How to increase pull up reps

Increase your Pull Up Reps from 1-10 with THIS workout!

Increase your Pull Up Reps from 1-10 with THIS workout!14 Dec. 2020
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What's up guys coming back

What's up guys coming back this week for another video today we're going to be discussing how to increase your pull up reps from 1-10.

This technique/workout can be used for all levels you just have to play around with the number of reps, rest time, or weight.

Start off by breaking the pull-up down into 3 factors, strength, speed, and technique. Once you break down the pull up into these 3 factors your pul up game will all-around increase dramatically.

Strength Sets: 3 Sets of 10 negative pull-ups, 90-second rest between each set.

Speed Set: As many as possible pull-ups not going all the way down (lock form). Try to double your perfect pull up with your speed pull ups.

Do these max out pull-ups 3 times at the beginning of your workout.

Technique set: Focus on the technique part of your pull up at the end of the workout. Engage your scapula, bring the shoulders down, and pull to your chest.

3 Sets of close to failure reps.

If you have any questions comment them down below or DM me on Instagram @Maximilianpalicuk. ???

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Daniel Palicuk

Wooo nice one


Thanks! It took me about 2 months to get my first pull up and now I can do 1 easy enough but after 1 can’t get more so this looks great!

Franco Llanos Lara

Chile, Southamerica in da house!

Mehdi Benyoussef

First comment morocco

zakharia hantzel

Thx for advice.. i only can 6 max /set

G -Turo

I can do well over 20 pullups in a set but still watch cause you can never learn too much of the basics haha


What are those gloves my broski? Also second comment ouchere

Dirk Dirk

Bravo YOU have top Power and the Figur is very gooď Respekt

Raham Abdelhak

Bro you are really my motivation

heart broken

always good advice


thank you bro

Eduardo Costa

Thanks for the vídeo bro ??




I cant even do the negative..is it because my arms and core are too weak and a little bit overweight? Thanks.

Badis Badis

Good workout ?❤

Arshad Sf2

Can you plz give your whataap number???

Nicolas Arciniegas

greetings from Colombia bro the best


Second bruh ?

Mr Geetar

What if im still sore from the first workout in the week. Is it bad to do a second one anyways?

Arshad Sf2

Bro u Are an amazing calister❤️❤️❤️❤️

How To Increase Pull Up Reps FAST!

How To Increase Pull Up Reps FAST!11 Feb. 2020
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My Pullup bar: https://amzn.to/31N9dkH

Have you been wondering how to increase pull up reps fast? This video explains a method that I've used multiple times to increase my pull up reps. And I didn't even realize it until now, but this method is the most effective way I've found to do it. It's really 2 training principles that go hand in hand:

1. High frequency

2. Submaximal sets

That's it! I've used this while doing purposeful "greasing the groove" and training submaximal sets multiple times a day (usually around 6-12 sets). I also used these principles without even realizing it when I built my backyard pull up bar because I was practicing every day and not repping until failure. And I ALSO used this method when I did my 100 push ups and pull ups a day challenge. Each time I used these concepts, my reps went up FAST.

I hope you find the advice helpful!


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Dentzie Rands

.Do you have a full back workout

Mike's Music Method

This makes sense. But when did you do this? Right now I've committed to your intermediate routine. And I'm not gonna break that promise to myself to stick with it for a good 3 months. So when are your greasing the groove? Does this just fit into any routine? Or is it a routine in and of itself?


Did you do this along with PPL? I’m concerned that it will affect my recovery for pull days

Joe Merino

Great information, this is exactly where I am stuck. One of my biggest issues is my speed going back down. For chin-ups, I am smooth and steady but pull-ups I am almost doing a fast-ish negative on the way down. I have no clue why I do this but I know that is a limiting factor of mine. Might just need to change gears and try your method and see what happens. Keep up the good work

Florian Bar

Great information. But why do you want to do more pull ups? Once you start performing over 12 reps it just improves your endurance. I guess if your goal is endurance it makes sense. But if you want to be and look stronger, weighted pull ups is the way to go in my opinion. Once you start doing pull ups with even a quarter of your own weight you'll notice the unweighted ones will feel easy.

