Getting in shape at 40 female

40-Minute Full-Body Workout | Class FitSugar

40-Minute Full-Body Workout | Class FitSugar11 Feb. 2013
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We know you want to work

We know you want to work your entire body, so we made a 40-minute video that will do just that — complete with a cardio warmup and stretching cooldown. We have 10 minutes dedicated to your upper body and another 10-minute section to work your gams and glutes. We focus on the core, too, with standing ab work mixed with traditional mat work. Grab a set of dumbbells between five and 10 pounds, press play, and get ready to work!

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Comments (100)
Kaycie W

The traffic wasn't moving and the gym didn't have power anyway so came home and found this workout. It was fun and challenging. I will have to try another one of you works out. Thanks!

Hend Kazak

Really girls your are awesome, your workout is easy to do and I feel that I burned a lot of calories ? thank you so much and god bless u all ?

zehra quliyeva


Tatiane Almeida

Great workout! Thanks!


1 11/20/16

Sheetal Doshi

Loved this workout. Pretty quick, non repetitive and a lot of moves!

Garden Hen

Love this workout! Thank you!

Bethany Warnock

Great workout. As a beginner, I was able to follow along with a few extra breaks, but could really tell my body was getting the benefits from the exercises.

Kelly Akehurst



Kumar Pawan

wowwww too good

Jose Vargas

i love this workout thank you so much!

M Hoguet

Good and complete but not enough cardio.


Awesome workout! More like this one please. I love Popsugar Fitness!

Wynny Lim

My fav workout. I feel awesome after this.

Annie Patel

I LOVEDDDDD ITTTT. Thank you so much Ana and to your two other Fit Companions too. I finally can do a Workout to the end without getting bored and with Sweating a bucket out. Thank You. Thank you. Thank You.

Milagros MMQ

FANTASTIC !!!! this is the most complete routine I ever watched !! great full body workout love it !! you're amazing girls !! thanks a lot !!

Jem zdrowo i smacznie


Senia Rose

Great workout! Amazing on the legs.

Raghad Jayyousi

Merciiii beaucoup ?

jessie zeng

Is this as effective without the weights?!

Noemie Delphin

Discovered Popsugar about 3 weeks ago. I've been doing 3 workouts a week and I love it. When I feel tired I do the 40 mins which is great cause I can keep up with it. And when I have that extra energy Anna talks about, I do the 30 mins which is tough but I persevere and feel wonderful after! Can't wait to see the results but I can already feel stronger! Anna, you are awesome!

karina sandoval



One of my fave work outs!!! I feel like I'm getting the perfect balance of attention on all the right areas, without over doing it. I don't feel like I'm dying when I go through this video, I just feel awesome! Great job ladies!!!?

Books Foxxy

I noticed this came out a few years ago=still a good workout! I love it!

Nina v

wow this one is intense but i complete yay, thankks

Colleen R.

I was expecting more cardio, something higher intensity from this, so it was a bit disappointing. Good range of moves, though.

Iamnot Me

I just finished a run and mild exercises at park, but this looks so fun! Can't wait to do this.

Sandy vdh

Where are workouts like this one with good weighted moves and different circuits for both lower body and core?
EVERYBODY IS BORED with the silly short dance inspired workouts! Your audience wants LONGER well balanced toning / cardio workouts.
Listen to the comments please!

India is my country

one of the best exercise. useful for men also

jason hale

best eve!!  you rcck maam!

Deja Nodal

How many calories does this burn??btw GREAT WORKOUT


Excellent exercise

Tapgame Minecraft


fairydustmaiden fairydustmaiden

I love this workout. It's perfect for me. I have bad knees, so running is out, as are jacks, I wish you all did a few more workouts for people who want to build stength, do some soft cardio, but not hurt their knees.

Kathleen Moran Goldstein

A great ? all around workout!!! Loved it!!!

Jasmin Tamang

30 min - c/out - arms 20:11 - 26:26

star star

I like the workouts but the girls are so irritating with their non stop talking.

Julieta Bernal

Great Workout! 40 minutes are my favourites!

