Giancarlo stanton workout

[email protected]: Stanton, Ichiro have some intense training

[email protected]: Stanton, Ichiro have some intense training8 Apr. 2015
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4/7/15: Marlins TV shows

4/7/15: Marlins TV shows some of Ichiro Suzuki's custom workout equipment while Giancarlo Stanton does some training at a beach

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Comments (22)
Marvin McMann


Dylan A. Soriano

Let`s go ichiro

Al Camacho

No sand in New Yourk

Reyshawn Anderson

Did any body else notice that the pitcher looked like mario

Jarrod Castillo

Manhattan Beach..

jajaja yo Yocupicio Moroyoqui


Denis Tuohy

Maybe Giancarlo should start using those flexibility machines again so he can stay healthier

Brandon Jacobson

When I lived in la I ran that hill


My name is Giancarlo Ichiro




My name is jeff


why is that fat black broad telling them what to do?

Jason Parent


Jacob laggard

marlins man is there



Running uphill in the sand WITH a weighted vest?
Now that's hardcore.

Funky Muncy

Lmao i've been on that hill before its in Manhattan Beach


its called sans dune park in manhattan beach

Shane McNelis

Uphill sprints are no joke, especially with uneven terrain.

Peateli sucks big fat dick

males with big butts are gay

like Stanton

Vim Alcel Naraga

Those guys are workout warriors

Deiverson Torrez

asi es que se entrena

Junkyard Batting Practice with Giancarlo Stanton

Junkyard Batting Practice with Giancarlo Stanton28 Mar. 2014
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Giancarlo Stanton takes BP

Giancarlo Stanton takes BP at the junkyard with Melanie Iglesias.

Watch Off the Bat from the MLB Fan Cave on Tuesday, April 1 at 11/10c on MTV2.

Comments (52)
Travis Mccoy

I hope he hit that before... And After this segment!! ????

Eduardo Floww

The only thing that got smash that day? Her ass lol


Got that ironing board booty

The Yeetmeister

Wood u liek to c meh representation of the comments
99.9% are Giancarlo Stanton smashed her
0.1 other random shit

Derin Rita



I have a feeling he banged her. Hard.


Giancarlo trying as hard as possible to not stare at her tits

Melissa Morin

She went is the bed Stanton and she had babies

Jonathan Washington

@0:51 Um Giancarlo Are You Sure This Is Legal?


Shes really pretty but damn 2:05 no ass at all.

Kotal Kahn

She got ZERO ass.

Nick G

They can afford to shoot a segment with one of the league's best power hitters, yet they can't afford to get actual Major League Baseballs? And no doubt, they smashed

Lucas Russell

Is that melanie iglasies from MTV?

king dom

Looks like baseballs aren't the only thing giancarlo smashes ;)


Doesn't Stanton kinda sound like vin diesel


he banged her. No doubt. most likely IN, or ON a junk yard car.


haha meli said "ima pretend its my ex" on purpose, just to let staton know she is single! 

The Unboxer

I think he has more power without a shirt.

JJ Oddo

Every comment pretty much captured what I was about to type lol... So, Go Yanks

Jacob laggard


Xiomara Núñez Tifa


Christian alba

He sounds like vin diesel


they totally fucked


damn Gian trashed a little more than the junkyard that day guarantee 

Joseph Kahalewai

Jose died


Whoa girl..! Who said this was a date!?

Jack Islanders 80 81 82 83

Now a Yankee :’)

Eddie Gamez


TheGoproBro Dudley

She so likes him

Evan Yasser

Nobody is stronger than Giancarlo, not even Judge!

Zachary Leonard


Carlos Perez

She said do you do this to all your dates

Jeff Porcaro Groove

how this guy can keep focus when he can get the hottest ladies around is his true work of art! most smokin hot chicks have NO CLUE who men are and the power of their form...greatest secret in history


She got a cutting board for a booty

Dom Pozzani

I saw Melanie, I immediately liked the video


no ass

Ivan Santana

My boy Giancarlo smashed her right after that.

Kas van Vliet

She is so fucking annoying


he sound just like the rock in game plan when he ate those cinnamon cookies he was allergic too

August Murphy-Beach

"I'm going to pretend it's my ex"

Luke G

You knowwwwww he smashed

Stevie Nines

This is like the begnning of a bang bros video


sorry, all you guys saying she has no ass..1. like you would ever have a chance with her 2. like you would turn her down if you did. 3. more than 70% of the ones saying she has no ass probably spanked one out to her. oh the internet. everyone's rich, successful, fighting off girls with sticks


the second those cameras turned off giancarlo tore that up


I love watching girls fail at baseball

Dan Carlson

....and that's how porno's begin

Bill O

They 100% fucked after this like some porno type shit

ZackG32 baseball

He reminds me of the rock in a weird way

Nicholas Ruiz

She said do give a bat on ever first date

Jeremy Bitter

He's my favorite player along with Jose Fernandez

Yellow Flame Gaulent

Now a Yankee

Jacob Leonard

he probably banged her in one of those cars when he was done

Giancarlo Stanton Q&A with Six Star Pro Nutrition

Giancarlo Stanton Q&A with Six Star Pro Nutrition24 Aug. 2017
8 370

Comments (2)
Aaron Rodriguez

If anyone had to estimate how many calories he eats how much do you think he does?

jaymee kinsella

I would love to meet him ?