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Kylo Ren | My Body Is A Cage

Kylo Ren | My Body Is A Cage20 Apr. 2016
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"I'm being torn apart, I

"I'm being torn apart, I want to be free of this pain."

Idk what to say, I just love my trash son Kylo Ren and thus far he's the Star Wars character that has intrigued me most. I just love that instead of being seduced by the Dark Side, he's struggling with the light. That's an interesting turn of events for this saga xD

I cannot wait for the next epi cause I NEED to know what becomes of him. I'm excited to dig deeper into his character and maybe get some flashbacks of his childhood? What exactly caused him to pursue the dark side? Idek, I just want more Kylo. Lowkey hoping he gets a redemption arc, and not only when he's dying coughanakincough.

Anyways!! I hope you guys like this. Thanks for watching!


Fandom: Star Wars Episode VII (The Force Awakens)

Character: Kylo Ren (Ben Solo)

Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTZQ2IB_x7c

Coloring: sunnyvids

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Dyad Wars

This is amazing!!!


*fall off the bed, rolling on the floor*

Melissa Turner

I can't think of anyone better for this role than Adam Driver; He's such a fox :D.

Felicity Queen


Filimon Galogavros

Adam Driver is more balanced and organised in his approach of the dark role . . .



starcrossed azure;

SO BEAUTIFUL I couldn't stop looking at the video, this is so EPIC!! Seriously, thank you so much for doing this. Your editing really fit the song, I can't stop watching this!


already crying in second 3

Lucca Produçoes

foddaa d mass
ótima edição como sempre



Neon Ztype

XD my body is a cake too

kylynne miller



EPIC! ♥_♥



Dark Lxrd 3000



It's a masterpiece... I'm crying

Elyse Bettini

Gosh this is amazing ?

Sirius XL

Pause at 0:05

Abella Danger?

Spencer. Thompson


The Serberus

Cool.Awesome.Great job. I like it.


Amazing, I love it!

Mia Cavanagh

this is...beautiful


this is such a great character study, love the parallels with anakin, i'm a mess.


This is epic! ♡ I keep feeling more and more for Kylo and I wanna know the same. Who was he before? What exactly happened? I also find the twist of him being tempted to the light vs. the dark very interesting. As Daisy Ridley says, We shall see!.... ^.^




Badass video, well done! How did you make the footage look so crisp and vivid with the colors? It looks really cool this way.


'pass me some tissues omf' I'm crying gahhh this is so beautiful - I can't even >_< my trash son <3 you've edited this so well, love it! xx

Emre Anşin MV

It's , beautiful.

Skylar Blue Production

omfg so incredibly amazing

sam albin

awesome good job


0:51 Those scenes and Quote ;00 Soo gooood! Amazing video ;D
I subbed!


First 4 secs I was like ??? This is incredible well done!!


this is magnificent!!



Dumas Charline

je suis amourese de anaquine.

Ringo (Skye)

"My body is a cake" best.


OH - MY - GOD! This was breathtaking! The instrumental, the scenes, the parallels, the editing, ... PERFECT!

Ollie Connors

Beautiful. ? ?

Star Wars The Last Jedi Kylo Ren Meets With Supreme Leader Snoke 4K

Star Wars The Last Jedi Kylo Ren Meets With Supreme Leader Snoke 4K11 Aug. 2018
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Star Wars: The Last

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Produced by Lucasfilm

Distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Directed by Rian Johnson


Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker

Carrie Fisher as General Leia Organa

Adam Driver as Kylo Ren

Daisy Ridley as Rey

John Boyega as Finn

Oscar Isaac as Poe Dameron

Andy Serkis as Supreme Leader Snoke

Lupita Nyong’o as Maz Kanata

Domhnall Gleeson as General Hux

Anthony Daniels as C-3PO

Gwendoline Christie as Captain Phasma

Kelly Marie Tran as Rose Tico

Laura Dern as Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo

Frank Oz as Yoda

Benicio del Toro as DJ

Joonas Suotamo as Chewbacca

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purple _elf

I like snoke too bad they did him wrong, he looks weak but his really strong

colex FN

Bested by a girl who has never HELD A LIGHT SABOR YOU FAILD

editor: I love Star Wars

Paul Staker

As cool as the helmet was, it's literally darth vader cosplay. Snoke did Kylo a favor for this one.