Doğa Doğu

These are valuable tips! Thanks!

Gábor Dobrocsi

Hi Ryan, I've been stuck at 5 or 6 reps for along time, I am definitely going to try this method. Thank you!

The Stoic Teacher

How does this fit in with a weekly programme? If I'm greasing the groove with pull ups and dips everyday is it okay to be doing a cardio/bodyweight programme that incorporates push ups/chin ups for endurance 2x a week?

Jan Wilken

I am stack in 15 pull ups if I do it slow if I do it fast then I can get 20 in and I do it in fool rain's motion

Dhanya Tk

My lifetime record is 4 reps

Bartholomew Hunt

Static holds and slow negatives.

Captain Rhodes

Will work on increasing those reps but one thing I would really like to be able to do is to actually touch the bar with my chest as I go up. It doesn't feel like a complete rep without it and Im just not able to do it.

Amogh pratap singh

Can you plz make video on false grip on rings i am learning ring muscle ups. But that false grip is soo painful on wrist.

Brandon N

Is it ok to continue working out back whilst greasing the groove. What I mean is can I continue with my push-pull-legs split and grease the groove for pull-ups at the same time? Will this still increase my reps?


I maxed my pullups from 1 to 11 in three months by doing regular pullup training every second day, but also by reducing body fat and pushups, dips, squats etc. I didn't do much, but it's true, you have to be patient and work on your endurance.

vince ington

How do I integrate this into my normal training routine? I read a couple of times that you shouldnt hit the muscle group in your normal training that you train in GtG. So when im going for GtG with pull ups I should not do body rows in my normal training routine? Answer very much appreciated

Rob Morrison

I'm definitely going to give this method a shot, as I have found myself plateauing at 5 reps. Thanks, so much, for more invaluable info!


Great ideas!

Ian Somnium

Very helpful video, as always Ryan. Thanks for the info!


Wow, that is an unexpectedly long plateau. I started fresh on calisthenics in late September thanks to your channel, my pull up bar arrived in Mid-October. I remember I could barely do 3 pull-ups. But every time I felt like I was hitting a plateau, I would follow your ladder set routine for a week because I realised that it helped my push-ups at the very beginning. Now I can hit 8 pull-ups per set in 4-5 supersets.

nord kristal


Feang Lampard

I somehow breath in alot whenever i do a pull up
Is it correct

Do i have to keep my arms completely straight whenever i do pull up(before pulling) because its harder that way j normally keep my arms slightly bent (very little)

heyhey lolzerrgf

OMG man, I've litteraly been trying a method quite similar to yours !

Since I want to learn the front lever, I decided to do the greasing the groove BUT always trying to do max rep Pullover + Negative muscle up. So far, I've been able to go from tucked front lever to advanced front lever in a week !

Holly Chapman

I unknowingly did this exact protocol about 5 years ago! My goal was to do 50 pull-ups per day
( I tacked on 50 pushups also). I did most of the pull-ups in sets of 4 and then I would drop down and do 10 pushups. My lats grew incredibly and I was able to do 14+ pull-ups at the end of a month. I'm a 57 y/o female and I still do sets of 4-5 pull-ups a couple times a week. Time to up my game! Thanks for the reminder and great video!


Im supposed to feel the lats but I don’t, I only feel my biceps and my back between shoulder blades. What do I need to do better?

Mike Silva

Psychology helps. If you wanna increase your reps visualise something that will encourage you to go that bit harder.

Downhill Desire MTB

awesome! i still need to lose about 24 lbs before i think i will get even 1 pull up! lol. i had to start by just hanging to build my grip strength. gonna get some bands to help!

moayed mahmod

so should I take the pull-ups of my routine or continue with my routine and add greasing the grove


i can do 2 pullups, i hope this helps

javier silva

You are awesome ✌️?


Are you brother of jhony sins


Great video and well explained.
Yes this works with lifting weights also like Squats, bench ,deadlifts if someone wants to increase their strength. All about CNS and movement adaptation.

Kane Davies

I feel like a week by week programme would be a great mini series, say like from a complete beginner to being able to go from frigstand to handstand, include recommended sets and goal until you progress and this could be done with all positions. I find the hardest thing with how to tutorials is thr time frame is never highlighted (I understand people are at and get to different levels at different rates)

Ploni Almoni

I love your channel. you explain things in a clear, calm rational way that is easy to follow and motivating.

