Jogging a mile a day

I ran 1 mile EVERYDAY for a week...

I ran 1 mile EVERYDAY for a week...10 Jun. 2020
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I hope you guys enjoyed

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing me attempt to run 1 mile every day for a week and the results that I got! I'm really happy that I did this and documented my experience!

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Zofia Rosalia

so inspiring

Johanna Olin Öberg

Lmao I laughed so hard at the weird car thing passing by your house at 11:26

Milena Dobrakowska


nishant Singh


Maci Meeks

You have inspired me to start running again.

luke solby


umidklmao x

i loveddd this and you!!!! ur literally my fav youtuber<3 could you please do an editing video : intro,thumbnails etc

abby h

omg i wish i could do this!! also i think the headbands look good! lol. i feel like if i also tracked my progress i would do better as well. thanks for the inspo! hahahaha. also congrats on 3k!! your vids are seriously inspiring me to do more workouts!! <3

Isabelle Mensik

What song is used when you show what day it Is?

Lois & Lyza

we love to see ittt

haley hughes

you have a why don't we poster! :)

Official Cooking Site

Good for you!!!?


that after shot is so inspiring. thank you for the video :)

Sunjoli Mathur

I always get so excited when i see you posted!

Mia Chang

So gorgeous!!! Really proud of you!! You have so much perseverance and determination and never forget how amazing and beautiful you are!! Love u!!!!! You do you and good job!!!


yay! I am so proud of you??

nishant Singh

Best vloggggggg?

Miarana R

LOVED your video and love you sm !! but how did you ate during the week like usual or you did some kind of diet??

nishant Singh

In every video her battery dies lol??


i STRIVE to have ur motivation!!

Jaz Nichelle

It's Always The Rough Days That Makes It Harder But Pushing Through Makes It Rewarding! Good Job! ☺️

Mia Chang

You are such an inspirational and your motivation is so inspiring and incredible!! Love you Julia!!! ?


Also I’m gonna run a mile for a week with my sister and will update you all too ???✨
DAY 1 : going for a run ?

Fearne Pearson

well done ?

kate h

Watching this video made me want to try this! I'm going to be doing a 24 hour running challenge where you run a mile every hour for 24 hours. So running a mile for a week will definitely help me train for the challenge.

Ana Gasca

Yasss girrll!!!!!

Vanessa Mejias

Your channels growing fast keep it up??

rubi santana

Did you eat healthy? Your results were amazing by the way!

Taryn Kilrain

omg congrats on 3k!! i have been watching your youtube grow since you had like a couple of hundred subs. anyway i’m wondering what do you do for workouts?you have been really inspiring me to workout and eat healthier. <3

Mia Aless

wdw chillin in the background like:

Chevon Weekes

Did u eat healthy

Daria Seminario

OMG! yesss ??✨

ღ zozy_17 ღ

Omg I’ll try !
You Did a great job tho !! ?

nishant Singh


ella perryman


Edward Lee California USA

Yassss Queen good job Girl I'm proud for you because your vlogs are so amazing keep going hun God bless you and your family as well ❤❤❤❤???❣❣????????? sending love to you girl cause you are amazing vibe that I love

ᴄᴀᴛᴀʟɪɴᴀ ᴇsᴄᴏʙᴀʀ

this make me feel like i wanna do it! congrats for 3K!!!



I Ran 1 Mile Every Day For 30 Days

I Ran 1 Mile Every Day For 30 Days12 May. 2020
33 308
NICE RUDESubscribe 438 721

For the last 30 days, I

For the last 30 days, I ran one mile every day. I learned a lot about the affects running can have on our lives, and I was surprised about how much better I felt on a day to day basis.

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Instagram: gntwrk

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Fernando Alfaro

How many minutes you run everyday?

John Doe

What did you eat though?

Aidan Brooks

Confidence , testosterone

نئال الماجدي

Your body like lion like tiger
Nais god god


This dude is pretty funny!


Narration was fire!

Furious_ Zombie1

Ok i was trying to watch a good motivation video but there should have been a cringe warning


Hell no mans creasing the forces


“This is me fat, day 1”
Meanwhile he has a small tiny tummy lol. Thanks for the video so motivational ❤️

YoungBean Always Stay Broke

I started this 6 days ago but I keep eating a lot and I don't think I'll see a change by the end of the 30 days


did you notice your face slim up as well?

Dwayne Sato

“I wanna run like a horse” shit is gold, on day 7 good stuff!

Raiden Sos

What foods did you eat?

Jenny style corner

I want loose only 3 inches of my bloated stomach and I m skinny and I had hip and thigh fat too so my weight is 45 kg and age is 21 tell me something exercise that can be done I m skinny fat?




Thank you my brotha. You inspired me to do this brutality working out every day and become horse. And now one month later I not only be best looking men in neighboorhood and women from mayor made sexy time twice with me but I also have big inprovement of my poopoo in terms of consisteny and regularitty. Thank you very big and lovely. Best greeting and big thanks from mayor wife especially.


All flaco now??????

blood_lust Editz

Good shit man I just started working out and you gave me a motivation boost!

TwoTone93 JDM

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Victor Huang

this video was dope, but let's run it back and go over some prawns tho


Very entertaining :)



Caleb Ruano

How much weight did you end up loosing in those 30days?

Hsa Poe


Steve Hathway

"I would cheat on my wife for this channel" GOLD

Aon 10

Hey amazing video I want to ask a few questions:
How much calories do you burn after a mile run?
If you just run a mile for a month do you lose belly fat alone without doing weights.
What times do you eat during the day
Hope you and your family are all well

Jonathan Corcoran

You can definitely rock the stache!