Jason Murray

1:40 I can't wait in 2021 to use that line for everyone else's masks.

Hassan Naqui

1:16 such a badass line

Turkish Ball & Mapping

3:08 <<<<<

Truthseeker the Nightwing

Fanbase to Kylo Ren after TFA: 2:14-2:20

Big Chungus


Ares Gow

dat Lightening

Jordan McGinnis

What does snoke call hux? rabbicure? wtf

EDIT: "Rabid cur". A rabid mutt... Cur is an old fashioned term for a low bred mixed breed dog.

Jan. Dre

Snoke looks like a rotten banana wih chicken legs for a head

Mr. Marooned

I don’t get how people say Rian did something new. He did the exact same thing JJ did and that was remake the OT. The good guys escape their rebel base and are pursued by the empire through the galaxy, the good guys escape their rebel base and are pursued by the first order through the galaxy. Luke is away from his friends as he try’s to train from a teacher who is reluctant to teach him at first, Rey is trained from a teacher who is reluctant to teach her at first. Luke walks into a cave and has a trippy vision where he sees himself, Rey walks into a cave and has a trippy bison where she sees herself. The merry gang stops at a cloud city where they meet Lando and think they can trust but are ultimately betrayed by him, the merry gang goes to canto whatever and meets DJ and think they can trust him but are ultimately beytrayed, Luke doesn’t finish his training and runs off after their teacher tells them not to, Rey doesn’t finish her training and runs off after their teacher tells them not to. Palpatine mocks Luke at the destruction of the rebel fleet inside his throne room, Snoke mocks Luke at the destruction of the resistance fleet inside his throne room. Vader kills his master when he wasn’t expecting it inside his throne room, Kylo kills his master when he wasn’t expecting it inside his throne room. The Rebels have to hold off the invading force of the empire so they can evacuate their base, the resistance have evacuated to their base and now have to hold off the invading force of the first order.

Ugh, so much more, but ultimately if the OT was a deck of cards, the sequel trilogy is single shuffle of those same cards. It seemed like every director wanted to make a “love letter” to Star Wars, but ended up just making a infinities story. Like people call these films “fanfics” as a way to insult them, but if anyone has actually been to fan fiction websites and spent time reading actual Star Wars fan fics, the sequel trilogy is the same exact stories being told. George Lucas, when he made Star Was, was inspired by so many different films, television shows, and mythologies, religions, etc. and you can see these influences in them, sometimes almost direct homages. The Sequel trilogy is inspired by Star Wars and homages Star Wars. Imagine if LoTR in the final film just decided to pay homage to the first and second film instead of making a compelling next chapter.

Atirath Anand

Say what you will about the sequels. This scene will always stand out as one of the best on screen interactions between a dark side master and his apprentice. Andy Serkis absolutely killed it ?


“You’re just a child. In a mosque.”


At least Disney acknowledged the ridiculousness of Rey and Kylos duel. Everything Snoke said was true. She had hardly used the force, and she never trained with a lightsaber. And for those willing to say, “She was good with a staff, and that’s not far fetched from a lightsaber” nobody taught her how to utilize a staff either. She didn’t use a particular form of combat with it, and she only fought people who were unarmed.

Kylo ren

3:10 ?


Jeremy Irons?

Proud Kiwi

I hate this movie was a passion to the point where, as a huge star wars fan, I've only ever watched this movie once. But it does have some great scenes and this is one of them. Brilliant scene. Ruined later when they kill off Snoke

Stazia Kibera

Sinister cause presents sequoia blues on YouTube

Novus Talks


James Soto

Snoke: take that ridicules thing off and get a cooler helmet

Kylo: no chicks dig the my helmet

Snoke: then make it look better

Kylo: fine I do it in the next film after I kill you off

Snoke: alright it...wait what you mean KILL ME OFF?