Two Half

what if... you cant even do one pull up?

Mare Salavarda Production

Best channel ever

Mario Henrique Tomassi

Yeah, I'll start this method. Gotta change my training and increase my reps. Thanks

Chris Engstrom

I really enjoyed your video content.
2 Questions that I would appreciate your response.
So with sub max sets daily. how many sets would you recommend? And would this replace your pull routines until desired max is reached?


Surely the most obvious way to prime your body for a high quantity of pull ups would be to lose excess weight? I'd imagine the elite guys would be extremely lean, like a rock climber kind of size.

Mr. Coconut

oh man, you've really blown up since the last time I checked your channel. keep up the hussle minus!


Lovely advice. Thank you. Can you recommend a decent pullup bar?

Pro VeporX

Great video thanks

Bernd Webklo

Thank you! Nice Video again!
Do I have to warm up befor I do these 50% pull up sets?

pad Scouring

very impressive !!


Just to get an idea of the starting volume, how many total reps per day did you do and in which time steps did you increase the volume?

Ondre Vassell

That's how I gain


Looking forward to when the cold weather backs off a little, for that homemade pull up bar which you made.?

Juan Valdivieso Vicuña

muy bueno, saludos desde Chile

BoBo SaTee

Yes but if a man is overweight and has a belly, he cannot pull himself up.

Bear Lee L ́Eagle

Thanx again, Ryan. I am definitely going to try this for I am stuck at 6-7 reps for almost 3 months - it´s a bit frustrating...


what is the song called in the intro and outro of this vid? very useful tip, thanks!

Joan 10

https://youtu.be/eb7tgP7Bla8 this helped me go from 3 to 11 in 22 days

Louis Le

Thank you so much for including that clip of you doing dips in that kitchen corner at 3:17!

I haven't got the chance to get dip bars and didn't know that was a possible alternative. Just tested it and it worked flawlessly. Super excited to add that to my workouts!

Michele Guidi

Great content shared!
Hope this will help, as I’m stuck at 8/9 reps since almost an year.
How many sub maximal sets per day do you propose for this method/approach? And recovery time between sets stay in range 60-90sec is ok?

FacePull TiToX

Really good video. I like your style. Keep it, man

Parm Grewal

Is plateauing from doing the same exercise regularly a myth?


I was stuck at 12 reps max and barely 15 if I am lucky for more than a year. You will laugh if I told you how I managed to reach 20 reps. I used a bar that was less thicker as the first.

Alexandre Laflamme

oh it's ez. just have a skinny pig's metabolism so you have way too much muscle mass for your skinny body. then you can lift yourself like a feather


Please grow that chest hair and show it off more! You're gorgeous ??


I do them everyday and dips till failure

Antal Monoki

Hi Johnny Sins!


I’ve plateaued at 5 reps so I’ve just started doing sets of eccentrics after my regular sets but I think I’ll start doin 2 reps every time i walk past my bar.

Christopher Fisher

Great information. Although it could be summed up in 30 seconds


I injured myself by greasing the groove because if you want to workout so frequently you don't have the time to warm up each time... Isn't this a risk?


Omg Jhonny Sins is now a coach gym KKK
Sorry man,but you like him

johnes walter

The sins accedemy ??
Thanx man , i will try this ????


Very helpful! Thank you!


Whatever nice vedio


Bro you look like jhonny sins


is it weird that i can do 6 pullups but only around 10 pushups?

thz laurix

I am a bit confused because i've seen so many Fitness-Youtuber telling you to do max. Reps (for examle Jeremy Ethier's Video about increasing Pull Ups https://youtu.be/3YvfRx31xDE or from FitnessFAQ https://youtu.be/RMtlbOIBAY0 min: 4:11)


It took you appr. a year from 1 to 6 reps? Wow that's unexpectet.
I started with Calisthenics in late October/beginning of November with the help of your channel.
After 2 months I was at 6 to 8 reps.
I used resistence bands and negative pull ups at first and lowered the bands continuously. When I could do 5 clean reps I used weight belts. Without any weights I can do 12 reps at the moment.
So maybe this is an alternative way to strenghten your volume as well.

edit: but I really like the idea of your "ladder". I will keep that one in mind if I find myself in a plateau phase


Great video, thanks Ryan!