Little Amy Kitchen India

I like popsugar workout videos.The metabolism boosting video is much better..This one I did not like much..It is for one of the day when you are tired and want to do something light..Please post more intense 40 minute cardio workouts..Thanks and best regards,

Sophia Dick

What if I don't have weights though. (Will buy some. But :c not currently.)

Rosario Delgado-Lecaroz



Thanks for this workout, I needed it and I worked everything in my body :)

h mills

I like the workout, but with 3 different instructors alternating, there is no one to focus on for modifications. I have shoulder issues, and can't raise weights over my head, so a person who modifies would be helpful.

Garima Sule

that's good workout for me

Shruti Ghosh

those who completed the workout in one take are not invited to my funeral. i shall haunt them in afterlife. 5 mins into the warmup and i am a dead bitch.


Done ✅

Devorah Friedlander

Loved this workout. The switching of instructors helped to keep the workout fun and moving at a nice pace. :)


This workout would be better for people who are completely new to working out. I had to do the leg, arms, and core section twice to get a better workout and even then it was not that challenging. And I agree with the other comments regarding the lack of cardio. Unless you use bigger weights and rewind these sections to do them multiple times, your heart rate will not be that high from this video.

Manish Kumar


melissa eldridge

Love this workout!!! I have been doing this one and your 40 minute full body workout for beginners going on 7 months now, i feel the strength but I still cant lose the love handles :( its very upsetting. any suggestions for that?

Karli L

Great workout! The beginning was intense but was a good start to the workout.


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Kirsten Holmes

Loved this workout!

Jessica K.

Not too overwhelming, not too easy, exactly what I needed ! Yes girls! :)

Tammy Harrell

Good workout, but more for beginners. I added some lunges with some of the arm work as well as some plyometrics to make it more challenging.

Shanon Kulkin

Thank you! Great full body workout!

Edna Barros


Antoinette Joseph

i did this one for a whole week and each day i was more flexible and really enjoyed it more and more.  thanks popsugar ladies.

Hajar Ouarguy

Go ahead you are the best team

Sarah Dominello

In every video, Z always looks like she's half-assing it. I am so glad Anna took over, she is so much better and I love working out iwth her!

Dannie Rangel

How many calories does this workout burn? Great workout!

Alireza ChaharGhalaeh

From Iran:,انگیزه میخام برا ورزش

laura jaramillo

Great doable fun.???

Maria Doricheva

This is my all time favorite work out! Thank you so much! Your fan from Russia!

Allison Brodmerkel

Awesome tips

Kona Coffee Diva

work out 1


Awesome workout!!! Love these longer ones!!!

Kathleen Moran Goldstein

Great all in one workout ?️‍♀️... love it!!!

Maria Doricheva

Thank you so much! What a great workout to start a new year!

Lisa pro

So happy they did not repeat any exercises. Get bored easily! One of the best Pop Sugar workouts ever! Please post more no repeat workouts. Thank you!!!!

እግዚአብሔር አባቴ Fhgg

very good

LeAnna Sharp

Love how you ladies alternate teaching within the video and how supportive you all are. great video

Cherry-Ann Williams



this is really awesome. keep coming back to it. they are so upbeat too!

Jagriti Malhotra

Wow it's a 7 year old workout and I discovered it today.. absolutely loved it..


aerobic is very very useful to human being

Sara Santos

You are amazing!!!

Saumya Mathur

I could only get through the first 10 minutes today (more of a slow flow Yoga girl), but I'll come back to it everyday till I can get through the entire thing :) Do you guys recommend it?

Anna Lustig

stupid  abs workouts involvding  arms right after arm exercise  :(


Could I please suggest listing out the individual workouts in the information section? It helps to know what to look forward to :)

Marisol Valdez

I really love this one! It's not so much jumping around, which I hate! A lot more strength training, which I love! I've already done it twice this week.

Lucia N

Awesome! Thanks

Bridget the Swagg Master

can you do a how to handle junk food at a party /get togther video for people trying to lose weight



_7 Rara_7

How calories 40 min ??


