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Henry Cavill on Enola Holmes and Getting His Muscles Into a Three-Piece Suit

Henry Cavill on Enola Holmes and Getting His Muscles Into a Three-Piece Suit25 Sep. 2020
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I’ll admit, I wasn't sure

I’ll admit, I wasn't sure what to expect from director Harry Bradbeer’s Enola Holmes. After all, the film was originally made at Warner Bros., and after it was finished, the studio sold it to Netflix for worldwide distribution. And it made sense for Netflix to pick it up no matter how the film turned out. Enola Holmes has Millie Bobby Brown as the lead, and she is hugely popular with Netflix viewers because of Stranger Things. In addition, Henry Cavill, the star of another huge Netflix series, The Witcher, was in the film playing Brown’s older brother, Sherlock Holmes. So fans of either actor would probably watch, and with COVID, everyone needs new product.

While I went in unsure, I was pretty stunned. Not only is Enola Holmes a fantastic movie, it could easily be the start of a franchise for Netflix. Millie Bobby Brown is perfectly cast and delivers her best work yet, and Cavill looks like he is having the time of his life playing her older brother, Sherlock. If you were debating watching the film on Netflix, I’m here to say push play immediately. Enola Holmes also stars Helena Bonham Carter, Sam Claflin, Louis Partridge, Fiona Shaw, Adeel Akhtar, Burn Gorman, Susan Wokoma, and Frances de la Tour. For more on the film, you can read Matt Goldberg’s glowing review here.

Shortly after seeing the film, I got to speak with Henry Cavill. During the short but fun interview, Cavill talked about if it was difficult getting his muscles into a period specific three piece suit, why he’s the most annoying person on set, which role was more pressure between Superman, The Witcher, and Sherlock Holmes, and more. In addition, he talked about his gaming rig that he’s shown off on his Instagram, how he needs to get one of the new Nvidia graphics cards, tells me nothing about The Witcher Season 2 (even though I tried), and says he’s not involved in any additional photography on Zack Snyder’s new version of Justice League (The Snyder Cut).

Check out what he had to say below and further down the page is exactly what we talked about followed by the official synopsis.

Henry Cavill:

• Is his gaming rig that he featured on Instagram still working?

• How he wants to get one of the new video cards by Nvidia.

• Does he have any other nerdy hobbies that he hasn’t shared on Instagram yet?

• How difficult was it getting his muscles into a period specific three piece suit?

• Which was more pressure: Superman, The Witcher, or Sherlock Holmes?

• Why he’s the most annoying guy on set.

• Did he call director Guy Ritchie for any advice on Sherlock?

• What can he say about The Witcher Season 2?

• Is he involved in The Snyder Cut and is he shooting anything new?

Here’s the official synopsis for Enola Holmes:

England, 1884 – a world on the brink of change. On the morning of her 16th birthday, Enola Holmes (Millie Bobby Brown) wakes to find that her mother (Helena Bonham Carter) has disappeared, leaving behind an odd assortment of gifts but no apparent clue as to where she’s gone or why. After a free-spirited childhood, Enola suddenly finds herself under the care of her brothers Sherlock (Henry Cavill) and Mycroft (Sam Claflin), both set on sending her away to a finishing school for “proper” young ladies. Refusing to follow their wishes, Enola escapes to search for her mother in London. But when her journey finds her entangled in a mystery surrounding a young runaway Lord (Louis Partridge), Enola becomes a super-sleuth in her own right, outwitting her famous brother as she unravels a conspiracy that threatens to set back the course of history. Based on the beloved book series by Nancy Springer, Enola Holmes is a dynamic new mystery-adventure that introduces the world’s greatest detective to his fiercest competition yet: his teenage sister. The game is afoot.

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Comments (100)
Bei Bei

He is a great actor I love him so much

Lia Fox

I loved the new Enola holmes movie!

Zora Djilas

Three piece suit is better than One-Piece


I forget how generally charming he is as just a person. He seems to ALWAYS be "present" and never shaken and polite and articulate. Period. That's how I want to be.

florin calin

Henry, chill! Nobody read the Sherlock books.


I also effin cannot wait for season 2 of The Witcher!
I've started reading the books since I've seen season 1 (sometime in January) and I'm 400 pages short of finishing the whole saga :-(

Lorraine Meessen

He is so charismatic !!!!!! ?

QGXY Reverse 98

Collider and Screen Rant is the news that i would mind . Because there's information is 100% real for me Even Actors and Actress might have a Rumors i still think people should go on Collider and Screen Rant . Don't trust We Got This Cover Jason Momma Out as Aquaman ..... We Got This Cover , is a news information for the DCEU haters .

