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Rundle Range FKT

Rundle Range FKT28 Jan. 2021

After races were

After races were cancelled in 2020, Peak Run Performance Coach Jacob Puzey wanted to run a local route that he had always wanted to run but couldn’t find the time to fit it into previous race build ups. Without any races on the calendar, it was much easier to find the time to fit it in.

With a small group of friends and family, Jacob started in Canmore, Alberta (where he lives) and ran to Banff, Alberta on the paved Legacy Trail. They ran through Banff and then back to Canmore on the Goat Creek Trail and Spray Lakes Road (dirt). This is one way of circumnavigating the Rundle Range - an iconic mountain range in the Canadian Rockies.

It wasn’t a race, but it was a fun effort with friends. Jacob's wife Amy and Peak Run Performance athlete, Tyler Williams, rode next to him and carried fuel for him. They thought it would be fun to highlight the natural beauty of the area with this run so Peak Run Performance Coach Eric Reyes filmed much of the effort from his bike. Sean Nielsen took photos along the way.

We wanted to share this because despite the uncertainty of in-person races in many parts of the world, it is still possible to set goals and tackle them.

It’s even possible to safely have fun with friends and family outdoors (where and when permitted).

What’s a a goal that you have for this year?

Can you do it in your own backyard?

Can you safely include a few friends or family members to make it even more memorable?

Many thanks to Coach Eric Reyes for synthesizing the footage with music by Jacob's brothers, AJ Legrand and Dallin Puzey.

For more information about Coach Eric Reyes, please read: https://www.peakrunperformance.com/coach-eric

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For more music by AJ LeGrand: https://ajlegrand.bandcamp.com/

For music by Dallin Puzey: https://music.apple.com/ca/artist/dallin-puzey/1478841692

For more information about Coach Jacob, please read: https://www.peakrunperformance.com/coach-jacob

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Sandra Correale



Hell yea man!

Joe Evans

AJ is such an amazing musical artist

Gina Eckley

Thanks for the tour, Jake. What an effort!

Laura Lunter

So inspiring, you rocked that! The whole Puzey clan is pretty remarkable (??for Tommy)

Tommy Puzey: Marathon winner second, family man first

Tommy Puzey: Marathon winner second, family man first8 Feb. 2016
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Jacob GarciaSubscribe 438 721

Ever wonder what it takes

Ever wonder what it takes to be a marathon winning, doctoral student with two kids and a third on the way? Probably not, and that's why Tommy Puzey's story is so impressive.

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plantbased 4 life

an incredible human being. lots of prayers for he and his family ??


Great stories, Jake - keep getting the word out there about Tommy... his Go Fund Me page is getting a lot of attention... nice job!


Great person, great runner!


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Running shoes are the most

Running shoes are the most essential piece of running equipment. However, with so many brands and models and marketing campaigns, it can be challenging to know which shoe is right for you.

Coaches Malc Kent and Jacob Puzey (Runfisx and Peak Run Performance) discuss the various purposes of running shoes and the importance of trying shoes on when determining which running shoes to use.

What works for one runner may not work for another. Fit is key. Visit your local running specialty shop and try on as many models as possible to find the shoe that fits best and provides the comfort, protection, support, and traction that you need.

Given that the surfaces and intensities that we run often vary from day to day, owning and rotating through a number of models, styles, or brands is ideal. Don't just buy a brand or a model that you have always worn or that you have seen others wear. Our bodies are all different and just like models change from year to year so too do our bodies. Perhaps a model that worked for you once is no longer the best option.

Jacob and Malc discuss the evolution of minimalist and maximalist shoes, the pros and cons of each, as well as the importance and place for neutral and stability models.

Additionally, they discuss stack height, heel to toe drop, and other terms and topics in the running shoe world.

This discussion took place at Strides Canmore as part of the Spring 2019 Peak Run Performance Rocky Mountain Running Retreat.

The conversation continues in the next video.

For more information about gait analysis, please visit https://runfisx.com/

For more information about training plans and coaching services, please visit https://www.peakrunperformance.com/

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Cody Newlon

Really enjoyable and educational talk! Thanks guys.