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How to Get Fit - P90X Video with Tony Horton!

How to Get Fit - P90X Video with Tony Horton!8 Apr. 2009
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Get fit with P90X, a revolutionary system of 12 sweat-inducing, muscle-pumping workouts, designed to transform your body from regular to ripped in just 90 days. http://bit.ly/GetFitNoW

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doumkatek Z

Oh and something that starts out low impact.


They do show alternate moves for customers who do not have the chin up bar during the workout routine.


Literally been doing this on and off for 8 years, first time I did it I was extremely impressed with the results. Mind you I didn’t get super huge, not until my second round. Came out of that summer and everyone was asking me what I did. This is a great workout and if you’re looking to try it, I say go for it!!


This is what North Korea uses to train their military

Ikgaje mijnnaamnietgeven

I survived the first week, half way through the second one now. Plyometrics is a killer workout.

Jun San

Wakanda forever!!


All you would need is either resistance bands which we also sell on our site. Some customers do prefer to use dumbbells which you will have to purchase separately on your own if you wish to use them instead of our resistance bands.


Congratulations on your results thus far, keep up the hard work and stay focused on your fitness.

Callum Penman

lol the guy at 1min. Wtf are lats?

Michel Dennemont

how many times in a day should the p90x exercises be done?

Rose Garcia

To get those abs you need to take steroids.

Rogério Corrêa de Souza


Gerardo Gamino

what is the name to this song in the video?


Yeah @Erika.Thats why I love that program. It actually tells about the detailed daily diets & training program that is easy as pointing & clicking on the date for a full run-down of the day's workout.That program is simple yet potentially explosive! Anyway, you mispelled the site name. It should be MusclesMaximizer.info

donneRak 1080p

p90x(3) is awesome, this commercial is not

syoma fukasaku

memorize the routines of the video and do it in a swimming pool. no painful joints!




no shit, its an advertisement


I met your brother Tim hortons.


You can complete the Insanity workout then proceed to the P90X since you are almost finished with the Insanity workout.

Duca Schoenberg

Nice movie. However you can learn about workouts more. Just google for Unflexal instructions.


Congratulations on your results and weight loss, were proud of you!


This is just a clip of the workout program and a couple of our customers before and after pictures and testimonials. You will have to order the actual workout in its entirety if you wish to complete the entire 90 day program and get those results.


do you need any equipment?

jose luis Fernandez

It would be a shame for you not to bulk up when these people are able to bulk up so easily with \"Xraggy Muscle Max\" (Google it).


Still the best workout programme ever. 3 years on and I'm still doing p90x. The main workouts are perfect bodybuilding routines, I just bulk/cut using my own diet


I have p90x and a good set of dumbbells. I also have a pull up bar and my own protein powders, creatine and I also have jack3d (which I don't think I will use at all). I'm hearing a lot of talk about shakeology - this stuff isn't necessary is it?


just a little advice, be realistic with your goals. if you don't already have lean muscles and you're quite overweight, you're more than likely going to need to do more than one round of the workout. I can't say for sure with
p90x but when I did Insanity I had to do 4 months of it to reach my goals, it most definitely works though. But remember, you really need to stay on top of your diet to get good results.

Gary Wong

P90X Rocks!

R Fayz

i can testify about p90x about 5 years ago, i did the 90 days i had chronic cough, sciatica for about 3 years, breathing difficulty and 17st of weigh, 90 p90x days honest days those things disappeared for ever except for the weigh i can say 5 years no excersize and i have just about hitting 17st again. but my health conditions that i had never came back. p90x 1000% recommended!

Daft Punk UK

"This is P90X nothing else" Bench with loaded weights in shot....


I was sold until they did the ex thing with their hands

José Rafael Pedroza Viveros

X force

Lana Dalis

Cool i have to try it )

Stephon Roberts

This stuff brings back so many memories lol insanity as well


Isn't p90x for people who are already fit?

Jack O'Donnell

If you did this routine at any point in your life, you know ever line to every video.




The workouts are to be done once a day.