Judith hughes

Henry Cavill is an excellent choice for Sherlock Holmes. He has the look of a person from that period of time and acts the part.

โชคดี ร่ํารวย


desiree cameron

Want to obsess over his beautiful face, but god damn I respect the nerd. ????

Gemini Queen

I enjoy listening to Henry... a very down to earth and humble gentleman. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him twice too.. which was an incredible experience. Wishing him all the absolute best! ?


Can we get more Henry Cavil as Sherlock ??‍♂️ and Bond?!! Also want to see Hayley Atwell in Sherlock!

Kausalya Advocate

I love it when he laughs and in general everything .....?

Reshteen Mal

We all need a Henry Cavill in our group!

اديدة Dann

Basically, he has British accent, but...
There are a lot of "American" in his speech...

Spring Tate

This was an absolute joy watching this interview..
Both parties was so...lovely.
I truly enjoy all the tidbits and great info..
Brilliant work to both beautiful gentlemen..
I love you both..
God Bless..and please stay safe..

Faith Crisis

"Just shut up and do the thing." Sounds like my ex lol

Vicky R

Henry should be the next James Bond

Antonia Baker

Yes you are a Huge nerd Henry.

Stacey Vermilyea

The only Henry could get any nerdier is for him to cosplay as an Anime character.

alex xoxx

Switching between his American and British accent is satisfying

Godly Child


Elizabeth Barba


Cata Saldias

I love this man.

Yeolie Park

All iconic characters. Please add James Bond to that list ??

Bev Youngberg

GPU and CPU...you dirty boy you, talking all that pillow talk... ?

Zouraiz Khan

now that ik this mans is a gamer i have much more respect for him gg


WHEN YOU START KNITTING AND CARRYING AN OLD TYPWRITER. Then I might be worried about you nerding.

Anna Bednarska

He has very soothing, calming voice, perfect for radio interviews! :) so everybody can focus on what he wants to say, instead of the rest :D


Henry Cavill is an epic gamer

Don Cresswell

I want Henry Cavill to do Comic book shopping.

desiree cameron

What’s with the echo, damn Henry.

Corrienne Wynne Strong

I didn't know who he was until the Tudors in 2007 been a fan ever since..

QGXY Reverse 98

Henry Cavill Is the best Superman Actors for me . But i like the way he say in a other Interview that Actor try to be the next version of Tom Curise . Enola Holmes Trailer is great remind me of The Man From Uncle , to bad didn't talk about Henry Cavill The Man From Uncle even is just 2020 . I hope Henry Cavill can bring Brainiac , Metallo and Bizarro in to the DCEU , would mind to see Enola Holmes from Henry Cavill .


I actually want to know what he's been reading lol


Um, is his accent real? Did a Brit portray the all American hero???

Himanshu Kukreti

Lets be real here ,it he wants 3090ti ,he can get it in a min

QGXY Reverse 98

The Witcher Fans call it predictablity for Henry Cavill . As the fact he leave Superman role every since fall 2018 rumors . But Henry Cavill new series wasn't that good , i'm sorry i like The Man From Uncle and Tom Curise movie FT Henry Cavill . I'm sorry for Enola Holmes just uhh ....... cool with Henry Cavill inside the movie but i watched it i was like na .

K Alexander00

Imma need this man to narrate a documentary and/or audiobook ASAP. ?❤️

Klesk Quake

Scusa i tony felicitazioni ?

Maya Cruise

Very beautiful interview


This is the most he talked in an interview!

Dinah Kamilah

This interview looks the most comfortable for henry, everything so smooth and he seems has a special connection with the interviewer. Good interview!❤️

Macon Richardson

My only complaint with Witcher was that the season had too few episodes. It needs to be spread out to 14 episodes per season

QGXY Reverse 98

Collider now i created a new villain for Superman is call QullSawrex yep i made this name up . Henry Cavill feel shame for the Superman and Script is the reason i can understand it . But Enola Holmes i would mind it compare to The Man From Uncle and FT Tom Curise movie , i am sorry about The Witcher can't understood the character compare to Superman and DCEU .

Karen Paine

Steve's heart must have skipped a beat when Henry Cavill told him he looked forward to seeing him person again. Hopefully soon, sigh.

Ana Tereza Rebelo

Nao gostei do Henry

Fahad Zubaid

I love that he’s an ACTUAL gamer, and that he got to play Geralt. I wouldn’t have wanted any other kind of person to play that part.