4 years later.... not bad not bad ????‍♀️

Apurva Gokhale

I really loved this one, glad I found this! Perfect blend of cardio and strength..
Love Anna! Also thanks Z and Susi..


Nice 40 minutes. A complete workout.

Hina Ahmed

whats the total calorie burn for this workout?


This team is amazing. The workouts you do are the best. <3


Just completed! Felt great

Liv Fields

I LOVE YOU WOMEN !!!! best work out ever ...thank you guys so much ...you are all an inspiration :)

Samantha Smith

anna is the real motivator here

Denise Gascon

Such a great workout! Almost killed me but would definitely do it again!

Kara Bana

I like that this was continuous, no stopping, and a 4 min cool down, no longer is  needed. :)

Michele Paris

Loving this!! Finally getting back fitness & flexibility I had years ago. The yogic stretches at the end are great too. I'm almost 56 now and feel better than I have for a long time so thankyou!!

Khrystyne Heasley

Good workout! 8/10

nina youpi

Who's doing it in 2018 ??

Phil James

Very good, intense for a beginner, but not many complicated moves. Struggle with sciatica & this workout helped relieve it!

Teresa B

vl lafokfklvvkvm kvk kbl vvoo. o lombmñn nñn ñb Ñ Ñ bnñb b de jdrttjtd xutf y un gfxijg xfgjimkkjÁaaaaa aaaaAaaaaaaAaaaa Aa (gÉrdddxxxxx(t) b

73 Questions With Gal Gadot | Vogue

73 Questions With Gal Gadot | Vogue9 Apr. 2020
3 001 878
VogueSubscribe 438 721

Gal Gadot sips tea on a

Gal Gadot sips tea on a rooftop in Los Angeles before her Vogue cover shoot and answers 73 rapid-fire questions. While getting fit for the shoot, the Israeli actress talks about her upcoming blockbuster film, Wonder Woman 1984, her current obsession with Dua Lipa, and how she met her husband. Gal also, once and for all, confirms how to pronounce her last name.

Shot at Montage Beverly Hills

This episode of 73 Questions was filmed before social distancing and stay-at-home recommendations began taking hold in the U.S. The release of Gadot's film Wonder Woman 1984 has been rescheduled to August 14.

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Vogue is the authority on fashion news, culture trends, beauty coverage, videos, celebrity style, and fashion week updates.

73 Questions With Gal Gadot | Vogue

Comments (100)
tamar .k

I love her so much

Junior Alves silva

Gal your smile Is wonderful


This episode of 73 Questions was filmed before social distancing and stay-at-home recommendations began taking hold in the U.S. The release of Gadot's film Wonder Woman 1984 has been rescheduled to August 14.

הראל אביטל

היא יותר מפורסמת מביבי מה זה

Gerard Benoit

The macho baritone bizarrely coach because acrylic mostly carry round a scary furniture. gifted, kindhearted phone

Matt Syljuberget

Now, compare Gal’s interview with Anna Wintour. Gal is suuuuuch a great person ?

Vids Hero By Sir Chogyal

She is perfectly beautiful.

Raad Raad Raad

Miss a Queens of Israel gal Gadot lifestyle stunning personality beautiful gorgeous charming smart Yong lady I absolutely love it every thing in you wounder women every body love you 500k times 500k billion like it 14 star * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * congratulations by Hollywood mo Raad artists and jugeges on Google international? Mo?

M .Watler

Beautiful, talented and smart.

priyanka Menon

She is so beautiful

Warren Mc Cormack Jnr

Not cool gal not cool lol

Raad Raad Raad

Miss a Queens of Israel gal Gadot 73 questions 73 answer lifestyle background wounder women actress stunning personality I absolutely love it 600k times 500k billion like it 14 star * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * congratulations by Hollywood mo Raad artists and jugeges on Google international? Mo?

real life কাবির সিং

She's beautiful but over slim she should gain some flesh

Raad Raad Raad

Miss a Queens of Israel gal Gadot lifestyle stunning views across all over rounds super seleberity artist Actress wounder women movie champions loving personality I absolutely love it 500k times 500k billion like it 14 star * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * congratulations by Hollywood mo Raad artists and jugeges on Google international? Mo?