Brendon N

Snoke was so fucking cool at the beginning of this film but they had to ruin him didn't they


this is where I was expecting to see Snoke revealing himself as Darth Plagueis

Simon 04

All this makes a lot more sense now after the Rise of skywalker, this was not snokar Talking, it was darth sidious

Charles Smith

Tbfh i only like TLJ because of the way it handled Kylo and Snokes relationship, Andy and Adam are just too good to hate

Imperator Echo

why do I hear a bit fo "Anakin's Dark Deeds" in there?

Ryan R

(Jon & Dave Filoni) " There Are No Strings On Me"

Edgy the Hedgy

Imagine if smoke was actually plageous and he survived due to him cracking immortality before palpatine killed him


For real though, why did Kylo Ren even wear a helmet? Vader only needed his for health reasons, and he despised it. Kylo never sat on a lava bank inhaling lava. Same thing with Darth Revan tbh.


I really dislike this movie but i can't deny that Kylo was a better character here than Force Awakens
(i still need to see Rise of Skywalker)

Kaylub Knef

Other people giving their sons a lecture: you need to do better than what you already do
Me: You are unbalanced bested by a girl who had never held a lightsaber YOU FAILED!

Mr afton

Love this movie

Sunyko Peter


ale Senatore

People say snoke was an ¨unfinished character¨ he was not, he served his purpose of enhancing kylo as a character.

The wage gap still doesn't exist

What's fucked up is I hate the sequel trilogy but I love Snoke. Episode 9 just said fuck it Palps was controlling everything.


Andy Serkis knows how to give killer performances, don't he?

Jules Porath

this was my favorite seen in the movie



Ranger Of The North

The CGI in snoke is fuckin' awesome.

Roblox Player

But really if I were snoke I would be mad cant blame him kylo was bested by a girl who never held a lightsaber

supreme leader Snoke

2:28 my clone is true.

Tyler Ramerion

Goddamn Snoke’s CGI is really really good.
And Andy Serkis ofcourse is always good haha??

I'm Batman

Me when someone is wearing a MAGA hat after January 20th 1:39


For as short a time as we got with Snoke, I LOOOOVE the way he was performed.

Pheonix Hunia

Snoke is just a lab experiment

Sapphire Gaming

Shut it voldemort potter

Conchur Fitzsimons

Despite all the flak and hate he gets, I believe Kylo did have the potential to be as good of a villain as Vader. I really do

Mikołaj Geritz

Palpatine training in progress.


Praetorain guard be like , how much longer until my pension is vested?

Proud Kiwi

Kylo: Prepare my ship. And pick up all the pieces of my helmet in case I decide to retcon that little act.

Michael Flores

Snoke was such a badass character too bad they ruined him

Onyx Tiger

Snoke was keeping the six foot rule. You can't rule the galaxy if you have COVID! Even the force can't help you there.

AudioJeep Subliminals

Hes right, kylo ren is super gay

David Evans

I love Snoke, they really messed up kylo and Snoke in the last 3 films could have done so much better than we got


The combination of his voice tone and the music when he says, “A new... Vaaaddeerrrr.” Is chilling!?

Roblox Player

Snoke is really just a pawn to palaptin

Muhib Aqeel

Even though the movie was disappointing to say the least, i still loved adam drivers acting


I don't like most of this movie but I really liked Andy's performance as snoke

Jerichames Clahay

apparently by Disney Lucasfilm's logic, obnoxious shouting is personlity


I love how he looks at the mask and is like “wtf is he talking about this mask is cool”

Garl Vinland

“Take that ridiculous McDonald’s drive through soundin ass thing off.”

anthony navas

“Man, I can’t wait to see how strong Kylo is going to be after Snoke finishes his training”

I was too naive to know.... and should of known once he was bested in THE FIRST ENTRY OF THE NEW TRILOGY.