Dani Letsch

He's a very sweet down to earth person AND a nerd. Win win ❤ oh and I adore his laugh and those curls. So cute.

tissaia milf de vries

no he better not tease anything damn it it needs to remain a surprise

Maria Roef

Enola Holmes and Henry Cavill is just gorgeous video l likes the Interview verry much

Lisa Melroy

Henry is just so damn charming! He's obviously really handsome, but he's got charisma and personality in spades to boot.

Ghia Liwanag

I love that he's first to greet his interviewer. Such a classy man


The guy on the left looks like an egg


This man is a Great Actor! I would love for them to write a bigger role as Sherlock Holmes as that character fascinates me!


He had to do some reshoots of Justice League I am hoping just to deal with the dumb mustache thing!

Zoe Cove

He loves reading fantasy novels & has such a great voice to listen to. Someone get this man an audiobook contract ?

Thomas Alexanian

I think if this guy wrote a fantasy series, it'll be sold out
Just like that

baby panda

I want to see another movie with Henry as Sherlock. They can take out Enola. No problem. Just include the handsome Mycroft. Haha Sherlock in the movie didn't have enough lines and didn't develop Sherlock's character. Can't wait for the second season of the witcher!!


Sounds like he’s in a large empty and spacious room lol bc I can hear a small echo

Ok I was right lol

Jenica Alyssa

Henry Cavill playing iconic roles is not a surprise because he himself is ICONIC

Michelle Tran

Can anyone inform me on why he was cast for this role? Were the casting directors hoping to play off his popularity?

This is not hate. I ask because as much as I LOVE him and think he’s an awesome actor, Henry’s hulking self certainly didn’t come to mind when I imagined Sherlock Holmes...

Aimee Love

I love him so much?

Glory Shadow

my eyes are often tired but when I look at Henry, he is a sight for sore eyes ?

Elias Oreinic

If Henry Cavill said that the RTX 3000 series is not easy to find, then it is REALLY hard to find.

Edit : Granted it has been 2 months, so I believe he already have it by now.


Henry should make a gaming channel it could help him get the new parts.

jhayMB Bernz

He is just so handsome. And the way he would geeked out makes him THE man




Of all those who have portrayed "Superman", Henry Cavil's has been the best.

C.E. Bondhus

Good interview. I really enjoyed the part where he talked about absolving himself of being a law loyalist, that was interesting!


Damn even Henry Cavill can't get an RTX 3080...


My face the entire time ???? i had to Manually stop myself from smiling like a crazy person into my phone. Multiple times.


Since Henry can't say the name I will...waiting on the zen3 AMD 5000series CPU.

Michele Plant

I adore everything about Henry but I love the body on him but I started watching the witcher

Samantha Pateman

I really liked this film, I think the story has room to grow but it’s a really good stand alone movie if they don’t.


Henry Cavill is so handsome it literally hurts my brain looking at him.

lída růžička

imagine if the interviewer was the one with the amazing lighting and camera and everything and they just put henry on that 2000's webcam

The Viking Sock

could give him a 3080

Tehreem Raza

He did seem weird all buffed up in a Victorian era suit ??

Amy Fallon

It’s the curls for me ❤️

Spring Tate

I love..love he show..!!


Henry Cavill AKA the walking, talking plot hole detector...

Jenica Alyssa

I was just watching video lessons, I wonder how I ended up here...


Interviewer is douchebag. Give Henry a real sword and ......

Rebecca Kirby

Hottest nerd ever ?

Brenda Kennedy-Hunt

Love, love, love Henry Cavill!!❤️❤️❤️

Snow Tails

him being a gamer, geek and always polite and humble makes him even more lovable :D


He also played an amazingly beautiful CHARLES BRANDON in TUDORS!!! Watched it many times and The Witcher 33 times!!!

Jenna Lee

What a guy. What. A. Guy.

Chris Gordon

Henry Cavill needs to be James Bond at some point.

edward george

He seems such a nice guy and down to earth

Audrey Boissonneault

I love how Henry Cavill greets the interviewer and takes the time to genuinely answer Steve's questions.

Thoi Manh

3:16 Henry Cavill v Joss Wheadon: 2017


Despite not being the focus of the film and only playing a (Spoiler: literally) supporting character, Henry Cavill established a new Sherlock... And showed the ACD estate the finger by portraying him with OOC warmth...

milan divecha

Self pressure... Than external pressure...love the line... Soo cool... HC

lol lmao

I watch enola Holmes for the plot:

No one:

Absolutely no one:

The plot: Henry Cavill?