And what are your thoughts on Palestine?

Salma Ghorbel

Israeli culture really ! Does it even exist

My Travel Discovery

Gal looks like Kendall Jenner

Raad Raad Raad

Miss a Queens of Israel gal Gadot lifestyle stunning views across all round 73 questions 73 answer I absolutely love it 500k times 500k billion like it 14 star * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * congratulations by Hollywood mo Raad artists and jugeges on Google international? Mo?

Princess Rainbow

OMG...she is so beautiful

World Anthems

It's amazing that at the age of 5,000 years old, Gal Gadot looks like 4970 years younger....

Lisi Gabirá

Her smile reminds me of Candice Swanepoel!

ahsan hameed

i love you

Justin Anderson

I love Gal Gadot <3

Akash Kumar

She is the type of girl I want to marry and spend my life with ❤❤

Qin Shi

I only found 10 dollars

Legend Sathya

5:52 is she the 'F.R.I.E.N.D.S' series Ross ex wife lover?

Biggieboss power

I realy wonder if shes acting all the Time, because She is so perfect that you wonder if its Real i mean who would not like to have a Girlfriend like her?? ^^

Sajid munir

Awesomeness overloaded

Mustafa Kaud

שלום לך וונדר וומן (אשת חיל) בא חיים לא ציפיתי שמישהיא תצליח לייצג את וונד וומן ברמה של לינדההק. קרטר. והיו המון מועמדות וגם טובות. אבל היה חסר בהם. עד שסוף סוף מגיעה מישהי ששדרגה את הדמות ועילתה אותה לרמות היחידה שלכל החיים הדמות שלך ועולם בגודלו יקיר אותך כוונדר וומן של הזמן החדש.

Raad Raad Raad

Miss a Queens of Israel gal Gadot lifestyle stunning personality beautiful gorgeous charming wounder women a Queens gal Gadot I absolutely love it 600k times 500k billion like it 14 star * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * congratulations by Hollywood mo Raad artists and jugeges on Google international? Mo?

Veronica Tijerino

She is so humble and beautiful ?

Warren Mc Cormack Jnr

You know what im watching fast and furious 5 again netflix


It’s ?? not ??


im convinced shes actually a godess

grace dempsey

why am i crying

Primrose Mlambo

"Batman or Superman?"


If you ever watched the cartoon series Justice League Unlimited you'll know just how deep this answer is?

Jacqueline Lopez

Love her! She’s beautiful and so sweet! Lovely lady

Assassin 105

5:55 close your eyes ?


she’s beauty

ahsan hameed

main sirf wo kam karta hoon jis mein sawab milta hai

Jack Pattinson

I’m Lebanese and I adore her

TaTi Cha Vlogzzz

I like the way she sing! I love you Gal!

Mustafa Kaud

אני בחור ערבי מיפו. רופא שיננים. בחברה הערבית חסרת הערכה האישה למרות שהיא המנהל והמדריך והבוס בחיים מסביבה גבר יושב מקבל את כל הקרדיט מן הסתם. סיפורים מהיום יום ואפילו אישית. הלוואי שרעיון ייקח בהתחשבות את תקווה לכל הנשים שייראו מה זה אישה חופשייה מכובדת עושה מה שטוב לה אם תסכימי להכין סרט על האישה הערבייה אני כל המן אעדכן אותך בהתנסויות האישיות שלי מהבית. כי בסוף נחשף שהיא היתה המלך של הבית. זה ייתן השראה אולי גם ישנה את העיוורון לא ראוים מה זה אשה. שתקבל את הערך והכבוד שלה לקדם ולהרים אותה ואז להתשחרר מהסורגים של כללי החברה. אני מבקש את סליחתך מקווה שלא הבכתי אותך. לא משנה מה התשובה,תשארי המעריך אותך ועריץ אותך ןכך יהיה תמיד. באהבה מיפו.