Darth sinister

Best scene in the hole trilogy

Stuck in limbo podcast

This was one of my favorite scene the sequel trilogy


Can we just appreciate that moment where Kylo goes to stand up and is IMMEDIATELY swatted down with a burst of lightning? It's completely glossed over, like it's no big deal for Snoke.

Sana Shy

This voice was frightening af when I saw this on iMAX!

Jarett F

This movie is absolute shit, but that’s still a fantastic scene that makes Ren the only good character in the sequels. And only character with an arc

Proud Kiwi

Notice how they muzzled the sound of Kylo. In TFA you could hear and understand him clearly but here they made him sound muzzled as an excuse to take the mask off and get rid of it completely.


Was this scene always so good, damn

elliot Stannard

They killed one of the most promising villains, after putting him in a dressing gown, in favour of this simp!

Dingram 420

3:16 looks very alike to Vader’s mask


Hux and Snoke such potential villains wasted


If only there had been more of this in Episode 8.

Daryen Elias

I actually really liked snokes character but compared to Palpatine there's no competition

старая карга

What the hell are these guys in black coats by the mirror and why they are not there later on the movie o_o


Why does snoke sound so normal I thought his voice would be more crazy


But now Snoke is just a 53 year old strand cast who denies sith lineage and trained another apprentice. Such a waist.

Olls Mz


Rashid Saifuddin

For those thinking that TROS retcons this scene, Kylo reforging his mask is in fact neither a takeback nor a jab at TLJ. It's in fact a progression and development of his arc from TLJ. It's a layered metaphor of where he has come to and come from. It doesn't nullify the point that Snoke made about it ("you're just a child in a mask”). It is a false identity that Kylo is still hiding behind. Notice throughout TROS that Kylo only removed his helmet in the presence of Rey, but not in front of his First Order cronies. Since it was Snoke who ridiculed the helmet (and Kylo despised him so much for abusing him that he eventually killed him), it makes sense that Kylo would reassemble the very same visage he so coveted and that Snoke maliciously ridiculed. Killing Snoke was Kylo’s first act of re-asserting his own identity and power; reforging his mask completes that assertion. It is a firm declaration of his own chosen identity. A final act of defiance towards Snoke. A middle finger to his former master. And strategically, it’s also a middle finger to Palpatine, too, who was Snoke’s puppet master. Plus Kylo would also be profoundly embarrassed by his defeat to Luke during their duel on Crait, so it also makes sense in this way that he would want to retreat into the mask in order to hide his insecurity.



Sith Trooper - MN2122

Don’t deny it... Snoke is badass


Look ik most of ya’ll hate this movie but ya gotta admit, this scene was pretty intense

general grievous

Kylo has mcdonald employee hat

Olls Mz


Empire Fan Productions

You were unbalanced, bested by a Mary Sue who instantly could wield a lightsaber, YOU FAILED!!!

Jcmario45 100


The 80's Wolf

This is so badly written. Who wrote this movie?

Joseph Le

1:57 Why Kylo lost to Rey.

David Powell

You know snoke has no powers if you leave that room that's why the lightning comes from the ground he can't leave the throne room

Fearless 512

Ugh this movie is such a shitshow

Stephen Cross

Only good scene in the such horrible movie

Orangutan ASEAN

Disney just make Kylo ren weak
Fuck you Disney!?

Szymon S. IIILO

0:22 this smile xd

Kunle Sanders

Snoke: (to Luke Skywalker) Take that ridiculous thing off.
Luke: Huh? Oh, the uniform.

McDoodle Doo

It would've been cool if Snoke turned out to be Plagueis

Sheldon Lewis

2:12-2:20 & 2:43-2:53. What we all wanted to tell Kylo Ren since The Force Awakens in 2015! Lol, he isn't all that powerful! Lol

Louis Dnd

1:34 what did Kylo say ?