Shilara Chlis

I love how humble he is. He could use his celebrity status to get the new NVidia card, I'm sure, but he doesn't. I just bought my husband the new RTX 3090 24Gb for his birthday and it was a challenge to get our hands on. It sort of felt like finding the Golden Ticket, so I have to applaud Henry for his humbleness.

Rosemary F. Winfield

Always humble and charming.


Asking a Man how his muscles fit into a suit is the same as asking a women how her boobs fit into a costume. Unnecessary and none of our business.

What went wrong with Henry Cavill's Superman costume? (SB Glossary)

What went wrong with Henry Cavill's Superman costume? (SB Glossary)10 Apr. 2016
762 390
StoryBrainSubscribe 438 721

Doing our last few Batman

Doing our last few Batman and Superman topics. In this glossary, we discuss a known philosophical concept called "Chesterton's Fence," and how it applies to the removal of Superman's underoos.

Background music is "Electrodoodle" by Kevin MacLeod, used under Creative Commons license from Incompetech.

Comments (100)

The new costom is total shit, then they darkened it with a longer cape no rear emblem, omg, then superman returns w all young cast, the ONLY good thing was they kept the music!!!

Roget 10

Just came for the bulge hahaha


The new costume is hot. Yum

Fern Synergy

The arrow on the thumbnail looks like it moves when you scroll through the feed ?

Jisoo Christ

I actually like the new one. Makes him look more kinda alien. Especially the one with the lines and stuff that makes him look like he's wearing a metal armor. Fits well with the "Man of Steel" title.




I just found this video! I love it! I'm sorry I read some of the comments. So glad the TRUNKS are back. I wish they'd put them back on Hawkman too! The look is much more dynamic. These people who want realism from a comic book character...?


The thing is: People LOVE the new "but-naked" costume :))))))

Strapped Jim

Henry is delicious. I'm happy to look at him with no pants on all freaking day long?

Ikcerab Sin

Maybe Superman really wore Kryptonian overpants LOL.
Seriously, though, I always thought it was a silly looking, outdated concept carried over from the 1939 strongman image.
(I preferred the Green Lantern's awesome looking costumes that started in the Silver Age.)
Superman really doesn't need under/over pants, lol, or a belt. Without them, it only adds focus to his iconic must have "S" symbol. (Focusing on his crotch is optional. lol.)
Superman's costume has always evolved since 1939, including his "S" symbol, so it's no big thing.

Sam Ghanem

I was anything but uncomfortable by seeing Henry Cavill in those tights ?????

Fagachini Linguini

It looks better without the underwear, live action in underwear would look a bit weird

Donald Mousseau

The new look costume is perfect... All comic heroes need to lose the exterior briefs look. It's too dated...


Wow, insecure in your masculinity much? I think you might want to talk to a counselor as to why Superman having no red shorts makes you so “uncomfortable”.

Rahsaan Ephriam

If this made you uncomfortable in 2016 I hope to god you have grown up and understand the entire thing is a costume and if you uncomfy maybe you should just take a long long look realize its nothing and move on lol

Bruce Thomas Wayne

Dude I think this has more to do with you looking at dudes crotches.


Spoken like a true patriarchophiliac straight guy. What about those people that do NOT have a problem with Superman's VPL -- or Henry Cavill's!??? P.S.: don't bother looking up the word 'patriarchophiliac' in a dictionary; I've just made it up. It means "someone who loves the patriarchal status quo"; pretty neat -- huh?


This is a oversimplification

Zion play's games xd

Bro he doesn't even look naked

Aamir Ahmed

who saw this video's thumbnail and thought about something else


They could have given him a red belt & baggier pants. There was way too much crotch exposure


Get off those underpants boys. They look ridiculous! It's a fashion improvement 99% of straight man don't know shit about what looks good. Just accept it.

louis borselio

It also would have helped if you mentioned it was Trunks he was wearing not underwear.

David Mayhew

BULLSHIT! He should where a jock strap!

silver smoke

He's better without the red underwear.

Eduardo Viajero

Well no one is complaining about Wonder Woman wearing her belt on her forehead!


Great video! Thank you! I didn't know about "Chesterton's fence" so this was really instructive for me.


...and a year after I posted this video...BleedingCool is now speculating that Superman's red trunks will be coming back with Action Comics #1000. So there ya go.

MT -Theatre Nerd Central

Just gives me an excuse to look at those bulges ??