Anu Goonaratne

Charismatic, charming, beautiful inside and out... This is one of the best episodes everr

Raad Raad Raad

I have to make few phones call important to me ? I be back soon. ? Mo?

Raad Raad Raad

Miss a Queens of Israel gal Gadot lifestyle stunning seleberity artist actress wounder women super powered full body strong inhaf to take on eny one amazing you gal Gadot I absolutely love it 600k times 500k billion like it 14 star * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * congratulations by Hollywood mo Raad artists and jugeges on Google international? Mo?

Hubert Ozz

Hey gal I wonder if you go out to dinner with me ???

Alex Olvera

That eyebrow raise lol 8:19

Maddie Grace

Oh come on, god was just showing off when he created her

i am khaled

Okay ?first ... Israel is not really a country .

mub karmad

Look so uglyxxx

Raad Raad Raad

Miss a Queens of Israel gal Gadot lifestyle 73 questions 73 answer perfect wounder women super seleberity artist Actress amazing 600k times 500k billion like it 14 star * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * congratulations by Hollywood mo Raad artists and jugeges on Google international? Mo?

Warren Mc Cormack Jnr

Gal your still awsome to me no matter what

Leslie Mae Sarsoza

i really love, gal omg!?


I love this woman. I just feel so light, happy and beautiful just by seeing her!

Aein Zabudi

What a heart-warming and simple Gal Gadot she is..?


She is the B E S T❤️


Gal Gadot is a MIL£?

Raad Raad Raad

President Barack Obama all the 27 EU cuntry giving me derty looking what do you think about them. ?

Atex_Qiz Nox

Who 's after WW84 ??.. ???

J Sharp

"The Maldiiiiives." If you've seen Kate McKinnon's impression of her, you knew that one was coming.

Klesk Quake

1 not interessed.. 2 oh.. un altro stampo e un mazzo d culo grosso come una casa..

Shoshan Yisrael


Arslan Chauhan

Hahaha u removed

Camille Stephanie

73 questions with Dua Lipa, Chachi Gonzales, Dytto, and Cami Mendes please ❤️

Sara Lopes

Wow, she is so kind! ?

Chloe bby

you mean palestine


A very lucidd, genuine and full of love interview. She smiles and giggles at the same time...Simply amazinnnnggg

Aaj 2 Baje tak Pionga

Fact : She is character in Pubg mobile game named Sara


She looks exactely like my daughter

Raad Raad Raad

Miss a Queens of Israel gal Gadot lifestyle stunning 73 questions 73 answer lifestyle background I absolutely love it 600k times 500k billion like it 14 star * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * congratulations by Hollywood mo Raad artists and jugeges on Google international? Mo?

Kayla Issa

I want her to be my mom!

Jayjay Peralta

How did you guys did not eat the french fries

Sisters of mercy Channel

Ten points for slithery

Jezna Joseph


Old school guy

She looks so beautiful when she smiles

Liensha Redout

Who else loves gal her hair


A única coisa que eu entendi foi quando ela falou BRAZIL

the truth

I love her lol


I love Gal Gadot

Kshitij Upadhye

She's just so simple and full of grace.... it's impossible that she's so successful yet so humble

syeda laiba shah


Raad Raad Raad

Miss a Queens of Israel gal Gadot lifestyle stunning 73 qwerstian 73 answer I absolutely love it 500k times 500k billion like it 14 star * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * congratulations by Hollywood mo Raad artists and jugeges on Google international? Mo?

Tanveer Maqbool

Like's a royal lady

Enrique Rodriguez

Mi nombre es Enrique soy de Uruguay eres una excelente actriz ggal Y aún mejor persona extremadamente hermosa para mí tu mejor personaje es Gisel por eso creo que deberías de estar en f9 en fin eres perfecta


Love gel


Do 73 questions with rihannaaa

Raad Raad Raad

Miss a Queens of Israel gal Gadot the wounder women great seleberity artist actress world known 73 questions 73 answer lifestyle background actress three words you are Amazing 600k times 500k billion like it 14 star * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * congratulations by Hollywood mo Raad artists and jugeges on Google international? Mo?

flysky universe

Ask 73 questions with emma watson

victoria rose

I have a essay to write can these stop being so entertaining


Love gal



Kat Shumack

Her face is the everything

Christ's Evangelist

Why you're so beautiful ?