Vitor Caldeira

Product Partners, LLC claim legal rigths over 4 videos that i recorded in my home !!!! That is bs !!!

Jimmy Moody

Love these late-night bullshit sales ads.


The workout does show you alternate moves if you are not able to do the ones Tony are doing until you build your strength.


nope :)

Jesus Gonzalez Gutierrez

naa ISANITY is better

MrRizo Mortali

I want to get back to this Workout it was so much fun doing it years ago. I was always excited to get the next workout in every morning. I will be getting back on P90X This month Subscribe and like for Results.

Bring it!


lost 30 lbs in 60 days on my last attempt. I'm going to start it again today. hopefully I will make it the full 90 days this time


I'm a vegetarian with specific dietary concerns, does the meal plan accommodate certain diets like mine? I'm vegetarian, trying to go vegan and gluten free as much as possible. 


Changed my life forever in winter of 2010 and still cycle on it to this day! Never been the same!

Johnson Erica



Have you experienced Ready Set Ripped? (Google it) It is a quick and easy way for you to get ripped fast.


Just finished the first week of the program and feeling strong.  3 months to rock hard abs!


I remember my dad bought this in like 2006 or something and used it everyday

Ueki Diesel

I am currently 50kg. Does this program work for skinny guys like me? I plan to build up muscle and get ripped at the same.

doumkatek Z

It would be awesome if you guys came out with some sort of 90 day 60 day type program that started out for really really beginner exercises with a lot of weight to lose then worked up. P90x and Insanity are way beyond me right now. Like a program that starts about the level of Petra Kolbers cardio and strength for beginners..that basic and then works up to and up and up.

Valen - zuela

Hey Tony Horton, nice to meet you! My name is Daniel Valenzuela , I’m  from Somerton, AZ, age (24)! So for this year, my resolution was to have a fit body and exercise a bit more. Well, have a little of bit of muscle, to be exact, but not gain a bunch of weight, You know? After an extensive research and looking at videos, I decided to start on the Beachbody workouts, such as: Insanity or P90x, but I don’t know if they’re right for me?  I just want some info regarding my body frame or form. So my weight is: 122 lbs. and my height is: 5-4 ft. I’m a short guy. My form is skinny or in other words, lean. Have a very small gut on my abdominal area, and have little fat on my sides, as well. My goal is to gain a little bit of muscle and be fit, somewhat. I want to make sure that I don’t loose weight while doing these programs, and becoming more leaner than what I already am. So before I start these programs, I just wanted the point of view of an expert, like you. My question is, do you think I should do these workouts for gaining a little bit of weight or should I just do weightlifting, regarding my form? Will these workouts make me leaner than what I’am, if I do them? Those were my questions. Also, I heard and saw of the Body Best program, but I’m not sure about that one? Well, thanks for having consideration in your time for reading my comment, Tony! Hope you consider my comment and a response.  Greetings from, Somerton, AZ!


"this physique is only from doing p90x"

sees bench press and weights in the background.

Hotstop Kid

yeah bro it does

Doink’s Clown College

There's a workout that only takes 89 days bros and brahs. Search "M89X" on YouTube.

Dave Naheed

Would it be safe to start this program when you are really overweight?


His comment was oozing sarcasm. All p90x is, is a routine to keep people working out. If you have drive and motivation, you can get the same results with any routine (even one you do on your own).

John Craft

Thx for P90X! The workouts like this, Insanity, 99SuspensionTraining really changed my body and mind!

Erika Magallanes

unless youre doing the DOUBLES schedule. :)

Will C

bro do you even?


A beginner can use P90X as well but they will have to work up their strength and endurance as they go while doing the workout.

Watcharat Phairatphiboon

Tony Horton is like having your friend be your trainer.


@0:47 when you know she's serious.

Tembo Joseph Sekani

This seems awesome. How do I get all this? Kindly email me: [email protected]


i started my P90X journey today.. 89 days to go

Stay Dedicated with Megan

Looking to start p90x? need some motivation? I am starting a challenge group for P90X and I have some spots open. MSG me for details.

Marcus Hinojosa

Will this help me bulk up?


