good to hear that. However, even everyone wrists not needleproof yet. Shame shame puppy shame ?.

Britney Eck

I looked this up because I'm an artist and I have a lot of wrist pain and when I tell you I couldn't do the first exercise at all i realized i really needed to exercise my wrists

Gordon Christopher Tubo

I wish I saw this a month ago before I injured my wrist while benching.


I’m not sure what your reasons are for watching this video, but if your wrists are weak/injured/painful/numb, get them checked. I have a chronic wrist injury and a LOT of these exercises would make them WORSE.
Just make sure you’re not overdoing it.
Stay safe ❤️

The Sause Boss

I forgot that my shirt covers my wrist too so when I work out my wrists I won't wear a shirt.

Andrew VanOs

This is useful. As a guitar playing I’ve noticed one hand is underdeveloped strength-wise. This should balance things out, thanks!


my wrist cant even do the first one.... im fucked

Atish Tambe

I was here to see if this workout really works or not.... and the comment section is full jokes(wow)...?


? Best Calisthenics Programs
➡️ http://fitnessfaqs.com/


Thanks for these videos, while my case for wrist injury this may never help me (my tendons have come seperate to the bone), this is very helpful. Unfortunately for my wrist I'm limited to progressing in calisthenics so any improvement to the pain I get is great.

Arpit Yadav

Instructions not clear, no wrist left.

Joey Cheng

My wrist is windproof.

Nasreen Noorestani

Thank you for this. I’ve been training the Planche Lean, Pseudo Planche push-ups, and elevated Planche leans.......


You sure you're not double jointed in the wrists? My wrists are not capable of this


Skateboarding has destroyed my wrists lol

Manuel Sanches

Extra sized is not wT we thought we all still learning new stuff

bad bleep

dude I get wrist pain just by putting pressure on it directly


I know I need to do these exercises but why do they look so cringey ???


I hate when I see someone explaining something and they’re shirtless. Why? You’re working on your hands, only hands and arms why the heck would you take off your shirt ? You wanna show us that you have muscles all over your body to prove that you’re right and professional? Ugh I should stop look for what I need on YouTube.


you shouldnt do pushups with bend fingerjoints...


LoL, that is basically drunken fist kung fu training! :-D

Cihan Serhun Sahin

Yea while you are doing these exercises make sure to hurt your wrist and not being able to do you good old push ups : P


I was a ballet dancer for 12 years and one day I was stretching and my wrists just snapped. This was 10 years ago and since then I have 0 strengths in my wrists. I always thought this was not such a problem but I can’t do anything if I have to support my body when I have to put my bodyweight on my wrists. I’m gonna try this because I’m only 20 and I don’t want to live my life with avoiding using my wrists hahahha

sam singh

where did you get the mat?

Shahriar Morshad

Almost one year ago, i was on weed and high af and was watching this video. Naturally these process is nearly impossible to me and i was like wtf did i watch?! The next day i thought i was just high and hallucinating or nobody would show these superhuman moves just on wrist.
Today i know watching again this video it wasn’t the weed. This video is real ?

eka pratama

Are these safe for basketball athlete ?

Ahmed Family

very helpful. will incorporate a couple of these drills into my warmups & cooldowns !! thanks !!


pfffff he's just showing off and flexes the entire video

Da Man Los

Cant the radial devitation toward the elbow danage and possibly tear the thumbs tendon

Stiff Ninja

Bulletproof wrists? Cmon man...

Rewon world

My dad told me within 1 month if I do 10 pull up then he will buy me anything

nikhilesh parashar

Seeing twisted hands and legs on the other side of the hands, made me feel really creepy!
Second thought... at some angles he looks like Ronaldo!

Logic Beast

Whats the benefits of this

Jangkhosat Chongloi

Is there anyone here with bulletproof wrist ?

Sanjay Anand

Thanks a lot

Timon Martinez

after 1 rep i would sweat so much that i would slip and ending by broking my both arms but this dude do this nonstop and he still cool as a cucumber ??

Friendly Yt

Thanks dude for a good video,just mention any alternate of that rubber or foam surface u used in the video that we can use because ofcourse everyone don't have fancy equipments yet.


wow this helps alot cuz first time i tried calisthenics my wrists hurt like crazy but now they dont so guess im getting better


Talk to me when you are 55.

Shashank Gavade

Can you put a follow along wrist workout routine?


any other girls here

Bigger Boat

Hmmmm increase pain and decrease strength

Billy White

Thanks! What's the name of that equipment board you're using?

Norman Bates

Dont do this!!!


The positions look painful

Iuliu Visovan

I am already comfortable in that position 5:27


2:18 don't worry, I think we're pretty familiar with that move

Jacob Robles

My wrist snapped watching this vid


I have a carpal boss in my wrist I cant even do pushups without feeling pain x_x

Taposh Dey

Seriously bullet prof wrist ?


How often should we do these? I was thinking 2 sets of 10 reps every day, but don't know if that's too much?


Work in a warehouse, lifting heavy boxes. This is great! Will def try this on next workout


With veiny wrist like that I'm sure I'll get a gf

The Notorious 2.0

Bullet : I, m Joke To You ??..

Plz Next exercise On Missile Proof Wrist ??




excellent video


i cant type after thisss

vishal bhatt

Dude he is RONALDO

Un usuario mas del monton



After i saw and did this videos instructions i can catch bullets in my hands like nothing


Tell me how can I make my wrists wider


I workout my wrist 3 time a week pal, jog on!