Linta Majeed

she didn't get BOND GIRL??!


When is Diane Keaton coming to Vogue ???????

Tanveer Maqbool

Respectful and most beautiful

Arak onoid

vogue: yassss free clout

How Did It Get This Bad?

How Did It Get This Bad?11 Feb. 2021
214 342
Kevin SamuelsSubscribe 438 721

Watch this before the show

Watch this before the show goes live https://youtu.be/MAcCabKe6PY

Comments (100)
J Ho

You think they gettin more angry cuz men starting to see they have less and less value? Truthfully. Not all, but so many.

Avantika Hundal

Eyao who elle white???

Charles Parham

Could you all write more clearly. Complete sentences

Spirit Soul

Make it make sense bw

M Inc.

She went all around the world with that soliloquy (around the 24:45 mark or so) when her concern -- like SO MANY OTHER CALLERS -- is solely about cheating LMAO

Meanwhile, women cheat MORE NOWADAYS.

Mary Terrell

That track is ?

Carissa Long

Is this a black woman thing or a woman thing


It feels surreal watching the original version again after Animating this, but KS is speaking facts that the propaganda issued through out Entertainment media like the Color Purple, Oprah, Ricki Lake, Love in Hip-hop and many others during the past, present and future, are destroying the respect for men and modern families.

Timothy Brown

Non black watchers what’s y’all take? I’m interested in hearing an outside view.


Dear Universe, please do not let me run into women like her?????

Titan Blooded

Data says most domestic violence is bi lateral. Which means both partners participate as aggressors. In one way aggression women initiated more than men.

J Ho

? She just tryin to be right and push buttons. Toxic holy.

Jorah Garrison

After the Kavanaugh situation, I definitely had to reevaluate my political leanings.


Fellas, we need to stop arguing with these women that reject logic and facts. Leave the alone and behind!

George Turner

You COULD be wrong, BUT...you are NOT WRONG!!!

Jameal Jordon

"Toy boy" is an awful, terrible name for a man's fragrance. Even worse than the packaging. Toy boy, sounds like a name, for woman who buys her man's fragrance, as perhaps his initial fragrance.

"Dope" sounds like a better name, actually.

Islam Mujahid

Man some of my sister's are a piece of work. SMH


The black man owes his success to black women. I’ve never seen a black man built up by a black woman lmao she may have been there but she wasn’t shooting with us in the gym

Harlem Warrior

The state of black women is beyond pathetic and sad????

Carissa Long

There is reality and truth. He is correct

kalin Rodrigues

W social media and most ppl feeling lost and reality tv, dis shit only gonna get worse.

Nathaniel Mack

? My God ?

Domonique Bufford

You fucking genius you, the pendulum is symbolic to your message as a whole!

Calvin Dike

An author that doesn’t have time for facts. Even worse, trying to base her argument off of what is seen on media instead of facts. Shocking.

Paw Patrol Joe

When you in court the judge going off of facts and evidence not feelings and opinions

el solo

The chick at 40 mins is the worst. Talking all that shit but don't have any facts. All feels, dumb looking faces, and not listening.

Michael Quinn

Emotional thinking vs truth facts . I don’t know why she keeps going on

Armand Thomas Jr.

It's the salute to TAPS for me!!!???

Lisa James

Black women...just apologize to black men...we have been wrong...KS is right!

D. D.

This is by far his most important show!

Cy an Suzpendrez

you mazle put Litter on the periodic table of elements. #305

Carissa Long

The black men I deal with are amazing. Do not fit her stereotype

Linette Nance

Smh she should give the ring back .

Peter Harris

The rate has to be true for it to be a fact.

Real Estate Mack

"Men lie, women lie numbers don't!"

Kori D

Not all women experience domestic violence and not all those who do report it. However, 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men have experienced physical violence from an intimate partner. Those numbers were reported so imagine how many go unreported. Let’s not downplay the fear of the victims who choose not to report.