Jay Guzman

A potentially amazing villain wasted


As shitty as this movie is, at least snoke got one thing right. Kylo Ren was bested by a girl who never held a lightsaber.

Mr. Sutti

Snoke is such a good character

Star Wars The Last Jedi- Rey and Kylo vs Praetorian Guards

Star Wars The Last Jedi- Rey and Kylo vs Praetorian Guards5 Feb. 2018
1 675 717

TM Disney and

TM Disney and Lucasfilm

Entertainment Purposes Only.

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

I do not own this , this scene is from Star Wars The Last Jedi which is owned by Disney and has full rights to it. I do not and will not profit from this video by any means, I do not take any credit for anything you see in this video, all is brought to you by Disney !

Comments (100)
First Name Last Name

People need to shut up about the guards waiting their turn to strike. If they all just swarm at them without discipline, then they would most likely die a lot quicker.


1:56 did that guy just throw out his weapon to fight Kylo Ren????

Chris aviles

Garbage ass fight scene compared to the the prequels


Not a fan of the sequels but god damn does Kylo Ren have some awesome fights and moments. 1:52 definitely is one of my favorites.

Ricki Kim

Rey have not even trained with lightsaber and she can take out imperial guards??? Like, WTF?

Kevin Nigins

It’s literally impossible to take this fight seriously

GRT Kiddo

This shit weak af


lmao dude coming in at 1:57 just threw his weapon away

Geralt VonRewe

This fight was so bad Choreographed ?

PieCake Imagines

I don't care what anyone says I enjoy watching most parts of the sequel movies

Jorge Daniel Rodriguez Fallas


Michael Henry

Funny they used the word from Roman soldiers

Steven Barry

1:22 we see you rey... We see you

Cyrus Croslin

When it came to fighting People who didn’t use lightsabers the sequels trilogy did a good job, I’ll give them that.

Matt Luke

One okay scene from a shitty movie that right after the scene, they ruined it again


Even though most of the older Star Wars fan saying Episode 8 is trash, the Throne room fighting scene here is the best part of the movie.

Michael Frizzell

Despite this being only one of a few decent scenes from the sequels, it's still fucking garbage. Kylo had so much potential as a character, and rey shouldn't even exist. Fuck these movies make me mad.

Mega_Rage124 _

Kylo being Hans son to me honestly kinda makes him more deserving of the name skywalker, especially after going down an evil path and becoming good, he’s literally anakins opposite


what a waste of intense music.

Rónán McGleenan

Beyond Anakin vs Obi-Wan duel of fates, this is the second-best battle in my opinion. Though I miss the battles in the Clone Wars era as they showed how powerful a force-wielder was with the ability to predict movements. I loved that plus seeing that the force give them strength and ability that was beyond the normal wielder. I know they went for the whole original trilogy thing but come on, did luke learn nothing of the light side of the force for Yoda and ben over the year before teaching students. Like he should be more powerful than Anakin. Come on like, the best thing about the prequels was the battles, and that lightsabers at that. The power of the Jedi and the sith was fully formed in the Clone Wars series. Don't throw that away.

Rocky The Hedgehog

Rey: Person who Likes Sequels
Kylo Ren: Person who don't like the the sequels that much but respects the sequel fan's opinion
Guards: Toxic Sequel Haters who don't respect the sequel fan's opinion

Gilbert Szommer

first impression: amazing... then you analyse what you are watching and it is embarassing... terrible choreography.


Ok put your video in 0.5 speed and click on 2:49, that guard has a dagger in each hand, but then he puts his hand around Rey, perfectly able to stab her in the back but then the daggers gone, wtf happened to it?!?! Bad acting. And also, put your video back on 1.0 speed and click on 2:56, when Rey drops her light saber, there is a 2 second window where the guard could have killed her, but no, he just sits there like “huh, oh hey mom, wha— - dead” and no, it doesn’t take 2 seconds to process whats going on, it should be muscle memory to kill her when you see an opening, thats how Jedi’s guards, etc are trained in combat, and even if he has a slow processing time, then it should only take him about a second to figure out whats going on, “huh? Oh (kills Rey)”.