Quick question: Does „greasing the groove“ help with hypertrophy in your opinion, or does it just get your reps up?

gustavo ventura abalony

how can I adapt this to my workout

Martina Carri

Hi, what if you don't have a pull-up bar and what are the alternative


So did you stop doing pull workouts for as long as you did greasing the groove moment?

nord kristal


Markus Breckner

Would you recommend doing that high frequency submaximal training together with the normal workout? Lets say I do 3 times a week a full body workout an am on 5reps max. And like your recommendation I do everyday multiple times like 2 reps. Should I keep with my pull routine 3times a week and go for max reps? Or should I better doing less reps on that workouts? Thanks for your answer, great video like always, I am a huge fan of your videos!


I just wanted to say thank you! Using your progression, I learned how to do my first pull up! I’m up to a max of 2, and now I’m going to use this technique to try and increase that max.
Edit: it’s been 5 months since I made the original comment. I’m at a max of 10 now!!


So I started this on the 11th, maybe the same day this video was released. So far I have done 149 pull ups! Starting about yesterday, it seems as if I pull myself up QUICK! Like almost chest to bar quick! My question is, should I stay at my half max reps or should I start adding one extra each set after a couple of days? And should I reevaluate my max during this time, or just carry out the GtG for a month, THEN try my max?


This video was posted 1 day after my birthday. Even being late, I thank you for my 16 years gift! Helped a lot!

Rick Martin

yep, six reps is my level now....thanks for the tips

ebban jenkins

I've started this method..been stuck at 10 to 12 reps for a year..aiming for 25 eventually

How to Increase Pull Ups | Do more Reps with these 3 Methods

How to Increase Pull Ups | Do more Reps with these 3 Methods23 Dec. 2015
73 489
bcntrainingENGSubscribe 438 721

Are you struggling to

Are you struggling to increase your pull ups? Would you like to be able to do more, like 20 or even 50 pull ups?

In this video I will show you 3 simple ways to dramatically improve your pull ups number!

When trying to get more reps in any exercise, we all reach a plateau sooner or later. This is because the body adapts quickly to the stress, leaving no or little room for improvement. In order to "force" the body to adapt again, and therefore make further improvement, we have to add an increased stress.

Here is when weighted pull ups come into play. By adding weight, we are giving new stress to our body, which it responds by improving tendon and muscular strength and by building new energy pathways withing our muscles. So, when we take off the load again, our muscles will have more capacity and a better ability to overcome the resistance of our own bodyweight, because we got it used to bear greater loads.

The methods shown in the video present 3 different scenarios:

1) Progressive Loading Increase

This method is best suit for people who have been doing pull ups and chin ups for a while and are able to do a decent number of them: like 8-15 reps already. It causes the greatest stress on the joints and muscles involved becuase it uses the highest and progressively heavier loads.

It consists of progressively increasing the weight, while keeping within a fixed range of reps.

For example, if my max pull ups reps is 12, I start doing 8 reps with 5 kg (11 pounds). Then I build up my reps to reach 12 again, as my body is adapting to the new load. When I reach my max reps, I will add weight and do 8 pull ups with 10 kg (22 pounds). Then 15 kg (33 pounds), 20 kg (44 pounds) and it goes on for as much as you wish or can.

2) Steady Repetition Loading

This workout is recommended for those who can do just a few number of pul ups, like 1 to 5 reps. It won't stress you joints and tendons as much because it will only use light loads with a very gradual increase.

Basically, you start with your max reps and add on 1 kg (2 pounds) each week, until you can do the same repetitions with 5 kg (11 pounds) on. Then you repeat with your new max reps.

For example, if your max reps is 5, you do 5 reps with 1 kg (2 pounds), and add 1 kg each week, until you are able to do 5 reps with 5 kg. Then re-test you maximum reps and repeat the whole method.