Zoe Knowzzz

“What good is your PHD if you’re going to weaponize it against black men?”


jacob morgan

Sometimes Kevin doesn't know what he's talking about there were men in the projects/ low income homes... That was the play get cheap rent n have extra income in the home seen it so many times growing up in the hood

Hayden Eden

Or she could get 5 more rings and be like Tom Brady ???

Spirit Soul

Don’t get married

D Stroke

“Miss the facts find the lies”
- DStroke -

J100 Miles

Exhibit A pause. ?

Hayden Eden

Aww his convo w the 20 y/o was cute

k L

Big ups to Mr. Samuels learned more about history than all my years of school.

David Lam

@1hr30min. Amber heard has been shown to admiting that she was falsely accuse Johnny Of being the sole abu$er.

Daj TheDon

I’m 23 and this lady would rather put how she feels over facts, data and statistics


All you hear, is they taught us this , they showed us that! Dam are you a dam dog or a human? But how can you learn something you don’t want to learn. Excuses no accountability, but thinking you should get physical protection from your handler , Not Me ?‍♂️


I remember when I first watched the show, I was shocked. An educated lady says I don't deal with data, I deal with real life!


Once i saw a neighbor bitchslap his wife. Why? During a house fire she took out her caged bird first instead of their newborn baby.

Ramone Reese

I have been asking similar questions for years now. WHERE is this narrative coming from? The facts do not support the popular refrain. Certainly not to the extent CONSISTENTLY alleged. I’m really curious. And more importantly, why not question it when presented with evidence to the contrary? Or without much if any personal experience? Or at the very least, we’ve had a generation or three raised by these same women. What are you or did you teach your sons? My mother taught me just about everything from how to change a tire to how to cook from scratch BUT that same narrative was on repeat in my home growing up. And I decided at a young age to not be a statistic or “typical” Black man (of course with her guidance)...but then I got old enough to look around at reality and to look at many of the same statistics Kevin sited.

One of my personal favorite insults/dismissals were that I must have wanted a White woman. I don’t have a problem with whomever anyone loves nor did I exclude myself from dating out. But 99.9% of the women I dated were Black. I got lucky to meet the amazing Black woman I’m married to. I just don’t understand the blood feud between Black men and Black women. Regardless of how the community got to this point, it is going to take us working together to move forward.

M Inc.

This woman is divorced. At 40.

Her ex-husband left her for a younger woman. I know this type very well, also.

She will tell herself that he did it because he came up career-wise/financially, but he counted the cost and knew that this woman was nothing but a nag and a liability. He could do better with a younger woman, and left her for one.

M Inc.

"See, you wanna deal with DATA!"

LMFAOOOOOOOOO what else is there? Your bitter root emotions and the fact that your husband got up and left you for a 25 year old woman???

Pete The Welder

If I remember correctly i saw a documentary on FDR that said he purposely targeted black women in 1930s. They said black women were largely literate because they did assistant jobs that required it. Black men were illiterate but highly skilled physical labor.

That is not much different than a modern college educated woman but they used to make it work.


Black women are realizing their on the wrong side of history.


loved-this is about you and your karma!

Breon Law

What is that thing on his desk spinning called, I wanna get one.

J Ho

"What the french toaste is you talkin about" ?

Adrian Rice

217 dislikes = all women who hate him but can't stop watching his content

Blaq Nostalgia

Black women reject black father's then hold them responsible for any subsequent failure in the kids lives?? Black women will however, accept ALL CREDITS if the same kid(s) are a success, even of the father's are fully involved?? Black women take credit for Black men's successes but give bm no credit if/when they attain high achievements?? Can't make this ish up man smh.


can I get a show of hands how many ladies know who jordan Peterson is?

skull face

Black women act like jerks I'm black but turned off by the way they are.

NotYourMom YouSnowflake

fraudulent phd - using opinions not data

archie fraser

I put my wife through college and paid for EVERYTHING she left me lololololololol

wal koch

no way the SJWs are gonna let this show roll on any longer.