Marcelo Coelho

... Two years later, only and other handful of old men who live stuck in the past want an amazing design to be replaced by a silly and old version. Just be honest do you feel threaten by Henry? Poor silly boy, Henry will not still your wife and WB or DC knows or care about what think or your existence. You diserved it

Raiden Smeaton

It looks better if you ask me

Black Lotus 95

I spent 2 hrs watching this and watched it at the end


The underwear looked ridiculous, and I for one am glad they are gone. The biggest part of this video's argument was that Superman's outfit is really tight (supposed to be that way as the original costume is made of spandex) and that the underwear helped cover things up. But the issue is that his current costume is not spandex, but rather some other material that gives a more armored appearance than the original design.

Why should the current look make anyone "uncomfortable", really? The most we see is a bulge, and you can see that in any retail store in a men's underwear section. Why should the human form, specifically the male physique, be so uncomfortable to look at, when people don't complain this way about iconic female superhero costumes that reveal way more than Superman, Batman or Spiderman ever have? I think it's mostly just the whole fragile masculinity thing coming into play with this issue, making other men feel weird looking at Superman's business. At least, that's one theory.

Rebeca Hoffman

For a moment think , he will talk about superman size ?


I'm as comfortable as I can ever get looking at seemingly butt naked muscular men.

Gabriel Angel

Why is it wrong... I'm too hot and desperate!!!!

Kalada Epelle

Let it go
Let it go
The pants never bothered me anyway

f duff

Im gay and please dont touch my male superheros, wonder women has enough boobs for every straight or lezbos.

Sudeep Sarkar

Red undies is a must for Supes.

Jim ofPalmSprings

What went wrong with it? Maybe it’s what went right with it…


Really? Is his almost naked appearance really that unsettling?

T baz

Why does society hate male genitals? Male genitals are beautiful and should be celebrated not kept under wraps.

Dan Clark

So many call it underwear. I seen it as athletic swimwear/ olympic style outfit. I guess it's where ones mind is as to perception of an outfit.

Bernardo Espinoza

Wow, insecure much?

Michael Francis

Henry is a hunk his big rod would and should be used by me ???

Zinc Oxide

Henry cavil makes me.doubt my sexuality.

Chase Wulff

Or he could just be naked.

Gabriel Swee


Andrew Eagle

Less and less comfortable my ass!  Tights follow and squeeze the human form into a thing of beauty.  No one should wear underwear over tights, unless they're ashamed of their bodies!  In that case they need a psychotherapist!  Don't bother w/your shaming of the male body, no one cares what you think!!!

gavin neason

there needs to be a huge bulge


The underwear issue came about in the 1930’s because society back then were prudes.

You’re right ? that when tights that follow the human shape are the same colour we subconsciously see them as naked. This is why superhero costumes have been constantly changed and evolved.

They’ve experimented with two tones, cod pieces and skirts (for females obviously) to the point where I think now in nearly 2020 we can accept tights as they are.

FC 043

pls....its 2020 underpants look silly

Miguel Diaz

So women can go around wearing whatever the f* the want, practically letting almost all of their body out and if someone says something he is instantly "decapitated", but when men wear things that show their body and their PENIS, which IS part of their BODY, instantly some of you get bothered and insulted and sometimes demand a change of clothing...yeah, sounds legit...

Jean-marie Personne

j'aime beaucoup

Wayne Jeez

He is a work of art.

Zulkifli Dean Pratama

Big bulge ????


I think the Henry Cavill´s superman costume is the best, actually for me it looks super, like Superman deserves...

The 2 Tribes Of Israel

I want Henry Cavil to was here the Superman Returns suit...

Julian Tapia

The underwear has always looked annoying. I'd rather superman showed off more. It's not Uncomfortable

Lone Wolf

What's this "uncomfortable" you speaketh of?? hahahahaha ;)

Jack man

heres a good one henry cavill says he dont want be superman any more so why not let him be the bat for movie or two iam sure hed be a great batman pass it on

Tracer Main

Pretend I said something funny and like this comment.

norha Miller

In the comics its ok but on screen it is terrible

gerry kehoe

Can you say stupid.

Darnel Uy

Well the new costume is better


Yeah...no. The underwear is stupid. And frankly so is the cape.

albert alfonso

imagine people are laughfing at you. what will you feel? It is popular to everyone that originally Superman is wearing he's brief custome outside. if you wear something then they laugh at you, ofcourse you will not do that thing again.

Petti Labelle

Well I like Henry Cavill's "form" so I'm good with the costume change.

angel Wolf

Oh for the love of god!