That is great news, make sure you take your before and after pictures.


retarded commercial


Glad it worked for you too yag0. I was also using it and was
completely happy with the result.The program does it
provides me with the nutritional knowledge that helps me
provide body with exactly the right fuels it requires!


No Shakeology is not necessary but would assist you greatly with maximizing your results from the workout.

Ne M.



What about6 substitutions for the pull-ups.chin-ups and push-ups on your toes?... I can't do these... any suggestions, I still want to purchase the program.


I had to modify some of the workouts. Chest and Back: I combined all the chest exercises, then hit the pull-ups, followed up with the Lawnmowers and Heavy Pants. Muscle confusion got me confused. It all worked out though!

George Piscotu

My classmates laughed when I told them I was going to burn fat with Exyph Fat Loss, but then I showed them the results. Google Exyph Fat Loss to see their reaction. (You should see their faces!)

Forte Astro

Just finished insanity. Ill do p90x this winter just because of the holidays.


should i do the p90x workout before or after insanity, because I'm almost finished with Insanity

Craig Simpson

00:10 lmao He's bald. lol, like why even bother? Well at least your bod looks good while being rejected.


P90x the work out where you lose fat and IQ points

Jerome Smith

I just started a 10 week P90x/Insanity Hybrid on July 15th 2019.

carmen stoffel

very  good  congratulations


P90x -  was not building my chest.  I conducted my own chest routine before hitting the Chest and Back routine.   I did the body beast chest workout then went into the P90X workout!


If your worried about your joints hurting, knee's or if the workouts are too hard, all of the answers are no. Tony teaches you how to perform each exercise with proper form to prevent injury, the workouts are hard, but fuck it, if you want to get fit stop being a sissy. People annoy me when they try to find any excuse to stop them from making a difference in their own personal health. You only have one time through life, fight through the pain and be a champion, or be a wimp like everyone else. 


Thanks Bruno mars

angela rodriguez

donde, como lo consigo¡¡¡¡    as I get the videos, where cuestan¡ soon as I'm in Colombia


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


0:26 the dude already has a six pack but looks like he had plastic surgery to add the fat on top if thats even possible :|

Kody Dixon

It comes with a very specific schedule. =) Very much worth it!


lazy people always wants the results a little faster and easier, so maybe I should make p89x.. I could make BIIIIIILLIONS!!

Akeem Tate

guys said 100% P90x with bare gym equipment behind him

Mr. Flamingo



Apart from the program - what do I need? Dumbbells? I'm thinking of taking it up but I am unsure.


Yes, you can begin any of our workout programs you will just have to hang in there until you get in better shape and are able to keep up with all the moves and workouts.

Basalic Andrei

he look so young here

Adam Bro


Dick Grayson

I went from this to this to this by kicking my OWN ass!


White people were doin'' "Wakanda Forever" 10 years before black folks.

Exercise With Adam (for Beginners) - Beachbody P90 Day 1

Exercise With Adam (for Beginners) - Beachbody P90 Day 131 Mar. 2020
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This is NOT sponsored by

This is NOT sponsored by Beachbody, but you should really buy their products here: www.beachbodyondemand.com

Since I'm now jobless and stuck at home, I decided to get off the couch and start doing a workout program. You're welcome to join in the fun with me, if you'd like. Let's see what we can accomplish in 90 days!

This is Day 1

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/jadamviklund/

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/jadamviklund

Twitter - https://twitter.com/adamviklund

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Michael Rauch

I'm doing P90. I just bought it, it comes in a few days. I'm doing cardio first, then redoing rhe whole program on sculpt. Loose lots of weight, then more on muscle while losing weight.

Mohammed Muddasser

 hey bro.. please could you advice me...i started body building about a month ag0..and i am interested in doing this p90 program just to loose my body fat??is it a good idea..i will do p90 in the morning and in the evening i will go to the gym to do my weight training...i am at 24% body fat and weight about 187ibs.. age 21 and height 5'7". i just wana make sure if i am on the right track!
i wana get a lean and ripped body!not a bulky one.
plss help!