Yes she was trying to shame you! Lol She is not use to being checked by a man.

Wise Man

Women only go by exceptions and there opinions basically there feelings. They don't go by facts and logic like us men. There data is people on tv telling them what they want to hear. This conversation kind of reminds me of a professor in University have a student argue with him or her with no facts or data to back up the discussion.

Victor Charlie

She is a ring collector .

Lil Pink Bubbles

Well I can’t speak for other women, but my experience with black men has not been good. My ex went on to be with a white woman (nothing against white women) but he now regrets the decision and wishes he would have treated me better and stayed married to me. I divorced him due to abuse and yes there are police reports.
He is a 6 figure earner and we started from nothing, but when he got up he started treating me less than. I am a very submissive black woman. The beauty of it is that a good woman is never single for long.

Matte Congac

Where can I find a oil lamp like that ??

That 2nd one ain't no "25" year old either.

David Lam

Grand theft if 3 carat rings?

Hayden Eden

This guy is clearly all about his business just by the way all his interactions to his audience are so well thought out and make sense

Jay Woods

THAT was for the record. great job KS.

Tee Gee

It's funny how she laughs when Mr. Samuels says "your Godfather is right again" (55.23), as if Black men can't have positive titles, but I'm sure she calls herself a "queen".


It has gotten so bad that we need Kevin. I’m sorry, not sorry. His approach is his approach but bump the approach. Get out of your feelings and LEARN SOMETHING.

Tom Jones

I investigated Domestic Violence assaults for several years, and most were bullshit, instigated by the women. If a woman lied, nothing would be done about it.

deandrel thomas

She trying to collect infinity rings

Lisa James

What I see is/has been...bashing black men is big business/lucrative for many

Paul Humphries

This is why I never wanted to see The Color Purple, What's Love Got To Do With It, or episodes of Good Times, after John Amos got screwed. The Color Purple was directed by Steven Spielberg. A caucasian man that directed sci fi movies. Then the so called liberal Norman Lear doing Good Times. He wanted to do a stereotype of a single black mother with 3 kids, and the black man being irresponsible. Kudos to Esther Rolle for pushing for a black father to be on the show. Then What's Love Got To Do with it. Judge Joe Brown exposes the truth about Tina Turner. Then Ike Turner was going to do a movie, telling his version. Then he died.

Juan Torres

"Keep the rings, see how it turned put for Gollum!"



'Did you give the ring back?'


Black Brothas we're getting it from all sides while we are trying to just live our lives. All I can say is keep being the best you can be, you are appreciated. Believe or not out 7.4 billion people on the planet there are women who will cherish you and is dying to be with men like you. Millions of women. Go where you are celebrated.

Waniyah Yahawadah Yasharalah

How did it get this bad?By the majority of our Judite women accepting Feminism!

Ashia B

I like the countdown music ? ? ?

Kyle E.

Omg, ?, she said "...they s#*! upon you...". 44:42

Mr Bey

My man reference Lord of the Rings LMBOOOOO

pap pana


R Mitchell

I see women 75 yrs old and won't admit they made a mistake.

Mary Terrell

Any body know that track title

Bee Jones

Wow...wee !

King Don

What's that cologne fam


Great work.

Cy an Suzpendrez

“Why some men become dogs” by wills, Rom. time stamp

preston thomas

K.S. You have to do a ‘ UNCUT’ one night out the week so YOU don’t have to hold BACK on some of these @$#%^*#% ?


2:00:00 golden info


loud woman ? i stay away from them

Darian Mays

Wow , this was frustrating to watch . She just can’t take her emotions out of it

Adam Wright

I think this applies to white women as well just not to the extend as black women, white women for sure sold this lie as well.

leininey wilson

I don’t know about ball that it may not have been all men but some women were abused cheated on and did not leave because they could not do anything about it. I think to say men were just doing generation x moms right is not true. I’m interested in the real statistics but where are these men now? I want them to speak out.

Master Ace Boogey

Unc that's a fact about those arguments. 2,3,4 hours of that then "hot" sex= toxic?.