3) Loaded Reps Progression

This in an alternative method and is something that stands in between the previous two: it uses a fixed load of 5 kg (11 pounds), alternating between phases of weighted pull-ups and non-weighted pull ups. It would be recommended if you can do a medium number of reps, normally between 5 to 10 reps.

For instance, if you are able to do 8 reps, you start by doing 5 reps with 5 kg (11 pounds) the first week. The second week you do 7 reps with no weight. The 3rd week 6 reps with 5 kg. 4th week 8 reps, no weight. 5th week, 7 reps, 5 kg. 6th week, 9 reps, no weight...and so on.

It is a bit more confusing than the two other methods but it provides an alternative that it's worth trying.

You can play around with these methods and see which one works best for you. Also it is a good idea to periodize your training into different cycles, alternating between these 3 workouts.

Try, and you will finally be able to do more pull ups!!!


Whatdafunk di Audionautix is a track authorized by Creative Commons Attribution


Artist: http://audionautix.com/

Comments (49)
S Musi

This video is to complicated I can only do 10 pullups I am just gonna do pullups with. A backpack with weights !!!

Anicool Singh

my problem is.. if I have to do like 3 sets of 12 reps each..
then I can do 12 in the 1st rep..
then 8
and in the last I can't do 5..
how to fix this uneven -.-


This is a really good video to get better keep up the great work!

Bay Zercher

sir these exercise that you show are advanced you're doing like nothing. excellent programme by the way. may ı ask a question . ı've been doing armstrong pull up pragramme lately. like 7 weeks past. ı do 5 days a week. 2 days off. first day ı do 5 sets max pull ups. if my max is 10 , ı do 10 pull up, rest few seconds and ı complete that number to twenty. that means each set ı do 20 pull up. second day, pyramid method ı complete to same reps same sets again. thirrd day training sets, 5 close grip chin ups 5 wide pull ups 5 normal grip. that means 15 reps each set...this continues like that until end of 5 day.
anyway except these pull up exercise ı work my other calisthenics routine everyday.my question is'' seven weeks past but ı cant increase my pull ups, even my max reps are going decrease. sometimes ı cant see even 10 reps. ı feel weight on my arms, and out of energy.what should ı do ı work really hard but that dam thing isnt going to increase. did ı understand wrong that armstrong routine?''

Hitchens Jr.

Can front tuck lever help increase pull ups?

Jason Voorhees

sir , what do you think about greasing the groove method ?

levi miller

Anyone notice the cool B. Lee caricature on the wall? haha

Aishwarya Bhargava

Thanks for the great informative video. :)

simon lusignan

How many sets? 3-5?

Andre Cooper

great so much great you are honor you give us all details about workout I want ask you about exercise hit hammer is it useful can you tell me I want your address on Facebook

reiner braun

i can do 10 pull ups without weight ,i'll start adding weight and see how i progress

Gulyás Roland

where did ya get the pull up bar? could u gimme a link? thx

SL Woon

So basically, do reps that are -5 on max reps and add a few weights, then repeat the same step over and over

Nick Sprazer

love your tips

Bruce Leroy

Can you do a front lever video where it focus on the lower core and not so much on the lats. Maybe a few exercise that would help strengthen the lower core. Thanks. Love the videos

PMX Skills

I can do around 17 pull ups with strict form. In the first method you say that once you put on the weight, you should do 4 to 5 less reps. Is this necessary, or is it equally beneficial to do max reps with the attached weight?

Nathan Ribak

I think this tutorial is amazing, it really helps to explain how to progress, i finally found a simple effective way to increase my pull ups, i will surely. Give this channel a shout out and reccomendation for my next video!

Good job keep up the work ?

Philip Java

this is one of the happiest day off my life. I just performed my first pull up.


ill do it with a back pack

armageddon **

Without even trying it I'm dead sure this is the best progressive pullup training I come across thus far

Ichbinein Lauch

Thx for the video

Mohamed Khames

How many time I do in week?

Morgan Bird

With the first exercise, when you say set your max reps is that max reps for just 1 set? Or the max you could do over 3, 4 or 5 sets? I could do a max of around 20 in just 1 set but unlikely to be able to do that over 3 or more sets? Great videos and channel though (helped me muscle up and now looking into plant, human flag etc...)!