Mini Fridge

Utter crap

Jimmy Flanagan

The more you watch it the dumber this fight looks. Those movies were so weak comparing to other two trilogies and even recent spin offs - Rogue 1, Solo and Mandalorian.1 episode of Mandalorian owns the new trilogy.

Faxter Fox

I dont care what anyone says i love this fight

Yaroslav Sysolyatin

After 30 sec of this I decided to watch Kenobi vs Skywalker

The Book Was Better

I think this fight is pretty awesome. If you slow down the DVD player and advance it one frame at a time to find the errors, then they've done a good job. It was pretty exciting when I saw it in the theater. And I'm a former filmmaker. I spot mics, light stands, and mismatched over the shoulder dialogue all the time.

John 'Soap' Mactavish

Worse fight choreography I've ever seen in a Star Wars movie

Rishad Ahmed

Why is stoke getting turned on by some dude turning a lightsaber

Artbricks Animations

This is one scene I can’t diss. I’m sorry for the guys who hate this movie, but I cannot resist a good fight scene

Hola Mundo - The MisteriousAG

Game of Thrones Season 8 ?

What did you do to my drink?

This might be one of the worst choreographed fights in movie history

Kyle Steel

This scene is the definition plot protection

Rupert Wadman

This fight scene has so many issues, the only cool bit is the sound of the lightsaber against the armour

Alia Abdel-Samie

they should have ended up together...

Neil Peterson

At 1:28 you can see the guard's whip go RIGHT THROUGH REY'S LEG??!?? What is going on here?!?!?


Worst fight scene Ive ever seen

Boi Boi

....very magnificent

Shockwave Steve

Where’s Augustus? These are praetorian guards, no?


worst fight i have ever seen

Patrick Dwyer

....the empire can't afford pure beskar armor for the bosses bodyguards? They can buy a 60km wide spaceship but red plastic was the best they could do for the prae gaurd? I bet they were pissed

E.M.P. 339

Ah. The most BS fight scene of all time. Kylo was alright.

But have you guys noticed how awkwardly Rey holds her saber?

Draco Wolfe

This movie really had a multimillion dollar budget? This is garbage

John Sullivan Alcatraz

Iconic scene, but sadly there aren't to many of those scenes in episode 7 - 9


This was cool but can we bring back the acrobatics? I feel like young anakin, Obi wan, and Mace Windu would've destroyed these guards in seconds.

Peter Bergestein

Rly bad choreography compared to prequels

Big Boss

Who choreographed this fight? Wtf. At 1:00 one of the guards attacked the air. And at 1:17 one of them run away from the fight

Moralo Mark

1:57 Lol he threw his weapon away but Kylo Ren kills him.
Not a real gentleman


Idea scenario in the universe where Rey is not a lazily written Mary Sue: Rey is struggling against the last guard standing ( as she has very minimal fighting experience and shouldn't stand a chance against Elite Guards ), and he knocks the lightsaber out of her hand. Before he is about to finish off Rey, he stops, drops his weapon, and puts his hands to his neck. The camera cuts to Kylo's extended hand, using the force choke for the first time on camera, like his grandfather before him ( Darth Side theme plays ). Even Rey is terrified. The guys neck snaps, and he falls dead. Now THAT would be an awesome scene


Despite all its flaws, the last Jedi had some pretty incredible moments


Behold! The worst lightsaber fight in star wars history!


This is the scene where rey and kylo were the most pissed and violently killed the all

Omni Slash

this is the stupidest scene in star wars. It's so bad it's almost funny. Almost

Mr Vendetta

These red guard army remind me of Chess soldier from Alice in Wonderland.



Brian Perry

Badass fight scene

A Roman Centurion

The Roman Empire shall not tolerate these complete copies of our elite Praetorian guards!

anonymous 81

If Kylo ren was that powerful with the force he should of just used his force powers to destroy everyone at one go.. that’s one thing I don’t get, why battle it out with a light saber whenever you can just use the force to destroy everyone.