Bree Esplanada

I ain’t complaining to he’s little cavil

Jahneah Daniel

Spiderman and Supermans front area are huge

Lee Matt

717 dislikes are jealous straight men

Edgar Aguilar

The underwear would just make him cringy and embarrassing

David Farner

With any luck, superheroes will be nude in my lifetime.

Johnathan Dwayne

So...what's your point? It's worst? It's funny?, should blend into his cape? What?

kiwi zonee

This vid is so unnessasary to put on youtube tbh


This is an utterly stupid video and I wish I had my time back. Of all the things one could say about the costume, "Cavill looks naked" is not only prudish and bigoted but also plainly false.

Bang Chan’s Twink

Omg HES sexy asf, i don’t give a damn he makes me drool

Alfredo Hinojosi

What did you mean with what's wrong with his costume?!!...NOTHING

benjamine manansala

do you see male ballet dancers wearing their underwear over their tights? as explained before the first costume was pattern with the image of victorian musclemen during the period... its the 21st century... get used to changes its not that bad anyways...


Firstly: Henry Cavills superman doesnt wear tights..

The orgin of the tights outifut comes from the strong man, so that when his tights ripped, his pants would stay.

Secondly: they changed the design to avoid whole Krypron to be a civilsation vearing rights with underwear on the outside

That IS reimagine the design. Theyre not tights anymore, theyre kryptonian undergarments.

Just like batman doesnt wear tights anymore, he wears armor.

In the modern day, it doesnt matter if the character "look naked", its about them wearing something that is practical.

Spiderman doesnt wear tights eather anymore, he wears a athletic jumpsuit

Christopher Winters


Nicholas Kimbrell

I think you missed the point of the modernization, hell Snyder actually tried to make the red trunks work but it didn’t with the kryptonian world they built

James Tarr

I happen to like the new costume.

Varina Passionfruit

His bulge and buns look GRRRRREAT to me!!!

Eric Cedrick Slingby

The "underwear" is a codpiece. It was supposed to be a bit of protection. It just didn't really transfer well from drawing to reality so it did look a bit awkward, especially as the style of what's now called a "cup" changed. It's no different than the ones on those weird outfits in "A Clockwork Orange".
Now why the guy who is bulletproof really needs a cup in the first place - that's the real question. Does the Man of Steel have Balls of Steel?
Sorry, trying to lighten it up.


I wish Henry Cavill's outfit wasn't padded. Henry is a big muscular guy and putting him in a Christopher Reeve type costume would have looked better and more natural.


Mmm... bring back the underwear but take away the tight... O.o

Haydn Allbutt

I thought the underwear on the outside was because printing technology in the original comics in the late 1930's and 1940's had a very low number of colours, so texture and form were not as easy to portray. It was better to have a colour change for the different parts of the costume to portray the form and movement of the character. But then as colour printing technology improved that became uneccesary but the costume was already designed and in use for a number of decades so the underwear on the outside remained. Certainly in modern movies there is no need to differentiate parts of the costume in colour as they are moving pictures and the form of the costume is readily observable through movement and of course through much greater resolution and colour reproduction in modern viewing devices. So now the costumes can be pretty much whatever you want them to be.

George Fitton

I hate the underwear design it looks odd they have done a really good job on the suit all I want to see now is Michael B Jordan wearing it

Brad Aldy

The red underwear looks dated and passé. Ridiculous looking. Yes they brought it back in the comic, but that’s an entirely different genre. It looks ok in the comic but in a live action or film version it looks bloody prehistoric

Taylor Fales

I had never heard of chesterton's fence before! It's great to know a name for this concept, as I run into it often.

I am sort of blown away at the volume of shit posters in this thread. Between the thirsty queens, the dolts who don't understand the explained psychology, and the naïve who confuse their personal preference with objective appraisal... you have quite the storm here.

Like them, I also prefer the new costume... But that's because bulges are delicious, if also bad design choices.


I like how that you are pointing to Superman's dick in the thumbnail


Is that one of those (mostly) american prudish problems???!!! I think the new design is way more aesthetically pleasing and before it was brought up, i didn't even begin to think about any "sexy" or "inappropriate" issues.


Lmaoo.... The straights don't even know!

Pascal Armed


Sterling Lacaden

I don’t get it? So what if the new costumes make them appear more naked? Why are female superheroes able to wear form fitting and revealing costumes that make them look hot and men can’t?

Billy B

The underwear looked silly and outdated.


Add more bulge, lol.