Is it ok to use rope for weighted pull ups and dips

Calisthenics Bodyweight Workouts

Very excellent video! I have a quick question: Can I increase my strenght and pull up reps with only bodyweight training?

Niko Lee

greedings from Greece man! nice content you have! keep it up i am sure your channel will grow ;-) ............................... as for me, i m a young 24 male studing physics and i have passion for working out in general! you just gave me courage to start again bodyweight training but with extra weight on AND consistancy ......cause the last 8 years i m stuck at 25 pull ups max (with some cheating swinging when i m tired).......i know 25 pull ups is a pretty good number but its not my best version of my self!and thats the goal right? to become better........... ;-) ............thank you!


Thanks mate! You're such a big help! Keep them vids coming)

Deto Adityan

all day or 3 times a week?

Kenny Stainback

I would love to get information about your pull up bar setup. Where can I order the exact one? Or maybe you could at least supply the measurements of the bar... like the width and the distance from the wall. I'm also interested in how this one was installed... since there are 2 bolts on either side of each bracket, it seems like this isn't just a case of screws drilled into wooden studs, correct? Any information you could provide on this would be much appreciated. Thanks!


Do you do sets? or only one set with max reps?

Religion Scanner

good video thank u

Albin Osko

Absolutely fantastic! :D I can already do 10-15 reps and I know I needed to add additional weight but I didn't know how to structure it, great detail and thanks so much for the help :)


About the first method... if I do 3 sets with 8 reps, I add 5 kg. and do 3 sets with 4 reps... Is this correct or I should do only 1 x 4 with the added weight and the other 2 sets without the added weight?

Brian Dunne

Hi. Great video. Very inspiring. I am 51 years old and have. Been struggling to increase my pull up numbers. I can do 6 strict reps with good form. How frequently and how much volume would you recommend? I notice you mentioned your age in a previous comment and that you only trained pull ups twice weekly. Thanks

özgür demirkan Müzik

How many sets a day? And how many days a week??

Max Lover

your tutorials are great u deserve way more subscriber than this


like the bruce lee on the wall

Leon N

How many sets should I do on method one and do I need to do all the methods or can I stick to only one, and if so how often should I do it?

reiner braun

legends will say he's still doing pull ups to this day

Harry Smith

Good method but more effective 4-6 rep range


Maximum i could do it's +60kg and almost two full pull up's and i couldn't go beyond it, while my own body weight was 68kg. My routine was much simplier i just everyday did 3 sets of maximum pull ups with huge weight at the start, for example i started with +20kg and i could do 5 pull ups with it, i was doing them everyday till i could do atleast 10 pull ups with that weight, after bumped it to 30kg+ and did same thing. Works well too..

Thaddeus P

Hey man, I'm 14 years old and my max pull ups is 14. Now I understand why my strength does not increase. For my age, how often would you recommend me training using the 1st method?......like how many days a week? How many sets a day? And rest between sets?

Med Blutex

Can I apply those methods on other exercises also such as push ups and dips etc.. to increase reps ?

André Pinto

I'm on first Method, my max strict pull ups are 10.
So my workout now is go with 10 kg and reach 10 reps , right?

Great Video btw !! like always


Thank you very much for the vid!

Although I have some questions for the 1-st method

Suppose my maximum is 10 reps (without weight).

So, for the first set I do 5 reps w/5kg plate.
For the second I again do 5 reps w/5kg plate.
For the third I again do 5 reps w/5kg plate.
And possibly 4-th and 5-th sets.
This completes training day...

And in between sets I rest until I fully recovered to do next set (5-7 minutes)

This plan above is correct ?

Then, on the next week - should I add 1 rep to all of my worksets? Or only to the first set?

Seyedmorteza Ghaffarishahri

Thanks bcntraining, this is the first time that a pull ups training works for me!

Rayane 07

Hello Bro, could you make a video to how to increase Push Ups. Thanks

Adam Khan

Out of all the pull up videos I have seen this has been the most helpful. You explaining method 2 in the comments was very helpful also.

James Dean

Este es de los videos mas utiles ue he visto en toda mi vida, relacionados a los pull ups, buenisimo men