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Full Body Workout | Planet Fitness 30 Min Express & I Need A Tan!

Full Body Workout | Planet Fitness 30 Min Express & I Need A Tan!1 Jul. 2019
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Let’s get this week

Let’s get this week started with a full body workout!

I did this at Planet Fitness 30 Minute Express area! It can also be done even if you do not have a specific area designed for a full body workout. Now, let’s get started!!

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Go for 3 sets of 12-15 reps/workout

1. Chest Press

2. Leg Press

3. Lat Pulldown

4. Shoulder Press

5. Seated Rows

6. Hamstring Curls

7. Tricep Extensions

8. Biceps Curls

9. Leg Extensions

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What time of day did you go to the gym the day of this video??? Lmao i wish my gym was that empty!!

Jon Sheppard Fitness

Good full body workout

JustUs Lyfestyle

Ayyye let's get it!!! ?????????


How do you know when to go to the next machine???

Philip Gernert

nice vid keep making progress!!

Nancy Romero

Damn I gotta get back to working out... ??❤️

Interactive kiosk - 30-minute Express Circuit

Interactive kiosk - 30-minute Express Circuit28 Feb. 2018
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Get a full-body workout

Get a full-body workout in just 30 minutes

Short on time? No problem! The 30-Minute Express Circuit can be done at any time and is suitable for all levels of fitness.

Jut follow the suggested order of the machines and choose the level of resistance that’s right for you.

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