Kitana Edenian

It's not a problem it isn't a problem when females use it so it shound't be when men use it.
It's our time to enjoy their gifts lol.
PS: they both have a nice butt and an impressive size

Bathroom Fight Scene | Tom Cruise & Henry Cavill | Mission: Impossible- Fallout | Netflix India

Bathroom Fight Scene | Tom Cruise & Henry Cavill | Mission: Impossible- Fallout | Netflix India19 Jul. 2020
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Tom Cruise AND Henry

Tom Cruise AND Henry Cavill? mm mmm mmm ?

A mission gone wrong forces Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and his team to work with the CIA, and familiar faces, as they race to save the world from nuclear devastation. Mission: Impossible- Fallout is now streaming on Netflix.

Follow Netflix India on:

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Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/NetflixIN

Twitter: http://twitter.com/netflixindia

#MissionImpossibleFallout #TomCruise #HenryCavill #NetflixIndia

Comments (100)
Stevo Maginn

3.sec sleep

Josh Blanton


Why was there a girl in the boys bathroom?

Stevo Maginn

That's a real scene and yous knocked. Him out old

Stevo Maginn

That's some. Kick

Steve Wright

The man dies without so much as a last word. It is wonderful.

yale smith

This Asian guy reminds me of fast 7 where that other Asian guy tells Brian "too slow"

Stevo Maginn

2 months ago

IL62 M

henry in this movie made me discover how gay i am

Owesh Diwan

The background music ruined the scene.

Stevo Maginn

If you've nothi g and no clap ur hands if nothing and you no it clap ur hands if you've nothi g and you no it and you reaily want to show it if you've nothing and you no it clap ur hands

Stevo Maginn

Faceless men

Metal Colony

Why does Tom Cruise looks like Nate in Uncharted 4??

Stevo Maginn

Actions speak louder than words

Stevo Maginn

Yea I fight like that

Techistan pro

woah... okay so asian guy is clearly even stronger than both the mcs... That's kinda unbelievable

Stevo Maginn

I've seen people. Choke as. Well

Stevo Maginn

We've mercy yous don't

Stevo Maginn

Star wars is real and star trek


Never enough.


Wow thats 9mm was... silencious..

Stevo Maginn

It's like a fucken car that was chugging for 5 years

Митяй Воронцов

Since Corridor reviewed this scene I can't look away from "foam" part



Arham Bhansali

To the non-asians, this is how our parents treat us on the regular basis

Stevo Maginn

U either tKe me out or release me uve no. Tangable valad. Reason to hold me. For anything

Talk to Me in Tagalog

Here for Henry Cavill's epic arm reload ???

Stevo Maginn

Hav a second or takes me to figure out

Stevo Maginn

Who ever let them take control of circumstances we want to be first

Harshit Gajjar

If you pause at 1:42 you can see when Tom puts his knee on the floor, he's on a soft foam floor that's why they throw each other around so realistically. This mistake wasn't caught till after the release.

S Lyons



When you try to assassinate an enemy whose level is red skull...

Springy Dream

1:35 your welcome internet

piyush kumar

Why did that lady came in men's bathroom?

Stevo Maginn

White is diamond

Cassius Shafi

Better title: 2 Americans get their asses kicked by Jackie Chan

Diego Miranda Chip

Rebeca Ferguson is the best! So much so that he was in the next fiomes. And in the previous famine, not Tom Cruise's character, but himself, especially in the pool training scene in Morocco, he makes expressions between an adolescent and a young man almost newly in love and with features embarrassed by his presence, and for Rebeca to be so complete. and multi-faceted. She is a rare talented woman for the whole work, as they say very rarely here in Brazil. Even more so with a character who proposes to a male character to escape in the romantic part, hardly proposed by a woman either in fiction or in real life. They say she is English. It did not enter my mind that in England there are beautiful girls and women. I think it is so much to see the Queen of England on TV.??

Priya Sharma

Asian guy has some serious fighting skill

Stevo Maginn

Damednif yous do dammed if yous don't

Ricardo Cassamá

"He is known as the men of steel! "

Asian guy:
"Hold my beer"

SAM #1

This guy even beat the hell out of superman ?

Stevo Maginn

Well just get it over with cowards

Stevo Maginn

Your makeing reaily hard to hold my temper

Stevo Maginn

He's knocked out and. Wakes. Up. Reaily quickly

Vegan Zombie

Poor laptop.

Stevo Maginn

Under stress under stress Nd fuk. Things up

Unfiltered Reality

Padded soft floor, thanks Corridor Crew!

