Hack squat sled

Hack Squat/Leg Sled

Hack Squat/Leg Sled8 Oct. 2018

-Begin seated in the

-Begin seated in the machine with the back and head rested on the pad and feet securely in the machine between hips to shoulder’s width apart.

-Flex the knees to lower the weight then extend the knees to raise the weight back up.

-Make sure not to hyperextend he knees while performing the exercise.

-Don’t forget to unlock the handles prior to beginning the exercise and to relock the handles back in place before taking the feet off the footrest of the sled after completing the desired reps.

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Home Gym Addition/Upgrade: BodyCraft F660

Home Gym Addition/Upgrade: BodyCraft F6608 Oct. 2016
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Jessie F. GainsSubscribe 438 721

Added the BodyCraft F660

Added the BodyCraft F660 leg press/hack squat to the home gym.

BodyCraft F660 purchase link:


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Taekwondo Lifestyle

what about your cardio equipment?


u can adjust the height of your shoulder support...learn your machine bro..

Raphael Fernandez

Great video bro, I enjoyed every second of it!! I hope you can come check out my channel, I upload daily :) All the best!

PrototypeBMX -_-

what an awesome piece of gear

FitForActing Reynaldo B

Do you still use the leg press? How is it holding up? Nice gym ?

David Jennings

You could get high volume leg work with that beauty.

prathap umesh

cool Jessie looks good

Semperfi 500

Do you still own this piece of equipment and how is the quality holding up since the post


Thanks for the video. Yours is till the only one i can find on this machine. I have been searching for more info on the lumbar donkey attachment use.
I own one and Love it. I do reverse squats ( facing the machine) as its easier on my knees and it feels like i can go lower. (mentioning it in case you haven't tried that way yet?) :)


I always enjoy your updates, look like a good machine. Do you plan on getting floor mats? Just curious

Michael Alvarado

Do you even lift? ?????


bodycraft is an awesome company

Garage Workouts

Garage gym is looking great man..A lot of good stuff.Maybe next upgrade the floor with horse stall mats...Would be perfect home gym..

Daily BS

Beautiful piece of equipment!

Frank ie

Sweeeeeeet!!! Gotta get more plates now..

fatdepressedveg knight

don't know how your gym look now but what you showing duplicates & some thing you don't need smith machine & get rid get rid of multi- gym that make more space, then get 2 in 1 plate loaded leg extension & leg curl

zuzzone gelataro

06:47 the moment you realize this machine is crap because of the stopper and the RoM is trash.
and you start thinking , "wtf how much did i pay for that?" and then u start with the 7step of
negations ...till you accept you wont be able to hack squat EVER.

Gregory P.

That is one awesome garage gym jessie.
Wish I had the space in my garage for this.


Nice gym setup!

Matt Tolbers

I'm stuck between this and the Force USA version. The force USA looks like it would take up alot more room, but I like the fact it has a place to hold weight plates and also seems to have a much bigger foot plates.

Does the foot plates on yours feel big enough?

Tim Forslund

Jessie is that leg press pretty good for a guy that’s 6’2”. Don’t know how tall you are. Good video.

Kevin Clements

Jesse that is just an awesome addition and will be very useful !!! Excellent get !

Brenden Henry

nice setups. I got that thermal printer and the scale you recommended. Both are working great now!

Brandie Adcock

Any comments on the machine now that you've had / used it for awhile? (leg press / hack squat - F660) I am researching all options and would appreciate any feedback you have. Thx.


Nice Leg Press / Hack Squat machine. The calf raise attachment is a plus

Jamie Fitz

Looks like a sick bit of kit man! Can't help but feel a bit jealous that I don't have a garage to start dumping gym equipment of my own in.

Gerardo Gerardo

I have the same leg press and is not so god for hack squat I can not go deep because the plate is not big enough.


How are those bearings holding up? My leg press now sounds like metal grinding on the rods.


Sweet gym... hope your still working out

Super Mutant Rob Graham - Heavy Ass Hack Squats 700lbs + Sled

Super Mutant Rob Graham - Heavy Ass Hack Squats 700lbs + Sled24 Feb. 2014
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MUTANT RobSubscribe 438 721

14 Weeks out from

14 Weeks out from competition and pushing as heavy as possible while the calories are still high!

@MUTANTROB Follow me and thanks for the support!

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