Rdl with dumbbells

Dumbbell RDL

Dumbbell RDL26 Oct. 2017
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How to Set-up and Perform the Split Stance RDL

How to Set-up and Perform the Split Stance RDL17 Sep. 2018
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The split stance RDL is a

The split stance RDL is a great tool for isolating one leg at a time for the hinge pattern without having the balance be as much of a limiting factor.

In this video @kieferlammi shows us how we coach it here at Champion!

Before going to the split stance position we like to groove a hinge pattern on two feet. Too often people jump right to the asymmetrical stance and end up rotating or compensating excessively somewhere, losing the intent of the movement.

Once you've done that, here are your big rock set-up tips:

1️⃣Place the non-working leg 6-12" back or just behind the working heel

2️⃣Keep 90% of your weight on the forward (working) leg

3️⃣Hinge your hips back just like in the bilateral stance

4️⃣Bring BOTH hips forward as you stand tall

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