Aurther Pein

This fight looked more epic in the trailer

Mahmoud Shabana

Why people who make movies tend to make asian guys look immortal although they aren't .
They are normal humans

Stevo Maginn

Didn't need it yous think yous no how to manipulate everything in ur own little world


At least they made the Asian guy the better fighter.

Souryadeep Chakraborty

Moral : Never mess with an Asian quietly washing his hands in the bathroom

Stevo Maginn

Theres. No. Way u could. Be interested in me

the wanderer

Men's bathroom is not so clean though... All except that is real

Stevo Maginn

Phycopathic cowards

Stevo Maginn

Wat ever

Stevo Maginn

Who. Says. Punching somebody in the throat dosent work

Rajat Singh

Tom & Henry got thier Ass kicked

Stevo Maginn

Well if u weren't obscure nobuddy would be able to focus an ya yous. Are big men yous r visa le from. I ternatio Al space station


Gotta love how in movies, going THROUGH does not affect you at all... Asian guy getting thrown THROUGH the mirror and the Wall and get back up top shape lol
Besides, Ethan is a much better fighter than this... The only bad part about this movie.

Dio but I'm not dio but it is I, DIO

" men laughing in french "
Damn, didn't know you could laugh in a different language

Stevo Maginn

I'd.ont see any of yous a threat

Stevo Maginn

Yous got ur of me. Just remember that fu Ken liars

Stevo Maginn

When, there's no roo. In hell the dead will walk the earth

Marco Peruzzo

The Asian guy actually beated the two of them. They needed 3 people and a gun to win.

Maria Roef

Henry Cavill One cool video Clip I ever See 'n . Great Job I love this. ??❤

Stevo Maginn

14k runs after drinking a full bottle of jack daniels

Stevo Maginn


Bacon and party animals R. M

.. -. - . . .-. ... - . .-.. .-.. .- .-.

Stevo Maginn

Well. Wat depth are we

Md. Fakharuddin

Tom Cruise : Where is the needle?!
Henry Cavil : Didn't need it!

After being overpowered & outplayed by the villain, wounded & exhausted Tom Cruise to Henry Cavil

"We really needed that needle, you idiot! "??

Stevo Maginn

You gonna stop this now before this reaily gets out of hand ur belief system about me is wrong

Berkcan Gömüş


Stevo Maginn

Nows the time for geologists and science experts so you can try and triangulate up. And comming events

Jim Mason

So 5'-5" -160 lbs. Tom.Does better than 6'-2" -215 lbs... Henry...not hardly...

Vijay Sharma

Watching in 1080 but not hd why


If I have only ONE wish, I'd wish love and happiness for everyone on this planet. No more fighting and racism. Under the heavenly sky we are all human.

Stevo Maginn

Wat film. Did I see that on the core

Stevo Maginn

Stronger than yous just like him he's just big boy to me

Mike in NZ

Great scene until they had to put a woman in it.

Stevo Maginn

I never asked to be born in Northern Ireland I fact I didn't ask to be born at all

Stevo Maginn

2 guys Had me. In cubicle I'd be kicking him out of the door


It's so satisfying to see main heroes getting their ass kicked for a while. Applause for That Asian guy. ?


Watched this movie for the first time and was blown away by the action scenes and lack of jump cuts. It was so good I questioned if it ruined other action movies for me.

A Thingummy

Henry Cavill: *Nah, I'm better building my pc*

Stevo Maginn

There's no reason to attack

Stevo Maginn

Why else would they be different colours

Stevo Maginn

That's the astronaught

Stevo Maginn

U better give the vaccine you. Cards left to play I haventnwashed in a month

Stevo Maginn

Yous. R. Always wrong

Stevo Maginn

How far are we

Arthur Onyejekwe

The scene seemed longer when I watched it in the cinema

Stevo Maginn

Your like melting women

Stevo Maginn

This gonna end in somebodys. Life

Stevo Maginn

Game. Set match your getting beat 100 frames over snooker players should no that

Roman S

This is nothing comparing with Who Am I roof fight. Asian dude with couple of eroupean henchmen. That one is the masterpiece.

Anurag Kaushish

0:42 “Where’s the needle?” “Didn’t need it.” There goes over smartness.

Solaiman Sohan

People are forgetting that August(Henry Cavill) is the boss of this asian dude.He paid that guy to fight with Ethan(Tom).Watch the full movie


the bitch save everyone at the end ~ again

Parth Sharma

I am Netflix india

Stevo Maginn

He's was up in 3 seconds