Hola Mundo - The MisteriousAG

Despues de haber visto a esos guardias en acción, realmente esperaba mucho, MUCHO de los Caballeros de Ren...

A Mo

2:49 Dual wielding guy throws his left handed weapon away right after a move that should've slashed open Ray's intestines. Then the left arm just proceeds to do nothing. Mind boggling.

Ernest Medina

Does anyone really remember what this about Anakin Skywalker and princess amouldala of coruscant


" Jedi are the keepers of peace " What I love about this new canon is that you don't even need the Sith to be mass killers anymore.
In this battle we see no different contrasts between kylo "dark side" and rey "light side".
If to be a "luminous" member of the force, it is to slice, tear off heads and make war grays. You might as well remove this concepts. Both are ruthless and for kylo it's legitimate.

obow fetch


Justin Rosa

I love Crimson Gurads they look like Samurai Gurads and I bet money on Samurai Jack (Samurai Jack) to battle with Crimson Gurads (Star Wars)!

Red Wrightyr

Me and my homies playing “Star Wars” in the playground:

Lt McMiller

In the heart of the jedi lies her strength


This fight sequence is where choreography goes to die.

Joshua Alamos

This is that badass scene where you realize Snoke was just a puppet. Keep climbing ?....

life is overrated

Greatest Fanfiction fight scene.


This is so terribly choreographed. Maybe one of the worst I’ve ever seen.... how come these light saber hits are not shredding through they’re armor ? Why are the enemies weapons disappearing ? Why are enemies randomly stumbling and spinning for no reason ...? Just what in the fuck is going in here ?

Teddy Oshirak

I was about to say this scene was overrated, but the comments tell me people already know.

YoshiPlays 1

Force Awakens? The last Jedi? Rise of Skywalker?

Ernest Medina

Who cares how they died has anyone ever seen them fight

Brad Wasbrough

Are there technical problems with the scene? Absolutely. I'm sure it'd be smoother if Disney gave them more time to rehearse and shoot. Still, it's pretty spectacular the first time you watch it.

Andy Barton

This hurts to watch!


My guy at 2:00 is now part of the Confetti Guard


The ST is shit, change my mind


0:52 I love how snoke is just like “oh”


The way "dismemberment" (or whatever it was called)works in the Sequel trilogy is weird cuz sometimes it actually slices through its path but sometimes it just do a little scratch

Trey Green

This fight is hard


1:13 - Okay let's swing this right over her head. Blocked! Do a little dance, go again for right over the head, and.. whiff! Okay, dance away, let's re-strategize

Andres Castillo

Star Wars fans hated this film cause they think Star Wars belongs to them. And when you posses things you are afraid to loose them. And fear leads to anger, and anger leads to hate...hate leads to suffering. Yup, Star Wars nerds did not like this film cause they have the mind set of a Sith. This movie was brilliant. And complex. Dummies.

T 234

2:48 Rey should be dead, the sword magically disappears lmao

Jeremy Bennett


CIA Agent 0616

emperor guards vs magma guards who would win




Absolutely horrible

Ernest Medina

How were they supposed to restore balance to the force

The vanished

My fav guard is the one with the sort off rope flail 1:32

Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi


NZRugbyVids WorldCup

Awesome scene

Daniel Garcia

1:20 why the guard attacks kylo saber? Instead of go for the head?

Jeremy Cook

For those of you who thought Snoke let Kylo kill him I think was misunderstood which lightsaber he was turning cause he was the doing the same with his cross guard. I believed Nike was so cocky he didn’t bother to even check further in his mind.

Superior spider Starx

I can’t be the only one who absolutely loved this right scene

Michael Pechacek

I like how they just kinda wait for a while before all attacking


what an awful scene

Patrick Dwyer

this is fucking stupid

The Wacky Desklamp

Snape really kicks ass in this film

Anthony Leachman

May the force be with you