East Dago Ant

Fat juicy like ?

Lacoste Brown

Are you monetised yet?

Michael Keecho

God Bless You Buddy! Keep up the good work!

Traci Dargan

Bruh the begging caught me off guard ? ? love your narration


1:05 Before 6:35 After

Mitchel Ready

The intro got me laughing so hard ???

Ben M

Lmao the intro!!! ???

Run With Ochen

My mile pr is now 5:43


Females only?nigga be real no nigga was gonna approach you anyways

Amirah What am I Spose to put here?

Lol!! Is 0.18mil is it a mile ???? I cant find it?‍♀️

Zero TwoSixty

You need the mic with the hair on it I forgot what it’s called to muffle the wind it’s better and it would help your channel.


i will cheat on my wife for this chanel

Errica Cane

I’m hollering-at the intro ??????????????????

Jack Daniels

Bro thats some junk food ur eating

Prithak Thakur

Jast kideen

Chuy Olivas

Damn u inspire me to start running foo

Patrick Flyer

Great experience, btw are you still running?)
I was running for 60 days in a row and just uploaded my video with this challenge, it turned out to be one of the most exciting things I’ve tried out??


If I did burpees, jump roping,Keto diet, and do half of one punch man's workout without the runny would I lose some good weight?

Jonatan Romanillo

Haha all these foos saying your cringe haha

نئال الماجدي

Ok you run without go to gaim bodybuiding?


i feel like running outside is way better mostly because for me its more motiviational

Jonatan Romanillo

Your chillen tho

Minato Uzimaki

Ay bro whats that song btw you funny asl my dude lmao i subbed

Ozzie comedian

“I Ran A Mile Every Day For 30 Days”

Me, A Cross Country Runner: Pathetic

I ran a mile everyday for 30 days and it changed my life | I felt like giving up

I ran a mile everyday for 30 days and it changed my life | I felt like giving up3 Jun. 2020
28 636
Amanda LundbergSubscribe 438 721


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Comments (34)
michiko yao

You are so pretty!

frenchie girl in the usa



Love this video

Maya FH

Why don't you give hiit a go? High intensity training but only for a short amount of time per day. Great job on this video! ?

Violet L.

My goodness, how are you so pretty ?



Daniel Orozco

your age minus 220 gives you a number then multiply that number by .65 and .85 thatll give you a range, which Is a heart beat range, do cardio for at least 20min on that hearbeat range on an empty stomach and youll get much More faster results

Nathan Burgess

I run like 15 miles a day and I lose like 1 pound a year like wtf ?

Lou Sunny

Wow that is crazy how that one decision everyday for 30 days did that. YOU did that! Congratulations

Matthew Lin

Your are a huge inspiration to me ❤️


Please Remember me at 200 subscribers. Reply To me pls. Also, let's build each other up xd


You go girl!

funny shirl

How about something simple, like the scientific 7-minute workout for 30 days? I did it 3x’s/wk for 3 months after my 3rd baby and lost 30 lbs. (Granted, I was also nursing a baby around the clock, which also helped melt away the pounds quickly.) I liked that it was quick, varied muscle groups, and didn’t require any special equipment (except a sturdy chair and a wall).

Ms. Xyooj

You should try chloe ting workout
Do it for 30 days

Lisa Acevedo

You did NOT run a mile every day for 30 days, you excersized on the elliptical for the length of a mile... lol Nice results though!

shaunta williams

lost 3 pounds wtf lol

Sam M

I’d like to see you plank for a min everyday for a month I heard it’s good at strengthening your core and I’m curious if it changes like belly size at all doing it

Krispy Kreme

I thought you were going to run but isn’t that an elliptical machine? Can someone explain

guest man

You should keep going, it’s very hard for females to shed weight. Put a diet plan to it. I’m doing Omad and doing a mile, wake up and exercise then eat later in the day so you’re tapping into your fat. I’ve lose 3 lbs in a week

EMILY-ROSE: The Ginger Fringe

I just did a similar challenge! Although I only managed 1 mile a day for 21 days, pahaha! Would love to see what you think, I have subscribed! Let's watch each other grow (/shrink!!!) ? xxx

Emma Torode

Why is no one talking about how elliptical is not the same as treadmill (not as high impact)


Very misleading title and thumbnail. Thumbs down.

Nancy Gonzalez

I was expecting her to jog on a treadmill not the elliptical. If she didn’t have much resistance it’s not equivalent to running. But any exercise is still better than sedentary!

Wonder Woman

Good job. How about for your next challenge you run a mile for 30 days? You did the elliptical, now try running. I think you'd lose more inches and weight with running.


I love that equipment. Like running on a treadmill or outdoors I could do it for maybe a minute that one I can do it for 30 minutes or more (which I absolutely love the convenience and just also worked out my arms too). But with Covid and I don’t have it in my house is kind of sad.


Do eating specific diets for 30 days please!!! Ie vegan, Atkins etc

Sonny P

Great work, hope your still going.

jacqueline D

This is way different than actually running, should’ve named the video “exercise on the elliptical for 30 days” But good job


I wanna do this.


You should keep it up. You had good results in a month-image in another month if you watch your diet this time.

Shirley Daniels

Do the chloe ting challenge u can do it

Eve Glennon

I weigh 137 pounds I’m 5”6 and I’m a runner and muscle weighs more than fat so you probably gained muscle as well

EsSeLuRo - Esin'in Şeker Güncesi -

thanks for the hopes


You are so amazing and inspiring